Okay, let the oneshots begin. To be honest these are a little longer than the usual oneshot, but they will be no longer than the usual chapters of Secret of the 327th. My first oneshot is dedicated to and chosen by Tamara Caitlyn – because she was my 50th reviewer for A Sticky Situation.

One note that I should make is that this oneshot works under the assumption that the Digimon Adventure and the Digimon Tamer universes are actually combined and there is no such thing as the TV show in the Tamers world. Just a note to stop people from getting confused. It also has a little connection to A Sticky Situation, but nothing to do with Secret of the 327th or any sequels.

Every Fifty

Oneshot 1:- There's No Knowing Where You Might Be Swept Off Too

Rating:- K+

Worlds:- Digimon Tamers, Digimon Adventure 02

"And this is where the battle took place?"

"Oh yes. Henry told me all about it. This is where that big snake guy came through to our world and started wrecking everything."

"You mean Sandiramon?"

"Yeah, him."

"He seemed to be a very nice guy when we met him, though?"

"Yeah, he is nice," said Suzie Wong. "Henry told me that he's not evil, but he thought that he was doing good by destroying us all 'cause the big turkey hated humans?"

"But why?" asked Ai, her brother Mako nodding enthusiastically.

"I don't know," shrugged Suzie. "Zhuqs never actually mentioned why he doesn't like humans. But the Devas were really looking for Calumon so that they could get his help in beating the big jell-o blob, the D-Reaper, when it came into their world."

"Wow," Mako looked up at the ceiling. The three children were standing in the underground train station where Sandiramon had faced off against Gargomon, Kyubimon and Growlmon well over a year ago. Since then, the hole in the ceiling that Growlmon had dug had long since been repaired, and another train had replaced the one that Sandiramon had dissolved with his breath. Adult humans walked to and fro, bustling about on daily routines and none of them giving a thought to the terrific spectacle that had occurred here. Perhaps they didn't know – the Tamers had made a point of quickly becoming scarce after battle situations in those days.

To an extent, they still did.

Suzie, Ai and Mako had decided to come and explore all these separate areas that the Tamers had battled in. Ordinarily, any children their age would not be allowed out on their own, but their parents had both relented, albeit very grudgingly by their parents, especially the twins' mother, that since they had a pair of Digimon looking after them they would be fine.

Right now, Lopmon and Impmon were both nowhere to be seen, although the three children knew exactly where they were. Impmon was in the queue to an ice-cream stall outside, waiting impatiently to be allowed to order the biggest one they had – whatever it was. The people in the line in front of him kept casting anxious glances at him, and for good reason. Impmon was not known for his patience, but was known for his over-the-top methods of venting his spleen.

Fortunately for them, Lopmon was keeping an eye on him, just in case he decided to get to the front of the queue by setting fire to somebody's trousers. He had been known to do that. But the Tamers were by no means abandoned. Lopmon's psychic link with Suzie ensured that she kept an eye on what they were doing at all times.

Ai, Mako and Suzie picked their way through the throngs of people. A few of them stopped to look at the three little children who were seemingly without a guardian of any kind, but the confident demeanour of the children was enough the make them think that they were being watched and weren't lost. If they were they'd be cowering and whimpering, of that they were sure, and they went on their way again.

A train blared into the station. The hair on all three kids was blown backwards by its arrival and they watched as the huge, giant, snake-like, metal machine hissed and grated its way to a stop. The doors slid opened and there was a rush of people filing out, followed by a rush of people filing in.

"Our mum doesn't trust trains," said Mako. "She says that they're always a few minutes slower than they should be and that they're much less reliable than having a car in your driveway."

"Well, we don't have a driveway," said Suzie. "We use public transport like this all the time. It's quite a bit of fun actually. Whenever a train starts, you almost fall over if you're standing up. It's quite fun. And it happens again when you stop."

The train doors closed and the huge, mechanical beast began to move along again and into the tunnels.

Okay, Suzie, came Lopmon's voice in her brain. I reckon you've spent long enough in there. It's getting pretty late and you should really get the twins back home before their mother begins to worry. Impmon says she worries far too much about everything.

"Lopmon says it's time to go," said Suzie. Ai and Mako both grinned. They were still getting used to the idea of Suzie and her partner being able to communicate without vocal chords – or whatever it was that a Digimon used. Both were marginally disappointed – they'd actually been having a good time, but this was more due to the fact that they were being allowed out alone like adults than the exciting locations.

"Alright," said Ai, sighing. "Let's go."

As they headed back to the stairs, another train on the opposite side decided to come juddering into the station. The three children paid it no mind and began to the thread their way past it and through the throngs of people waiting to get on it. And that was where everything went wrong.

As the people coming out of the train left, the people that the three children were attempting to move through decided now would be a good time to board the train before the doors shut. With cries of surprised as they were bumped by legs, the three small children suddenly found themselves being carried along in a throng of legs. All three turned to fight the tide, but before they knew it, they'd been carried right into the train – Ai tripping on the gap between the it and the station.

"Hey, wait!" Suzie cried as the doors clanged shut behind them. The train shuddered and began to move. The three children had been more focused on getting to the door and all three suddenly lost their centre of gravity, and fell flat on their backs among the rush hour crowds. The train pulled into the tunnels.

And outside, the people leapt to one side as a brown bunny suddenly swept right over their heads and into the station, while a small, purple creature roughly knocked their legs aside as he barged his way through after the bunny. The ice-cream held in its gloved hand was tossed aside and splodged against the expensive suit of a businessman, but the Digimon didn't care.

Lopmon landed on the edge of the platform, mentally hitting herself as she watched the train pull out of sight. Impmon ran up to stand next to her and swore loudly, causing several adults to cover the ears of small children.

Why didn't I see that coming? Lopmon gritted her teeth. Then she opened her mind and called, Terriermon?

What? Came her brother's reply.

We've got a bit of a situation here.

Terriermon frowned. He'd been having a very good time today. While Suzie and his sister were off on their little exploratory trip, Henry and he had gone to see Rika and Renamon. Rika and Henry were currently inside eating a meal that Seiko had cooked for them and feeding scraps to an eager jackal called Isis. But he was lying on Renamon's stomach and Renamon was lying on a tree branch. The two of them were just relaxing and hadn't said anything for a while. Well, not out loud anyway.

Then, suddenly, Lopmon had made contact with him.

What situation? Terriermon was instantly alert.

It's Suzie. She, Ai and Mako have got on a train and it's taking them to who knows where.

"What!" Terriermon shouted aloud, sitting up sharply. Renamon also sat up quickly, what with being privy to everything her mate was hearing.

Lopmon, thought Renamon. Tell to get off at the next station. Hurry! We need to find them soon.

We'll get Henry, Terriermon leapt into the air. Let's get moving.

They both heard Lopmon send the message urgently to Suzie. Suzie! She cried mentally. Don't stay on the train. Get off at the very next station! You hear me, Suzie. Don't stay on the train!

Suzie, Ai and Mako sat up – Mako rubbing his head from where it had hit the train floor. Ai sprang up and whispered, "Oh no! Now what are we going to do?"

"Mum's gonna be so mad," agreed Mako.

"I don't know," Suzie hissed agitatedly. Without Lopmon nearby she suddenly felt very, very vulnerable. She was stuck on a train with no way off until they came to another station, and was surrounded by people she didn't know. Everyone, including Lopmon, had told her to be wary of strangers when they weren't around, and Suzie was uncomfortably reminded of Goro – she still didn't know the full extent of what had gone on in that house, as everybody had yet to tell her but still...

Suzie! Came the voice of her partner, but it was muffled and rather faint. Unlike Rika and Renamon, who could sense and talk to each other from great distances, the mental bonds between Suzie and Lopmon andbetween Henry and Terriermon were still developing. They could communicate over short distances, but not very well over greater ones.

Suzie listened so hard, her ears hurt, despite the fact that her ears were not actually needed. She heard Lopmon's frantic calling. It sounded suspiciously like:-

Don't...get off... the train!

Suzie blinked. Surely the first and most important thing to do was to get off the train at the first opportunity, otherwise it would carry them to who-knew-where? Why was Lopmon asking her to stay on board? And she assumed that Ai and Mako should do the same.

But, Suzie reasoned, Lopmon had a much more level head than she did. Perhaps it would be best to follow Lopmon's advise. She was, after all, much more experienced than Suzie. And she must have made contact with Terriermon and Renamon by now so... well, she'd stay on the train.

Suzie... you...

Suddenly it stopped. The train was moving at such speeds that the Tamer and the Digimon had just lost contact with one another. Suzie felt very, very alone now. She had Ai and Mako, but they were even younger than she was. What chance did the three of them have of dealing with any threat that they came across.

"Guys," she said, as Ai and Mako stared imploringly up at the door, as if willing it to open. "Lopmon says that we should stay on the train."

The twins turned to face her with expressions of incredulity. "Why?" asked Ai. "Why can't we get off as soon as we can? This isn't fun anymore. This is scary."

"I don't know," said Suzie. "But don't you think it'd be a good idea to listen to Lopmon? She is our leader."

That was true. Both families had felt better at the idea of Lopmon being in charge instead of Impmon for obvious reasons.

"But Ai's right," said Mako. "All these big grown-ups are really scary."

Suzie frowned. "Lopmon said, so we should do it," she insisted.

Both Ai and Mako nodded uncertainly and the three children went to find a corner to huddle in.

Henry Wong, Suzie's older brother, had hastily logged onto the Nonaka house computer and his fingers were flying over the keyboard and hitting the buttons as if they had minds of their own. Rika looked anxiously over his shoulder, while Terriermon looked anxiously on his shoulder. Renamon, Rumiko and Seiko hovered in the background.

"Okay," Henry said. "What was the line that they left on?"

"Lopmon's quizzed some of the passengers that got of it and they said it was the Öedo line," said Terriermon. "The one that shows up as pink on all the underground maps."

"Alright," said Henry, "And since they were at the station that we fought Sandiramon at that means they were at the Nishi-shinjuku-gochöme station. Did Lopmon tell them to get off at the next station along?"

"Yep," said Terriermon. "We just need to hope they got the message before they went too far away."

"What's the next station, then?" asked Rika. Henry jabbed a finger at the screen.

"This one," he declared. "The Tochömae station. It's not all that far away." Henry leapt up from his seat so fast that Terriermon went flying off and had to catch himself in mid-air. "Terriermon, tell Lopmon to start making her way there with Impmon. We'll meet her there."

"Let's go, Renamon," Rika nodded, following Henry out of the door. She took out a card and swiped it through her D-Arc. Renamon burst into a golden light and shouted:-


Terriermon swooped through the doorway, having just sent a message via his brain straight to Lopmon's and landed on his mate's back. Rika leapt aboard with practiced ease, and she pulled Henry on after her. Kyubimon's digital muscles rippled and she took off with a flying leap, sprinting out of the gate, swerving dangerously around the corner and streaking off in the direction of the station.

"I hope Suzie and the others did get off the train in time," said Henry.

"Momentai, Henry," Terriermon called back from the front. "We'll find them."

"Even if we have turn the whole underground system inside out," added Kyubimon without breaking her stride.

"I've no doubt of that," said Henry, "but all the same, Tokyo is not city for little children to be wandering around on their own."

"Good thing they won't be alone for long the, isn't it," said Rika. "Keep going, Kyubimon."

"Never a dull moment," quipped Terriermon as they hurtled along.

Lopmon soared down the street, with Impmon in hot pursuit on the ground. "This is not fair, you know!" he called up to her. "You could always slow down a little couldn't you?"

"Our partners are in trouble, Impmon," said Lopmon over her shoulder. "I think we're going to slow as it is."

"Too slow?" Impmon was beginning to pant now. "I don't think I've... ever run... so far... at this speed... in all... my life, and you... think... we should be... going faster?"

"Yes," said Lopmon.

"Well, maybe... if I could fly... we could be going faster," Impmon scowled up at her. "I'm not... Kyubimon. I'm gonna run... out of steam."

"Impmon." Despite the situation, Lopmon couldn't help but grin. "Do the words Beelzemon Blast Mode give you a hint as to how we could go faster?"

Impmon pulled to a halt completely and stared at Lopmon, gobsmacked. "And you think... to mention it now?" he panted.

"Well, to be honest I was wondering why you hadn't done it yet."

Impmon scowled at her, but had to admit that he'd been officiously made to look like a bit of an idiot. He folded his arms and glared at Lopmon with an expression that hinted of some peeve. Then, that expression was hidden from view as he burst into golden light, causing many nearby people to stop what they were doing in surprise.


The tall, leather-clad Mega level was now standing in the street. His wings flexed as he spread them, the black feathers shining as if they'd been covered in shoe polish and they flapped, lifting him off the ground. Lopmon turned and shot away at a greater speed, with Beelzemon right behind her.

The people in the Tochömae station received a shock when a huge, biker-like man with wings swept through the doors and down the stairs, with a small, brown bunny on his shoulder. Alarmed at the shotguns he was toting around, they turned to flee, and moments later they were confronted by a large fox with nine tails, another bunny on its back and two human children, which pushed unceremoniously past them and down onto the station.

"Suzie's not here," Lopmon said agitatedly as they were joined by the others. "I'd know straight away if she was."

"You reckon she could be nearby?" asked Beelzemon.

"I doubt it," Lopmon grimaced. "She couldn't have gone very far and I'm sure I would be picking her up with my mind."

"So she's probably still on the train," said Kyubimon. "And that means that Ai and Mako are probably still with her."

"Well, that's helpful," muttered Beelzemon darkly. "We've only got a couple of dozen more stations to check before we reach the end of the line, and they would probably have at least got off by then."

"I hate to put a damper on your cheerful spirit," said Henry bitterly. "But the Öedo line doesn't have an end point. It goes round and round and meets up where it started."

"Marvellous," muttered Rika. "So, what do we do now?"

"We keep looking," said Lopmon. "Beelzemon and I will head one way and see if we can pick up any signs of them. You guys go the other way and do an actual search. We need to find them as soon as possible, so we'll head the way they actually went."

"Let's move!" Kyubimon veered around and dashed back up the stairs. Beelzemon was hot on her heels.

An hour passed. The Digimon and the Tamers became increasingly frantic as they checked station after station across the line that was Suzie's favourite colour on all the maps. Each time, they came up short. There was no way of contacting Suzie, Ai and Mako, wherever they were – none of them had had a phone of any kind on them.

As for the children themselves, it took roughly an hour before the twins finally snapped. They'd been huddled on the train for such a long time that they'd felt they were there for an eternity. Hey, they were children. Time passes much more slowly for children.

Mako suddenly cried. "I can't do this. It's way too scary. Can we just get off at the next station?"

"But Lopmon said..."

"I don't care. I agree with Mako," Ai nodded. "I don't like this. I'm not good with strangers."

Suzie sighed. Truth be told, she was almost as terrified as they were, but she was doing her best not to show it, considering she was a little older for them, and therefore felt responsible. Surely Lopmon would understand their need to be in the open. The little girl nodded slowly. "Okay, let's do it."

Ai and Mako perked up immediately and the three made their way to the nearest door. Sure enough, it slowly ground to a halt and they pitched to the side as they lost their sense of gravity again. But they quickly regained it and dashed straight onto the platform before anyone could board the train and push them back on.

Suzie pulled to a halt, but started running again when Ai and Mako ran right past her, towards the stairs that led out of the station. She glanced briefly at the large sign on the wall that indicated which station they were at. It read "Kachidoki."

Ai and Mako only stopped when they were out of the station. Suzie stopped next to them and the three stood there, panting for a time and regaining their breath. Mako was the first to speak. He said, "I'm never going to ride on another train again as long as I live."

"Me neither." Ai shook her head. "I'll just learn to drive or something. Or I could ask Beelzemon to take us somewhere on Behemoth."

"But Mum never lets us ride on Behemoth," pointed out Mako.

"So? I'd rather a psycho bike than a train."

Suzie looked around. They were in a completely unfamiliar part of the city. Tokyo was pretty big, but she'd never been all around it before. But there was something that she could smell. It took her a couple of seconds to remember, but it was the smell of the ocean. The sea wasn't that far away.

"So what do we do now?" Mako asked. Suzie realized the two of them were looking to her for guidance.

She bit her lip and said, "Have any of you got any money for a phone?"

The twins shook their heads.

"Have you got any phones at all?"

Suzie gritted her teeth. She looked at the sky. It was not very bright and the sun was setting. Although she didn't know it, it was nearing eight o'clock in the evening. She'd lost track of time some time ago.

"Lopmon and Impmon will come for us eventually," said Suzie. "We need to find somewhere to stay while they look for us. Somewhere where we'll be safe."

"Such as where?" asked Ai.

"I don't know. I don't know. Let's just... go somewhere."

With that, the three children set off towards the smell of the sea.

Hikari Kamiya, known to all and sundry as Kari – a lot of the Digi-destined shortened their names – was sitting on her bed and stretching. Having just changed into her pyjamas, the thirteen-year-old girl was preparing to go to bed and was wondering when her older brother Tai was going to walk into the room and ruin the peace and quiet.

"Well, I guess it could have been worse," she said, referring to the test that she'd taken at school earlier that day. It had been a Biology test and she felt that she could have done much better, except she could practically feel the eyes of her fellow Digi-destined, Davis, on the back of her head. It was no secret that he fancied her, but he had yet to learn the meaning of the word subtlety. Kari had been pretty sure the boy hadn't even looked at his paper throughout.

"You'll definitely get a better mark than Davis," said the small, white cat sitting beside her. A cat with purple, tufted ears, a long striped tail with a ring around it and tiger-like gloves with three long claws on each hand.

"I know, Gatomon" said Kari. "He'll get a big, fat zero. He should really focus more on his studies."

"That's not going to happen if you're ever in the same room," Gatomon remarked.

Kari sighed again. "I think he's getting a bit restless. It's been some time since we took out MaloMyotismon, and nothings been wrong in the Digital World, or our world since then."

"It was pretty weird, though," said Gatomon. "Remember when we all came back from that big vacation and people were talking about a huge Demon Digimon attacking the city."

"Don't remind me," Kari chuckled. "I don't know what was worse – Davis whining that he missed the action or Yolei demanding where it was right now and refusing to believe it."

Gatomon nodded and the two of them lapsed into silence again. Then, the Champion level cat said, "I hope you don't mind, Kari, but I'd quite like to stretch my legs a little."

"By all means," smiled Kari to her partner. "Who am I to stop you?"

"Thanks, Kari." Gatomon hopped off the bed and leapt gracefully onto the windowsill. With a gloved paw, she pushed the window open and pounced outside. She landed on the nearby drainpipe and slid down it with ease, until she came to the ground. Then she dropped to all fours and bounded away.

Nobody paid any attention to her. Gatomon had become a common sight in the area and everybody knew she bore them no ill will. Gatomon liked this – it meant she had free range of the city.

Gatomon spent the next few hours hopping around the city. She stopped to stare at the moon a couple of times, and occasionally ran down clothes lines. She bounded from roof to roof and leapt across the streets with ease.

When she arrived back at the apartment building where she now lived with Kari, she saw something which made her stop and look. She approached the main entrance to the lobby and looked in. The lights were still on – although that in itself was no surprise, because although most of the people in Kari's building were tenants, there were also a good number of visitors.

What she had noticed was the three little children who were standing in the lobby. There didn't appear to be any adults there, and Gatomon knew the faces of all the locals by now, but she didn't recognise any of them. Her eyes narrowed. Why would there be three kids on their own with no visible protection.

The only feasible explanation was that they were lost.

Gatomon pushed open the door and peered in. The three children were sitting, huddled, on one of the cushioned seats that the apartment provided. There was no sign of the attendant at the desk – he only came out if somebody rang the bell, and it was clear that the children had not done that. The smallest girl and the boy, who was even smaller, were crying. The other girl looked a little older, and was doing her best to comfort her.

Gatomon frowned. It was obvious these three were terrified, so throwing a talking cat into the mix was probably not going to help them get any better. For that reason, she went outside and began to climb up towards her apartment to get Kari.

I really need a pair of earmuffs,

Kari thought to herself, at the sounds of Tai and Agumon's uproarious snoring from the bunk above her. How they managed to sleep themselves was anyone's guess. Only the goggleheaded Digi-destined seemed to snore, and Davis' partner Veemon had done just that, claiming he was getting much better sleep by blocking his ears.

"Kari," said Gatomon, as she hopped through the window. "You better come and see this."

"What is it?" Kari sat up. "A Digimon?"

Gatomon shook her head. "No, just some kids."

Kari raised an eyebrow. "How do you mean?"

"Down in the lobby," said Gatomon, pointing down at the floor pointlessly. "There are three little children down there. They look younger than you were when I first met you and I think their lost."

Kari's hand flew to her mouth. "Oh no. Are they alright?"

"I don't know. I didn't ask," said Gatomon. "You want to go down and talk to them?"

Kari nodded and stood up. She didn't bother trying to be quiet as she left the room – Tai and Agumon slept like logs. She ran to the front door, with Gatomon on her heels. Pulling on her shoes, which looked completely out of place considering she was wearing her pyjamas and opened the door.

Gatomon overtook her and the two took the stairs down. When they reached the lobby, Gatomon hopped up onto the nearby sofa and wordlessly pointed across the room at the three children.

Suzie, Ai and Mako were terrified. They'd just seen a television report on the TV that was situated high up in the room – the one that was declaring them missing. They had seen Mrs. Wong appear on the screen and beg that if anyone could find their children, that they contact them straight away. Then there had been pictures of their own faces.

A moment later on the screen, there had been shots of the other Tamers and the Digimon searching for them. Beelzemon had been glimpsed flying down the street. Another shot had seen Kyubimon zoom by. And the thought of being unable to contact them and tell them where they were was incomprehensible to the three of them.

Suzie was trying desperately not to show her fear and trepidation, but she wasn't succeeding very well. She wished that she had Impmon's ability to cheer up Ai and Mako, or Lopmon's ability to assess the situation, but she was a bit young for that kind of thing at the moment.

"Hello there."

All three jumped and turned to see a girl. She looked to be about Henry and Rika's age, with brown hair with a red hairclip and equally brown eyes. She was wearing pyjamas which, Suzie couldn't help but notice, were her favourite colour.

"Are you lost?" asked the girl.

Suzie nodded mutely. She'd been told that talking to strangers was not a good idea, but she couldn't see anything threatening about this girl.

"What are your names?" asked the girl, while the twins just stared at her as if she was some odd creature or something.

"Um..." Suzie faltered, but she had to take charge of the situation. For Ai and Mako. "Suzie," she said. "And this is Ai and Mako."

"It's nice to meet you," the girl knelt down so as to appear smaller and more friendly. "My name's Kari. Where are your parents?"

"At home," said Suzie.

"And where do you live?"


"Oh," Kari raised her eyebrows. "That's quite a way into the city. How did you get out here?"

"Train," muttered Suzie. "We got pushed onto the train and got off here."

"Well, if you like you can come back to my place for the night," Kari smiled in a friendly way. "Then we can take you back home to Shinjuku in the morning."

Suzie looked at the stranger. She seemed friendly enough, and surely spending time in a house was better than being alone out in a lobby. Granted, they hadn't been kicked out of this place yet, but they'd already been kicked out several places they were trying to shelter. But this girl was offering.

Kari smiled and stood up, offering her hand out to them. Suzie took it, and Ai and Mako took hers at the same time. Kari sent a look across the room, and Suzie was sure she spotted a white flash disappearing through the door. She frowned, but dismissed it.

Kari led them through the door and up a flight of stairs, until they reached an apartment building. Kari pulled a blanket out of a cupboard, and laid it out across the sofa. She watched as the children huddled under it.

"Do you know your phone numbers?" she asked. "We can tell your parents that your safe."

But all three shook their heads. All three had been constantly told that remembering their phone numbers would be a good idea, and all three vowed then and there that when they got home, they would do just that.

Lopmon sighed. The search was not going well. Hours had now passed, and they must have searched every single station on the whole line, so unless the children were still on the train going round and round, they'd probably got off somewhere, and had walked out of range before she could detect them. She began wishing that she had some kind of D-Arc with the arrow to point to them, just as Suzie's pointed to her.

Beelzemon's fist hammered into a lamppost in frustration. The entire pole bent under the force and folded so much that the Mega had to throw out a hand and catch it before it clonked him in the head. "Well, this is just great," he growled. "Mrs. Terada's not going to trust me with a waffle iron after this."

"She trusted you with a waffle iron before?" asked Terriermon.

"No, but that's not the point."

"Alright," said Henry, holding up his hands. "So we can safely say that Suzie, Ai and Mako must have got off somewhere along the line, although we don't know where. Wherever they are, they're too far away for Lopmon to sense and that means that we're going to have to resort to a more conventional means of finding them."

"What do you have in mind?" asked Renamon.

"We need Guilmon," said Henry. "His nose is second-to-none. If we can get him to help us out, he can sniff them out and follow a trail."

"Good point," said Terriermon. "Suzie doesn't know her home number and she sure as hell can't use a map, even if she had one. Looks like the Über-sniffer's gonna have to trek round the city until he finds a -sniffer's gonna have to trek round the city until he finds a trail."

"Right then," said Beelzemon. "Let's get Pineapple-head down here."

"I'll give Takato a call," Henry pulled out his phone. "He's not gonna appreciate me calling him in the middle of the night but..."

"No need," Beelzemon said. "'S'been taken care of." Everyone turned to look at him with quizzical expressions. But Beelzemon just grinned evilly and said, "Don't worry. They should be here soon."

Takato Matsuki opened his eyes. Blinking sleep from his eyes, he sat up in bed and listened. He's been sure that he heard something, which had woken him up, but he wasn't sure what it had been.

"Guilmon," he whispered.

"Brreeeaad!" muttered the dinosaur curled up on the floor beside him. They'd tried sharing the bed, but Guilmon's preferred method of sleeping took up three-quarters of the space and occasionally he would roll over and knocked Takato out, so they'd agreed the floor would be better.

"Guilmon!" Takato said, louder. Guilmon's yellow eyes opened.

"Hmm?" he asked sleepily.

"Did you hear something?"

Guilmon's eyes narrowed. "No," he muttered. "I was eating bread with Calumon."

Takato glanced around the room. "I'm sure I heard something."

Guilmon sniffed and said. "I don't smell anything, except you and your parents and the bread and..." he frowned suddenly. Then he sniffed a couple more times and said, "What's he doing here?"

"Who?" asked Takato, warily.

Then he heard it – the noise that had woken him up. It was a loud, brief roar, that sounded very much like an engine revving. Takato blinked, leapt out of bed and crossed to window. Guilmon followed. The two of them peered out to see, bathed in the light of a lamppost, was Behemoth, Beelzemon's faithful ride.

"What's he – it – doing here?" asked Takato.

"That's what I said," said Guilmon.

Takato stared at Behemoth for a couple of seconds. There was no sign of Beelzemon, which meant the bike had come by itself. "Let's find out," Takato said, and he crossed the room to the door – his partner right behind him. They crept down the stairs and went outside.

Cautiously, they approached the sentient motorbike. When they got near to it, the bike's engines revved again. It moved forward slightly and turned, so that it was side-on to the two of them and was presenting its seat to them.

"I think he – it – whatever – wants us to get on," murmured Takato.

"Let's ask," Guilmon said. He paused, as if considering which part of the bike to address, before asking the handlebars:- "Do you want us to get on?"

The bike revved its engines, as if to say yes.

Takato was slightly apprehensive – the last time Guilmon had got on Behemoth he had had been completely taken over. But the dinosaur was very trusting and didn't appear to be thinking along similar lines, because he clambered on board Behemoth, sitting awkwardly on his tail on the seat. There was no sign of any possession and Guilmon turned to his Tamer. "Come on, Takato," he patted the seat before him.

Carefully, apprehensively and hesitantly, Takato swung a leg over Behemoth's seat. His hands gripped the handlebars and he said, slowly, "Er, alright. I'm on. Um, where do you want us to go?"

Behemoth made no response, but he began to vibrate slightly.

Takato and Guilmon glanced at each other, then Takato said, "Are we going anywhere?"

There was a moment of silence. Then Behemoth shuddered, then shot forwards trailing a noise very like:- "AAARRRRGGGHHHHH!"

Gatomon watched the three children as they sat, sleeping, on the sofa. She didn't particularly need sleep as much as the other Digimon or the humans, so when Kari had returned to bed, she had stayed awake to keep an eye on the little children. She had the gift of patience, and she whiled away the hours without doing anything besides stare.

The sun was beginning to climb over the horizon and peek through the window. Gatomon's stomach growled a little, urging her to take breakfast. She mentally told it to behave itself, but when it didn't she sighed and leapt down from the work-surface she'd been standing on and walked over to the fridge. Pulling it open and clambering inside, she found the tinned mackerel that Mrs. Kamiya always left her – she didn't mind her fish raw and certainly preferred it to anything Mrs. Kamiya cooked up – and took it out.

She shut the door and looked up. She balked. The older girl was awake and was staring at her. But there was no fear in her eyes, only a kind of curiosity. Then, the girl reached under the blanket and pulled out...

Gatomon blinked. Was that a digivice? If it was, then it was certainly like no Digivice she'd ever seen, but it did look very similar.

The girl pointed in her direction and a holographic image suddenly popped up. "Gatomon," the girl read aloud, staring at it. "Beast Digimon. Champion level. Attacks are Lightning Paw and Cat's Eye Hypnotism."

Gatomon blinked again. "That's useful," she said. "Izzy would have a fit if he saw one of them."

"What are you doing in our world?" asked the girl, Suzie, and put the digivice-thing down. "Are you a lost Digimon?"

"Un, no," Gatomon wondered why this girl was not scared of her presence, but said nothing. "My partner's in the other room. You met her last night."

Suzie's eyes widened. "Kari's a Tamer?"

Gatomon blinked a third time. "A what?"

"A Tamer," said Suzie. "That's what it's called when a human meets a Digimon and they become partners."

"I've never heard of a Tamer," shrugged Gatomon. "Kari and her older brother, Tai are both Digi-destined. They were chosen by the Sovereigns to be the humans partnered with Digimon to save both worlds."

"But I thought that was our job," Suzie pouted.

"You've saved the world?" Gatomon looked puzzled. "When?"

"Well there was the massive Demon Lord that rampaged through Tokyo a couple of months ago," Suzie said.

"Wait, you're saying that you have a partner and you fought that thing off?" Gatomon asked. "We were all on holiday at the time, but..."

"Yeah, we have partners," said Suzie. "My partner is a Lopmon. Ai and Mako here have an Impmon."

"Where are they then?" asked Gatomon. "The Digital World?"

Suzie shook her head. "No. They're probably looking for us right now."

"I see," Gatomon said. Then she remembered she was still holding the tin of fish, so she opened it with her claws, hooked one out and bit into it.

Kari chose that point to walk out of the room. She looked from Suzie and the sleeping twins to Gatomon and back, then said, "Um, I see you two have met then?"

"You're not going to believe this, Kari," Gatomon chuckled, fishing out another fish.

"Believe what?" Tai Kamiya walked out of the bedroom at that point, his hair sticking up at seemingly impossible angles, which he seemed to be trying, and failing, to tame. Behind him, a small, orange dinosaur Digimon exited the room stretching.

Tai spotted the kids and stared. He looked to Kari, and said, "Who are these guys."

Suzie raised her D-Arc again and scanned the dinosaur. "Agumon. Dinosaur Digimon. Rookie level. Attacks are Pepper Breath and Claw Attack."

Agumon blinked. "Is that a Digivice?"

"Yeah," Suzie nodded, grinning. "I got it ages ago, at the same time as I found my partner, Lopmon."

"I think we've all got some explaining to do," voiced Gatomon. "And, I daresay, a few stories to tell."

"I'll say," Agumon nodded enthusiastically. "Forget breakfast. I want to listen to this. He walked over to the children and plonked himself down beside them. "Does this mean that there are more Digi-destined in Tokyo now?"

"I'm a Tamer."

"A what?"

"Maybe you should wake up the other two before we start," said Kari.

"And I' quite like my first question asked right now, Kari," said Tai. "Who are they? What are they doing here?"

"Gatomon spotted them in the lobby last night," said Kari. "They're from Shinjuku and got lost on the trains. I took them in for the night and said that we can take them home in the morning."

Tai grinned. "That's my little sister." He ruffled Kari's hair. "Always looking out for those in need."

Kari protested to the hair treatment, pushing his hand off and saying. "Are you trying to make my hair look like yours? But thanks, I guess you're right. But I had no idea that any of them had Digimon."

Suzie woke Ai and Mako up, and once the twins were acquainted with Tai, Gatomon and Agumon, they began to help Suzie tell them the story of the Tamers, including showing them holograms of Lopmon – at which point Gatomon said, "She looks like Terriermon," which led to a great deal of confusion about which Terriermon – and then telling the story of the D-Reaper, etcetera etcetera.

When the Digi-destined began to tell their story – which took longer – Suzie asked at the point about meeting how they came to be Digi-destined, "I can't imagine Zhuqiaomon wanting that to happen. He hates humans."

The explanations went on for a couple of hours, with both sides telling stories, and the Tamers showing the Digi-destined the alternate forms of their partners, by which time Mrs. Kamiya had joined them and, once filled in, asked about breakfast. At this point, all four of the other residents groaned, but Mrs. Kamiya didn't appear to notice. Suzie, Ai and Mako looked quizzical at this unusual reactions, to which Tai muttered, "You'll find out sooner or later. Just don't touch anything she gives you."

Henry paced back and forth impatiently. Terriermon was saying "Momentai, Henry," roughly every ten seconds, and Lopmon was glancing anxiously around. Beelzemon was leaning casually on a wall, having reverted to his ordinary Beelzemon mode so his wings wouldn't get in the way, and Rika and Renamon were standing beside him.

"How much longer are they going to be?" asked Henry.

"Somebody's impatient," Beelzemon chuckled. "They should be here in a couple of seconds."

"Seconds?" Henry raised an eyebrow.

Then sure enough, there was a noise. It sounded suspiciously like:-


Behemoth rounded the corner suddenly, and his two passengers were yelling their heads off at the rampant motorcycle. Needless to say they were attracting a large amount of attention from passers-by, and Behemoth was weaving around the cars with apparent ease. Takato's hands were gripping the handlebars so tightly that his knuckles were bone white, and Guilmon had both arms and his tail wrapped around Takato's stomach, so the boy was almost suffocating.

Abruptly, Behemoth came to a halt before his master. The switch from zooming along to complete and utter stand-still was too much for both the riders and they were thrown straight over Behemoth's front, to land in an unceremonious pile in front of Renamon. Beelzemon and Terriermon both burst out laughing – the former patting his bike affectionately. It's engines seemed to purr, as it knew it had done a good job and had provided a laugh in the process.

Takato rubbed his head. He was still wearing his pyjamas, and his head was devoid of goggles, which was an unusual sight in of itself. He hadn't exactly had time to stop and put them on. He sat up, and was presented with a white paw. He took it, and Renamon helped him to his feet, chuckling and shaking her head, before the fox hauled Guilmon onto his toes.

"What's the deal with your bike, Beelzemon?" Takato jerked his thumb at the inert sentient vehicle. "How come it came to pick us up? And why did it have to go so fast?"

"Because it's an emergency and going slowly is not an option," replied Beelzemon. "The three smaller kids are missing."

"What? Since when?" asked Takato.

"Since yesterday," said Rika. "We've been looking for them all night but we can't find them anywhere."

"How come nobody told me?" Takato frowned.

"Because we thought that we would have found them by now," said Henry. "But they haven't been found, so we need your help, or, more specifically, Guilmon's."

"Me?" Guilmon blinked.

"They were of the Öedo train line," said Henry. "And we don't know which station they got off at. You think you can use your nose to find them."

Guilmon's eyes hardened, filling with determination. "I'm on it. Where's the nearest station."

It took a couple of hours, but, eventually, Guilmon found something. At a station named Kachidoki, he bent and sniffed at the ground outside, just as he had done at many stations already. His eyes lit up. "I got something!" he cried.

"Really?" Henry asked, perking up instantly.

"Yeah. It's them. All three of them. They were definitely here yesterday, and they went..." he sniffed again, moving his head from side to side and measuring which direction produced the greater scent, "...this way." He pointed.

"Lead the way, Pineapple-head," Beelzemon said, boarding his bike. "And do it quickly. We gotta find them before they do something stupid."

"Like you would?" Terriermon queried.

"Quiet, you."

Guilmon took off at a run, following the scent, and the strange procession followed him at speed. At last, they had a lead.

Davis Motomiya had woken up bright and early that morning. Unlike about a year ago, he did this quite often, so that he could make his daily trip to see his girlfriend, Kari. Or at least, he assumed that she was his girlfriend. The phrase that he "wouldn't take no for an answer," didn't really apply to Davis, because Kari hadn't said no.

She hadn't said yes either. Sometimes Kari was too kind for her own good.

Davis' partner, Veemon, had stopped returning to his In-training form of DemiVeemon while he stayed in the Human World. He said that it got him much less respect and none of them had been to the Digital World recently. He'd also done it to make him more appealing to Gatomon, but unlike Davis, he didn't relentlessly pursue the cat. As far as he was aware, she didn't even know of his affections and, at least for now, he was determined to keep it that way.

This was because he didn't want Gatomon to think that he was like Davis with his relentless infatuation for Kari. Everybody found Davis' obsession annoying and slightly scary, even Veemon himself.

Wearily, Veemon trudged after Davis as they made their way to the Kamiya apartment. He didn't mind the trips because they allowed him to see Agumon and Gatomon, but did they really have to be so early?

Davis was deep in thought, which was unusual for him. "So Veemon," he said. "What do you think would really impress Kari."

Veemon sighed. Everybody said, although not in front of Davis, that Veemon had much more sense than his partner, which was surprising considering his head was his primary weapon in this form. Davis had yet to learn the meaning of the word subtlety.

"I don't know," he said, unwilling to give an answer and so opting out of it.

"Come on, Veemon," insisted Davis. "I could really use your help here."

Veemon was tempted to say, "How about leaving her alone for a day. That'd impress her." But he didn't. He stayed silence.

"I wish that I could save Kari from something," Davis mused. "Maybe I can make her think she's in danger and then come to her rescue. I'd be like a knight in shining armour."

Veemon made a mental note to warn to Kari if he decided to go through with that. Davis' plans to get him to digivolve had not left him with confidence about Davis' strategic thinking. They'd always been extravagant and highly dangerous. Besides, Gatomon would probably tear anything Davis tried to shreds and expose him.

"Hey, wait. Look!" Davis suddenly pointed. Veemon looked, then blinked. For the first time in months, there was a Digimon he didn't know standing before him. A large, red dinosaur with its nose almost pressed to ground, had rounded the corner and was running towards them, sniffing.

"I know how I can impress Kari," said Davis. "We can beat this Digimon and send him back to the Digital World."

Veemon felt like smacking his, or preferably Davis', head against the wall. There were three things wrong with this plan. One was that they didn't have a computer on them to open a Digi-port and another was that this Digimon was far less impressive than others like MaloMyotismon. The final point was that if she was gonna be impressed with anyone, it would be him and not Davis, because Davis wasn't going to do any actual fighting. But, he smiled and nodded. "Yeah, that'll work."

"Let's get him, Veemon. Digi-armour, energize!"

The Digi-Egg of Courage appeared from his D-Terminal, and Veemon merged with with a cry of, "VEEMON ARMOUR-DIGIVOLVE TO... FLAMEDRAMON, THE FIRE OF COURAGE!"

Guilmon stopped moving and looked up when he heard this and was faced by a tall, blue dragon-man Digimon he didn't know, with its chest, hands, feet and faced encased in red armour with flames painted across it. Abruptly, he went straight into his feral state when faced with a potential threat.

"I don't know who you are," Flamedramon took up a stance, "But I know where you're going. FLAME FIST!" he sent three fireballs shooting from his armoured hand at Guilmon.

Guilmon dodged one, and yelled "PYRO SPHERE!" unleashing the blast from his mouth. It crashed through the other two fireballs and struck Flamedramon in the chest. It didn't hurt him much, but it knocked him backwards in surprise.

He's stronger than I thought, Flamedramon thought, and then said, "Alright, you asked for it, pal." Tensing his legs, he leapt into the air. Abruptly, his whole body was wreathed in flames and with a cry of "FIRE ROCKET!" he hurtled towards Guilmon.

Guilmon stood defiantly, glaring at the oncoming Flamedramon with dilated pupils and a furious snarl that contrasted with his usual, playful state. Flamedramon frowned through the flames at the stubborn Digimon, that wasn't even attempting to get out of the way.

He was quite surprised when a foot suddenly connected with his head, despite the flames. Surprised, Flamedramon stopped his attack and went flying to the side. He turned to see a yellow fox Digimon flipping gracefully backwards, before he ploughed into the pavement.

"What the..." Davis looked surprised. "Another one." He paused, then cried, "Doesn't matter. Come on, Flamedramon. You can beat them."

Flamedramon stood up, uninjured but just a little annoyed. The fox, which he recognised as a Renamon landed gracefully by the unknown dinosaur. He didn't particularly want to fight them, but the dinosaur looked a little violent and the fox was protecting him so...

He started forwards, but stopped when a voice said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Flamedramon turned and blanched. A biker-like Digimon was pointing a shotgun straight at his head. A Terriermon and a Lopmon rounded the corner, along with, Flamedramon was surprised to see, three kids about Davis' age. He frowned, then relaxed his guard slightly, but keeping a wary eye on the shotgun.

"What's going on?" Davis called, unable to see the whole situation from some way back. "Come on, Flamedramon. You can cream them!"

Flamedramon held up a hand, and said, "What's going on here? Who are you guys?"

"More to the point, who are you?" Terriermon said. "And what's the big deal with attacking Guilmon like that? Looking to load his data are you?"

"Load data?" Flamedramon's eyes narrowed. "Are you from the Southern Quadrat?"

"That we are," Renamon said.

"Why did you attack my partner?" demanded Takato.

Flamedramon's eyes did the opposite of narrowing this time. "Partner?" he glanced from the human to the unknown dinosaur, and relaxed even more. "Oh, sorry. Me and my partner thought he was a wild Digimon."

"Your partner?" Rika asked. "You mean that guy?" she pointed to the bemused Davis.

"That's him."

Beelzemon frowned and lowered his shotgun. Guilmon returned to his usual state, and said, "Sorry. I thought you were a wild Digimon too. Do you have any bread?"

"Focus, Guilmon," Lopmon walked over to him, while Terriermon hopped onto Renamon's shoulder. "We're on a mission here, remember."

"A mission?" Flamedramon said. "What mission?"

"Three of our friends went missing last night," said Henry, as Guilmon lowered his nose to the ground again. "Three of the Tamers."

"Three of the what?"

"You don't know what a Tamer is, and yet you have a partner?" Terriermon asked. "Boy, do you guys need a talking to. He's the Tamer, you're the Digimon."

Flamedramon looked affronted. "I've been partnered with Davis for over a year. I think I'd know if he was a Tamer."

"You think you'd know, yes, but obviously...mmph!"

Renamon, deciding to take the initiative and stop an argument from developing, had grabbed Terriermon's head and pressed her lips to his. Flamedramon almost fell over in surprise, completely not expecting this. Davis' eyes almost bugged out of his head.

But none of the others appeared concerned, and Beelzemon yelled "Get a room!"

"What's going on?" asked Davis, flabbergasted.

"Davis!" cried a voice behind him. Davis turned to see Tai, Kari, Agumon and Gatomon running towards him, with three smaller children he didn't know running behind them.

"Tai! Kari!" he cried, grinning. "We got a Digimon situation here, but don't worry. I got everything under control." He put his hands on his hips and grinned cockily.

"You sure about that?" Agumon smirked. Davis frowned, then turned back to see Flamedramon de-digivolving into Veemon, the Digi-Egg shooting back into his D-Terminal.

"Wha?" Davis asked dumbly. "Veemon, what are you doing? Kick their butts."

"Davis, they're partners," Veemon said. "I'm not gonna attack then now I know that."

Davis was about to say something else, but instead he fell over as something smacked him in the back of the knee. Suzie had just rushed passed him and accidentally knocked the taller human over, with a loud cry of "Lopmon! Henry! Terriermon!"

"Suzie!" Lopmon cried, and leapt off the ground beside Guilmon and shot towards her Tamer.

"Beelzemon!" Ai and Mako cried at the same time, rushing past the floored Davis on either side.

"Teradalets!" Beelzemon grinned, using the nickname he had given them to annoy their mother. He leapt off his bike, glowed and de-digivolved into Impmon before rushing to embrace his Tamers. "Good to see you made it without coming to damage."

"I'm not going to get on a train again," said Mako, relief evident in his voice.

"No worries, you can come on Behemoth with me."


Takato and Rika (Henry had gone to his sister) glanced at each, and tried their best not to snort. They also refrained from mentioning that trains were much safer than motorbikes. Behemoth would have been offended.

"Is anyone going to tell me what's going on?" Davis asked, utterly confused. Tai and Kari ignored him and walked over towards the other Tamers. Gatomon and Agumon approached Veemon.

"What happened?" asked Gatomon.

"Oh, the usual," Veemon sighed. "Davis saw another Digimon and decided we should attack it to impress Kari. I could hardly say no – you know how he gets."

"True," Gatomon giggled.

"At least the fight got interrupted before you made some serious enemies," said Agumon. "These guys have been through just about as much as we have."

"Is that so? I'm not sure whether to believe you there, because the Terriermon called Davis a Tamer and I've got no idea what he meant."

"Ah, I think we can shed a little light on that one," said Gatomon.

As Agumon and Gatomon filled Veemon in, Tai and Kari walked over to the happy reunion. "So I take it you're Henry," Tai addressed the Chinese Tamer. "My name's Tai. My little sister's Digimon found your sister and her friends lost last night so we took them in for the night. We were gonna bring 'em home this morning, but it looks like we won't need to."

"Thanks for looking after my sister," Henry stood up and shook hands with both of them. "I really appreciate it. If you need a favour, don't hesitate to ask."

"Henry never can turn down the opportunity to meet new people," said Terriermon, from where he was watching Suzie to make sure she didn't squeeze Lopmon to death.

"I have a question," said Kari. She pointed to Takato, who was coming over with Rika, "Why is that kid wherein pyjamas?"

Terriermon snorted. "That would be because of Behemoth."

"The motorbike?" Tai asked. The Tamers looked at him curiously, so Tai said, "The kids filled me in on some of your adventures. I have to say that if half the things they said are true, I'm very impressed. You may have even done more than we have, and we've done a lot."

"Would you like to meet the rest of the Digi-destined?" asked Kari.

"The what?" asked Takato.

"Er... humans that aren't Tamers but still have partners."

"There are more of you?" asked Rika.

"Oh yes, lots," said Tai.

"Maybe some other time," said Henry, hoisting Suzie to her feet. "We should get the children back home first. Their parents are worried sick."

"Oh joy," muttered Impmon. "I just know Mrs. Terada's gonna be pissed at me."

Tai and Kari at his language in front of the kids, but they didn't seem to mind. "Of course," Kari said. "But feel free to come back anytime. I'm sure that we've got a lot to talk about."

"Izzy's going to want to fiddle with those D-Arcs of yours though," laughed Tai.

"Who's Izzy?" asked Guilmon.

"Our resident genius."

"Sounds like you and him would get along like two peas in a pod, Henry."



"I agree," said Agumon. Gatomon snorted.

"Perhaps we should make our way back now," said Renamon. "We can come back later if you wish."

"You hear that Suzie," said Lopmon. "We're heading home."

"Hey, Terriermon," Veemon approached him and whispered. "How the hell did you manage to grab a girl like that?"

"Not in front of the kids," Terriermon whispered back, then winked. Veemon looked confused, then surprised and he mouthed Mated? at him. Terriermon nodded and Veemon grinned, punching him on the shoulder.

"We'll meet back here at, say, two in the afternoon?" asked Henry.

"Sounds good to me," said Tai.

"Can we not go home on the train?" Ai insisted.

"Alright then," Rika pulled out a card, which turned blue. "You up to taking us home, Renamon."

"Without a doubt."

"Alright then. Digi-modify! Matrix-digivolution activate!"


Tai whistled appreciatively at the shaman fox. "Thank you," she said.

"See you later," said Terriermon, as they crowded around her.

"TALISMAN SPELL!" Taomon cried, a large transparent bubble appeared around all of them. They waved, especially the kids, and Tai, Kari, Gatomon, Agumon and Veemon waved back. Davis was still on the floor. The bubble lifted off and began to move away. As it did, the motorbike that was still on the ground kicked into life on its own, and zoomed after it without a rider, whipping past the Digi-destined and narrowly avoiding running Davis over.

"Now that's cool," said Agumon.

"Is anyone gonna tell me what on Earth is going on?" Davis cried.

"Later Davis," said Veemon cheerfully. "Much later."

This could spark of a great adventure, but that's the end of this oneshot. I'm going to write and put up Chapter 25 of "Secret of the 327th" before doing the next one, which will be for Movie-Brat, but at the way reviews are coming in I might have to limit it to every one-hundredth, or I'll be spending almost as much time on this as the proper story.

And yes, all that stuff about the train lines was researched and true to the actual city.

Hope you enjoyed it.