Chapter two Part A

After dropping her little girl off at school Hope arrives at work she notices that House isn't in yet she shrugged and went into the locker rooms, taking off her jacket and pulling her medication from her bag and putting it into the locker and pulling her white coat out and slipping it on then grabbing her medication she slipped it into her lab coat pocket before closing the door and walking out the locker room.

When she got back House was in and looking smug the rest of the gang were there "so any new patients?" she asked House shook his head he continued to stare at her "what?" she asked giving a nervous laugh looking at everyone else who seemed just as confused as she was "you lied" was all House said Hope frowned "about what?" she asked "about not having a male lover" he replied Hope began to panic did he know about Jamie deciding to play it cool she just shrugged "not that it has anything to do with but I don't" she replied House just smirked "so the little girl who ran into your arms and shouted Mummy last night isn't your child?" he questioned Hope looked wide eyed and blushed looking away.

"I don't see how me having a child is any of your business but yes she is my little girl" Hope replied a barrier coming up around her which House noticed "who's the dad?" he asked Hope shook her head "I am not answering that" she replied whispering House stood "oh come on you like thirteen don't tell anyone about yourself come on share" Thirteen glanced up at House surprised he didn't mention her sexuality.

"How about no and its nothing to do with you" Hope replied angrily he wasn't getting involved in her little girls life "oh come on you want to share" he goaded Hope shook her head and left the room not noticing that Thirteen following her.

Hope ran into the teachers lounge slamming her fist into the wall in anger Thirteen ran in and noticed Hopes hand bleeding she knelt down next to her "I wouldn't worry he is usually nosey about everyone" she said looking at Hopes hand Hope looked at her "I know but when it comes to Jamie I don't want her involved in all this" she said motioning at the hospital "she's seen me in them enough" she whispered hoping thirteen hadn't heard but she did, she looked up at her.

"Don't tell House that please though I'm sure he already knows anyway" Hope mumbled Thirteen nodded "don't worry I wont but were you in an abusive relationship" she asked softly Hope shook her head "no don't worry I wasn't I'm" she paused frowning "I have epilepsy" she admitted looking away from Thirteen "I have it bad I used to have them every day not so bad now I'm on drugs for it" Hope explained.

House watched as Thirteen left after Hope Foreman shook his head "you cant leave people alone can you" he spat before leaving the others sat in silence.

Thirteen cleaned Hope up "how about your daughter?" Thirteen asked "oh no she doesn't thank god but she is smart gets it off me" she paused "and sporty but she gets…got that off her dad" Hope whispered then smiled "come on we have patients"

Hope was stood by the nurses station looking through patients files she noticed a shadow over her "what come to pry a little bit more" she said sarcastically looking up at House "no I have a little girl twelve complaining of stomach cramps I need you to take a look at her" he replied Hope sighed and walked round the nurses station "come on then" she followed him to his patient.

A girl with long blond hair was laying in the bed, her mother sat by her side holding her hand "this is Doctor Jackson our paediatrician" House said they both looked at her she smiled, the woman smiled the girl didn't just scowled "I'm fine I don't need to be here" she huffed Hope looked through her file "well there is obviously something the matter or you wouldn't be here so less of the attitude" Hope replied the girl didn't say anything the other woman looked relieved.

"Right your name is Cassie winters" Hope started "yeah no shit" Cassie replied sarcastically Hope raised her brow at her ignoring her she carried on "you have had a bought of flu and since recovering you have had stomach pains" she said Cassie nodded Hope put the file down and went to check the girls stomach "you're a little enflamed your BP is fine and heart rate normal" she paused "I will take a sample of blood to check for infection" she explained the other woman nodded "your mum can stay with you if you want"

Cassie glared "she isn't my mother" she replied the woman looked visibly upset "my mother is dead she just looks after me" Cassie continued Hope looked at a nurse "page thirteen for me her not so niceness could be used right now" the nurse nodded smirking Hope then turned to the girl "and you should be thankful someone wants to look after you, if my little girl turned out like you I think I would disown her" Hope moved away rubbing gel on her hands.

"You cant talk to me like that oi tell her" she pushed the other woman Hope pushed Cassie back down on the bed with one hand "her name isn't oi and yes you find I can now sit back and relax" just then Thirteen walked in "what's the matter?" she asked "are you busy?" Hope replied Thirteen shook her head "good maybe you can help with little miss attitude over here" she said pointing to the girl on the bed who was glaring at her.

Thirteen nodded and closed the door and stood by the head of the bed "man you must have made her mad she looks about ready to kill you" Thirteen laughed Hope grinned "yeah well she isn't used to people standing up to her" Hope replied looking at Cassie who was trying very hard to stay quiet "hey how about you take her guardian for coffee whilst I get some blood" Hope asked Thirteen nodded and showed the woman out.

Hope turned to look at the girl "I don't know what your problem is but it needs to end now" she said in a low motherly voice Cassie just rolled her eyes and shook her head Hope smirked "when did you have sex?" she asked Cassie gaped at her and sat up "how did you know" she asked Hope sat on the edge of the bed "did you use protection" she asked softly Cassie looked away and shook her head "I will need to do a test to confirm but I think you maybe pregnant it would explain your mood swings and the pain in your stomach" Hope explained Cassie nodded.

"Don't tell my Aunt" she whispered Hope looked to the door then back again "the woman who was with you now" she asked Cassie nodded "she is my guardian" Cassie started Hope sat back a little to get comfortable "my mum she died in a car accident not long ago I guess I sort of blame myself you know" Cassie looked up at her wiping her eye as a tear fell down Hope nodded.

"I lost my mum to cancer last year" she whispered "it still hurts" she added "why was your mothers death your fault?" Hope wanted to understand maybe this is why the girl is so angry and hits out she cant hit herself "we had an argument before she died and I told her I wished her dead and now" Cassie sobbed Hope moved from her place and pulled her into a hug Cassie sobbed into her chest and Hope could feel tears in her own eyes "its not your fault you weren't to know hey the last argument me and my mum had was about my sexuality she couldn't except it even when she was on her death bed" Cassie pulled back and looked at her.

"But you said you had a little girl" Cassie paused and frowned "I'm being ignorant sorry" she whispered Hope smiled "I do, but she wasn't just mine, my best friend and his partner wanted a child and I was young and well I was raped" she paused taking a deep breath "I couldn't raise her knowing what had happened but I couldn't get rid, it wasn't her fault" she sniffed "so I told them they could raise my child they agreed I was made godmother so I could see her growing up" she smiled slightly then it disappeared "my best friend and his partner were killed stabbed to death by a bunch of homophobic guys" she cleared her throat "I couldn't do much then I was eight months a long and I didn't want her to be adopted"

"so I came to a decision which made my mother angry I kept her my mum never spoke to me again after that" she sighed playing with her fingers not looking up "my friend took care of her whilst I was in university in Liverpool and when I finished I got a job at the local hospital looking after kids and then I heard about this one, my father wouldn't speak to me and my sister lives in Canada so I decided to go for it" she then smiled "and here I am treating you" Hope took another deep breath them stood.

"Why tell me that story?" Cassie asked Hope shrugged "maybe you could make a better decision than me or maybe you should tell your family they might support you but if not I can help you with that also" she smiled Cassie nodded "I will think about it" Hope stood "right well I will get you a test shall I" she grinned as Cassie nodded Hope stood and left the room.

Hope sat in Houses room looking at a blank wall she sighed her coffee had long gone cold, she hated thinking about her well family and her best friend she felt a headache coming on she pulled out her medication and slipped one into her mouth and swallowed putting the medication back she sat back in her chair and sighed.

House watched with the rest of the guys as Hope took her medication "I'm guessing you looked into her medical records" Cameron asked House only nodded "the girl has a hardcore form of epilepsy has done since she was a child" he paused "she also has brain damage from being dropped as a child" he added the others looked at him he looked away from her "she had a massive file from social workers" he explained.

Thirteen walked over to them "what are you lot doing" she asked then saw Hope sat in the room on her own she sighed and opened the door to sit next to her "hey you alright" she asked Hope smiled "House still staring" Hope replied Thirteen chuckled and nodded "thought so I guess I'm just tired and have a headache that is usually the first sign of a fit" Hope explained both girls then sat in silence.