" WILL!" Will jolted up from his seat. Ashley was standing at the doorway, panicked. " HIDE ME!" A thousand different scenarios ran through his mind, most of them apocalyptic. If Ashley Magnus was this scared, something was wrong. He ushered her into his closet and grabbed his gun as someone knocked on the door. He gulped as he raised the gun and-

" Will. It's me. Open the door and give me Ash."

Will glanced to the closet, annoyed. She had been hiding from Henry? Way to go to defcon two for something trivial. He opened the door, and Henry came in, hoisted Ashley in a firemen carry over his back. He looked very resigned as the furious blond pounded on his back and screamed to let her go.

" What's all the fuss about?" Will asked, still a little concerned. Very rarely would Ashley get worked up like this.


" Shush. Ashley. Family Vacation. Seems like Ashley can remember the last one well. Anyway, you're welcome to come if you want. it won't be as bad as Ashley is making it out to be."

" Sounds like fun, I'd love to. Where to?"

" Colorado for a weekend. Doc knows better then to go any longer than that."

To that comment Ashley stopped screaming and looked very smug. She now looked resined to her fate, crossing her arms and huffing, but smirking at the last comment. It made Will suspect she had something to do with magnus's aversion to long vacations

" Meet us in the main lab in two hours if you're coming." he nodded, and Henry headed out the door, with the blond still over his back, who now had an evil, plotting look on her face that made his skin crawl. Excited, he pulled out his suitcase. Ever since he was eight, he had clung at any semblance of family, which was hard when he was shuffled around from foster home to foster home. The Sanctuary had lived up to it's name and purpose for him, providing the family he had always wanted. The 'family' vacation planned seemed like an extension of that, which made him excited and happy to go. But he also felt obliged to go. they'd need all the help they could get to keep Ashley in check.

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