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Chapter 4

Every single action of Isabella Cullen was endearing. While she had paid diligent attention during her lecture, Edward had watched her carefully, out of the corner of his eyes.

She scrunched up her adorable button nose when she found something distasteful, crinkled her eyebrows when something confused her, bit her lip when she was nervous or upset and fidgeted with her fingers when she was bored.

He noticed every look, every action, and every expression.

Sometimes she would smile at him, shy and timid; her beautiful blush adoring her perfect cheeks. Sometimes she would pick up her pen and doodle some more on her note-free page. And other times, she would pick up her new copy Wuthering Heights, and caress the cover with a soft smile on her angelic face.

She truly was the most beautiful creature he had ever come across.

The small touches and the shy looks, however, weren't enough. He needed to feel closer to her. To be closer to her. He wanted to be her everything, like she slowly seemed to be becoming his everything. He needed to get closer to her, to know her, and for her to get to know and understand him.

He stopped walking immediately and turned to look at her. She also stopped and scrunched up her eyebrows cutely in confusion.

"Bella, would you like to go on a date with me?"

A range of emotions immediately flashed across her face, from surprise to excitement. He could see her contemplating it over., but he knew she was going to say yes; her face had instantly brightened up at his question.

"Yes, I would like that very much."

Yes! Edward did a mental fist-pump, but tried to keep his outward composure. He, however could not stop a wide smile from escaping., which got impossibly wider when Bella's beautiful face instantly flushed.

He took a deep breath and laced her delicate fingers with his own. Her hand was small and dainty, just like the rest of her. She's fucking perfect!

He led her to his bike and thanked his stars the he had decided to bring along his extra helmet today. He would not allow her to go anywhere unprotected. He pulled the helmet and placed it on her head, securing the chin strap.

"Oh gosh, I must look ridiculous."

No, you look fucking adorable. "Well, we don't wear helmets to look good. We wear them for safety."

Bella wrinkled her nose at him cutely and climbed onto the bike.

Edward did everything in his willpower to not kiss her senseless right then and there. Patience Edward. Mom always taught you that a girl deserves to be wooed first.

He put his own helmet on and climbed onto the bike. "Hold on tight." He pulled the visor down, started up the bike, and smoothly peeled away from the curb, onto the street.

This was turning out to be the most enjoyable ride of Edward's life. He could hardly believe that Bella was on the bike behind him, gripping his stomach tight for support. She was obviously nervous. Every time he passed a car, or every time he hit the break too hard she would dig her nails slightly into his gut.

He enjoyed her soft breasts pushed up against his back. Her chest was practically pushed up into him. He even enjoyed her slim arms, wrapped around his stomach so much that it was a pity when they arrived at their destination.

He leapt off his bike, and quickly removed his helmet so he could help his lady off his chariot. Removing Bella's helmet, he helped her climb off the bike, since she could hardly touch her toes to the ground while she was on it.

Edward had to practice great restraint to not kiss Bella senseless. Her cheeks were beautifully flushed , her eyes bright, and shining with excitement.

Bella gave him a wide smile before looking up at the building behind him. Her smile faltered slightly. "You brought me here?"

Edward felt himself frown. "Why? Don't you like this place? We could go somewhere else. I should have asked before..."

"No, no! It's just that I've always wanted to eat at a diner, but my dad always said that it's not a proper place for respectable people. He always said that they're smelly and dirty and full of lewd men."

"I assure you Miss Cullen, I frequent this diner, and it is a very clean and proper place to eat. As for lewd men, well, they'll have to get through me first. Shall we?" Edward held his elbow out to Bella, who giggled slightly and slipped her arm through his.

Edward really is the perfect gentleman. Dad is so wrong about guys like him.

Bella immediately chastised herself for thinking of her father while on a date with Edward.

Date! She could hardly believe this was happening. Everything was happening so fast. Furthermore, Edward had been a perfect gentleman. He had helped her on and off his bike, held the door open, and even helped her slide into the booth.

The diner looked exactly like what she pictured a diner to be, with 90's decorations, large booths, and friendly waitresses behind a huge counter, behind which the kitchen was clearly visible.

It was, however, very clean with a soft scent of baking pie crust in the air. It was also bright and full of various healthy-looking plants. And since it was lunch-time on a weekday, it was crowded with people on their lunch break. Completely opposite of what her father had described.

Edward slid a laminated piece of paper, or the 'menu' towards her. "What would you like?"

Bella bit her lip and glanced down at the extensive list of items. "I don't know. What's good here?"

"Well, my favourite is the French toast with a vanilla milkshake, but it's probably too late in the day for that."

Edward saw Bella's eyes widen and start to sparkle at the mention of French toast. "It's never too late in the day for some French toast Edward," she stated seriously.

"Would you like some?"

"Yes." Her answer was almost instantaneous.

He smiled softly at her excitement and beckoned an elderly waitress over, and placed an order of French toast and a vanilla milkshake for each of them.

Once the waitress had left with their orders, Edward sat back against the padded seat of the booth, crossed his arms over his wide chest, and watched Bella; watched her with an unreadable expression on his face.

And it was making Bella nervous.

She tried looking into his eyes, but their intensity got too much to bear.

She tried looking off to side under the pretence of examining the decor of the diner.

She tried looking out the window beside their booth, as if admiring the view of the parking lot.

She tried lowering her eyes to the table and playing with a strand of her hair.

She could feel his gaze fixed on her. His eyes would follow her every little move.

Finally she looked back up him, and nibbled on her lip nervously, before asking, "What are you looking at? Is there something on my face?"

Bella lifted her hand her hand to brush off imaginary particles off her face, but her hand froze in midair at his response.

"I'm just trying to see how you managed to live without me."

Her heart thudded loudly in her chest, threatening to break free of her ribcage and jump out entirely.

"I barely managed to survive without you Bella. It may be too soon, but I want to confess that I thought about you every passing second since we met at the club."

Edward grabbed her still frozen hand and placed the gentlest of kisses on her knuckles, all the while staring intently into her eyes. "There's nothing on your face Miss Cullen, it is as perfect as ever."

This time, she was helpless to look away.

Their connection was shattered when the waitress came back with their milkshake.

Bella quickly snatched her hand back from Edward's, pretending to scratch her nose.

It was as though he could sense her discomfort, his eyes were twinkling with mirth as he watched her make a fuss of unwrapping her straw and tasting the milkshake.

"This is yummy. Much better than what I expected."

Edward smiled and, much to Bella's relief, engaged them both in a lighter discussion about their favourite cuisines and places to eat.

Once their lunches arrived, Bella began to pile maple syrup onto her toast. Edward smirked and used the cheesy old line on her. "Bella, would you like some French toast with your syrup?"

Bella childishly stuck her tongue at him, before she proceeded to take a big bite. She closed her eyes and moaned lowly. It's delicious!

She took another few bites before she opened her eyes, and saw Edward watching her with a serious expression again, his eyes dark. She nervously gulped down her food and timidly gestured for him to begin too. He kept his eyes on her for the rest of their lunch.

Edward was definitely a ladies' man. Always smooth and charming, and more often than not, he had Bella blushing and stumbling over her words. He had even paid for the meal, insisting that, however unconventional, it was still their first date, and he was in his right to woo her.

Woo her. She mentally snorted. He didn't even have to try.

He was taking her somewhere else, in lieu of the movie that is meant to traditionally be seen on a first date. He refused to tell her where, but promised that it would be more fun than a boring chick flick.

Bella found herself, once again, on the back of his bike, wearing the ridiculous helmet, which she could have sworn was designed to look humiliating, and clutching onto Edward's lean, firm body.

That part she could hardly complain about.

She could hardly restrain herself from running her hands across the hard muscle of Edward's chest and abs. And watching him smoothly manoeuvre his bike got a little more than butterflies fluttering around in her stomach.

Her initial fear of riding on his bike, without the safety of a car, had quickly faded and she discovered how exhilarating it could be, with the fresh air whipping across her face and through her hair.

As they had been exiting the diner, she had remembered to quickly sneak a text to her father that she wouldn't need a ride home today, biting her lip as she remembered how she had outright lied, saying that Jessica and Mike were giving her a ride.

Being vague with her father was not an option. If she would have mentioned that a friend was dropping her off, he would immediately text back demanding to know about the details of the 'friend'. She made a quick mental note to fill Jessica in later and ask her to cover up in case her father did ever ask.

Edward pulled up beside a building on a busy block, and parked his bike near a set of doors labelled Glowing Greens. Her curiosity spiked as she there were no other clues pointing to what their next activity might be.

He helped her off the bike again and removed her helmet, this time placing a gentle kiss on the top of her head, before lacing their fingers and leading her to the door. The kiss was the sweetest, most gentle brush of his lips which sent goose bumps raging all over her body as she shakily followed his lead.

Like a perfect gentleman, he held the door open for her and let her enter first.

He led her to the reception counter and started to pull out his wallet while Bella looked around. It was extremely dark, but numerous black lights illuminated the space making visibility good. People were walking about with golf clubs and golf balls in their hands between stations, and each station seemed to have a theme.

Mini putting!

Bella looked back at Edward to see the girl behind the counter smiling shyly at him while handing over 2 golf clubs and 2 balls, one that glowed blue in the black lights, and one that glowed purple.

Edward paid no heed to the girl behind the counter, but grabbed the things with his free hand, since he had yet to unlace their fingers, and led them to the first hole. Since it was still midday, this place was quite empty as well. There were just a few people taking their shots at the higher difficulty courses.

He handed her one of the clubs and set up the purple ball for her and indicated that she go first. Bella nibbled on her lip before speaking. "Umm, Edward. I've never golfed before, I don't know how."

Edward regarded her with surprise. "Never?"

"Never." She shook her head for emphasis.

Edward frowned a little. "I never thought of that. Well it's easy, just aim at the hole and hit the ball with the club."

Bella eyed the hole for a good measure. "How about you go first, I'll watch, and then I'll do as you do."

Bella always seemed to find the right thing to say at the right time to make Edward even more crazy for her.

He couldn't think of an appropriate response, so he just nodded his head and took a shot.

He, along with his friends frequented this place a lot since it was much better than a noisy bar with nothing to do but drink, so obviously he was quite good at mini putting now. He holed it in the first try.

Bella then came forward and for a minute, just stood there and looked between the ball and the hole. She tapped the ball gently with the club, which rolled for about a foot, and then stopped.

Edward chuckled at her frustrated expression.

Bella glared in his direction. "That was a practice shot, okay? It doesn't count."

Edward repositioned the ball, and this time, Bella whacked it so hard, it bounced off the back wall and rolled back towards them, missing the hole completely.

Edward suppressed the laughter threatening to bubble out, as he watched Bella glare at the ball. If looks could kill, the little plastic thing would have burst into flames by now.

"Here, let me help you." Edward loosened her death grip on the golf club. "Put one hand here, and one hand here." He repositioned her hands, speaking softly into her ear. "Slant your back." He pushed at her shoulder blades until she was leaning over slightly. "Knees bent." He leaned on her until she had bent her knees slightly and places is hot palms over her hands. He nuzzled his nose into her neck slightly. "Now aim, and swing in one smooth motion."

By this time, all Bella could focus on was Edward's hard chest pressed against her back, his sweet, warm breath blowing into her ears. She could feel her hands trembling, and were it not for Edward's stable grip, the golf club would be shaking too.

He swung and, of course, got the ball into the hole in one clean shot.

But they stayed in the same position.

After some time, Edward let her straighten up. "So do you think you have the hang of it?"

Bella licked her bottom lip and threw a half-smile in his direction. "I may need a little more assistance."

Edward beamed at her brightly and led her to the next hole.

Thinking back to his childhood, Edward remembered the old record player, a prize possession of his mother's, sitting alone on a tall table beside the couch. In the evenings, his mother had liked to sit on the sofa and play some of her favourite records.

One evening, as he had been passing by the room, he heard the same few bars play over again as his mother smiled down at her collection, clearly picking another one to listen to.

Upon inquiry, his mother explained that when the vinyl records got scratched, they would sometimes cause the needle to get stuck in a loop, and repeat one section of the recorded music again and again.

Right now, his mind seemed to resemble that broken record, with a few thoughts repeating in his mind. The most dominant thought being, I can't get enough of her.

Once that he had the pleasure of touching Bella, it seems that he couldn't get enough. He had to touch her constantly, and wanted to feel her everywhere.

The biggest issue was that she hardly seemed to mind.

She was deliberately playing him. Bella seemed to hold the club wrong, swing the wrong way, stand wrong, and then observe him shyly from under her lashes, imploring him to come correct her. This had turned into a game of cat-and-mouse of sorts, only with a more willing mouse and a much more eager cat.

When they got to the 12th hole, Edward decided to let Bella handle it alone. He positioned her ball and said, "Shall we see how much you picked up?"

Bella managed to hole the ball in just 2 shots. When she did, she let her club drop to the ground and jumped up and clapped excitedly. "I did it!" It reminded him of a little child on Christmas morning.

She leapt up and hugged Edward who surprised by her actions, reacted just soon enough to manage to hold on to excited girl and not let her fall.

It took a moment for Bella to realize what she had just done. Edward set her to her feet gently, and she felt her cheeks heat up violently. "Thanks Edward." She hoped that he couldn't see her blush under the black lights.

He smiled and gently palmed her face. "It was entirely my pleasure Bella."

Edward pulled his bike up to the curb outside Bella's condo building. She didn't bother to question how he knew where she lived. She got off the bike and turned to him. "I had a amazing time today. Thank you for the wonderful day."

Edward swallowed nervously. "Would you, maybe, like to do this again... sometime?"

"It had better be sometime soon." Bella's grin widened, emanating a goofier grin from Edward. He felt like he was 16 again, asking a girl out for the first time.

Edward leaned in, and Bella's heart rate spiked. His eyes smouldered hers for a second, before he placed the gentlest of kisses on her trembling lips. It would hardly be considered a kiss, more like a peck. But even that most gentlest of touches shot the most delicious melting sensation through her body. She hoped for more, but Edward then leaned up to place an equally gentle kiss on her forehead, and leaned away.

"Sleep well beautiful girl, I will be seeing you soon."

"Tomorrow?" Bella could not keep the eagerness out of her voice.

Edward shook his head with a slight frown. "I work a long shift tomorrow, unfortunately. I will show up soon, though, and surprise you."

Bella watched from the steps as he pulled his visor down and drove away. He looked incredibly hot, his lean body leaning forward, his muscled arms, clad in leather, revving the bike.

Bella headed up to their apartment and hoped that her father wasn't home yet. He would definitely be able to notice the cheesy grin plastered to her face, and ask questions, and she didn't want to get into any of that right now.

However, it seemed that luck was not on her side, as she found her parents together on the sofa, doing something together on their laptop.

But she seemed to have dreaded too soon, since they both seemed engrossed in whatever they were doing and she got off without an interrogation.

Bella got to her room and plopped her bag randomly into the floor. She sank onto her bed, hugged her pillow to herself, and lost herself in daydreams on her sexy, mysterious, biker-guy, Edward.

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