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Trunks packed and another year had come to an end, the four girls looked round their dorm checking for anything they may have forgotten, because when they returned they would be moving into the sixth year dorm on the next floor.

Lying on her belly looking under her bed and seeing it clear Aggy shouted "Lily what's that under your bed?" getting up she climbed over her bed and moved closer to Lily.

Lily bent down to look and the whole of Gryffindor tower heard what happened next "POTTER……….get your backside in here……..NOW!!"

Across the hall four fifth year boys had been watching the girls through a crack in the door and waiting for the discovery. At the sound of the bellowing they fell back from the door laughing.

"Oh well…Better go and see what she wants?" James Potter shrugged at his friends laughing.

"Like you don't know Prongs!….Just watch yourself…….You know what she's like when she's mad" Sensible as always Remus tried to prepare his friend for the worst.

Going into the girls dorm James winced at the look on Lily's face "Hello Lily dearest …you called"

"Don't ever call me Lily dearest again POTTER if you want to live…..Just get rid of that" pointing under her bed "NOW"

Bending down James couldn't hold it in any longer. Laughing he took his wand and removed the green blob that was spreading under Lily's bed.

"What was that? No don't tell me I don't want to know." Lily said and looking at him "Watch your back Potter this is not over"

James bowed to the four girls and said "I will look forward to it….Later Lily dearest." And he backed out of the girl's dorm not taking his eyes off Lily.

As he made if over the threshold, the door was slammed just missing his face by millimetres, James headed back to the safety of his own dorm, looking at his friends they all laughed. Noticing the time the boys quickly threw all their belongings into their trunks because they only had 10 minutes to get to the carriages for the journey to the Hogwart's express.


The newly appointed fifth year prefects assembled by their house carriages, it was their responsibility to supervise the loading of luggage and student's onto the train. Five years ago Hogwart's express had been re- organised due to an excess number of pranks. The houses' were now assigned two carriages each and a separate carriage for seventh years. Slytherin were at the front followed by Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and finally Gryffindor were at the back.

Stood near the luggage car a tall Gryffindor fifth year with long flowing red hair and bright green eyes was organising the storage of luggage. She thoughtWhy do we have to do this? And the sixth years just get to do nothing

Further down the train another Gryffindor could be seen trying to organise the first year Gryffindor's into their compartments.

Dark curly hair was blowing into her face obscuring the flash of anger that was clouding her piecing icy blue eyes. Where are Remus and James? she thought I've just about had enough of this, boys should not be allowed to be prefects they are so untrustworthy At this point Aggy snapped raising her wand a stream of red and gold stars burst from the end.

"That's it….You will get into a line…..You will shut up…..And get on this train…NOW" she screamed at the group of frightened looking first years.

"Getting your knickers in a twist their Aggy"

Aggy spun round to see James Potter laughing at her. Now even madder, Aggy pointed her wand at James first but then moved it towards his companion "You get on the train and make sure they are not causing havoc in there!" At this Remus bowed and moved towards the train he knew by the look in her eyes not to argue. Turning to James she said "You make sure they all get on the train. I'm going over to help Lily"

As Aggy reached Lily she said "GOD those two……ARRRR……Why they were made prefects I will never know"

Lily nodded in agreement "It's James he's a bad influence on Remus. When we are finished here I've got an idea but we will need to find Marie and Annie to help."

Quickly the two girls got the entire first year luggage stored away and rushed off to find their other friend's and to plot the downfall of James Potter.


Checking the door was closed Lily said "Right Marie and Annie it will be up to you to get Sirius and Peter out of the compartment, shouldn't be hard Sirius fancy's you something awful Marie and I'm sorry Annie but you will have to deal with Peter."

Marie smiled but Annie pulled a face as if she might be sick and the two started to make a plan.

Lily looked at Aggy "Now we have to decide if we are going to get both Remus and James or just James"

Aggy thought for a moment and then said "Just James, Remus is basically OK"

Lily nodded "Right, this is what we need to do….." huddling together a plot was hatched.


Sat in their usual compartment were James, Sirius, Remus and Peter they were well known as the schools biggest pranksters and were known as the Marauders. Playing a game of exploding snap they all laughed as Peter lost half an eyebrow. All four looked up as the door opened. In walked two beautiful fifth years Marie a small blonde with hazel eyes and Annie a slender girl with long black hair and pale grey eyes.

"Hi boy's" they said together and were greeted with a "Hi" from the four boys'.

Marie went over and sat down between Sirius and James and made sure she was just touching Sirius. She smiled at him and was pleased to see him blush a little. Leaning closer to him she whispered something to him and grabbed hold of his hand. Before he had a chance to think she was pulling him out of the compartment and laughing at the stares from the other three boys'.

After a couple of minutes Annie took a big breath and leaned closer to Peter but quickly moved back. Thinking Oh GOD this is gross she moved closer to him again and whispered into his ear but she grabbed his arm unable to hold his hand and rushed out into the corridor quickly.

Annie dragged Peter into her compartment to find Sirius and Marie kissing in the corner.

"Ok you two brake it up" and she looked at Peter and said "You can forget it!" turning she put a lock charm on the door.

"What's going on?" asked Sirius as he reached for his wand but looking up he saw that Marie was holding it.

Annie looked at Peter wand raised "Hand it over or else!" and with a frightened look on his face Peter gave her his wand.

Sirius rolled his eyes at Peter Pratt, why we both with him I will never know looking at Marie That girl is good

"So what's going on?" Sirius asked again

The two girls smiled, wands in hand and explained to their captives what was about to happen.


Four first year Gryffindor's looked up as someone came into their compartment.

"We didn't doing anything. I promise it wasn't us!" a small red hared boy exclaimed as he saw the two fifth years.

Lily laughed and thoughtAre we that frightening? Good "We know you didn't do anything. We were wondering if you would like to help us to pull a prank?"

At this the boys smiled and said "OK"

Closing the door they sat down Aggy said "What are your names?"

The red hared boy introduced everyone "I'm Robert Weasley (A/N: Arthur's brother's) that's my twin Ben, he's David Wood and that's Josh Creevey."

"OK boys, this is what we want you to do. First we need you to make it seem like you are fighting." Lily started

Aggy carried on "I will then bring another prefect back with me and then your job will be to help me torture him." She laughed at the look on their faces "I'm joking!!….You will help me keep him in here."

"So are you boy's game? Are you going to help?" Lily said smiling at Robert.

Robert who seemed to be the leader of this little group "If we agree what do we get?"

Lily thought about this for a moment "Number one a bag of Zonko products" and she waved a bag at them "Secondly we will help you with home work until Christmas."

The four boys had a conference and decided that they did not want to get on the wrong side of these two fifth years. Looking up Robert said "We're in. When do you want us to start?"

Giving them their instructions Lily and Aggy went out of the compartment to check everything was in place. Lily left Aggy at the Robert's compartment and headed for the other end of the carriage as she neared the end she placed a silencing charm on her-self and crawled past the last door. Countering the charm she moved right into the corner and signalled to Aggy. Who gave Robert's group the sign and then stormed down the corridor.

Reaching the last door she yanked it open "Remus Lupin do you think you could actually be a prefect there are four first year boy's fighting. So get off your back side and help me sort it out?"

"OK Aggy I'm coming." Getting up he rolled his eyes at James who was laughing at him and walked out in front of Aggy who followed him up the corridor unfortunately for Remus he didn't see the expression on her face change. Before Remus knew what was happening he was lying on the floor clutching his sides the boy's had all hit him with the tickling charm.

Aggy stepped over him, took his wand and performed the counter charm. Sitting up Remus realised it was a trap and put his head in his hands.

"OK Remus sit over there. Right boys keep your wands on him. I'll be back in a minute" Aggy went to see how Lily was doing. Robert's lot watched Remus and Robert said "Sorry but they are really scary!"

Remus just laughed "It's all right. What did they promise you?"

Robert told him and Remus nodded he thought Marie and Annie came for Sirius and Peter. Aggy got me, which means laughing out loud he said "Good luck Prong's you are going to need it. Lily is coming!"


Lily saw Aggy coming back out of the compartment and made her move. She edged towards the compartment window and checked were Potter was sitting, wand ready she opened the door and shouted "EXPELLIAURIS" and his wand flew into her hand.

"What the hell are you doing Evans?"

But she gave him an evil smile and with a quick swish and a flick he was leg locked. Moving closer to him she finished her work. Finally she bent down and looking in his face she said "You were warned Potter."

At that moment Aggy came through the door and doubled up with laughter at the sight of James Potter.

Oh god thought James "What have you done to me?" he squeaked and grabbed his throat with one hand he sounded like a six-year-old girl. What he didn't know was he looked like one as well, he had long blonde pigtails, rosy cheeks and a baby doll tucked under his arm.

The two girls left him to discover that the doll was bound to him and no matter what he did he would not be able to put it down. They went to release their other prisoner's the deed was done.


As the train came into the station Lily, Aggy, Marie and Annie got ready they said their goodbyes to each other and made their plans for the summer. This had been their ritual since first year as it made life easier on the platform. Getting off the train they collected their luggage and made their way to the barrier. All of them were laughing hard as they went through because they had caught sight of James Potter.

As they moved along platform 9 Lily noticed Mrs Potter coming towards them "Hello Mrs Potter" they all said

"Hello girls had a good year. Have you seen James?"

They all nodded and laughing Lily said "Mrs Potter can I apologise now. Can you tell James it will only last forty eight hours and he can keep the doll as a souvenir."

Mrs Potter looked very confused but Lily muttered through the laughter "You'll understand when you see him. I'm really sorry but he deserved it. Bye Mrs Potter have a good summer!"

The four girls rushed off in the direction of their own parents', as Lily was hugging her mother she heard a high-pitched laughter and thought she found him then.