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Second attempt to put myself in FMA (Though the computer is making type the same thing 6 times). And this is based off the manga because for some reason the anime after reading the manga made me go "HUH?! O.o" Time for the disclaimer.

Alphonse: Bri only owns Mischief. She does not own Fullmetal Alchemist. If she did Hughes would still live, Ed would be shorter by an inch, Envy would have... AN ABSOLUTELY SMOKING HOT TRUE FORM?! WHO WROTE THIS SCRIPT ANYWAY?!

Al, be grateful I didn't turn you to scrap metal yet. -.-

Alphonse: O.O How am I on your favorite character list again?!

I was minding my own business, reading the 13th volume of FMA, for the 7th time. It was 2am and yet I still wanted to finish it. I stared at Envy's smile, you know, the creepy smile when he revealed the truth about Ishbal.

"I now claim this the second most sadistic smile I have ever seen."

I rolled over on the bed and started thinking right before I passed out. Why is it we can never meet our favorite characters? And why is it that they have to be fiction?! I want to meet Edward, and Al, and Envy-kun!!!

And then I passed out. But the second I closed my eyes, everything turned white instead of black. I turned around to see a giant stone double door behind me.

"Do you like it, girl?"

It was a person, or at least the outline of a person. There was an outline of a grin where the face should be. I was dead on my feet and having an internal spaz attack. OH MY GOD!!! IT'S THE TRUTH!!! SO THAT MUST MEAN I'M ROYALLY SCREWED!!! O_O

"What's that look for? You wanted to be here, right?"

"Well, yeah. But I didn't want to meet you first!"

"And why not, girl?"

"Every time you show up someone walks away bleeding!"

"Don't worry, girl. I've just received your payment."

My eyes widened as I looked down at myself. Seems I still had my limbs. I raised two fingers in my face. And eyesight. I looked at the truth. And my guts. I was about to think that Truth didn't steal anything until I noticed his outline was bolder than before.

"Your payment is most of your humanity. You can still use alchemy, but you are also a homunculus now, so you are vulnerable to it. And also, most of your existence in the other world will be gone as well."

I thought about it for a second. Strangely, being immortal struck me as being downright suckish. People can beat you up whenever the heck they feel like it and you can't escape it. You'll have to watch everyone around you get old over the decades. The military will try to kick my butt. And if Edward and Alphonse ever find out, they'll try to rip out my philosopher's stone.


Then the shadow hands came out and grabbed me. I forgot what I was thinking five seconds ago and started screaming. OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I'M GONNA DIE! I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GONNA DIE IN A MANGA BOOK ABOUT FREAKING SCIENCE!!! T_T

...Much later and somewhere in Central...

"So what should we do with her?" one voice said.

"Let's kill her before she wakes up," said a feminine voice.

"Now, now, we shouldn't kill her yet." said an older voice.

"Can I eat her?" said another one.

"No." everyone else said.

I opened my eyes to a very dark place that was mostly concrete and cables on the floor. But my eyes rested on the four people staring at me. I gave them an equally dead-panned look and said the only thing I could say. "Ho...Ly...Crap."

One of them was a woman with wavy black hair. She had long black gloves and a black dress. She had a body that obviously said to men "Sleep with me! Sleep with me!" (I know some of us were thinking it, I just said it! -.-) She had an Ouroboros tattoo in the middle of her chest. And she had this creepy smile that looked like she would kill me if I talked.

The guy next to her was fat. I mean really fat. He looked like he could eat a Vegas all-you-can-eat buffet twice without getting full. He stared at me hungrily and put a finger to his mouth childishly.

Another guy was an old man with an eye patch and a mustache. He smiled, but it seemed so... I don't know... fake.

Then there was the youngest looking one. He couldn't have been any older than his late teens. He had spiky long palm-tree hair. He was well-muscled and his short shirt that stopped mid-chest was doing a fine job of showing that off. He was also wearing a skort (that's what they're called, right? -_-") that stopped mid-thigh. He had an Ouroboros tattoo on his left thigh.

I instantly knew who they were. And I was in their lair. With Envy... SWEET!!!

"Well, it looks like she's awake," Lust said. "Now how did you get here, little rat?"

"Who the hell are you calling a rat, Lust?" I mumbled back to her.

Everyone's eyes widened, except for Gluttony, who still wanted to eat me. Then Wrath/Bradley stepped up and asked "How do you know who we are?"

"I'm one of you." They raised their eyebrows. "Seriously! Um... my mark is..." My words faded as I looked at the back of my right hand. There was an Ouroboros there. "Right here..."

Envy smiled and shrugged. "So you're one of us. Do you have a name?"

For some reason, I didn't say the name people usually call me by. Instead I said


End of the first chappie.

Let's hope this story can keep going.