One Moment, One Special Look



Part Four

Parker console Sophie because she knew that made her cry over and over again because Sally had to do it. She had to absorb her mother sins even if that meant taken over as the sin-eater, the hit-woman which could kill you in dreams or in reality. "I know baby." Parker said and added, "Are you sure you want to see the ending?"

Parker knew Sophie was a romantic and knew that Sophie was really upset about the ending. So Parker saw the ending but didn't tell her that. Sophie shook her head no and then they shut it off.

"You stole that for me." Sophie said and Parker shook her head. "You are the world's greatest thief and the best girlfriend ever, that's a copy right." Sophie asked and Parker responded, "Yes." Sophie looked at Parker and said, "I love you" "I love you too. You are my heaven and my hell…Mostly my hell is within so you could be my heaven." Parker said