" Henry.... please.. this is cruel."

" Will, back me up!"

" Ashley, I'm with Henry on this one. Remember last night?"

" No..."

" EXACTLY. That's why we've hidden the cookies!"

" I hate you guys."

" We know."

" You know, if you guys are just going to have Star Gate marathon than I'm going."

" No way! With the doc gone we've gotta watch you!"

" I'm big enough to watch myself."

" Yeah, under normal circumstances. You're staying right here."

" Fine. But if one of you says one more time how Carter looks like my mom, someones going to die."

" Well she does! And didn't your mom used to be blond?"

" Henry, remember the time we saw Jurassic park?"

" Yes. Shutting up now."

Will looked with interest on the conversation. Especially when Henry got very pale when Ashley had mentioned Jurassic park with a sickly-sweet smile on her face. While twenty years of in jokes he wasn't privy to could get annoying, but sometimes funny. Especially when he asked Henry about them. If Henry didn't tell him, often because they were embarrassing, Ashley would come in and try to tell him, and then Henry would try to stop her, and although it looked painful it was very funny. Especially when Big Guy would come and scold them, to which they would act sorry and ashamed, and as soon as he left would go right back to what they were doing.

He turned back to the screen after a quick glance to Ashley, who had a devious smile on as she texted furiously on her iphone. What trouble could she get into through texts?

- So, it's movie night, right? And I'm kind of excited, but then the boys hide all the cookies and then they have a star gate marathon! And they won't let me out of their sight! It's not like I'll get up to something!

- Good thing they took away all that sugar. You can't remember what happened last night, can you?

- Humph. Good point Alena.

- And I wouldn't blame them for not letting you out of their sight.


- Ha ha! Star Gate then? You know, Carter looks a whole lot like-

- MEH!

- that lady at the super market.

- Thank god you didn't say my mom, because then I would have to kill you.

- Why would I say she looks like your mom?

- That's all I've been hearing since this started. ' Ashley! Carter looks like your mom! " Will! Carter looks like the doc!" " yeah! I wonder if Magnus is holding out on us and is secretly an actor!" It gets really, really, annoying.

- Now that I think about it, she does kind of look like you mom!

- Shun you.

- I am shunned.

- You are.

- There isn't a Star Bucks out there, is there?

- NO. Thank god we're only gone for a few days!

- Ha ha!

- Don't you start! You're still shunned!

- How about we go out for lattes if you're not dead or grounded when you get back?

- Okay. You are un-shunned. I gotta go hijack the Star Gate DVDs so the boys won't be watching them All. Night. Long.

- Scare them off with a Saw marathon to get them off your case.

- Brilliant! Will is such a pansy he'd never be able to sit through them, and Henry has a problem with blood.

- But wait, you don't have a tv to show it on!

- Bah! And another plan bites the dust!

- Foiled again.

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