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The exams were hard, but, for Hermione, more than manageable. She delighted in them, finally able to prove her worth in a test designed by the Ministry and not the teachers she had studied with for many years. She actually had to use what she had learned, and it was exciting to see where seven years of learning had brought her. Others didn't share her enthusiasm, and some even cried in distress.

Her last exam was Potions, and she greeted her teacher with a grin before confidently taking a place and waiting for the exam to begin.

Severus watched over the young adults sitting their Potions exams. They weren't many, and most of them were doing well. The students were concentrating hard on their brews, and Severus used the time to watch his beloved slice and dice with a smile that never left her face, not even when rivulets of sweat ran down her face. It was infectious, and he found himself smiling along with her. With a disbelieving roll of his eyes, he looked away from her. He would see her at night, after all.

She came as promised and was in such a good mood over her exams that she fell to her knees as soon as the door closed behind her, pulling the surprised man's cock out to suckle on it with a happy hum.

When his knees threatened to buckle, she forced him flat on his back. After magically removing his shirt and gnawing heartily on the glorious, pert buds that were his nipples, she propped his arse up with a pillow and returned to the task at hand.

"What is the pillow for?" he asked while he could still form a coherent sentence.

"You'll see," was all she said, before gently pulling his balls away from his body and laving his frantically quivering member. Severus was writhing on the floor before he knew it. When he made his typical pre-orgasm noises, she took him out from between her lips and gave him a hand job, her palm moving up and down his engorged shaft with blurring strokes.

"Let's see how far you can shoot, my love," she crooned, aiming his cock towards his head. He hardly heard her, keening loudly as he came. The first spurt of cum landed in his belly button. The second one was more impressive and landed on his chin. Hermione laughed delightedly and watched the third jet of glob land on his shoulder.

She gave his cock one last yank and watched the last pearly string land near a nipple. The rest tiredly dribbled out of him, and she lapped it up gently, pulling his foreskin over the sensitised head with care.

He opened his eyes after a long pause to regain his bearings and touched the smear he felt on his chin.

"What the hell? Was that me?"

He cursed himself for the daft question, but forgot all about it when she leaned forward to lick away the thick droplet with her tongue. She swallowed with an audible gulp, and he copied her unconsciously.

"What a fertile wizard," she crooned, and saw him blanch. She couldn't help but laugh at his comical horror. "I am using the potion, you dolt. Did you remember just now how little wizards and witches are made?"

"It has slipped my mind that I shoot potent stuff," he sniffed in mock-offence and set her off again. "And I presume that your eggs are as irritatingly eager to prove themselves as their owner," he added tartly when her laughter didn't cease. That stopped her.

"Yes, we'd make impressive offspring. Socially awkward with questionable looks, but powerful," she said wistfully, but took the seriousness of her words away by grinning at him.

"Impressive, no doubt," he said and lost himself in a fantasy of little black-haired children with amber eyes that wore nothing but black. His eyes drifted down to her stomach, and he raised his body to stoke the flat expanse of skin, gazing into her soft eyes. He did not have to voice his thoughts and she simply hugged him, smearing his cum between them.

"Not yet," he said somewhat hastily, never losing the gentle, hopeful glow in his eyes.

"No, not yet," she agreed, retrieving her wand to clean them. She never would have dared to hope that this man might not be as averse to children as he portrayed in his classes.

That night, Severus Snape was even cuddlier than normal, which Hermione simply enjoyed in silence, caressing his long fingers that seemed to be glued to her stomach.


The last day of school came sooner than anybody expected. All students got ready to leave the castle for the summer holidays. The seventh years said goodbye to the castle that had been their primary home for seven years. Some were glad to see the back of it, but most were sad to see the end of this important phase in their lives.

Tearful hugs and stoic handshakes could be seen everywhere. Stuff that had been borrowed was returned at the last second and many could be seen burning their school ties as a symbolic gesture. Pets were chased while others kept their cool and wandered the halls for the last time. Teachers received the occasional parting gift, and granted last minute advice to the little fledglings that were about to leave the Hogwarts nest forever.

Hermione was still in her dormitory and slowly gathered her belongings. There wasn't much to start with, and she had everything packed, while Lavender and Parvati were still arguing over the make up that could be found in every corner of the room.

"Goodbye," she called to the squabbling girls who waved with fake smiles that slipped off their faces as soon as Hermione rounded the corner. With a mental shrug, she left her room, her luggage shrunk and safely stowed away in her pocket. Crookshanks was somewhere in the castle, but that didn't matter, she thought with a smile.

She watched Ron scamper after a dropped sugar quill, only to stuff it into his mouth after getting his hands on it. He had apparently never heard of a Cleansing Charm.

Ginny was bossing Harry around. He looked ticked off and was as red in the face as his girlfriend, who was doing her best to look like the stern Weasley family monarch. The only thing missing was Molly's hips. Surely, they would come with time. With a smirk, Hermione walked past the three, who used to be her closest friends, or so she had thought.

"Goodbye," she called loudly, hoping she didn't invite a last minute clash. Ron straightened and gave a careless floppy wave. Harry nodded at her, his eyes narrowed as if looking for a trap. Ginny had not forgiven her for the snowball incident, even though the older girl was faultless. She glared at Hermione and turned back to Harry to berate him over his way of folding clothes. Hermione left them to their lives.

It was the middle of July, but the weather was atrocious. It was raining, and the sun was hiding behind a thick curtain of grey. It was cold and windy, not the ideal weather to make the long track to the train.

Despite the less than ideal conditions, most of the staff accompanied the students to the carriages that would bring them to Hogsmeade, where the Hogwarts Express would be waiting. It was the departure of Harry Potter, and everyone wanted to wish him farewell.

Even Snape followed the throng of teachers, but not to wish anything to Potter, unless you counted his wish for the boy to suffer under his domineering girlfriend. The older man wished to see how Potter would react when he was faced with reality, and attempted to stand on his own legs without any guidance from Dumbledore.

Without Hermione's help, the young man's exam results were severely lacking. The same was true for the Weasley boy, who would not get into Auror training with his poor scores. Neither of them knew their results yet, and Severus smirked devilishly when he thought about their dismayed faces when they found out.

Severus trudged through the mud, not feeling the slightest crack in his good mood. He saw Hermione walk some metres in front of him, and he grinned in anticipation.

"Severus, you're scaring me with your unexplained bouts of delight, not to speak of the little ones," Minerva finally said, nodding in the direction of a few first years, who ran past them with terror in their eyes.

The usually dour man only smirked wider and ignored her, wanting to skip through puddles. He resisted the urge, not wanting to be stuffed into a straight jacket for his efforts.

He pulled his knitted hat from his pocket and placed it on his already wet hair when the cold wind threatened to cause a headache. He had often tried it on in front of his mirror until he had convinced himself that he looked suitably impressive with the head gear, and not like a complete dork.

Minerva looked at his new accessory and grinned to herself. He had always been very fickle and insecure about his clothes, and she was glad he tried something new for once, even if it was just another black item. She had no intention of making him doubtful about his choice by telling him how manly and rakish he looked, even if it would be the truth.

Everyone arrived at the station, and the students climbed aboard the train that was already there. The only ones to stay outside were the teachers and Hermione. Many students waved to their Professors once they got comfortable on the train. The first ones began to wonder about the female student that had not entered the train yet.

Harry and Ron were seated by the window and waved cheerfully at Dumbledore, who only gave them a polite nod, to their surprise. Neville was with them, and he cocked his head when Hermione caught his eye. She waved at him with a genuine smile, and he got up, only to jump off the train. He ran to her and hugged her warmly.

She held Neville for a long moment and kissed his forehead.

"Stay as you are, Neville," she whispered.

"A bumbling idiot?" he asked jokingly, earning himslef and admonishing grimace from Hermione.

"You will be a wonderful man," she assured him. "You can write or visit me anytime," she added. "I want to follow your process to utter manliness and irresistibility."

Most of the faculty had overheard their every word, and were snorting more or less loudly at the friends' banter.

Hermione's friendly laugh was infectious, and Neville sniggered boyishly. "Will do," he promised.

"Good god," Severus grumbled as he heard her offer, but was ignored.

Harry and Ron gaped when they saw the Headmaster step forwards to hug the young man and shake his hand for good measure, sending him off with a broad grin.

"Something isn't right," Ron remarked, observant as usual. He watched Hermione as she pulled out a Slytherin green hat before striding over to Snape, who took the garment and pulled it expertly over her tresses.

When the tall man moved to stand behind Hermione to put his hands demonstrably on her shoulders, Ron dropped his sugar quill, and Harry inhaled his Chocolate Frog. Ginny's enraged shout could be heard anywhere in the train and even reached the little group outside.

Severus chuckled loudly, a sinister smile forming on his thin lips. Hermione turned her head to kiss his chin and laughed along with him.

The youngest Weasley child was screaming bloody murder, gesturing and cursing wildly through the window, while an embarrassed Harry tried to get her to calm down.

"I thought Molly was scary," were Albus' resigned words, before he lifted his wand to turn the glass to the compartment Ginny sat in a deep black that made any visual contact impossible. Her insulted shrieks made everyone flinch.

"What a delightful young woman," Severus remarked disdainfully. "What a shame she will return next year." No one saw the need to argue over the fact, they all thought the same.

They heard the whistle, and then the Hogwarts Express slowly left the station, many hands waving out of the windows. Most of the staff waved as well, only Severus and Hermione didn't participate.

"The children are leaving," Hermione said quietly, amusement tingeing her voice.

"Indeed," Severus whispered and leaned forward to push his face into the riot of hair that swirled with the breeze, not caring about the occasional inquisitive looks from his colleagues.

"It's chilly. What have you got to warm me up?" she complained and turned towards her companion, no longer interested in watching the train leave the station.

"Only you'd need hot chocolate in the summer," he drawled with mock-annoyance, trying not to shiver as the wind blew through his thin summer cloak.

"Or something else entirely," she countered. "I remember that a certain someone is quite fond of leather gloves on his naked, hard…"

He didn't even let her finish, but dragged her away towards Hogwarts, her tinkling laugh sending another shiver down his spine. That woman could certainly raise his temperature with a few chosen words…

The End