"Please, just shut up!" I screamed at my little sister's face. Her eyes welled up and tears came streaming down her face. I just wanted my old life back. I wanted to drive my self to school everyday, be with my friends after school, see my dad every evening again. But no, my parents don't have enough determination to attempt to stay together. So now, without enough money my car has been sold and I have to live with my spoiled sister every day. "But oh well," I thought, "At least I get to see Chad" and an almost unshakeable grin crossed my sullen face. I threw open the door when we were at school and ran inside. I didn't see Chad right when I walked in so I decided to just head to my locker. But when I got to my locker, he was already there. My heart fluttered when I saw him. His tall, muscular body leaned against the wall, and he had a huge grin on his face. I began approaching him but stopped, and just though about how he was mine. All mine.

Before I was even finished thinking he took my chin in his hand and lifted my face to his. He pressed his lips to my mouth and pulled away. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer for another kiss.

"Woah, woah baby, don't turn me on too much, we're at school!" he laughed.

"Sorry, love," I said as he wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked off to Biology.

I could feel the jealous stares from the girls around me, but now that the Haters had been expelled it wasn't all that bad. The day I heard that the Haters were being expelled was the absolute best day of my life. I could actually live my life now, with the boyfriend of my dreams.

All to soon we arrived at my first class and I gave him a quick kiss before departing. The day trudged on, just as always. During third period my cell buzzed, a startled me. Luckily the teacher was out of the room so I retrieved my cell and looked at the message. "I love you" it said. From Chad. "Aww," I thought, "he's the sweetest." After class we met again and shared kisses. Off to the next class.

During ninth period, the only class we had together, we messed around and made faces at each other until the bell rang. We rose, kissed and departed. Time to go home and play Fields of Fantasy with SirLeo. I stood outside and waited for my grandmother until she arrived and took me home.

When I walked inside Emily was watching cartoons and mom wasn't home yet so I just headed up to my room. I tossed my bag on the floor and layed down on my bed. Weeks before I would cry on this bed. I would weep for how awful my life was and how stupid I was for letting the Haters tear up my entry. But now all I could do was smile. Well, almost. I had the perfect boyfriend and tons of friends. Finally. My trian of thought was interrupted by my mother barging open the door and sitting on my bed.

"Hey Sweetie!" she almost yelled.

"Hey mom, what's going on? Welcome back from work." I said in a much quieter voice.

"Nothing, just going out on a date tonight!" she screamed.

"Wow mom, that's amazing" I said all too suddenly. "Who is it?"

She got up and started to walk out, without even answering. She was already halfway down the stairs when she called out.

"You'll just have to wait and find out, because I can't tell you! Try not to think about it!"

A look of confusion crossed my face and I tried to put it all together. She shares everything with me. So why won't she share this news with me? She was clearly happy about it.