Waluigi And Lucario's Excellent Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, spring break was fun for me, and I wanted to get back into the groove. So here it is for you, folks... an adventure fanfic starring Waluigi and Lucario. This calls for a PROMOTION! (takes out a bottle of wine) Anyone want some? No? (shrugs) Suit yourselves. Anyway, enjoy the fanfic!

Disclaimer: Waluigi, Lucario, and anything else in this fanfic all belong to Nintendo.

It was a nice, beautiful sunny Friday on the fine planet Earth... and wait a great day it was for being outside and enjoying all his warm goodness... especially with the daylight lasting longer!

"Strrrrrrike! Team Ike, go to home base! Team Charizard, you're out on the field!" Lakitu called out as he announced the game, hovering over home plate.

Sonic sighed of relief as he adjusted his light blue cap, smirking as he turned to face R.O.B., calling out as he waved, "Good game out there, R.O.B.! Let's see how you do at the plate!"

R.O.B. thanked Sonic as the two headed back into the dugger's inn, with the members of Team Ike handing their positions over to to the members of Team Charizard.

"Great," Ike proclaimed as he smiled, giving the Smashers in the audience a thumbs up as he held his sword proudly behind him, "Looks like I'm gonna have another sexy home run."

Peach, Zelda, Samus, and Mona all sighed pleasantly, while Daisy, Lyn, Krystal, Ashley, and Jigglypuff rolled their eyes. Nana was cheering on for Popo, munching down on the hot, buttery, old-fashioned popcorn that Mr. Game-and-Watch was making. Charizard rolled his eyes at the thought of Ike getting a home run as he made his way to the back, ready to catch anything that came by.

Pit sighed, placing on a light yellow glove as he grabbed the baseball that was on the ground. He smirked. "Well, looks like we're going to have another-"

"Hey hey! It was my turn, I get to pitch it!" Lucas pouted in anger as he snatched away the baseball from Pit's grasp, who folded his arms and stuck his tongue out back in disgust.

The Super Smash Brothers were having a little baseball game, although not all of them were participating. Just as Lucas began pitching the game for his team, elsewhere, in the city, Waluigi and Lucario were doing exploration. Because they wanted to.

"So, you have a team consisting of a large, mutated kind of the Piranha Plants, a three-headed red-colored serpent who can fire out flames and electricity while using two of his heads to do ordinary things, and a sports enthusiastic penguin who idolizes you?" Lucario asked in disbelief as he rubbed the back of his head.

Waluigi laughed, wrapping his left arm around Lucario. "Waa haa haa! You bet, canine boy! We've been going out to handle some pretty whacked out jobs..." He sighed as he took a moment to look up at the clear blue sky that was overlooking the huge, mechanical metropolis, "And man, has it been worth it."

Lucario pulled Waluigi's arm off of him, rolling his hands as he made some more conversation. "Well, if you think that's something, get a load of this. I've been visiting Sinnoh for several months now... and going through Snowpoint City from Mt. Coronet is a thing all onto itself!" He began shuddering, as if the cold followed him. "Man, I still remember the chills I get from that place... maybe I should have payed that Abomasnow a visit..."

Waluigi nodded as he listened carefully, before he and Lucario spotted a small kitten running across the street. The two Nintendo characters looked at each other, blinked, and then back at the kitten, who was then ran over by an incoming truck.

Lucario closed his eyes as he bent down, shaking his head as he took in a moment of silence. "Oh, young feline... may your soul be blessed in Heaven..."

Waluigi, while rolling his eyes, also complied for the moment of silence, as he then turned to the right, to see a free balloon stand. "Hey Lucario, they're giving away free balloona!" He pulled the canine Pokemon up. "Let's go get some, for the hell of it!"

Lucario was somewhat hesitant, not really that eager to go along with the plan. "Well, you see, Waluigi... what exactly are we going to do with free balloons? Have the kids trying to pop them again? Have Ivysaur locking them up in his vault again? Have Samus fart in them while wearing her blue zero suit again?"

Waluigi gave Lucario a long, cold stare, before slapping his forehead. He sighed, and insisted, "Look, we're just gonna get ourselves the free balloons, have them as our own property, and have any messes figured out." He winked as he headed to the balloon stand.

Lucario sighed as he shrugged, and he pulled out a chocolate bar, peeling off the wrapper as he threw it in the nearby recycle bin, eating up the chocolate as he headed towards Waluigi. However, he stopped in his tracks when he glanced to his right, to see a female Gardevoir hesitantly running for her life. This perked Lucario's interests, as he dropped his unfinished chocolate bar on the ground and gave chase towards the Gardevoir, running across the street by jumping on the roofs of the incoming cars and trucks as he landed on the sidewalk, heading northward after Gardevoir.

Waluigi was next in line for the free balloons, when he turned around, to not see Lucario. He scratched his head in confusion, placing his purple cap over his brownish hair as he looked around for Lucario, calling out his name. "Lucario... hey, where are you, ya damn canine..." He then grabbed a pair of binoculars and looked northward, to see Lucario chasing after the Gardevoir. He slapped himself in the forehead as he groaned, "That Lucario... always running into trouble..." Sighing as he shook his head, Waluigi gave chase, running towards the corner and also jumping on the roofs of the incoming cards and trucks, nearly losing his balence as he landed roughly on the sidewalk, rubbing his face as he growled, shaking off the pain easily as he gave chase towards Lucario, when he was hit by an incoming truck.

Lucario kept running, pushing the buystanders out of his way as he tried catching up to the Gardevoir. The Gardevoir entered a nearby hotel room and headed into the elevator. Lucario also ran into the hotel and up towards the elevator, seeing Gardevoir heading to the rooftop. He shook his fist, which was filled with his blue-colored aura, as he spotted the stairs, and headed upward, using his agility to get up faster. Waluigi, who managed to recover from his truck accident, tossed his cast on his left shoulder away as he spotted Lucario zipping up the hotel stairs. Knowing that this was gonna be another adventure, Waluigi threw away any logic whatsoever and jumped up over the counter, grabbing the railings of the grand yellow staircase as he began swimming his way upward, albiet using his Waluigi Swim to perform such feat.

Three minutes later, the female Gardevoir reached the rooftop, and she panted as she looked down from the hotel, being seventy eight stories above the ground. She jumped up in shock as Lucario bursted out of the staircase door nearby, panting as made his way towards the Gardevoir. The Gardevoir screamed as she placed her arms in front of her, her right arm holding a yellow purse in her possession, as Lucario began glowing with his aura.

"Wait... please... you don't understand!" Gardevoir shouted out as she screamed, being grabbed by Lucario on the left arm.

"Don't understand? Don't understand!?" Lucario shouted in dismay as he shook Gardevoir, "You've been running like a maniac downstairs, and suddenly, you make a mad dash for the elevator, heading all the way to the top! And from the looks of it, you did something criminal!" He gave Gardevoir a powerful, mean glare. "You better damn well tell me what you were doing, miss."

"Lucario... wait... aw jeeze..." Waluigi wheezed as he barely made it to the top, slowly walking towards Lucario and Gardevoir. Catching his breath, he got back up to his two feet and stood in between Gardevoir and Lucario, pouting at Lucario, "What The Hell is wrong with you, man!? To think, we would have gotten our free balloons by now if it weren't for your frickin' sense of justice! Honestly, I can understand the urge, but there-"

Lucario slapped Waluigi, turning to him as he insisted, "Waluigi, me and this Gardevoir are a little busy right now." He turned to face the Gardevoir, smirking deviously. "Aren't we, miss...?"

Gardevoir trembled as she closed her eyes, sighing. "All right, fine. You caught me." She then opened her eyes again, replying, "But in all honestly, you don't know what I'm going through. If I don't manage to explain myself, it may be too late..."

Waluigi and Lucario glanced at each other as they turned to face the Gardevoir, just now getting to understand Gardevoir's quick problem.

"All right, just explain everything to us, and all shall be all right," Lucario assured as he smiled, while Waluigi continued grumbling to himself about the opportunity for free balloons lost, folding his arms.

Gardevoir sighed of relief, and with Lucario letting go, she was about to explain herself, when a blue-colored warp portal appeared out of nowhere. The warp portal was too powerful to resist, and the three Nintendo characters all screamed as they fell right in, the warp portal shortly afterwards mysteriously disappearing.

To Be Continued...