One moment, one opened lock



Part One

"Don't go in there Parker!" Nate yelled and Parker didn't listened because Sophie was in there and everything else didn't matter. Parker ran and called out for Sophie. "Parker." Sophie responded while coughing and Parker hugged her really tight. Parker looked at Sophie and she smiled. "I'm okay…" Sophie said as the bomb went off in the house as she ran. "Thank God for pudding, I actually thank God for you." Sophie said and Parker responded, "Don't do that!" Sophie stepped back and said, "I didn't plant the bomb…" Sophie knew that Parker didn't do logic very well and just simply said, "I won't scared you like that again."

As Parker and the gang staged the funeral. It was Parker's turned to do the urology. "Katherine and I have been friends for two years, I don't have many friends which is why this hurts so bad.. It's kind of creepy.." Parker finished it up as they got back to discover about the crew then would getting ready and Alec wanted to talked to her.. "It's obvious that you are falling for Sophie.." Alec said and Parker responded, "I love her, she found me and you didn't but your still very close to me…I don't want to lose you too." Alec assured that's not going to happened in a Hardison type way..