Chapter 7

"I'm never going though that again!" exclaimed Draco as he sat down on the uncomfortable hospital chair, winced, stood up, transfigured the chair to a softer one, and sat down again.

"It was not that bad," Harry was content with his chair beside Draco. "At least you did not have to be in the delivery room with her."

"Thank Merlin for that!" Draco looked down at his hands.

He concluded that they were not broken. Damn; Hermione really had a death grip. A thud and a panting sound drew him away from his musings.

Weasley stood in the doorway, dressed as a fat red version of Dumbledore. Draco had seen the Muggle Saint Nick before and was not impressed this time either. Caleb was holding on to Weasley's hand, looking very cute in nearly Slytherin green and curled shoes.

"Merry Christmas!" Harry got to his feet hugging his stressed out friend.

"What…" breathed Weasley though the fake white beard.

"A boy," Harry patted his back. "Hermione is fine, just tired."

"I'll just…"

Weasley looked like all his reindeers had scattered and ran off in different directions. Harry laughed and took pity on him, more than Draco would have done. As the two of them moved to Hermione's room, Caleb tufted his way over to Draco. With a sigh Draco pulled the child up to his knee.

"Daddy says mommy got a baby in her tummy," Caleb informed him.

Draco closed his eyes, counting to five.

"But now the baby is out," the child continued.

Six, seven…

"Uncle Harry said it was a boy," noted Caleb to himself thoughtfully. "Do you think we can call him Ball? Leela in my kindergarten has a Knezle called Ball. He is fluffy."

Eight, Nine…

"Are babies fluffy?"

Ten; Draco smiled kindly at the child.

"Caleb!" called Harry, coming over to them. "Would you like to see your little brother? His name is Arthur,"

"Oh…" Caleb looked a little disappointed as he took Harry's hand.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Harry rolled his eyes as he held the door of the Manor open for Draco. "There is nothing wrong with frizzy red hair."

"On a newborn?" Draco snapped his fingers at the onslaught of Crups coming to greet them.

All of the creatures sat promptly down wagging their forked tails, except for tiny Harry who was special and rolled over dead instead. Big Harry huffed and pulled off his warm coat. He was certain that Draco had covertly trained the small namesake differently than the others.

"I'm sure Narcissa's baby will pop out with a blond slick back, like you did."

"I'll have you know that I was born with a fine head of down, like any decent veela should."

Harry shook his head and moved on to the livingroom suite on the second floor where they had placed the big Christmas tree and where Hermione's labours had started just about five hours ago. It was nearly midnight, Christmas morning.

Severus was sitting on the sofa, book in hand and sleeping Luna on his knee. He barely looked up as Harry entered. Harry moved over to the table of candy, choosing some fudge; he ignored the whimpering noises the Crups made about his feet.

"It's a boy" informed Harry.

"Hrmf," Severus looked at his book again.

Draco entered the room, holding a glass jar out for Severus.

"Merry Christmas, you old fool," he said.

"Draco!" exclaimed Harry, both disgusted and horrified. "You took Hermione's placenta?"

"I asked first," sneered Draco.

Severus took the jar like he was receiving the Order of Merlin (which he had by the way). His dark eyes devouring the bloody piece of tissue. Harry could see thoughts passing over the hawk-like face. One thing was for sure: Harry was not tasting any of Severus's experimental potions in the near future.

"Excuse me," Severus got up, letting Luna's head fall unattended to the sofa and left the room with his new prize.

"We won't see him until New Years," commented Draco taking a spoonful of eggnog in a glass. "I should have gone round the maternity ward asking for more."

"Ugh," Harry shuddered and checked on Luna, still sleeping. "It is past midnight. Do you want your present now or shall we go to bed?"

Draco just raised an eyebrow;, Harry half smiled. Stupid question. He walked over to the tree and picked up a blue envelope. It had golden strings and a silver tag pronouncing that it was to Draco from Harry. The blond held out his hand for it, a suspicious look on his face.

Their relationship was eight months old now but neither was above throwing insults and jibes about birds and dogs around. It had clearly shown when Harry had given Draco a Russian porcelain egg for his birthday – a very expensive, beautiful and rare object, but still an egg. Draco had countered by giving Harry a set of luxurious bath products for his birthday, and a flea comb. To Harry's dismay, the comb was actually the best thing that had ever hit his hair and he was actually able to tame some of the more unruly locks with it. How Draco had laughed… before he had offered to comb Harry's hair for him. Mounds of pleasure had evolved from that point.

"Not another bird, Harry!" exclaimed Draco desperately as he opened the gift certificate from the Magical Menagerie (to witch Harry was hired as a legal aid).

"Not just any bird, love," said Harry stepping up to his husband laying his hand on his shoulder. "A Phoenix."

"Yeah?" Draco looked at the certificate again, a little more interested.

"Yes," Harry smiled. "I know you have been worrying about taking the baby from your parents. A Phoenix would be a perfect companion for them. It is smart, can keep itself out of trouble, and your mother gets a baby to take care of every new cycle."

"Thank you," Draco gave him a light kiss on the mouth. "Severus is going to orgasm on the spot. Free access to a Phoenix…"

"Oh!" Luna shot up from the sofa. "Can I tell him?"

They kissed, exploring each other's tastes. Harry tasted like ink from a habit of chewing on his quills. The old bed under them creaked. He clung to Draco's shoulders like a lifeline. There was a rasping noise as he inhaled to keep the kiss alive. Their bare chests were rubbing together, smelling of sweat and lust. Harry slid his hands over the protruding wings on the veela's back, revelling in the touch and the smoothness. Draco enjoyed the touch as well; his mate knew how to stroke him the right way.

With a whimper, much like a small dog, Harry broke the kiss and moved his hips. His erection was warm and captured behind several layers of clothes. It was even more frustrating to feel Draco respond in kind above him. He buckled up when Draco's hands were pulling on his trousers.

Suddenly they were skin to skin, hardness to hardness. The feel of Harry's erection against his own sent Draco's head snapping backwards. Harry moaned and buckled again as they slid over each other's sensitive skin.

"Come on!" begged Harry spreading his legs.

"No patience at all," muttered Draco as he, almost in frenzy, grabbed hold of Harry's hips.

Harry tried to find a witty reply but just grunted, his bottom resting on Draco's knees. A quick lubrication spell and he was breached.

"Mine," breathed the veela.

The nibble Harry gave his throat said the same thing.

Harry clenched his fists in Draco's hair, his mate's hips pistoned desperately. His legs tightened around the waist above him. With a swift and surprising movement, Draco dragged Harry up, impaling him. The werewolf slumped against Draco, arms around the strong shoulders, breathing in the sweet scents of the blond hair. He growled, the sound carried from his stomach.

They rocked in perfect time together. Draco's cries were becoming higher, Harry's growling lower. Then Draco's head kicked back in ecstasy of his orgasm, offering this unprotected neck to the wolf. Harry bit down as his own body began to overflow. Mutually claiming each other, and then falling in a heap on the moist sheets.

Harry nuzzled closer;, Draco laughed while holding on.

"You are as bad as the puppies."

"Well at least I match them now," harrumphed Harry.

"Don't you like your Christmas present?"

"I love it," Harry picked at the black leather collar around his neck. "But it's not really something I can wear to the office."

Draco was on a mission when it happened. After being present at the birth of the newest offspring of the Weasley-clan, he was actually quite relived over this. He had a tinge of bad conscience though, not being with his mother at a time of distress. Harry had contacted the Unspeakable office which had then relayed the message to Draco in the field. There was a healthy little sister waiting for him at home. He shifted in his seat, looking over at the warehouse he was staking out. A little sister.

Draco was thirty-two and his sister was now going to be his daughter. He sighed, shifting again. If he could, he would transfigure himself a more comfortable seat in the bushes, but that could set off alarms.

Draco wondered if the baby had been born with down, like he had. She would probably be beautiful, of course; all Malfoys were – no denying that. Draco patted his hair and thought of Harry.

If he had known one day that he would start a family with a werewolf, he would have run for the hills. Or to the Riviera… Draco shuddered in the cold February air, wishing he could throw a warming spell.

"Fuck it," he said and got to his feet. "I don't have time for this shit."

Draco pulled his wand and walked over to the warehouse; he had places to be, babies to see.

"Get your ginger spawn's hands off my sister, Weasley."

"Draco, he is seven weeks old," protested Harry.

"Still," muttered Draco.

"Yeah…" noted Ron, casting a worried glance at the pretty blond, fluffy, baby girl on the blanket next to his son. A sure would-be temptress.

"Don't be silly!" Hermione deliberately pushed the babies closer together. "If they grow up together, they won't be attracted to each other when they are old enough."

Draco and Ron exchanged suspicious looks over this. They seemed to come to a mutual agreement with a shrug and turned back to proudly look at the babies.

"Is that true?" whispered Harry, adjusting Caleb on his hip.

"Hell if I know," muttered Hermione. "I met Ron when I was eleven and been attracted to him since."

It had been an easy enough birth; the circumstances surrounding it had been a little more difficult. Severus had to knock Lucius out with drugged pieces of meat, and then cradle the birdman in his arms to keep him calm. Harry had stood by, ready with the Phoenix egg; it had taken quite a lot of Galleons to find a Phoenix with the right cycle.

Luna had taken care of Narcissa, and Keela, the veela wet-nurse, had taken care of the baby. It was not as gruesome to look at as Hermione's birth had been. But perhaps it was because Hermione was Harry's best friend and Narcissa… well… Harry sighed, wishing Draco was there. He had cradled the pink egg to keep it warm in his hands.

Narcissa had given a shriek and pushed out a lump of bloody… something. For a moment Harry had been scared that they had predicted it wrong. That the baby was going to be like its parents, a bird to all things but body.

He had no chance to look, though. Keela had quickly whisked off the baby to another room, not letting Narcissa get a glimpse of it. That had been Harry's cue. Taking some of the afterbirth and smearing it over the egg, then he had reached up to lay the bloody oval on Narcissa's belly. She had cooed, cocking her head. Luna had whispered soothing words to her.

Harry looked over at the sofa were Severus sat. He looked very content with life. Living in the manor must be heaven for the potions master. Of course he had no choice, since Draco's blood kept him alive. But free access to three veela and a male werewolf, vast greenhouses, and friends that now had provided him with no less than two placentas and a phoenix, could not be that bad. Luna sat beside him, leaning her head on his shoulder and looking longingly at the babies. Yes, Harry thought, Severus was a lucky man.

He gave Caleb to Hermione as Blaise, Ginny, and Cassie came into the room, they were closely followed by Teddy and Andromeda.

"It is time, Birdy," he said, putting a hand on Draco's back.


Draco carefully picked up his sister and let her rest on his shoulder. Ron did the same with Arthur, stepping over to Hermione. The rest of the group arranged themselves around Draco and the baby. Harry gave Draco a soft kiss and stepped back. The blond veela cleared his throat.

"In accordance to the Malfoy family tradition we are gathered here, friends and family, to name this child," he held up the girl so that everyone could see her. "This is the year of the Chinese Water Dragon. This is the time of Pisces. This is the Ancient's time of ice and ash-wood. This girl is named Aldara Lucia Malfoy."

"Welcome Aldara," the adults present echoed and gave a small applause.

Harry walked up and embraced Draco and Aldara.

"That is a pretty name," he said stroking the small girl's back.

"It means 'Winged Gift'," his mate told him with a loving glare. "Don't start."

"I was not going to say anything," laughed Harry.

Draco smiled, gave him a kiss and turned to his guests like the epitome of a good host.

"Refreshments are served in the blue dinning room!" he announced. "Follow the dog!" He smacked Harry's bum.

"Me too!" squealed Cassie and rushed forward and hit Harry on the back of his knee.

"That won't do at all!" Draco huffed. "Here, Mutt, hold Aldara for me."

A little confused Harry took the baby and watched as Draco lifted Cassie. His eyes narrowed when he realised that the ginger girl now could reach the area that Draco previously abused.

"Now," said Draco. "Try again."

Cassie pounded a small fist to Harry's backside and giggled like a mad woman.

"Don't teach her stuff like that!" scolded Ginny behind a badly hidden laugh.

Sixteen years later:

Draco twitched an eyebrow, that was all. Since Aldara turned thirteen and promised to be a beauty of great proportions, Draco had kept his eye on Caleb, Arthur and Dorian – the third spawn, as Draco called him. He had been looking out for the wrong redhead. Now standing in front of him, holding his sister's delicate hand, was Cassandra. The haughty girl looked defiantly at him. Aldara just smiled her smile that made Draco want to give her the world. Harry nudged him.

"Fine then," the waived his hand in approval and blessing.

"Oh, thank you!" Aldara threw herself about his neck covering him with kisses. "Uncle!" she shifted her attention to Harry to give him the same treatment.

"Congratulations," the word came a little stiffly out of Draco's mouth but the hug he gave Cassandra was surprisingly kind.

She had no time to answer, since she was next in line for Aldara's onslaught of kisses.

"Come on, love," said Harry, smiling that smile that complimented those fine lines round his eyes. "Let's leave them to it."

"To what?" Draco looked suspiciously at the young girls, especially his sister's back.

He closed his eyes as he saw the first movement under her dress. Aldara would only sprout her wings near magical fields or at very high emotions. Draco almost dragged Harry out of the room; he did not want to watch this.

Cheese, the last survivor of their first batch of Crups followed them in a slow pace. The animal seemed determined to live its last days following Harry around. That and peeing on Draco's shoes. Harry took Draco's hand.

"You okay?" he asked.

"As long as she is," answered Draco with a smile.

"She is."

"Fine then."

Harry laughed and kissed him.

"Come, love," he said leading Draco towards their bedroom. "We promised Sev some fresh ingredients…"

The End.