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Our daughters are the most precious of our treasures, the dearest possessions of our homes and the objects of our most watchful love.
-- Margaret E. Sangster


It was one of those terrible nightmares, where you know you are dreaming, but there's nothing to do but hang around for the ride until your subconscious decide to wake up and end the torture. This particular nightmare had haunted him almost daily since that fateful day, but today, it was as though he was a casual observer to the incident, rather than a participant.

He could see the 2, inside the ill fated BMW, happily chatting away. He could see the other vehicle, a U-Haul truck, approaching fast, too fast on the slick, icy roads. He tried with all his might to scream out, to somehow warn the occupants of the car of their impending doom, but he could do nothing but watch in horror as the bigger vehicle, the truck, lost control, cut off the car, forcing the driver to swerve, and also lose control on the terrible ice.

Suddenly all the images started going by faster, picking speed until they became a blur of nothing but lights and sounds, and he felt as though he couldn't breathe.

He sat up, awake, and realized that he really couldn't breathe; he was hyperventilating again, having a mild panic attack. He reached towards his nightstand, where he knew his bottle of pills would be, but realized that it was empty.

Black spots appeared in his vision as he tried to remember where he had put his refill. He tried with shaking hands to open a drawer to search inside, while he tried to control his breathing. The sound of his wheezing must have woken up his wife, who reached into her own bedside drawer for the spare bottle and handed him a couple of pills along with her glass of water.

He drowned the pills with the water while Esme ran her soothing hands up and down his back trying to calm him, but at that moment there was only one thing running through his mind.

"Bella" he rasped out, as soon as his body would allow him.

"It's late, she's probably in bed, sleeping, right now," Esme replied calmly. She knew the drill.

But he still pushed the covers off himself; the ones left anyway, since he had kicked almost all the comforter away with his constant twitching, and got up and headed outside his overheated room. Since that day he hated the cold. Esme walked by his side, still soothingly running her fingertips up and down his spine.

The house was dark and quiet, the bright moonlight shining through the huge windows, illuminating everything in an eerie blue glow.

Husband and wife made their way down the hallway to the closed door at the end. He shakily put his hand on the knob, unsure of what he would find. Would she be in there, safe from the dangers of the world and its terrible people? Would she still be outside, where any harm could come to her? Would she still be awake, studying away diligently?

Esme put her hand over his own to stop his from shaking, and they both turned the knob, silently sliding the door open.

He saw his princess sleeping peacefully and let out a long breath of relief that he hadn't been aware of holding. She looked like an angel, bathing in the moonlight streaming through her window, a small smile gracing her beautiful face. She mumbled something inaudibly in her sleep and slightly shifted her position.

He approached her bed quietly and sat down on the edge, caressing her hair softly. She was his life. If anything happened to her, he would surely not survive. He would always keep her safe, away from the dangers of the world; he would not lose her too.

"My little princess, I won't ever let anything happen to you. I'll always keep you safe," he crooned at her quietly.

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