Hello everybody. Yes, that's right. I'm still alive. Huge sorriness for the delay to this but as well as the fact it has been a very busy Christmas and the fact I was on holiday I also had an important filming trip to the Isle of Man to do for my uni course that took some time. But I saw lots of wild wallabies and got very close to them so it was worth it. But now that I've finally done the two oneshots I can get back to the stories at last. But seriously, this is the last oneshot I am doing for SOME time. Anyway, this is for WhiteWolfPrincess95, and is a direct sequel to her previous oneshot "A Different Kind of Star" featuring her OC Lily. Seriously guys, I recommend you try out her stories. They're brilliant quality and some of the ideas are mine. XD.

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Oneshot 11:- Star Wars

Rating:- T

Worlds:- Digimon Tamers, Digimon Adventure 01, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

"Now are you sure that you want to go through with this?" Izzy Izumi asked, as he looked up from the screen of his small laptop. "Because you know that if something goes wrong or we try and pull out that we may not be able to give it a second attempt."

"Yes, I got that, Izzy," the girl he was speaking to replied as she turned to face him. "But yes, I'm totally sure that I want to do this. Wouldn't you want to do it if you were in my position?"

Izzy grimaced. "I don't know. This isn't exactly territory covered by any scientific principles that I know of."

"Screw that. We're doing it. Just fire the thing up whenever you feel like it."

"Whoa, whoa, Lily," Tai Kamiya stepped forwards and placed a soothing hand on her shoulder. "Chill out, will you? Izzy's just being careful and considering what we're about to do you can hardly blame him, can you?"

Lily sighed. "Yes… yes… I know… Sorry, Izzy. Just… do your best, you hear?"

"Yes, ma'am," Izzy nodded, punching in a few more code sequences on his keyboard.

Lily sighed as she looked up at the stars that hovered in the night sky of the Human World. They almost seemed to be mocking her in some strange way, but perhaps that was just her own thoughts making them look that way. For Lily herself was a star. Not a star like the ones hovering above her – she was nothing like a giant flaming ball of gas – but a star of the Digital World.

Stars were supposedly legendary beings that the Digimon spun many stories and tales about but many didn't believe to be real. But they were real, as Lily could testify. She was only a young star, approaching thirteen years of age by this point, which meant that she did not wield the amazing powers and abilities that were spoken of in the legends. She had some abilities, that was true, and she could match a few Champion level Digimon on a good day, but she was certainly not an amazing powerhouse.

Often, she wished she were though. It would have made her life so much easier. After all, she'd been held captive by evil Digimon Myotismon for a number of years – just about as long as she could remember really – for the Vampire Digimon had known about how stars could become when they grew into adults and had wanted to make her his servant to help him gain much more power. Needless to say, that hadn't worked out for him, for she was now running around in the Human World with his sworn enemies, the Digi-destined, and trying to figure out a way to beat her irritating nemesis.

About a couple of weeks ago, when the Digi-destined team had been waiting for Myotismon to make the next move, they had received a visit from a number of strangers claiming to be from another dimension. One of these had been a Renamon, who looked exactly the same as Lily's own Digimon partner and long-time friend and fellow captive of Myotismon. Along with her had been two other Digimon and four humans, as well as two humanoid beings who were claiming to be neither. One called it's a Twi'lek, and the other a Togruta.

Despite Lily's misgivings on these people and her natural reluctance to trust strangers, they had helped their group to bust into Myotismon's castle when they had been given false information stating that Wizardmon was scheduled to be executed. Wizardmon had been Lily's only other friend during her time in imprisonment and she had not been about to wait around after hearing that piece of news. Though it turned out to be untrue, the group had won a resounding victory and defeated many of Myotismon's forces before the vampire had escaped into the human world and the Digi-destined and Lily had followed on.

The strangers had stayed behind.

They hadn't heard from the since.

And now, a couple of weeks on, the supreme annoyance on Lily's life was still running around the Human World and trying to find a way to take it over.

Most of his plans had been foiled one by one. Many of his more powerful minions gathered for the assault had been defeated in the initial attack on the castle, leaving him with only a few remaining. By now, he had even less, and most of those consisted of the huge swarms of Bakemon that even Rookie Digimon were capable of beating fairly easily. Joe and Mimi had managed to get their Digimon to the Ultimate level regardless and the group had had little trouble defeating the MegaSeadramon, DarkTyrannomon and Dokugumon that remained.

The problem was Myotismon himself, for he was not only an incredibly powerful Ultimate, but also a slippery one, meaning that he was trying more and more subtle ways of rooting out the eighth child and destroying the others. He'd kept his three remaining minions besides the Bakemon – DemiDevimon, Gatomon and Wizardmon – closer than before and had instructed them to use the utmost stealth in finding not only the eighth child, but the others too. Myotismon was not above trying to kill them off in their sleep after all.

So far he'd had no success but there had been a couple of close calls. An instance of TK staying the night at Matt's house and getting up for a drink of water had saved his brother's life from assassination at DemiDevimon's claws, forcing the bat to make a quick escape. And if Palmon hadn't been trying to grab a quick meal of nutrients from the soil outside Mimi's house while her parents were asleep she wouldn't have spotted Myotismon himself coming in to try and kill off her partner until it was too late.

Regardless, she had digivolved to Lillymon straight away and had become Lily's new hero not only because they shared a similar name, but because she had punched Myotismon in the face surprisingly hard while Mimi made a getaway with her parents.

But it hadn't all been victories for the Digi-destined. The discovery of the eighth child to be Tai's sister, Kari, should have been cause for celebration. Not so. Myotismon had been keeping a very close watch on Gatomon in particular after she had started showing signs of doubting some of Myotismon's decisions. About a week prior she had spotted Tai and Kari walking together through the park and had been about to eliminate them both when she had been hit with a sudden overwhelming sense of nostalgia and had been unable to do it.

Myotismon's bats had seen this event and reported it to him, and when Wizardmon and Gatomon made the discovery together that this was the eighth child and that Gatomon was her long-lost partner, Myotismon had been watching from the shadows nearby and had been quick to strike. Before Gatomon or Kari could act, Wizardmon had dived in the way and took the blow intended for them, yelling for them to run even as he passed away, which they had both promptly done without time to grieve for their fallen ally.

Tai. Lily and Matt had all been nearby at the time, pursuing a taunting DemiDevimon who had been deliberately trying to distract them away from Myotismon to let him carry out the job of finishing off the eighth child. But even as Renamon had seized the little bat in her paws and demanded that he tell them everything, her keen ears had picked up Kari's screams of terror and they had instantly rushed off to help, only to find Myotismon standing with Kari held in one hand and lashing Gatomon away with a Crimson Lightning held in the other as she furiously tried to protect her newfound partner.

Something inexplicable had happened after that. Tai, furious in the face of his sister in danger, had rushed Myotismon alone, which was something that Lily would normally have done instead. Matt, unable to see his friend do something so reckless, had rushed after him and tackled him out of the way just in time to dodge the Crimson Lightning that had been crashing down towards them. Lily, infuriated herself at what was going on, had suddenly flared up with her star powers and had been about to do everything she could to beat Myotismon down, little as that would be to such a powerful Ultimate.

The result had been some sort of strange fusion of Lily's powers over fire and light melding with the crests of the two boys after their incredible display of courage and friendship both, resulting in a sudden Warp digivolution of their respective partners to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, who had both lunged straight for the vampire holding Kari captive.

Myotismon, shocked as he was by this new development, had known immediately that he was outclassed by the two vengeful Megas and had tried to make a getaway with Kari instantly. But WarGreymon had swiftly pursued him upwards and almost caught up to him, so Myotismon had flung Kari through the air and away, forcing WarGreymon to alter his trajectory and catch her before she hit the ground. MetalGarurumon had not been far behind but just as he unleashed a huge storm of missiles from his body that would have surely obliterated Myotismon, a large number of Bakemon surged up from below to defend their master and taken the shots instead in a huge explosion of ice.

The result – Myotismon had slipped away again, but now he was alone, for he had killed Wizardmon, Gatomon had defected, the Bakemon had all been killed by MetalGarurumon and DemiDevimon was still held fast in Renamon's paw. No mercy was shown to the little bat, though Renamon had decided to at least let him fight her one on one before she had obliterated him, the two new Megas cutting off his escape whenever he tried.

All that had been about a week ago and Myotismon had not been seen since. But none of the Digi-destined were under any illusion that he had somehow perished – they were all aware that he was out there still. With the two Megas on their side they had him vastly outgunned now but that didn't stop him from being a cunning and a damn slippery adversary. Nobody ever went anywhere alone now and they had started staying more in the wilderness to the bemusement of their rather distressed families.

Then, yesterday, Gennai had made contact with Izzy and told them that the Digital World was in dire straits indeed and the Digi-destined would have to return as soon as possible. But there was no way that they could return until they found and destroyed Myotismon, and they had already checked all the hideouts that Gatomon knew about and come up empty.

But Gennai had not been the only party to get in contact. Another, much more obscure group of beings had also been speaking to the group, particularly Lily on occasion. And many of the things they had to say and reveal had been quite the shock for them all. But none more so than Lily herself.

Those beings called themselves the Seven Demon Lords. And apparently, they were Lily's long lost family.

Seriously, don't ask.

Demon Lords didn't seem to be a title that quite fit with this bunch though. Most of them certainly looked demonic, but you were very unlikely to see one acting particularly demonic if Lily had got the gist of them right. One member of the group – the Beelzemon – often went by the name of Alexander and was apparently Lily's adoptive father ever since he had first found her wandering the Digital World alone. Each of the seven had a number of embarrassing stories to tell from Lily's childhood, including the time Lily had wandered into the sleeping Leviamon's jaws and almost been swallowed or the time she had asked to be told a bedtime story by Lilithmon and had to be rescued by the other Demons before she was scarred for life.

And their leader, Lucemon… well, apparently he did have some sort of inner darkness that he sometimes struggled to keep in check and had indeed once tried to take over the Digital World, only to be sealed away in their own alternate dimension by the Exalted Ones as a result. They were capable of opening portals from their world, but at present, were unable to leave it. Hence why it had taken them so long to find Lily after Myotismon had stolen her away from them many years ago.

But stories aside, the Demon Lords were helping in their own way. Apparently the Digital World was in a bigger mess than they thought, and had been taken over by a group known as the Dark Masters (whom Lucemon grudgingly noted had been the ones to seal the Exalted Ones away, which he himself had been unable to do). The warping and twisting that these Dark Masters were doing to the Digital World, was apparently weakening the barrier between the Human and Digital World. According to the Demon Lords if they had not been using their power to maintain the barrier as best as they could, they should have been seeing an upside-down version of the Digital World in the sky by this point. But they didn't know how much longer they could keep the barrier stable and they needed to beat Myotismon quickly and head back to defeat those Dark Masters pronto.

But there had been one other thing the Demon Lords had been able to provide. Upon hearing of the unfortunate death of Lily's dear friend Wizardmon, Alexander and Lucemon had swiftly constructed between them a small machine which would enable them to do what the Demon Lords could and open a portal to another world. Most specifically, the realm of Anubimon – the Digimon in charge of the data of the deleted. If they could speak with Anubimon, then perhaps there might be a way to get Wizardmon back.

And that's what they were about to attempt just now.

"Don't worry, Lils," Tai said. "We'll get him back, I promise."

"As long as Izzy can set up the code right," Tentomon voiced from next to his partner.

"It's a complex series of mathematics," Izzy frowned. "Please don't rush or interrupt me, okay?"

"Just do your best, Izzy," Agumon grinned. "We're all counting on you."

Lily grimaced and turned to look at Renamon, who was standing sentinel nearby. Renamon too gave her a reassuring smile, but then her head turned and Lily followed her gaze to Gatomon. The white cat and Kari were the only two other people there, for the others had wanted to give them some space for this personal event. Kari had hope gleaming in her eyes too – she had only known Wizardmon for a few minutes but watching him die in front of her had been firmly imprinted on her mind.

Gatomon noticed Lily staring at her and turned to stare back evenly. Truth be told, neither of them much knew what to make of being in the other's presence – the both of them had been bitter enemies when in Myotismon's "employ." And now they were apparently supposed to get along with one another as if nothing had happened. It was a little hard to take for both of them, but Lily was finding it harder than Gatomon seeing as the cat had been a far more willing subject than she had ever been.

"You alright there, Lily?" Gatomon asked, a little thinly.

"Fine," Lily nodded back.

"You look like you have something on your mind."

"Do I?"

Gatomon sighed. "Look, I know what you're thinking, okay," she said. "I get that you don't quite trust me yet, but that's fine. The stuff I did… it can't be forgiven easily by anyone as far as I can see, but you and Renamon especially. But this is important to me too, okay? The fact that Wizardmon was a dear friend is something that we both have in common. So can we put this animosity aside for a bit and just focus on bringing him back."

Lily stared at her for a moment, but then nodded. "Fine," she said, and offered a tight smile, which Gatomon returned. "Let's hope it works."

"Agreed," the cat nodded.

"Aw, it's great to see everybody getting along," Kari smiled.

"O…kay," Izzy said. "I think that does it?"

"And you're sure that this thing is going to work?" Lily pressed.

"Well, we can only test it out to be sure," Izzy said. "It's not like I can just think of where I want to open a portal to like your Demon Lord friend can. If I've followed the guidelines that Lucemon gave me correctly it should open a portal to the right place, but the only way to find out is to test it."

"Then boot the thing up, Brains," Renamon said as she stepped up.

"By your command," Izzy gave a little faux salute and began to hit a few buttons with precise jabs of his fingers. The machine the Demon Lords had sent, which was really a disappointing looking thing that resembled nothing more than a satellite dish, ("I wanted it to look stylish but Alexander insisted on practicality and speed of construction," Lucemon had muttered) began to whir and flash with a series of differently coloured lights along its length.

Almost unconsciously, everyone began to crowd closer as they watched several pulses of light run up the rod in the dish to the small globe at the tip, which began to glow with a brighter and brighter light.

"Come on," Lily muttered, crossing her fingers. "Come on."

"I think its working," Izzy grinned as he checked his screen. "All systems are go. Now we just need to wait for the portal to open and…"

"Am I interrupting something?" said a voice that they all knew too well.

Before Lily could do anything beyond half-spin around a towering figure seemed to emerge from the shadows right behind her and a hand lashed out to seize her by the arm, yanking Lily off her feet and pulling her into a one-armed embrace against the perpetrator's chest that made Lily's skin crawl.

"Lily!" Tai and Renamon cried at the same time.

"You!" Gatomon snarled, her fur standing on end.

"It seems that everywhere I turn amongst my own ranks I find traitors," the figure, who was without a doubt Myotismon, responded with a sneer. And now I find all the ones who remain alive in one place. I have come to take back what's mine and there's nothing you can do to stop me now!"

"Get your bony hands off me, Dorkula!" Lily practically gnashed her teeth as she struggled furiously in Myotismon's grip.

"I beg to differ, Myotismon!" Renamon snarled as she lunged for her partner but Myotismon simply spun out of the way and seized Renamon by the tail in his free hand, heaving her into the air and tossing her easily into both Tai and Agumon as they rushed forward to try and help, the latter's preparation at warp digivolving interrupted when the fox crashed into him and sent them both stumbling backwards.

"Tai, watch out for the…!" Izzy cried, but it was too late – all three of them crashed into the charging dimensional dish and knocked it askew, whereupon the lights upon it began to flash nineteen to the dozen.

"Oh no!" Izzy cried.

But Lily wasn't paying attention to that – she was too busy trying to free herself! "What is your deal!" she hissed. "Why do you always come after me like this! Don't you get it yet that I will never be your servant ever again!"

"We shall see," Myotismon sneered. "I'll take you back to the Digital World and begin breaking you afresh. And this time I shall not be so lenient, my little star!"

"Get your hands off her!" Gatomon snarled as she bounded away from Kari and launched herself at Myotismon's face, claws splayed. "This is for every pain and torture that you put either of us through, Batface!"

Myotismon lashed out and batted her paw aside with ease and seized her by the neck moments later. "How hopelessly naïve, Gatomon," he chuckled. "Surely you should know better than to try and contend against me. You could never hope to match me! But now I have two prizes to take back with me!"

"The Digi-destined will come for us!" Gatomon hacked through his grip.

"True," Myotismon sneered. "But did you not know? A single day in the human world is equivalent to just under four years in the Digital World. If I take you back now, then even if it takes them twenty-four hours to get back there here…"

He did not need to finish the sentence. Both of them began struggling afresh.

"Gatomon, no!" Kari cried, but she was grabbed by Izzy before she could do something foolish.

"Kari, wait!" Izzy shouted. "Tai, get away from the machine!"

"Huh?" Tai, who had just got up and was preparing to launch everything they had at Myotismon along with Renamon and Agumon, blinked and turned back to look at the dish, blanching when he saw it sparking with electricity and the lights going simply haywire.

"You've knocked it off kilter!" Izzy shouted. "It's experiencing a power surge and the co-ordinates have changed. If you don't get out of the way…!"

But before he could say any more a sudden beam of light lanced out of the tip and pooled in the air right above Tai and the others, expanding outwards and filling with a rainbow of colours as a hole literally appeared in the fabric of reality behind them. And with it came an incredible suction that pulled Tai, Agumon and Renamon off their feet instantaneously and hauled them all inside.

"Tai!" Kari cried as Izzy tried to keep a grip on her, his laptop and a tree all at the same time to prevent them from following inside, while Tentomon furiously clung to a shaking branch above their heads.

Myotismon looked up in surprise when the suction began and he too was beginning to be pulled inexorably in the direction of the hole. "What?!" he cried as he furiously tried to backpedal. "What is this?"

"You lose, Fang-face," Lily grunted as she lashed out and caught Myotismon in the neck with her fist, while Gatomon slashed at his arm with her claws. Not expecting those two attack, Myotismon reflexively loosened his hold and the moment he did, the suction pulled Lily and Gatomon out of his grip and pulled them towards the hole too.

"No!" Myotismon snarled as he launched himself after them, but a blast of fire from Lily's hands made him pause briefly to block it before he followed them through.

"Damn!" Izzy growled as he saw the others vanish through the hole, valiantly trying to enter the cancellation code into his laptop. "Too late. But… if I can… just… THERE!"

He stabbed the Enter key with one finger and the dish blacked out, the hole in reality closing with a snap right at the moment the branch Tentomon was holding onto snapped and all three of them crashed to the floor in a heap.

"Tai! Where's Tai?" Kari cried. "What's happened?"

"This is why I always tell Tai that whacking machinery is not a good idea," Izzy muttered. "He must have knocked something loose when Myotismon threw them into it or something like that and it opened a portal to another dimension and sucked them through. And not the dimension that we were aiming for either. Who knows where they could have ended up? And Myotismon was taken along for the ride too."

"Why didn't we go in after them?" Kari asked. "We could have helped."

"Trust me, Kari," Izzy said as he pushed Tentomon off him and began fiddling with his laptop again. "It's better that we didn't."

"Izzy's the only one of us who can work that machine," Tentomon agreed. "He's the only one with the means to get them back into this universe again, right?"

"Theoretically yes," nodded Izzy. "But I still have no idea how this machine really works. I was just doing what Lucemon told me to do. Still, we have the co-ordinates that they were sent to right here." He pointed to the series of complex numbers on his screen. "Now I have to figure out how to use that information and get them back. And fast. Who knows what kind of environment is waiting on the other side of that portal?"

Any attempt to describe the ride through the portal would have not done it any just whatsoever, but suffice to say it was practically nothing but a confusing mish-mash of colour of all kinds, and involved lots of tumbling over and over, making it a pretty similar feeling to both times Tai had crossed the barrier between the Human and Digital Worlds. Agumon and Renamon span around with him, often crashing into him and yelling whenever something happened, such as when Tai's spinning foot beaned Agumon in the snout or Agumon's body thudded into Renamon's gut.

Tai was desperately trying to turn around and look behind them for any sign of Lily, and he was pretty sure he caught a glimpse of her through the spinning vortex at least once, Gatomon by her side, but then it seemed like she was whisked off to the side or something and Tai wondered if she had even been there at all.

Eventually, limbs flailing, Renamon twisted herself around furiously and seized both Tai and Agumon under her arms to stop them from crashing into each other all the time, but not without accidentally kicking them a few times in the process. And it was not long after that that the portal ride ended and they found themselves tossed out into reality once again.

Renamon's landing was still relatively graceful, considering they were about one-hundred feet up. She balked as the three of them plummeted towards the ground of the rainforest-like place they had found themselves in and hurtled towards the trunk of a huge tree at the same time. Thinking quickly, Renamon hurled Agumon into the air and threw out her arm to hit the tree first, latching her claws into it and sliding down the trunk with Tai clutched in her other arm and leaving grooves in the bark of the tree in the process. Once near the ground she flipped off and skidded to a halt, then reached up and caught the falling Agumon and deposited both her charges on the floor.

"Well," she said, "That was fun. And the portal appears to have disappeared," she added, looking up at the place they had just appeared from. "Brilliant."

"Oooooowwww," Tai murmured, curling into the fetal position.

"What's up with you?" Renamon blinked.

"I think that you kicked me in the nuts during that ride," Tai gasped.

"Ah. Sorry about that."

"Where are we?" Agumon groaned. "What just happened? Did the portal malfunction? This doesn't look like the land of the dead to me."

"That's because it isn't," Renamon agreed. "And I do not think the portal was meant to suck us in either – it was just supposed to be there. We must have damaged it somehow, and who knows where we've ended up." She sighed again. "Wonderful. And where's Lily!" Panic suddenly gripped her. "Lily! Did Myotismon get Lily?"

"I don't… think so," Tai moaned, pushing himself up. "I think I saw her in the portal too. With Gatomon. I think they got away and were dragged in too.

"Well then we must find her and fast!" Renamon said. "If the portal sucked them in, it could have sucked Myotismon in too. Let's…" she paused, blinking, and raising a hand for quiet. "Do you hear that?"

Tai and Agumon stilled and strained their ears, listening. Their ears were not as keen as Renamon's but after a couple of seconds they heard something in the distance, muffled by the foliage. Something that sounded like…

"Is that gunfire?" Agumon blinked.

"Doesn't sound like any gun I've ever heard before," Tai said.

"Nevertheless, it is a fight," Renamon said. "There's some kind of fight going on nearby. Come on. We've got to see if Lily is there." And without further ado she bounded off into the trees. Agumon blanched and helped Tai stagger to his feet and the two of them hurried through the dense undergrowth after the fox as best they could.

All in all, things could be a lot better for Barriss Offee right now. Yesterday has started reasonably well, with her heading on a diplomatic mission to Kashyyyk to get the Wookiees to ally with the Republic and to secure the arrest of Po Nudo, one of the members of the Separatist Council that the Wookiees had managed to capture. And taking two of the members of the Secret of the 327th, the brown bunny Digimon Lopmon and her partner Suzie, along for the ride, had seemed like a good idea.

It had not turned out so well. Lopmon and Suzie had been taken off guard by a Trandoshan poacher looking to try and bag a Wookiee and Barriss had chased the Trandoshan into the lowest levels of Kashyyyk's forests, known as the Shadowlands, in an attempt to rescue them, but had only gotten herself captured in the process thanks to a dirty trick on the part of the Trandoshan. Now, she and Lopmon had been taken away and dumped in the forests of Wasskah with a local Wookiee called Chewbacca, who now apparently owed Lopmon a life-debt for saving him from being shot by the Trandoshans, while Suzie had been left behind in the Shadowlands, one of the most dangerous places in the known universe. Who knew if she was even still alive?

But right now she had to worry about herself, for the Trandoshans used the moon of Wasskah as a personal hunting ground, where they released beings they captured and then hunted them down again for sport, expect this time to kill them. Three Jedi younglings they had met there – a human girl called Kalifa and a Twi'lek and Cerean boy named Jinx and O-Mer respectively, had already been there for two months and had miraculously evaded death and had advised them to come with them and keep on the run. But Lopmon and Barriss were not about to have that, and had instead galvanised them into setting traps that Lopmon had come up with while trying to think what her brother, Terriermon, would do, for the Trandoshans, so that they could escape.

So far it had worked, and several traps including falling logs and a giant net and a noose had been sprung, allowing the hunted to destroy, trap and capture the three speeders that had been sent out to pursue them at sun-up. But now, the three occupants of the final speeder were putting up a fight as the wounded Kalifa tried to pull the speeder down and allow the resistors to get on board and escape.

The leader of the Trandoshans, Garnac, lunged for her in a barrage of swings, but Barriss twisted and turned aside to avoid each one. This continued for several swings until Garnac lashed out with both hands to try and grab her neck. Barriss ducked under his arms and placed her palm on the lizard-man's chest.

The moment she did, it almost seemed like he had been caught in an explosion as he was hurled backwards and slammed into another tree. He growled as he looked up, and saw in disbelief that his son, Dar, was defeated at the hands of Jinx and O-Mer, while Chewbacca and Lopmon had royally pounded Lagon's backside and knocked him out. He then turned to Barriss as the Mirialan Padawan walked towards him. "It is over for you," Barriss stated. "Accept that."

"Never!" Garnac cried. "I am the predator and you are the prey!" he lunged towards Barriss again in a full leap, like a tiger leaping for the sambar deer, teeth bared and claws in evidence. He came down on top of Barriss, but Barriss rolled aside so he landed on all fours. He whipped around with surprising speed and took Barriss' legs out from under her, before leaping on her and grabbing both her wrists in one hand, standing up and hauling her into the air and bringing back his fist to slam it into the dangling Padawan.

But Barriss kicked forward with both legs like lightning and fell to the floor, landing with her legs wide and ready to fight as Garnac was sent stumbling backwards.

Garnac suddenly saw out of the corner of his eye, the speeder coming to land on the ground not far away, with only a Jedi youngling that looked like she was wounded manning it. He quickly dashed for it, but he had underestimated Kalifa and she sent him hurtling backwards with a terrific Force-burst. He slammed his hands into the ground and dug in his claws to draw him to a halt and made another lunge for Barriss.

The Mirialan prepared to dodge and counter-strike, but before she could move an inch, a yellow blur shot out of the bushes and nailed Garnac in the side of the face with an enormous kick that sent the Trandoshan flying to the side to crash painfully into the trunk of a tree. Barriss blinked as the shape drew to a halt in front of her and her eyes widened when she saw the identity of who she was facing.

"Renamon?" she gasped.

Renamon blinked and turned to look at Barriss in bemusement, staring at this strange human-like creature with the olive coloured face and the dotted tattoo running across it.

"What are you doing here?" Barriss asked. "How did you find us?"

"Um… do I know you?" Renamon asked.

Barriss frowned. "Do you… Renamon, it's me. Barriss Offee."

"Can't say the name rings a bell," Renamon said.

"We fought together on Geonosis," Barriss said. "We helped destroy the droid factory that was being built by that creep Poggle the Lesser? Have you really forgotten me?"

"Erm… I didn't understand half of that sentence," Renamon responded, bemused.

"Barriss!" Lopmon called across. "We… huh?" she blinked when she caught sight of the newcomer. "Renamon? You…" She stopped and her eyes narrowed. "No. You are not Renamon. Not the one we know anyway. I feel no connection to your mind."

Renamon blinked as she looked at the new speaker. "Hey… are you that Lopmon from a couple of weeks ago that helped us bust into Myotismon's castle?"

"You're the other Renamon from then?" Lopmon gasped. "But… how is this…?"

"Long story, trust me," Renamon said dryly.

Garnac pushed himself to his feet behind the talking couple and stretched his jaws, hearing a slight click in them as he did so, before he snarled and launched himself towards Renamon's back, only to be hit in the face with a fireball moments later and stagger backwards. Lopmon blinked in astonishment as Agumon ran out of the bushes nearby, followed by a mostly recovered Tai Kamiya. The same people from the TV show universe they had fallen into last week. What in the omniverse were they doing here now? She was not an avid watcher of the Digimon program but she knew that this never happened in it.

"What's going on here?" Tai and O-Mer both asked at the same time, as Jinx kicked Dar in the chin to stun him momentarily.

"Guys! We need to hurry!" Kalifa called. "This is our chance to escape this place!"

"What about Lily?" Renamon shouted, turning to the Lopmon – the only person there who she knew would know who Lily was. "Have you seen Lily?"

"She's here too?" Lopmon asked. "No, we haven't seen her, but we really don't have time to explain. We need to head out now. We'll find Lily later but we're in the middle of something here."

"Who are all these guys?" Tai cried.

"Just go with it for now!" Lopmon called. "You remember me, don't you? I met you a couple of weeks ago. Now, come on. Let's move. Into the speeder."

Tai and Agumon glanced each other and shrugged. Both of them were befuddled but the Lopmon and the others seemed to know what they were doing more than they did, so they decided to follow them as O-Mer and Jinx leapt into the speeder with Chewbacca close behind. Garnac pushed himself back up and swiped at Tai, only to be blasted back again by Barriss as she helped the Digi-destined and his partner into the already over-crowded speeder before leaping onto the side and hanging onto the railing as Chewbacca took the controls from Kalifa and steered them upwards, ignoring the useless threats emanating from Garnac behind them. He was no longer a problem of theirs after all.

"Would somebody like to tell us what the heck is happening?" Agumon asked.

"I'd quite like to know that too," said Jinx. "Where did these new guys come from?"

"Lopmon, you know who they are," Barriss said.

Lopmon, perched on the railing, sighed. "Yeah, I do. But we really don't have the time for long explanations right now. Those can wait." She turned to look at the three newcomers. "Look," she said. "We'll swap stories soon, but suffice to say right now we're in trouble. Each of us here were captured by those lizard-men back there and brought here to be hunted down for sport. And my partner, Suzie, she was left behind in a terribly dangerous place. She… might be dead already but I have to find her."

"My own partner might be in danger too," pointed out Renamon. "Myotismon is still after her."

"And we'll find her too," Lopmon said. "But now, help us deal with the rest of these lizard-men, okay? They've been capturing and hunting countless sentient beings at this place for years now probably, and we need to put an end to them once and for all. There is a lot of blood on their hands that they need to answer for."

Tai and Agumon looked at each other, and then they both glanced at Renamon. All three sets of eyes narrowed at the same time and Agumon said, "Just point us in their direction."

Lopmon grinned. "With a Digimon that can digivolve with us it shouldn't be too hard. Where's their base?"

"I think I can see it up ahead!" Kalifa pointed. All sets of eyes swivelled and Tai couldn't help but gawp at the huge metal building-slash-ship that was floating in the air at the edge of the forest.

"We need a plan of attack," said O-Mer. "I don't think that we can just go charging in there. There will be more Trandoshans on board, and Garnac will have warned them about us on his comlink now. They'll be expecting us to fly up there and attack."

"I really don't think we'll need a plan of attack to be honest," Lopmon chuckled. "With Agumon and Tai here, those Trandoshans aren't going to stand much of a chance."

"No problem," grinned Tai. "We'll knock the whole thing out of the sky."

"Whoa," Lopmon said. "Do that and you could destroy our only way off this planet. Feel free to take care of the Lizard-men and destroy a lot of the place, but try not to destroy too much."

"Off this pl… Never mind. Silly question," Tai said. "You ready Agumon?"

"More than ready," Agumon nodded, and before anyone could stop him he had bounded straight off the side of the speeder and Tai held his little white Digivice high.

"What is he doing?" cried Kalifa.

"Watch and learn," chuckled Lopmon.

"AGUMON WARP-DIGIVOLVE TO… WARGREYMON!" came the shout that accompanied the explosion of light beneath them and moments later the armoured Mega-level burst into view, his shield gleaming on his back, his clawed gauntlets glinting and his eyes focused in determination. Even Lopmon was stunned. Last time they had met Tai they had not been able to do this trick and she was sure that in the show it was only after Myotismon himself digivolved that they had managed it. She had never seen a WarGreymon in the flesh before, but she could see easily why Takato, Kazu and Kenta practically worshipped the guy.

"Go get 'em, WarGreymon!" Tai shouted as the Mega Digimon motored ahead.

"Why didn't they biomerge?" muttered Barriss to Lopmon.

"They can't. Don't ask," was the reply.

The Trandoshans literally didn't know what hit them. A minute or so after they had got the call from Garnac the six remaining men had split into teams of two and were scouring the ship with rifles and blasters ready, waiting for their insurgent prey to make their appearance and get at the only way they could possibly get off the planet.

Two of them, Smug and Komodo, were walking along the empty platform where the speeders usually rested, scouring the horizon for the incoming speeder. When they saw it coming, they dashed towards the blaster cannons attached to the railings so they could open fire, but before Komodo could reach his a huge orange tornado ripped through the platform in front of him and threw him backwards. Before he could do anything else, WarGreymon seized him by the ankle and flung him casually over his shoulder, screaming as he plummeted over the edge and fell to the ground far below.

Smug balked when he saw what had happened to his comrade and tried to wheel his blaster around but WarGreymon charged almost before he had let go of Komodo and with a slash of his claws he ripped through the blaster like it was made of tissue paper and backhanded Smug across the face, breaking his nose and sending him plummeting over the edge as well.

Two more Trandoshans, Gilas and Krix, rounded the corner to see what the commotion was and stared at WarGreymon in disbelief. As the Mega turned to face them, both of them opened fire on him immediately, but WarGreymon merely looked down at the red bolts bouncing off his chest armour and smirked beneath his helmet.

He didn't even need to go all out against these guys and he took his shield off his back with one hand, slotting it together and flinging it like a giant discus. Neither of the Trandoshans had any time to react before it crashed into both of them and slammed them off their feet, crashing into another railing and tipping over the side in the case of Gilas or slumping unconscious to the ground in the case of Krix.

The final two Trandoshans, Gornog and Randomer (don't ask), ran up from up above near their main building and stared in disbelief as they saw WarGreymon retrieve his shield from next to Krix' unconscious body. Gornog thought quickly and pulled out a thermal detonator, lobbing it through the air at the Digimon. It clattered to a standstill at WarGreymon's feet and beeped wildly, before exploding in a blast that consumed WarGreymon's body and killed Krix.

Gornog nodded in satisfaction, pleased with himself… only to blanch when WarGreymon stepped back into view apparently uninjured and with narrowed eyes.

"You killed your own comrade," he growled.

Both Trandoshans yelped and opened fire as WarGreymon threw himself towards them through the air, but it was futile. WarGreymon's claws slammed into both their guts like Wolverine from X-men and tossed them backwards, slamming them through the door of their own building where they crashed to a halt, gasping for breath and clutching their stomaches. And the moment WarGreymon looked in the room, he recoiled in horror. This was the Trandoshan's trophy room, filled with the mounted heads and stuffed bodies of dozens of beings and species, many of which were once probably humanoid. It was the most disgusting thing that WarGreymon had ever seen.

Growling, WarGreymon stepped to the middle of the room, where he towered over the two Trandoshans, before bringing his hands together and forming a large orange energy ball between them, widening the space between his arms until it grew to the size of a large boulder. He could easily make it much bigger if he wanted to, but he had been warned not to destroy too much and he might bring down the ship if he did that. But this would be more than enough.

"Your despicable poaching Empire ends today," WarGreymon growled before releasing the orb and leaping backwards to the doors, pulling his Brave Shield in front of him as the small Terra Force exploded outwards in a blast of pure power, vaporising both the Trandoshans and everything else in the entire room, including the walls, and the floor for a considerable distance, until the only thing left standing for a thirty foot radius was WarGreymon himself, who lowered his shield.

"Okay," said Kalifa from the speeder hovering above. "That was cool."

Things moved pretty quickly from there. The younglings were celebrating their newfound freedom after two months of constant hunting by those Trandoshan fiends, while Tai, Renamon and the others kept demanding to know what was going on. Fortunately WarGreymon had not destroyed the central computers of the fortress so Chewbacca and Barriss were able to quickly get in contact with Kashyyyk. To the infinite relief of Lopmon, Suzie turned out to be fine. It seemed she made a friend of a giant lizard called a Varactyl while down in the Shadowlands and said Varactyl had brought her back to the safety of the Wookiee city, despite having to battle several predators in the process. Suzie even had Barriss' lightsaber, which she had lost during her capture, and that too was a great relief to the Jedi.

Having established that, the group swapped stories. Lopmon told Tai and the others how the gate they had seen the Digi-destined pass through had opened once again to return to their own world as if nothing whatsoever had happened and continue with the war they had been fighting. Renamon's story was more interesting, as she told of how they had continued fighting Myotismon and how they had been given technology that might help them get Wizardmon back (though she did not say who by – she wasn't yet sure if Lily would want people to know she was raised by demons. It wasn't exactly normal) but had ended up been throwing into this universe instead.

"Quite interesting that we met up again," chuckled Lopmon. "The omniverse is a complex place indeed."

"Is there a way that we can get back?" Tai asked.

Lopmon grimaced. "Not that I know of I'm afraid. Our ride to here and to your universe died. Or more accurately, we killed him since he was trying to devour our human partners."

"Ah," said Tai. "Wise."

They did a life-form scan of the moon below in search of Lily but there was nothing. Lopmon mentioned that it was impossible to detect a Digimon, but if Lily had been down there she should have been detected. Renamon felt anxious and debated to mention that Lily was not exactly a human either but she put it aside. When the result came up negative she was anxious as hell, but Lopmon told them how when they had been tossed into this universe they had all been split up so it was likely staying here would be futile. "We'll send a task-force of Jedi to scour the area when they come to arrest those Trandoshans," she assured them. "But I think its safe to say Lily is not down there. Still, we will find her. She's out there somewhere if she did get sucked into that portal"

Renamon and Tai could barely stop fretting but all they could do was wait until Suzie arrived in a spaceship with something called a Zabrak Bounty Hunter named Sugi and a few more Wookiees, to take them all away and up into space. Tai snickered as he did so, imagining Izzy's reaction when he found out that he had gone into outer space with a bunch of aliens, and he was definitely filled with awe as they made the hyperspace journey.

When they arrived on the planet called Coruscant, Tai was suitably enthralled by the place when they landed at the Jedi Temple. As the ship came into the platform, Suzie looked up at Tai and the others and smiled. "I bet you never thought you'd end up in a place like this," she said.

"No, I most certainly did not," Tai said, staring out the window. "This place is… it's amazing."

"I've never seen anything like it," Agumon agreed. "Not even in the Digital World."

"And so many different aliens," Tai agreed. "I remember how Izzy reacted when he met you guys last time… what were the names of those two again?"

"Aayla the Twi'lek and Ahsoka the Togruta," chuckled Lopmon. "Yes, I remember that too. Imagine what he would be doing if he were here now."

"He would probably have passed out by now," laughed Tai. "I mean don't get me wrong, Izzy's more of a science and computer geek than some sci-fi nerd who drools over space TV all the time but this would be way too much even for him."

"Well then make sure you memorise everything for the trip home," chuckled Barriss. "And be prepared to meet yet more of these aliens. Though, technically, you're the alien here."

"True enough," Tai said as the ship settled down on the platform and the group stepped out into the open. Tai almost stopped in his tracks when he was greeted with the large number of beings in front of him – several members of the Jedi Council. But at the forefront was the rest of the group they had met a couple of weeks before. He could see the other two kids and their Digimon, as well as those guys who wielded the laser swords he found inexplicably awesome.

"Suzie, thank God you're safe!" Henry Wong cried as he ran forward. "I was so worried about you." He seized her in a hug and pulled her close and Tai was uncomfortably reminded of himself and Kari. Had Kari been another victim of the portal? Last he remembered he had seen Izzy holding her safe against a tree. He would owe Izzy a big thank you later on if she was still safe on the other side.

"Next time that you decide to go off on your own mission," Terriermon said. "Why don't you…" he paused, when he spotted Tai and Agumon at the top of the ramp. "Er… huh?" he blinked incoherently.

"Oh, it's you," said Lily's Renamon as she suddenly bounded over the heads of the other two and landed with a flip in front of the bunny. "The one I tried to eat that time."

"Not the best way of introducing yourself again I've ever heard," Terriermon muttered. "Someone want to fill me in here?"

"Momentai," Lopmon chuckled. "Excuse us for leaving them out of the report but you know how long-range transmissions can be easily picked up."

"What are they doing here?" Rika asked, slack-jawed for once. It was one thing to find yourself in the universe of famous TV characters you know but another thing to find them in the universe you lived in, even if this wasn't Rika's real home universe.

"Hello to you too," Tai said dryly. "As to what we're doing here… don't ask. Let's just say we got swept away and into this place. You'd be surprised how much that kind of thing happens to me."

Rika's Renamon stepped forwards and drew level with Lily's Renamon. The two of them looked identical in every external detail but Rika's Renamon just chuckled and said, "And I thought I wouldn't have to get used to another version of me around the place."

"At least you're not thrashing me in a fight this time around," the other Renamon muttered, showing the difference in their demeanours even if they looked similar.

"True," Renamon chuckled. "Well, welcome to Coruscant, I suppose."

"Thank you," the other Renamon acknowledged. "It's weird to be here."

"You're telling me," Terriermon said, looking from one Renamon to the other. "Seriously if it wasn't for the mind-link I would not be able to tell which one of you was my own mate right now. Do you have any idea how weird that is."

"Oh hush up," both the Renamon replied at the same time, then looked at each other and snickered.

At that point the three Jedi came over from where they had been listening to what Barriss and the younglings had to say about where they'd been. "Well," said Anakin. "I don't know what's going on here but it seems we owe you guys some thanks. Apparently you helped in taking out those poachers that stole out partner and our fellow Jedi from us."

"Did what we could," Agumon acknowledged. "And I admit, I probably felt more satisfaction from taking them out than I probably should have."

"But he kicked butt as WarGreymon," Tai pointed out.

"WarGreymon, huh?" Henry raised an eyebrow. "You can go to that level now? Does that mean you defeated Myotismon yet?"

"You know about WarGreymon?" blinked Tai.

"Uh yeah," Henry said quickly. "Digimon are more well known in our universe after all – we have a card game and everything. WarGreymon's a famous Digimon to people who are interested in it. I could tell you what any of the partner Digimon I saw last time look like in their Mega forms."

"Oh," Tai said. "Fair enough. But no, we didn't beat Myotismon yet. We've taken out his whole army but he's still very much alive I'm afraid. And he might have followed us here. He's still after Lily and I think I saw her in the portal. Please, you have to help us find her."

Henry and Rika glanced at each other, the former biting his lip. Henry had been so concerned about distorting the timeline and changing events of the Adventure universe but it seemed that the sheer amount of damage they and the others had done at Myotismon's castle meant that it was inevitable that everything turn out differently.

"Lily?" Ahsoka asked. "You mean the strange girl with the odd powers? The one that everybody kept referring to as a star?"

"Er… yeah," Tai said, feebly, knowing Lily wouldn't appreciate it if he went around blabbing about what a star was. She didn't like people knowing that much – she claimed people always tried to exploit her abilities when they did, though she had been surprised when the Digi-destined hadn't done that.

"She's out there somewhere, I'm sure," Renamon said. "You've gotta help us find her."

"That won't necessarily be easy," Aayla shook her head. "It's a big Galaxy out there and Lily could be anywhere. But we'll certainly do our best. Our Digimon friends know full well what it's like to… misplace your partner."

"Especially me… after today," Lopmon shuddered.

Yoda himself stepped forward to assure Tai and the others. "Worry, do not," he said. "Find your lost friend, we will. Discrete, is she?"

After they had gotten over the fact that the little green creature was talking to them, Tai and Renamon both looked at each other. "No," they said at the same time.

"Then sure she will turn up in reports soon, I am," chuckled Yoda. "If true, your claims about her strange powers are, report her somebody will."

As Yoda assured them, the Noble Nine turned anxious gazes on each other, wondering between their shared link if something like this could potentially blow their cover, but they relaxed in the end, knowing that people couldn't really relate a strangely powered human to them, though they would help the offworlders try and find them. Henry was also not happy to hear about what happened in the others' world after they left.

"I feel like we interfered too much," he sighed. "What would have happened if we had just stayed away? It's not how things played out at all in the TV series."

"We should have just killed Myotismon then and there," Rika muttered. "I mean really, were we expecting things to play out the same anyway despite the fact that there was an added person and Digimon involved even before we butted in."

"There's no need to blame yourselves," Aayla said. "After all, you were only doing what you thought to be right and trying to help those Digi-destined as best you could. It might not have played out the way you were hoping but that's just life. There are many possible futures after all."

"Yes. But despite that it also means that we now have a powerful vampire Digimon running loose in this universe somewhere," said Renamon. "And after we only just dealt with the IceMyotismon that showed up on Mygeeto too. If that's not cause for alarm… what is?"

Nobody knew what to answer to that.

After that, Tai, Renamon and Agumon all felt a little out of place as Barriss Offee was promoted to Jedi Knight and she and the Wookiee Chewbacca officially joined the team of the others they had fought with before. It felt a bit like they were intruding on something personal and they still had almost no idea what half of this stuff meant.

"Oh, Lily," Tai muttered. "Where are you?"

"Jeez, when I find Tai, I don't know whether I'm going to hug him or strangle him," Lily muttered as she walked along through the rocky terrain.

"It's not his fault that we're here you know," Gatomon said as she walked after her. "It's not even his fault that we've been separated from them. Batface alone is only to blame for that."

"Yeah, I know," Lily grumbled. "It's just the principal of the thing really. Make him try harder not to leave me in the future."

Gatomon snorted. "You're a very demanding girlfriend, aren't you?"

"Zip it, cat," Lily growled lightly.

The two of them had been walking together for a couple of hours now, ever since they had found themselves in this strange, alien place. They had found nothing and no-one thus far, and the tension between the two of them was palpable. They were no longer enemies but the long antagonism between them from the past still left its mark and despite everything the two of them just felt awkward around one another now.

"I miss Kari," muttered Gatomon, almost under her breath, but Lily heard her. "I spent my whole life waiting and searching for her and then only a week after I finally meet her I've been snatched away from her again. Just like how Wizardmon was taken from me. How is that fair? Why have I had to have such a bad life while the other Digi-destined partners all got things pretty easy in comparison?"

Lily said nothing for a moment. But then she just said, "Same reason my life has been so horrible. Same reason we're here right now. It's Dorkula. It's always Dorkula."

Gatomon scowled. "True," she said. "You know, I still can't remember all of my past. All I remember before I was in his service was the way that he sometimes beat me and my strong compulsion to try and find Kari and be with her. That vampire's tried to take everything from me, and now he's trying again."

"What do you expect from the melodramatic guy with fangs," Lily shook her head. "He wrecks anything that he can get his hands on that he doesn't treasure himself. He is the single biggest git of the whole Digital World."

"No argument there," Gatomon said.

Lily, feeling compelled to try and cheer Gatomon up due to the similar nature of their backstories, said, "Still, what the heck is with that outfit he wears? What is he trying to look like? I mean I've heard of some crazy cosplay stuff but really?"

Gatomon snorted. "Very true. Did you ever hear that rumour that went around to castle that Myotismon was actually secretly a girl?"

"Did I?" Lily grinned. "I started that thing."

"You did?" Gatomon laughed. "Well, I guess I really shouldn't be surprised considering who I'm talking to."

"Well just take a look at him, hard as that may be to do. The guy where's lipstick! How do we know that he doesn't wear mascara under that mask or nail polish under those gloves?"

Gatomon belted out laughing. "It's an easy mistake to make that he's either a girl or a coffin homosexual, isn't it," snickering at her own pun. "DemiDevimon got in a heap of trouble for it once. I think someone convinced him it was actually true and he called him 'Your Ladyship.'"

"Oh gosh, really? I never heard about that one!"

"You remember how DemiDevimon disappeared for a week and then wouldn't talk to anyone else for a month?"

"Oh yeah. Do I want to know what happened to him?"

"Depends on how much you hated him."

"Yeah, I can stomach it. Tell me."

And the two of them walked on, the awkwardness broken as they laughed and laughed at their former master's expense.

A couple of planets away, a figure clad in blue and grey armour with a slender helmet that only had a black visor to see through tucked under one arm and a jetpack strapped onto his back, stepped out of the thick-walled tent that he had been spending the last few weeks in. His thin mouth pressed together even further so it almost disappeared. Every time he stepped from his private quarters and saw the campsite that he and his soldiers had made on the snow-covered planet of Carlac, he seethed inside.

How had they been reduced to this! They were Mandalorian warriors of old. They should not have been crawling around in the backalleys of a world that nobody bothered much about like this waiting for something to happen. They should at the top of the metaphoric ladder on their home planet of Mandalore instead of that namby-pamby peace-loving Duchess Satine. It made Pre Vizsla, leader of the Death Watch, feel ill.

Curse that Count Dooku for withdrawing his support to the Death Watch. He reached up and traced the scar beneath his left eye, which had been given to him by Count Dooku himself. And Vizsla was not one who would let an insult like this pass. He would take Mandalore back form the traitorous Satine Kryze and he would make Count Dooku pay for his actions against him.

Viszla was approached by another figure – a female member of the Death Watch called Bo-Katan, one of his most trusted of lieutenants. Bo-Katan took off her helmet to reveal her short red hair and said, "Any success?"

"No," Vizsla muttered. "Not as of yet. But one day we will find the hideout of Count Dooku and we shall make him pay sorely for the insult that he wrought upon us. He will regret ever trying to cross the Death Watch. He may be a powerful Sith, but against all of us, even he cannot prevail. All we need to do is find him."

"And what of Mandalore?" Bo-Katan asked. "How should we attempt to take back our birthright without his support."

"We will find a way," Vizsla snorted. "I believe that taking out Dooku is key. Perhaps if we were to find a way of replacing him with one who shall side with us, we may have the full might of the Separatists on our side once again. After that, retaking Mandalore will be far easier."

"The might of the Separatists is not what it once was thanks to the Republic. Especially that A-Team."

"Even they shall cower before us eventually. Retake Mandalore and there is nothing they can do to us without declaring war on the people as well."

"My, my," said a deep male voice from somewhere nearby. "Sounds to me like somebody is quite ambitious."

Vizsla's hand immediately went to his stolen lightsaber and Bo-Katan went for her blaster, several other nearby Mandalorians also tensing up. The voice chuckled and Vizsla followed its source to a tall being wrapped in a cloak and standing on the roof of his own hut.

"Who are you?" he snarled, activating the blade of his ancient black lightsaber. "What business do you have here?"

"I am glad that you used the word 'business,'" said the figure, whose face was obscured by the cloak although they could see blond hair and one piercing eye. "For that is what I am here to conduct. I find myself in need of some assistance in a particularly important endeavour and, loathe as I am to turn to humans for that help, I believe that you may be adequate enough."

"State your name," Vizsla growled.

The figure growled and swept his cloak away, to reveal his red mask and the fangs sticking out of his mouth. A couple of the lesser members of Death Watch recoiled at the sight of him, while he raised himself off the roof without any visible conscious effort and levitated down into the middle of the camp, turning round to face Vizsla again.

"I am Myotismon," he said. "And you?"

"That is none of your concern as of now," Vizsla said. "What are you?"

"Ah, now that is a long and complex explanation for a human," chuckled Myotismon. "Let me instead tell you why I am here. I am afraid I have been separated from my army," he explained, far too proud to admit that actually his whole army was dead or defected. "I am not sure where I am or why, but you see, I am searching for something, and I am sure that we can come to some kind of mutually beneficial arrangement."

"I'm listening," Pre Vizsla said after a moment's silence, but he did not lower his blade.

"I overheard that you wish for someone powerful dead and for you to take back your own homeland, correct?" Myotismon asked.

"Two powerful people dead if you refer to the Duchess Satine," Vizsla sneered. "Though she has no power beyond rank as Count Dooku does."

"Well," Myotismon chuckled. "I am looking for someone. You strike me as the kind who does not care about the lives of those beneath you and your men, if those slaves are anything to go by," he nodded towards a terrified group of woman in woollen coats huddled nearby. "Well, I am searching for a young girl that goes by the name of Lily. I do not know where she is currently, but she is… special. She had unusual abilities that, when older, will make her very powerful and I wish to utilise that power in my own world. Like you, I wish to become the ruler of my home and she is my key to doing so if I can make her into my servant."

"What kind of abilities does this child have?" Vizsla asked sceptically.

"Currently her powers include being able to summon fire and light to use in battle," Myotismon replied. "She is like no other being I have ever found before and I wish to make her mine. So, here is my deal. You help me find and capture her, and I will help you against your own enemies. Does that sound fair?"

"What exactly can you do that would make an alliance with you worthwhile?" Vizsla asked. "You cannot expect to agree to a deal that I cannot be sure will work for me."

Myotismon sneered and lashed out his arm, a sudden lash of a Crimson Lightning scything out of his hand and striking out behind him to slash through a giant droid that the Mandalorians had been using as target practice beforehand and cleave through the side of a tent. Then Myotismon rose into the air and opened his cloak to unleash a storm of bats from nowhere that fell upon the Mandalorians, who cried out and began shooting wildly, to no effect. Vizsla swung around wildly, trying to find Myotismon in the thick cloud of bats, only for a hand to come to rest on his shoulder from behind. He turned to see a smirking Myotismon as the swarm of bats all flapped back into the folds of his cloak.

"Do we have a deal?"

Vizsla smirked back and chuckled. "Last time I made a deal with someone like you, they betrayed me."

"I require your help as much as you need mine," Myotismon pointed out.

"Fair enough," Vizsla said. "You have a deal." And he turned around, so the two of them shook on it.

Meanwhile, Lily and Gatomon were still laughing and joking at their former vampiric master's expense. The situation was still a serious one, but this was the one tragic thing in their pasts that they shared and by making light of it, they could keep both their spirits up.

"You know, I'm sure I once saw Myotismon take a nail file and use it on his fangs to try and keep them sharp," Gatomon grinned.

Lily spluttered. "What, seriously? Are you freaking kidding me?"

"No word of a lie," Gatomon grinned. "It was all I could do not to burst out laughing on the spot."

"I would have just laughed."

"That's because you are stupidly reckless and unendingly defiant."

"Well… yes…" Lily grinned. Then she looked up and said, "You know I think that we're coming out of the rocks. Maybe we can find some kind of town, or at least a river which should lead us to a…"

"Halt!" piped up a reedy voice off to the side and Lily turned around to see what looked like about twelve tall thin… robots… walking towards her. Though she was instantly on the alert because each one of them carried some kind of large gun and their expressionless faces were fixed upon her.

"State your name," said one of the robots. "And what you're doing all the way out here."

"Uh… my name is none of your business, Tin-head," Lily said. Gatomon facepalmed, muttering something about Lily and her stupidity in the face of enemies.

"Hey, you can't talk to me like that," the robot said. "Right, guys?"

"Roger, roger," chorused the others at several intervals.

"I am a droid of the Separatist army," said the robot. "And you are coming with us. You will be interrogated by our superiors and we'll find out everything we need. Seize her."

Several of the droids raised their blasters and pointed them straight at Lily's torso while several others stepped forwards, reaching for her arms to take her into custody. But Lily's eyes just narrowed and Gatomon sighed. "I know what's coming next," she muttered.

Without hesitation, Lily flung a pair of fireballs out of her hands at the two robots approaching her and knocked their heads clean off with them. "What the…!" cried the lead robot before Lily grabbed him and used him as a shield when the others began shooting, hitting their own leader in the back as Lily flung another fireball around him to impact across another.

Gatomon leapt into the action moments later and sprang upwards to swipe the head off another with a clean slash of her claws and bound off his headless shoulders, wrapping her tail around another and swinging around him to slash into two more. Lily shoved her shield away and formed a small sphere of light in her hands that shot out like some kind of laser and carved through a further two.

The battle was brief and violent, but in the end the dim-witted droids were no match for the star or the Digimon and the two ended up standing together over a pile of disembodied metallic limbs.

"Well, that was easy," Lily said.

"Yeah, but there might be more around here," Gatomon nodded. "We should probably keep hidden as best we can?"

"But we need to find Tai and Renamon and the others," Lily protested.

"We need to find ourselves first, I think," Gatomon grimaced

And, as the two of them began to head on, keeping close to the rocks, in the far distance Clone Commander Stone lowered his macrobinoculars. He was several miles away and yet he had seen everything clear as day.

"Set up the com channel," he said to his other clones. "We've got a report to make."

The news spread extremely quickly. Renamon, Tai and Agumon were still on Coruscant with the main team and the only thing that they could really do to occupy themselves in the relentless wait for news of Lily was listen to the stories of the others about their own adventures or learn more about the dimension they'd landed themselves in. Normally Tai would be rushing around trying to find Lily with everything he had at this point, as would Renamon, but they knew that that would be next to useless in this situation. There was little chance that Lily was even on this planet and they couldn't scour an entire planet for her without help, let alone and entire Galaxy.

Didn't stop them from worrying though, and Tai was torturing himself mentally with images of Lily appearing in the vacuum of space rather than an atmosphere. But he didn't mention this to Renamon. She probably had no idea what "outer space" even meant and there was no need to inform her at this point.

"I still don't understand why you can do that whole thing with the merging bodies with your human," Renamon said, pointing accusatorially at the other Renamon. "Don't you know how envious I am of you? Why are you so much better than me?"

"It is not a competition," Rika's Renamon chuckled. "But I have been a warrior all my life and I have spent all that life trying to make myself the best I can be."

"Yeah, well it's unfair. I saw you grow wings too last time. Why can't I do that?"

"Because you don't have access to a human with Modify cards or a Digivice that can use them?" Rika's Renamon stated.

"It was a rhetorical question," muttered Renamon.

Suddenly the door shot open. "Guys!" Ahsoka appeared at the door. "Call from Anakin. He was with the Chancellor just now when a call came in from Ord Biniir. Apparently the clones there spotted a young girl using some kind of unusual fire powers against a small unit of droids out there."

Tai was on his feet in an instant. "That's her! That can only be Lily! We have to go there now!"

"And we will," Ahsoka nodded. "Anakin's already fitting out the Twilight for departure. We need to get there before the Chancellor launches a full investigation, because apparently there was some kind of white cat with her."

"Gatomon," Agumon said.

"Sounds like it," Aayla said. "But if there's a Digimon involved then it's important this mission be covert so it doesn't draw any further attention than necessary."

"Yeah, the Chancellor believes the clone was seeing things at the moment, but if this Lily appears again then he might not take it so lightly," Ahsoka nodded.

"Well then," said Terriermon. "Let's roll out!"

"Stop quoting from Transformers," Lopmon chided him as they did just that.

"But it's fun," Terriermon protested.

"Do you know how much longer this will take?" Myotismon growled. "I grow impatient of this."

"It's a big Galaxy out there, Myotismon," Vizsla turned to his new ally. "You expect us to just go out to the nearest planet and find your precious little girl waving a signal flare at us? There are hundreds of planets out there that she could have landed on. If what you tell me is true and that you were portalled in from another universe, hard as that may be to stomach, then pray she landed on a planet with a breathable atmosphere. Or that she landed in an atmosphere at all."

Myotismon grunted. "Very well. I shall wait. But what measures are you taking to find her?"

"The only ones we can," Vizsla said. "We're scanning the holonet for any sign of a news article about a girl that you described. If one comes up, we'll find it. If she's anything like you say, I doubt that she will stay under for long. But don't forget your end of the bargain must be kept up too. If we are forced to make a move on our own goals before we find your girl, you will help us, will you not?"

"Naturally," Myotismon sneered. "I would be more than happy to."

Vizsla regarded him with slight suspicion for a moment but before he could decide whether to comment or not a member of the Death Watch ran up. "Governor Vizsla," he cried. "I think I may have found something. About the girl."

"On the holonet?" Vizsla asked, surprised it had been so quick.

"No, on our listening station," he replied. The Death Watch were resourceful enough to construct a listening station to intercept some Republic and Separatist long-range transmissions, but only if one end of the call was in the region of space that they were currently in. (It was listeners like this which is why the Digimon never showed themselves in anything other than a localised call that couldn't be picked up so easily anymore) "Coming from Ord Biniir, sir. Some clone telling the Chancellor that he saw a girl with the powers described and some kind of strange cat taking out a group of droids."

"Cat?" Myotismon said, with a smirk. "Gatomon. I can reclaim both of my old pets in one go. Where is this place?"

"It's only at the other end of this system," Vizsla said. "I wouldn't have expected to hear news from that angle, but it looks like you're in luck, Myotismon. We set out for Ord Biniir immediately."

Myotismon sneered as Vizsla walked away. "I'm coming for you, my pet. You cannot hope to escape from me forever."

It only took the group from Coruscant a couple of hours to reach Ord Biniir in the little spice freighter that Anakin had renovated, known as the Twilight. The ship was still incredibly battered and not exactly in its best condition after it had practically crash-landed on Naboo a couple of weeks ago, but Anakin had spent every spare minute he had rebuilding it so it worked to take them on a quick mission, which is what they were intending for this mission to be. It was a simple search and rescue – which meant they had left the clones behind.

Despite her exertions on Wasskah, Barriss had insisted that she come along on this mission even though she'd only been promoted to Jedi Knight a few hours ago. Lopmon and Suzie, on the other hand, had decided to sit this one out. Suzie had had quite a traumatic experience on Kashyyyk from being stranded in the Shadowlands surrounded by predators and she was lucky to have survived, meaning she needed some rest and naturally Lopmon was not going to leave her partner behind. The Wookiee Chewbacca had also insisted on staying behind, determined to be useful to his new life-debt partner and look after her human.

So that meant that four Jedi, three humans with a Digimon partner and four Digimon were making this particular trip.

"And there it is," said Anakin as they pulled out of hyperspace. "Apparently this is the planet the your friend Lily is on."

"Great, but how are we supposed to search an entire planet?" Tai asked. "She could be anywhere down there."

"Not quite," Anakin grinned. "I memorised the co-ordinates that Commander Stone gave in his report regarding the girl, so I know exactly where he was standing when he spotted her. It's only been a couple of hours – it's unlikely she's gotten far in that time unless she's gotten some kind of transportation. And she might not know how to use that here. I'm going in. Then we can scan for life-forms and see if we come up with anything."

Renamon and Tai glanced at each other again, wondering a second time if Lily would even show up as a life-form. She wasn't a Digimon but they really didn't know anything about the composition of stars. If they were from the Digital World though…

The ship plunged through the atmosphere and Anakin directly Ahsoka into flicking through several of the controls and surveying the monitors. The landscape between them was a mixture of plains and mountains with the occasion city and quite a few large structures that were shipping constructs – this planet was a Republic base for building many of the spacecraft that they needed for the war and the Separatists had managed to invade here too, though fortunately there was no blockade to bypass this time.

Tai and Renamon waited in anxious silence, watching the Jedi uncomprehendingly go about whatever it was that they were trying to do. Aayla occasionally leaned in to help fiddle with the controls, and at one point even Terriermon reached out and pulled a lever. Tai couldn't help feel slightly envious of this bunch. His own adventure with Digimon had been one confusing hurdle after another but these guys seemed to take it all in their stride. How long had they been doing this stuff?

"Well, we're close to the replace that the report came from," said Anakin. "And the life-form scanners are picking up a few things down there. Let's see… ah… this looks promising," he said, indicating a small monitor screen in front of him.

"One life-form… apparently humanoid," nodded Ahsoka. "Out in the middle of the of the rocks there." She frowned and added. "But also several other humanoid life-forms forming a ring around it and closing in."

"Closing in?" Tai asked, started. "What do you mean, closing in?"

"As in, all getting closer," Ahsoka pointed to the screen in front of her to show just that. "And at quite a fast pace too."

"Clones?" Rika asked.

"Doubtful," said Anakin. "What would the clones be doing out there trying to find this girl when the Chancellor gave them orders not to leave their posts? It might be something else at work here, but the scanners only detect life-forms with a humanoid structure. It can't tell us who or what those life-forms are."

"Then if we go down there we could be walking into a trap," said Terriermon.

"Perhaps," Renamon smirked. "Or, we could be setting one of our own. Other Renamon, you want to save your partner, right?"

"Of course," bristled Lily's Renamon.

"Then come with me," Rika's Renamon said, heading towards the door of the cockpit. "I have an idea. You guys land nearby and try and find out what's doing the closing in. We Renamon will go in and see if its Lily they're trying to trap. If it is, then we can warn her. If it isn't we can try elsewhere and we won't have been seen. You ready to work as a team again with the perception filter?"

"Oh, that was so much fun last time," chuckled Lily's Renamon. "Alright," she said. "Let's go."

"If it is Lily," said Tai. "Tell her I'm on my way."

"You know that her response will be, 'Took him long enough,' right?"

"Yeah, yeah," Tai snorted. "Course it will."

"Fly us over the life-form in the middle," said Renamon to Anakin, who nodded and did just that.

"How're we getting down there?" asked Lily's Renamon. Rika's Renamon smirked as Ahsoka hit the button to open the hatch at the back of the ship, letting huge winds whoosh in from the outside. Lily's Renamon's eyes widened. "No," she said. "NonononononAAAARGH!" she cried as the other Renamon tackled her out of the ship and they both plummeted towards the ground still about half a mile below, raising her perception filter as she did so to screen them from view and clamping a paw over her fellow Renamon's mouth to silence her yells.

The two fell in free-fall for a while before Hyperwings sprouted from Renamon's back courtesy of a Modify Card from above and she arrested her fall, holding the other Renamon in her arms tightly as they glided down quickly, but a lot less fast.

"Don't… do that… again," objected Lily's Renamon.

Rika's Renamon chuckled and then glanced down below at what looked like some kind of old shipping facility that had long been abandoned. "That's the place where the life-form is," she said. "Let's get in that building and see if it's your partner."

"Well, there's nothing interesting here as far as I can see," Lily said, kicking a piece of metal as it sailed across the empty space that probably used to be a hangar. "Shame really. Reminds me of the factory on File Island that the others told me they went into, except that there's no Andromon and nothing is actually doing anything in this one."

"I'm getting hungry," Gatomon said. "What I wouldn't give for some kind of fish at this point."

"Why did we even come in here?" Lily sighed. "The place looked like a wreck from the outside too. And we're inside now and lo and behold, it's still a wreck. So much for find some kind of cafeteria."

"Well, on the bright side," Gatomon said. "There's none of those stupid robot things here."

"Amen to that," Lily agreed.

And another voice made them both jump as it said, "You still haven't lost that brash attitude I see. Even if you have mellowed it out a bit." They both whirled around to see Renamon standing a few metres away from them.

"Renamon!" Lily cried in relief and joy, dashing over and seizing the yellow fox in a huge hug. "Oh thank Yggdrasil I was worried that I'd lost you this time."

"Um… Lily, I'm over here," said her Renamon, from behind her.

"Huh?" Lily blinked, stepping back and looking from one Renamon to the other in bemusement. "What…?"

"I would say, 'long time, no see,'" said the Renamon she'd just hugged. "But it was only a couple of weeks… so…"

"What?" Lily said, her voice a bit strangled.

"I'm your partner," the other Renamon said. "That's the Renamon who helped us out in Myotismon's castle before. Seriously, don't ask me how, but we've been pulled into the dimension that they were in before they landed in our own."

Lily stared in bewilderment for a bit longer before she ran over to her own Renamon and hugged her instead. Rika's Renamon chuckled, and looked to Gatomon. "Good to hear that you decided to switch sides," she said.

Gatomon grimaced. "I wish it hadn't come at such a high cost."

"I'm sorry," said Renamon. "But don't lose hope for your friend. I'm sure you can find a way to bring him back."

"By the way," Lily's Renamon said. "Tai's not far away. He says he's coming."

"Took him long enough," Lily muttered.

"I knew you'd say that," Renamon grinned, forming a celebratory fist. The other Renamon rolled her eyes.

"So, what the heck are you doing here?" Lily asked, turning to the other Renamon. "And where's your partner?"

"We're here to find you, of course. And my partner is with Tai and Agumon right now, because this isn't just a happy reunion. Something's currently closing in on your location from all sides and its not too hard to guess that they must be after you for some reason."

"Closing in?" Lily's eyes widened. "Oh, come on! Why is it always me that people try and ensnare?"
"Search me," Renamon said. "They must be a bit wrong in the head. Ow! What? You know I was joking," she pouted, rubbing her swatted arm.

"What do we do?" Gatomon asked.

"First we find out who they are. Terriermon," she said aloud, for the benefit of those who couldn't hear her telepathic talk. "Can you see what's going on yet?"

"What is she doing?" Gatomon asked.

"Talking to her mate," Renamon said. "Renamon gain a telepathic link with their mates when they… you know… become mates."

"Ah," said Gatomon.

We've landed near a mountain not far away, Terriermon said as he winged his way through the rocks up in the higher reaches. Outside the circle of incoming life-forms but as close as we dared. And they're getting closer to you all the time.

Any sign of who our potential enemy is? Asked Renamon.

Give me two ticks, Terriermon replied, flapping his wings to land behind a rock a short distance from the abandoned facility and slowly, carefully, edged around it to peer across at the other side.

He quickly pulled back when he saw the men covered in blue and gray armour with the jetpacks and their distinctive helmets, which looked like those of the clones, but not. Uh-oh, he said. I think you know who they were, don't you, Rena.

Uh-huh, Renamon said dryly. Death Watch. Brilliant.

What are the Death Watch doing here? Anakin said, with a slight growl. They can't have been hiding out on this planet – we would have noticed them if they had, surely.

I cannot say why they're here, but it's clear that they're after Lily for some reason, Aayla added. Perhaps they intercepted the transmission and are trying to capture her to use for themselves. Or perhaps this is a coincidence and they are looking for someone else.

I doubt it, Renamon said. Aren't the Death Watch obsessed with getting Mandalore back? Why would they be out here trying to trap a single individual? Do they think this is Satine's summer home or something?

No, they're here for Lily. There can be no doubt, Henry said. So… what do we do?

Terriermon, from behind his rock, smirked. They think they're setting a trap for Lily? Well, why don't we set a trap for them? This is our chance to take out one of the Galaxy's biggest solo threats as well as save Lily. And they don't know we're here. They must be using life-form scanners to close on Lily like we are, but they won't pick up Gatomon or either of the Renamon. So, if they think Lily's alone, they'll be in for a surprise.

Alright then, there was a feeling of determination spreading through the group at Anakin's words. Let's do this. Step one, we need to find their ships and take them out so they cannot escape.

That sounds like a job for WarGreymon and I, Terriermon snickered.

Step two, Anakin went on. We need to find the leader, Pre Vizsla, if he is here and make sure to take him down. He's a good fighter though, and he has a lightsaber.

Leave him to us, Renamon said. We'll take him.

And we Jedi will join you as soon as possible, Aayla said.

Step three, we need to make sure that no Death Watch member who spots a Digimon escapes. Terriermon, once you and this new guy knock out the transports, that will be your job. Nobody gets away, got it? Knock 'em out if you have to but as usual we can have no word of this spreading out.

Gotcha, Terriermon said. Roll out.

Seriously, stop saying that, Renamon chuckled. Then, she turned to Lily and the others and said, "It seems that word of your attack on the droids before has spread further than we thought. The people trying to surround us now are a terrorist organisation called the Death Watch. They must have somehow found out about you and come looking for you, though it's odd that they got here so quickly – before even we did."

"Great, so another party that's coming after me," Lily ground her teeth. "Seriously, it's like some thoroughly evil writer is co-ordinating my life to be as horribly bad as possible. I tell you if that was true and I ever somehow got to meet this person, I would pound them into the ground."

"What do we do if we're totally surrounded?" Gatomon asked.

Renamon smirked. "They think this is a trap? We'll show them the real trap here."

A few minutes later, and several members of the Death Watch, having successfully infiltrated the building, crept into the hangar with blasters raised. It was a very big room, but it was mostly empty. Except for the one thing that all eyes focused on, a young girl crouched in the middle of the floor, and apparently crying into her hands.

"Is that her?" muttered one of them.

"Must be," said another.

They held their position for a while, until more Death Watch members stole into the room from just about every direction, including the leader, Pre Vizsla himself, who smirked at the sight of the scared looking girl and strode purposefully towards her. The Death Watch crowded around, leaping off banisters and hovering down on their jetpacks or running in from the sides to surround the girl in a perimeter. The girl looked up as they did, apparently only just becoming aware of their presence, her face smeared with dirt and tears.

"Who… who are you?" she sniffled, shrinking nervously away from the blasters pointed at her as Vizsla strode forwards.

"Are the girl who can throw fire?" Vizsla asked.

"Y-yeah," Lily nodded. "I am. Who are you? Are you here to rescue me?"

"Rescue you?" Vizsla smirked. "Oh, far from it, girlie." He raised his own blaster and said, "Make one move and I will put a hole in the middle of your forehead."

"No, please!" Lily shrank back.

"Bind her!" Vizsla instructed and several Death Watch members ran forward. Lily's hands suddenly ignited with fire, causing them to hesitate for a moment, but Lily clumsily flung them so they were easy to dodge and their confidence returned. Lily flailed as two of them grabbed her arms and pulled them roughly behind her and another clicked a pair of binders around her wrists, fastening them behind her back.

"No…" Lily struggled furiously and tried to pull her wrists apart, but the bindings held firm.

"Hah," Vizsla said, holstering his pistol, as many of the other Death Watch members lowered their own weapons and laughed derisively. "That was incredibly easy…" he said. "Why maybe it wasn't such a good idea to…" he stopped, frowned and said, "Too easy. That was too easy."

"Uh yeah," Lily suddenly grinned. "You were a bit slow on that, weren't you?"

Renamon, Rika's Renamon, suddenly phased into view right next to Vizsla and slammed her fist into the side of his face with tremendous force, sending the Death Watch leader flying backwards to crash into two of his own men. Renamon dashed forwards and swiped another terrorist of his feet with a hammer-blow to the nose as she passed and hurled herself onto two more, slamming her hands into their chests and knocking them to the ground and flipping over their bodies to spin her legs through the air and crash her foot into another one.

By that point many of the Death Watch had recovered from their shock enough to pull out their blasters and start shooting at her, running across the room to try and get a better angle, but Renamon had been shot at many times before and was adept at dodging. That said, the Mandalorians were much more accurate than the droids that were normally doing the shooting, so she was hard pressed to dodge some of them as she sprang away.

She bounded across the ground on all fours and threw herself into a sliding tackle that swept the legs out from under two more and took her to the base of a metal beam that supported a walkway up above that she threw herself behind and scampered up.

"Get it!" Vizsla screamed as he staggered to his feet and clutched his face. "Kill it, you fools."

"Ahem," said a voice behind him, and he turned to see Gatomon standing on a pile of crates right before she launched a flying lightning paw into his face that broke his nose and sent him crashing backwards once again. Gatomon ran over his fallen body and dashed through the legs of another, wrapping her tail around his ankles and hauling them together to throw him off balance and then dashing up to knock the helmet off another and slam him in the chin with her fist.

Renamon, meanwhile had clambered up behind a rusted walkway and fixed her back to the wall, placing her legs against the walkway and heaving with a grunt of exertion. Several of the walkways damaged supports groaned and buckled until the entire thing overbalanced and it came crashing down. Several of the Death Watch members that were not quick enough were flattened beneath it and those that were quick enough were battered by a barrage of diamonds from above, before Renamon landed on the fallen walkway and sprang into battle again.

Meanwhile, the Death Watch members that were holding Lily had decided that their priority was to get their hostage out of the room before she could be rescued, naturally assuming that she was helpless in the cuffs they had locked her in. They were naturally very surprised when Lily's hands suddenly shot up and hit them in the faces with a pair of fireballs that tossed them backwards.

"Sorry guys!" Lily chuckled, twirling the binders around one finger. "But considering I got chained up a lot as a kid, lock-picking became a very useful skill for me."

Another Death Watch member seemed to notice and tried to turn around, but a third fireball suddenly hit him right in the jetpack, which exploded and took out him and two other members close by.

"Oh crap!" Lily cried. "I didn't expect that to happen!"

Many other Death Watch members turned and surged towards her, only for a deflector shield to spring out of nowhere and repel them with hard thumps that knocked them backwards. Lily smirked up at her own partner, Taomon, who was lowering herself from the ceiling with the symbol for the shield held in her paw.

Taomon looked across to where Renamon was currently slamming a pair of other Death Watch members across the room with a Power Paw.

"I think I need to start training more," she said. "I have got to become as badass as that in my Rookie form one day."

"Well, you're pretty badass right now," Lily said with a smirk, watching casually as a few more Death Watch members launched the missiles from the top of their jetpacks at the shield in an attempt to bust through it, only to be surprised when it held firm. Taomon frowned and called, "THOUSAND SPELLS!" watching as a huge swarm of papers lashed out of her sleeves and passed through the shield easily to expand and wrap around the Death Watch members in question to practically envelop them and cause them to fall to the ground, struggling helplessly.

"Heh. Maybe I am," Taomon chuckled.

A pair of Death Watch members that had been left behind to guard one of the ships that the Death Watch had used to fly in and concealed in the mountains close to the abandoned facility were simply standing and staring out towards the horizon, listening out for any sign of an incoming enemy. As usual there was none, but they were hardly about to slacken off. If something happened, Vizsla might kill them. He had been known to do that.

"Excuse me, can you give me some directions?" asked a voice above them and they both looked up sharply to see the Ultimate-level Rapidmon hovering overhead, his eyes showing a smirk that his face armour otherwise hit. Before the Death Watch members could recuperate, several missiles sprang out from Rapidmon's back and struck the ship right in the fuel tank, causing a huge explosion that engulfed both of the men and launched Rapidmon into the air from force alone.

Rapidmon knew that the other ships would have noticed an explosion like that, so he now had to work quickly to make sure that none of them got away. Fortunately, working quickly was something he did very well indeed and he shot away faster than a bullet.

He launched a Rapid Fire at another ship almost before he had seen it and was already some distance ahead by the time his missiles blew up the ship and was launching a second Rapid Fire at another one, the projectiles streaking down through the air like smoking cannonballs. In a spurt of speed, Rapidmon overtook his own missiles and kicked a member of the Death Watch that was perched on a ledge high above the ship and would not have been hit in the explosion off the ledge and onto the top of the ship before he shot away and the missiles impacted to take out all the localised targets.

On the other side of the factory, several of the other members of the Death Watch were indeed noticing the large mushroom-clouds of smoke that were accompanying each explosion and hurried to defensive positions, but it was no use. As a few of them ran up the ramp of the ship that they were guarding, they came face to face with a sudden blinding light inside and were tossed back out as the WarGreymon that had just formed there slammed them back down the ramp and whipped himself into a whirlwind that took out the ship from inside and shredded the thing like paper.

"Sorry guys," WarGreymon stepped towards the Mandalorians before him. "But I've been ordered to make sure that none of you get away." And he lashed out with his claws to slay the various Death Watch members on the spot. This was the first time WarGreymon had ever taken the life of a human and he hoped that he would not have to get used to it.

But then he threw himself into the air and curved around, at a much slower pace to Rapidmon, but a fast tilt nonetheless. As he came upon two more ships crowded into the same area he spun around and cried "TERRA FORCE!" hefting the ridiculously large energy sphere that formed between his hands over his head and hurling it downwards at the ships, obliterating them both instantaneously as well as everyone around it. He swept over the flames from the devastating attack and happened across another ship not that far away.

Spying a large boulder on the mountainside above the ship he surged towards said boulder and rammed it with his claws as he passed, splintering it into several smaller but still huge pieces and watching as they cascaded downwards, picking up more speed and extra boulders on the downhill track under they slammed into the ship in a full-blown landslide and buried it underneath their weight, possible completely flattening it.

Rapidmon had just dispatched yet another ship not far away and raced around, checking for any signs of anymore, when he spotted another one rising into the air on the other side of the factory. Evidently the people in this one had decided that it was not worth staying here when all the other ships were being blown up and was trying to make a getaway. He narrowed his eyes and took aim at it right across the other side just at the moment that WarGreymon also saw it and lanced upwards, curving in from below and raising his claws to strike.

"GREAT TORNADO!" he roared as he whipped himself into another frenzy once more.

"TRI BEAM!" Rapidmon added, the green light exploding from the triangle formed by his body.

WarGreymon's attack connected first and slammed into the underside of the ship moments before Rapidmon's attacked and burned through the front of the cockpit. The two attacks combined ripped the ship to shreds, the biggest of which was smaller than WarGreymon's shield, which was small comparing the size of the ship they had been destroying.

Satisfied with their work, Rapidmon and WarGreymon met up over the factory.

"You're pretty damn awesome, you know," Rapidmon said.

"Thanks," WarGreymon said. "I haven't had many chances to use this form yet but I think that I fully have a measure of its capabilities now."

"Well it's epic," Rapidmon chuckled.

"You're not so bad yourself," WarGreymon laughed. "I definitely couldn't match your speed."

"We all have our own pros and cons," Rapidmon stated. "So, you up for waiting around to see if that factory spits out anyone who tries to escape? You don't have to kill them if they do – just knock them out."

WarGreymon nodded and the two waited and watched, Rapidmon watching what was going on inside through Renamon's eyes and relating it to his companion.

As to what was happening inside, things were getting a little more difficult for the fighters. The Death Watch were starting to get a handle on what they were doing and remembering their training. Several of them had jetpacked up into the air and were hovering to fire on the enemies from above, while some others had landed on other walkways to do the same thing.

Renamon was drawing the most fire, as she had established herself as the forefront of the attack, as Taomon was still defending her partner. The fox sprang aside as a shot whooshed passed her side and grimaced when another clipped the tip of her tail, but she spun around to deliver a strong Power Paw to the support beam of another walkway, which caved in under the blow and tipped several Death Watch members off the top. But as more shots lanced towards the fox from various angles she was forced to dive behind a pile of crates for cover.

Gatomon wasn't much better off. The cat was light on her feet but she was dashing from side to side now as those hovering above were keeping track of her and firing from above, which was a much better vantage point to hit a small target. She felt like some kind of pinball dodging from side to side as the ground was blotted around her by blaster marks. She flung herself into a flip as several shots hit the ground where she had been and swung around to face an unhelmeted Death Watch member lowering a pistol at her.

"Say bye, pussy cat," he sneered.

Instead, Gatomon said, "CAT'S EYE HYPNOTISM!" and her eyes flashed red.

The Death Watch member faltered bemused, but then turned around and shot three members of his cohorts right out of the air and then whirled about to fire his missile straight into the ranks of the others. Cries of shock and yells of alarm followed as the bodies crashed to the ground and people dived out of the way, giving Renamon the reprieve she needed to slam through the pile of crates and send them flying in all directions and knock many more down and dash off to continue the fight.

Taomon grimaced, wondering if she should be doing now, but right now protecting Lily was the top priority. This wasn't like some regular Digimon battle. Any stray shot right now could kill Lily so she was doing her best to protect her partner by just keeping the shield up.

"Enough!" yelled Pre Vizsla as he suddenly darted forwards with his black lightsaber drawn and slashed the hypnotised member down the middle, killing him instantly and pushing his body aside as he slashed at Gatomon, who sprung aside and rebounded off a pillar just before Vizsla slashed through that too. Vizsla pursued the small Digimon across the room and Taomon sought to act quickly but before she could lift her brush or summon a symbol Vizsla successfully managed to kick Gatomon into a wall. She was strong, but her light build made her susceptible to attacks even from a human in that manner.

Gatomon's eyes widened as Vizsla slashed down towards her…

…and was as surprised as Vizsla when a woman with blue skin and head-tails landed right in front of her and blocked the strike with a blue lightsaber.

"Afternoon, Governor," Aayla said, sweeping his lightsaber aside and kicking him in the chest. She turned to smile at Gatomon and said, "I see that you took my advice from last time on board, Gatomon."

"You?" blinked Gatomon. "But… where…"

"Jedi!" spat Vizsla. "You will not get away from this place."

"You sure?" Aayla asked with a smile, right as there was a sudden explosion of lightsaber fighting around the room. Anakin slammed his way through a door to Vizsla's left and whirled into a spinning leap and a downward slash that Vizsla only just managed to block. Ahsoka bounded down from a walkway to land heavily on the shoulders of another member and re-direct a missile heading right for Renamon with the Force, while Barriss landed on top of Taomon's shield and sprang off it to slash through two blasters before they could be fired at her and take a spinning kick to the chests of their owners.

"It's the A-Team!" cried one of the Death Watch.

"What do we do?" cried another.

"They've never lost a battle when they fight together!" yelled a third.

Bo-Katan growled beneath her helmet and cried, "Cowards! Attack them! We are the Death Watch! We will not be cowed by some puny Jedi! Fire!" She sprang into the air and activated her jetpack bearing down towards Aayla and activating the flamethrower built into her wrist. Several other members of the Death Watch began to get the idea an unleashed their own flamethrowers, the tongues of fire shooting out to was towards their opponents.

Renamon just smirked and yelled, "Thanks for the upgrade, Rika. AQUA BLASTER!" And she brought her hands together and unleashed a torrent of water, Shellmon's attack, to counter the flames, putting them out in a cloud of steam that erupted outwards and knocking over several terrorists in the process. Through the steam, several of them heard a cry of, "RENAMON DIGIVOLVE TO… KYUBIMON! DRAGON WHEEL!" before another huge bit of flame, this time blue and in the shape of a dragon burst out and washed over many of those that were still hovering in the air.

Aayla, meanwhile, sprang away from Bo-Katan's blast and swung from a pipe on the underside of a walkway to catapult straight over the Mandalorian woman and kick at her from above, but she spun around and blocked with a swift hand motion, causing the two women to landed facing each other in a battle stance. Aayla smiled grimly and sheathed her lightsaber, while Bo-Katan holstered her blaster.

No words were said between them. It was an unspoken challenge, but they both leapt forwards and began a flurry of ducking, punching and kicking at one another as they test out their own hand-to-hand combat skills against each other.

With the addition of the Jedi and the digivolution of Renamon, things swiftly became more of a rout than a battle. The Death Watch didn't seem to know which way to turn. In one place there would be Kyubimon lobbing fireballs at them with their tails, forcing many of them members back as they tried to fire back only to get hit by another fireball before they could pull a trigger.

In another place, Ahsoka was pirouetting around and knocking blasters out of hands with her feet and easily deflecting shots with her spinning blade. She leapt over another member and slashed through his jetpack, Force-pushing him backwards into a group of three more so they were all taken out when the thing blew up and then flipping backwards to repel the shots of three more back at them.

In another place, Barriss was eager to prove that she was capable of being on this new team and had taken to the battle with an unusual will. A couple of the Death Watch members threw detonators at her but she caught them with the Force and sent them lancing towards the ceiling while blocking more shots with another hand. The detonators exploded and tore a huge chunk out of the ceiling which fell and landed on top of another three members of the Death Watch, including one who had thrown the detonators in the first place, while the other was swiftly put out of action by a hefty punch from a flying Gatomon.

"Alright," Taomon said with a smirk as she lowered her shield – nobody was paying attention to Lily anymore. "It's on." And she swept forwards to slam two more aside with her calligraphy brush and deftly paint a symbol on the chest of a third, which glowed and caused him to yell in pain as the light seared at him. A flurry of spell papers erupted out of one of Taomon's sleeves and swarmed a couple more, while she herself span around and raised her hand to form a Talisman Star symbol which she let fly with, slicing through the armour of some of the other members and causing them to drop to the floor, gasping for breath.

Lily grinned and was about to rush forward and add her own contribution to the battle when he heard a cry of "Lily!" from nearby. She whirled around, eyes widening as she saw Tai running from a nearby door towards her.

"You idiot! Get down!" Lily shouted, right as a Death Watch member turned around and saw him, wildly firing a shot at the leader of the Digi-destined. Tai's eyes widened and he dived to one side, but not fast enough, for the shot hit him straight in the leg and a cry of pain was ripped from his mouth as he fell to the ground. Lily was moving before she even knew what she was doing and as the Death Watch member took aim again he was promptly consumed in a blast of fire from Lily, one of the biggest that she had ever been able to produce. The star reached Tai's side moments later and dragged him behind a crate.

"What are you doing you numbskull!" she hissed. "You could have gotten yourself killed!"

"Oh… you can talk," Tai winced. "I just… wanted to get to you. Make sure you were safe."

"And people say Mimi's the airhead you lunatic," Lily growled, but again before she knew was she was doing she'd given him a brief kiss on the mouth, before pulling away and looking embarrassed. "Er… ahem… you've got to be more careful in future, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am," said Tai.

Moments later the crate was heaved aside as a Death Watch member who had noticed them pointed his blaster pistol down at them, ready to fire. A split second before he could he was tossed aside by a Force-blast from Barriss as the Mirialan came over towards them.

"I saw you get hit," she said, bending over Tai. "Don't worry. Hold still, I can heal it."

"Look out!" Lily yelled as several more shots were sent their way but Ahsoka flipped in front of them and began parrying the shots away.

"Welcome to our kind of war," Ahsoka said as she parried the shots, while Barriss smiled gratefully and held her hands over Tai's leg and began to apply the healing process to it. "But you were supposed to stay in the ship with Henry and Rika, Tai."

"Try getting me to stay put when Lily's in a dangerzone," he grunted.

"It just doesn't work," Lily muttered, completely deadpan.

Barriss and Ahsoka chuckled slightly as Barriss finished healing Tai's leg. But then, a sudden yell that might Lily's blood freeze rattled around the room:-


Ahsoka spun around and her eyes widened in shock as a blood-red whip of energy lashed down towards her and she barely managed to fling herself out of the way in time. But before she had time to do anything else, a caped figure shot overhead and let out a cruel smirk as it spread its cloak and cried:-


A large ethereal-looking ghostly bat seemed to surge out of nowhere right in front of him. Alarm bells went off in Ahsoka's head as she tried to dodge, but it just followed her and she tried to slash through it after that but her lightsaber didn't seem to affect it at all, right up until the point that it slammed into her torso. But it didn't knock her backwards. It just seemed to enter her body and Ahsoka cried out as her muscles seized up, her body turned the same blackish-blue of the bat shape and she keeled over, completely still, her lightsaber falling numbly to the floor beside her.

"Ahsoka!" shouted Barriss and dived away from Tai and Lily as the cloaked figure sent another lash of lightning down at her, seizing the paralysed Togruta in her arms and springing away, taking her into a roll and a skidding halt as the attack grazed the end of her own cloak.

The figure, which looked exactly like the IceMyotismon on Mygeeto except for the fact that its skin and hair was not white and its garments were slightly different, laughed almost maniacally and raised another Crimson Lightning as Barriss scrabbled upwards and turned to defend the paralysed Ahsoka.

But… "No!" Lily shouted and, as with many times already today she was up before she could really think about it and threw herself bodily at Myotismon. And she was not the only one. Gatomon had also seen what was going on and dashed in to try and help, and the both of them cannoned into him at the same time and knocked him askew, but didn't unduly injure him. But it did draw their attention away and Barriss quickly took advantage of this to move around Ahsoka and kneel down, holding her hands up and trying to heal whatever had been done to her.

"I should have guessed you had something to do with this," Lily muttered. "It explains why these guys came after me so quickly – you commissioned them to do it, didn't you?"

"I said that I would have you in my clutches by the end of the day, my pet," Myotismon smirked. "And I meant it."

"Lily," Tai gasped and tried to stand but his leg was still a little weak even though the injury had healed and he just collapsed onto his front. Fortunately Myotismon didn't look at him.

"I'm never going back with you," Lily hissed.

"Neither am I," Gatomon growled. "You've taken too much away from us, Myotismon and now you'll pay!"

Myotismon chuckled. "Amusing," he said. "But neither of you can ever hope to defeat…"

"Don't you DARE go into a monologue!" Lily shouted and hurled a fireball at him while Gatomon bounded forwards and slashed at him with her claws.

Not far away, Anakin and Pre Vizsla were locked in a furious combat with each other, lightsabers swinging in a confusing blur of black and blue. Both of them had grimaces etched into their faces as they ducked and wove. Anakin slashed twice at Vizsla's flank but the Mandalorian parried them both hurriedly and span the blade around to slice it towards Anakin's face, only for the Chosen One's blade to meet it before his nose and throw backwards.

Vizsla skidded to a halt and hurled himself into a whirling slash, propelled forward by his jetpack but Anakin sprang upwards to meet him and the two met in mid-air with their blades, the two swords crashing into each other as both pushed to try and overpower the other. Vizsla's jetpack gave him the advantage and with swords locked he surged towards the wall, pushing Anakin before him. Anakin growled and swung his legs up to allow him to hit the wall feet first instead and take his turn to push back, throwing Vizsla towards the ground.

Vizsla landed and rolled as Anakin sprang down after him and brought his blade crashing into the ground where he had just been, and the Mandalorian tried to bring his blade around to slash at Anakin's head but once again the blades clashed and locked instead of cutting through anything.

"Obi-Wan was right," grunted Anakin. "You do have surprising skill with that lightsaber despite the fact that you have no Force sensitivity."

"I am a master of this blade," Vizsla smirked. "Easily comparable to any number of Jedi, including the great Anakin Skywalker."

"Heh, is that so?" Anakin asked, pushing Vizsla away. "Well then, let's see what you're really capable of, shall we?"

Vizsla growled and went into a slashing spin that Anakin avoided by jumping straight up and hooking his feet over a pipe at the base of the walkway they were fighting beneath, allowing him to swing downwards like a giant axe with lightsaber under his head. Vizsla balked and flattened himself to the floor as Anakin flipped away and landed squarely behind him and span around to Force-push Vizsla into the wall and hold him there.

"You're not the only one with tricks," Vizsla grunted as he unleashed a torrent from his flamethrower towards Anakin's feet, forcing Anakin to spring backwards to avoid the jet of fire, so Vizsla could spring off the wall and ignite his jetpack to shoot forwards saber-first, seeking to impale Anakin with the boost of speed. Anakin responded by dropping flat onto his back so Vizsla shot overhead, but lashed up with one hand as he did so and grabbed the Mandalorian's ankle so that he was yanked into the air once again and trailed after him.

"Get off!" Vizsla yelled, slashing down at him.

"No chance!" Anakin parried the strike with his own saber even in mid-flight. He then grinned as he pushed the lightsaber away and tossed his own aside, before lunging out with his right arm, the mechanical one, to seize a post as it flashed by. Vizsla was pulled up short instantly by the Jedi attached to his ankle and was spun around the post until Anakin let him go and he crashed towards the ground, his jetpack sputtering out of life. Anakin bounded from the post and summoned his lightsaber back to him and dashed forwards.

Before Vizsla could blink, Anakin slashed through the hilt of his lightsaber and rendered it useless and the controls on his wrist gauntlet. Vizsla tried to pull out his blaster but Anakin cut through that too and held his lightsaber to the defenceless former-governor's throat.

"You may be skilled with a blade," Anakin said. "But even you don't have the precision of a Jedi when it comes to using it."

Bo-Katan and Aayla were in the middle of an intense brawl with one another, hand to hand combat only and none of the other remaining Death Watch members were going to be interfering with a fight like that unless they hit Katan by mistake. The two of them were whirling and spinning and moving across one another in an almost mad dance of well-aimed strikes and well-executed dodges.

Katan caught to punches and a roundhouse kick from Aayla on her gauntlets and let off with a spinning roundhouse kick of her own, which Aayla avoided by leaning over so it passed over her face and coiling back upwards to slam both her fists down at Katan from above. Katan lashed up and blocked them both with one arm and aimed a punch at Aayla's gut with the other, but Aayla brought up her foot at an almost impossible angle so Katan punched the sole of her boot instead.

Katan recoiled, flexing her bruised knuckles and glowered at the Twi'lek through her helmet before springing up and slamming one fist in from the side and followed up with an enormous swinging kick to the midriff. Aayla turned the punch aside with a deft movement of her hands but she had to throw herself onto her shoulders to avoid the kick and then pushed herself onto her hands to spin a kick around at Katan. But the Mandalorian somehow managed to grab Aayla's ankle and hauled her over to land painfully on her back.

Katan flipped up with the aid of her jetpack and tried to double stamp her feet into Aayla's stomach, but quick as a flash Aayla brought her feet up to meet both of hers and launched her into the air again before springing up and jumping after her. The two traded several punches and kicks with one another even while they were airborne and when they came to land Katan hurled a fist right at Aayla's face. Aayla caught the blow in her hand and threw one of her own, which Katan caught in her own hand too.

The two pushed against one another briefly, glowering into one another's faces before Katan lunged forwards and smacked her head into Aayla's. Aayla reeled backwards slightly, the blow easily softened for Katan thanks to her helmet and Katan took advantage of the Twi'lek's momentary disorientation to pull back, kick her in the stomach and then uppercut her in the chin.

Aayla was thrown backwards but she still managed to turn the blow into a flip as she cradled her chin in one hand. Katan laughed derogatorily and lashed forwards to swing a fist but Aayla ducked under it and slammed both her palms into her stomach to send her flying backwards and sprang after her before she could regain her balance to kick her feet out from under her and deliver a hammer kick to her side that sent her rolling.

Aayla stepped closer to her but paused when she felt something beneath her boot, looking down to see a pair of binders lying on the floor – the same pair that Lily had slipped out of earlier. Aayla smirked as Katan got to her feet and rushed her. Aayla rushed to meet her, summoning the binders into her hand as she did so and slid under the kick that Katan aimed at her face. Katan spun around with a punch but Aayla was already up and whirled past her again like a dancer, lashing one arm down to fasten one cuff on the binder around Katan's wrist in mid-punch, then let go and jumped clear.

Katan didn't notice and tried another spinning round-house kick but Aayla sprang up even higher and flipped overhead, seizing the enemy woman's jetpack as she did and tearing it from her back. As the two landed, Aayla turned and grabbed Katan by her free wrist, heaving her around to slam her back-first into a pole before stepping behind the pole and fastening the wrist into the other cuff of the binders.

"Huh?" Katan blinked, when she realised what had happened and began jerking and thrashing on her cuffed wrists with furious abandon, but the binders held her wrists firmly behind her back and the pole. "Hey! What are you doing? Release me at once!"

Aayla smiled at her, taking off the Mandalorian's helmet and patting her on the cheek. "Don't worry. I'll take them off when it's time to put you in a prison cell."

Even though most of the other Mandalorians had seen their leader and his best lieutenant defeated by the Jedi right in front of them, they were not about to give up so easily. They were bold warriors and certainly were not cowards – they upheld the values of their ancestors and they were not going to go down just yet… but there numbers had already been severely depleted and with Katan now bound to a pole Aayla could join the main battle. The remaining members of the Death Watch were pushed back under the assault from the Twi'lek and both of the fox Digimon working together with one another.

A couple of them did decided that it wasn't worth it and decided to get the heck out of there. Fortunately there seemed to be a big hole in the ceiling from the hole the grenades had made earlier so they sprang up with their jetpacks and motored out of the hole, soaring for the open sky.

And then, when they did get outside, they noticed the clouds of smoke in the distance where all of their ships were meant to be.

"What the…!" cried one of them.

"What's going on?" yelled the other.

"Uh, that would be us," Rapidmon said as he appeared out of nowhere and slammed one of them so hard in the chest that he was shot back into the roof hard enough to put a dent in it and knocked out immediately. The other balked at the sight of the cyborg bunny and tried to veer away, only to be seized from behind and spun around to stare into the burning eyes of WarGreymon.

"Uh…" he stammered.

"Sleep," WarGreymon said, removing the man's helmet with one hand and then smacking him over the head with it, knocking him out.

"Well, I guess that proves why we don't mess with WarGreymon. He hits you over the head with your own armour," Rapidmon snickered.

"Oh shut up," WarGreymon muttered.

That left only one major brawl going down below, and that was with Gatomon and Lily fighting against Myotismon. And it was a particularly one-sided battle. And not in the favour of the pair.

Myotismon laughed cruelly as he swatted Gatomon aside yet again with a wave of his hand, not even looking like he was trying to take this seriously and then lifting up his cloak like a shield against several fireballs from Lily – his cloak seemed to take the hits with no problem whatsoever, as if it wasn't even made of fabric.

"When will you ever learn that it is futile to face me?" Myotismon crowed. "You have never been able to get it into your head all these, have you, my pet."

"Don't… CALL ME THAT!" Lily yelled and formed a beam of light in her hands above her head and made ready to strike out at Myotismon with it, but he just lashed out with his hands and curled a Crimson Lightning around those wrists, eliciting a scream as it burned into her skin before she was pulled off her feet and hit the ground hard.

"Lily!" Gatomon grunted, pushing herself upwards again and dashing in to slash her claws at Myotismon's outstretched arm. Myotismon jerked around and hauled Lily through the air and right at Gatomon, forcing the cat to withdraw her outstretched claws before she impaled the star and resulting in a collision that knocked them both to the floor.

"And you Gatomon, you are no different," sneered Myotismon, raising the Lightning. "You were once loyal, but now you have become as thick-headed as her. Is this what happens when you become good? You lose all your senses in the bargain?" And he lashed out at the pair of them again.

Lily quickly moved over Gatomon and braced her back for the impact, biting her lip so hard to keep from screaming as the lightning lashed it that she almost drew blood. Gatomon stared up at her with wide eyes, stunned that she would do something like that for her already. But she had no time to think on it because Myotismon suddenly seized Lily by the back of her shirt.

"Fools, the both of you," he said, hoisting Lily into the air, and raising his hand to generate an orb of dark energy to aim down at Gatomon. "But you, I have no further use for, Gatomon."

Gatomon snarled. "Put Lily down!" she hissed and suddenly her tail ring glowed with a furious light. Myotismon, blinded, reeled back and covered his face with his cloak, allowing Lily time to pool her own light attack into the bargain and blow Myotismon back briefly while simultaneously freeing herself and dropping to the ground. She winced painfully but she merely growled and stood back up slowly.

"Come on, Gatomon," Lily said. "If we work together, we can do this."

"Right," Gatomon nodded, leaping up as Lily seized her in her hands and flung her towards Myotismon. "It ends today!" she cried as she flew across the gap.

"Yes, it does!" Lily growled, a furious energy boiling up inside her at the thought of everything this guy had done to her. "It does."

"Indeed," Myotismon suddenly said, lashing out the kick Gatomon aside and send her crashing into a pillar nearby. "It does end. Today is the day that I take back what is mine."

"Never!" Lily cried and unleashed all the power she had left at once, generating a lightning bolt out of thin air that lanced towards Myotismon with ruthless precision. Myotismon blanched, surprised, but swiftly acted and unleashed a swarm of his bats, which flew forwards and crashed into the attack, being obliterated in the process but halting the lightning before it could hit him. Lily gasped, spent and wondering if the attack worked but the lash of Crimson the appeared out of the smoke and wrapped around her waist told her the answer was no. Painfully.

She screamed as she was pulled off her feet again and hauled her towards the smirking vampire. It was a scream that echoed around the room and drew the attention of everyone, including Taomon, who hadn't noticed until that point that Myotismon was even in the room. When she turned and saw what was going on, she gasped in shock and cried, "LILY!" and shot towards where Myotismon had just seized Lily by the throat.

"You are mine again," Myotismon sneered, forcing Lily's chin up with one finger so their eyes were forced to lock, a cruel leer on his face. "And we will be taking our leave now."

"No," Lily gasped.

Gatomon was pushing herself to her feet again but breathing hard as Myotismon began to back out of the room. Taomon was rushing towards the two but would not make it in time. Barriss gritted her teeth as she looked up from healing Ahsoka and decided enough was enough and prepared to abandon the job uncompleted and charge forwards.

But the one who acted was Tai. For a couple of minutes ago, he had noticed Ahsoka's lightsaber lying on the ground uselessly and he crawled towards it, hoping to use it to do something stupid and courageous to help defend Lily. But his leg was still raw so he knew he'd never be able to catch her. So instead he yelled, "Lily! Catch!" and hurled the thing.

Myotismon blinked and looked up at the flying thing heading towards him, recognising it as one of the laser swords these strange people used. "Futile," he said, as he reached his hand out to catch it instead.

Gatomon moved like lightning, seizing the chance and sprang forwards with a furious frenzied slash of her claws and this time she hit her mark slashing three lines in Myotismon's outstretched wrist. Myotismon yelled and reflexively recoiled in pain, and in a spur of last second energy, Lily seized the lightsaber. She had no idea how the thing worked but the big red button was a promising start and without a second's hesitation, she jammed the business end against Myotismon's chest and pushed the button, Ahsoka's green blade erupting outwards through Myotismon's chest.

Myotismon choked and gasped, eyes shooting open wide as his Digi-core was pierced by the humming blade and it shot through his body and out the back of his cloak.

"Yeah," Lily smirked. "That just happened."

Myotismon let loose a scream of pure rage for exactly half a second before he burst into data on the spot, Lily falling to the floor and the lightsaber clattering into a deactivated state beside her. Scarcely able to believe what she had just done, Lily watched the data floating upwards and away, Taomon drawing to a halt behind her to do the same and Gatomon practically slack-jawed on the floor nearby.

They did it.

Myotismon was dead.

At last.

A sudden black hole appeared in the air behind the data and sucked it straight through, revealing the silhouette of a jackal-humanoid Digimon with wings and a smirk. "I bet you're quite pleased with that aren't you?" Anubimon said. "And don't worry. I'll make sure that your friend Wizardmon's Digi-Egg is sent to the Primary Village as soon as the Dark Masters are beaten. Well done, little star."

And then the portal vanished.

Lily gasped in astonishment, tears filling her eyes as she turned back to Tai, who was grinning at her. "Thanks for the assist," she said.

"No problem," Tai grinned. "It's what I'm here for."

"And thanks for the help there too, Gatomon," Lily said.

"It was my pleasure."

"He's… he's really gone?" Taomon murmured as Barriss helped Ahsoka, who she had managed to unparalyse, back upwards.

"Yep. He's gone," Lily said. "At last! It's… OVER!"

Her shout rang through the room, catching the attention of the dozen or so remaining members of the Death Watch who were still on their feet. They blanched when they saw that even the powerful being they had thought would be their bonus had been beaten, but still they did not back down. Kyubimon turned to face them and smirked, dodging another blaster bolt and calling, "Oh Rapidmon. Would you be a dear and come and help us mop up the last of these guys?"

Moments later, Rapidmon crashed straight through the fragile roof and aimed his cannons at the Death Watch who had bunched together. "Do you need me to tell you what I can do with these?" he asked.

The Death Watch faltered again, but while a couple of them were contemplating shooting their own missiles at this new thing something else thundered through the roof and slammed into the floor right behind them. They whirled around and stared at WarGreymon in disbelief, then even more disbelief as he formed a full-size Terra Force and raised it above his head, filling the room from floor to ceiling with the huge thing.

"Don't bother," he said.

The Death Watch all dropped their weapons. Proud warriors they may be… but they weren't going to mess with that!

"Well," said Anakin. "I guess this means we win."

Vizsla growled. Bo-Katan kept screaming for release as she thrashed at her binders futilely."

"You know," Lily said, as Taomon helped her to her feet and Tai stumbled over so the two of them could support each other. "I could do with a snack right about now."

The clean-up operation went surprisingly smoothly. Aayla called Bly and the other members of the 327th, who were disappointed at missing the action but understood the need for discretion in this case. The Death Watch members were rounded up and secured under the watchful eye of WarGreymon and marched into the gunships that had been discretely transferred down to the planet's surface. Every one of these people had seen the Digimon, so the Jedi Council, when they heard the news, decreed that they would be taken to a separate prison facility in the outer Rim, far from reach of the Senate, and nobody would, for now, be told that the Death Watch had been defeated. They would have to explain exactly what the A-Team and the Death Watch had been doing on Ord Biniir if they did.

Vizsla and Bo-Katan were the last to be loaded onto the gunships, the latter screaming curses at all Twi'leks and the former all Jedi, before they too were whisked away, leaving only the Jedi, Tai and Lily, the Digimon who all digivolved to their lower levels, and Henry and Rika, who had joined them shortly after they'd won.

"Well, I guess that's that," said Henry. "You guys beat Myotismon at long last and you have a Mega Digimon on your side. Um… out of curiosity what else did you guys manage to achieve while we were gone."

"Joe and Mimi managed to get their Digimon to the Ultimate level," Tai said. "And Matt reached the Mega at the same time I did."

"Ah, that's great," Henry smiled, turning to Rika, who winked at him. Then his face fell and he said, "But… how are you guys going to get home now?"

Tai grimaced. "No clue," he said. "I guess we can only hope for a miracle this time. Wait, there's no giant gate that can take us back to our world if we figure out which cards to use is there?"

"No," said Henry and Rika, deadpan.

Lily lightly swatted Tai on the arm. "So, what? We're stranded here?"

"Looks like it," said Rika's Renamon. "After all, so are we. We found ourselves in your world by sheer accident and got back through forces unknown."

"Well," Lily said. "That's a bummer, but as long as I've got Renamon… and Tai… with me, nothing else matters," she smiled, her cheeks colouring a little.

Tai coloured a little bit too.

"Let's not mention this to any Taiora fans if we do get back home," muttered Henry.

"Let's not mention it, period," Rika said.

"Well, you're welcome to stay with us," Aayla smiled. "I'm sure that the Jedi Council would be more than willing to…"

Suddenly a huge twisted hole appeared in the middle of the room, just like with Anubimon's earlier, but much larger. It generated a powerful wind that swirled about the room and forced everyone in it to shield their eyes instinctively.

Moments later, there was a voice, calling out from nearby.

"Lily! Lily! LILY!"

Lily lowered her arm and stared in shock, which then became amazement, which then became joy. When everyone else lowered their arms, they started backwards in shock, and it stayed shock. For on the other side of the portal, they could see…

"HOLY CRAP!" Terriermon yelled.

"What's happening?" Renamon bristled her fur on edge. "It can't be."

"Dad!" Lily yelled.

"DAD!" cried Terriermon, Renamon, Henry and Rika.

For on the other side of the portal, standing tall and proudly and noticeably anxious, was a tall Beelzemon with large wings and a long, whip-like tail, like their Beelzemon in many ways. But there was also a small angel boy with numerous wings, a tall woman in black leather, a horned man wrapped in a cloak and hood, another man with a long beard and a hooked nose, a large teddy bear that appeared to be asleep and a HUGE red crocodile that could be seen at the back trying to get a better view through the small portal.

"The Seven Great Demon Lords," breathed Renamon.

"And DAD!" yelled Terriermon.

"Yeah, this is my family," grinned Lily. "Alexander's my long-lost father or something like that," she pointed at the Beelzemon.

"Excuse me? Alexander? WHAT?" Terriermon yelled.

"Lily!" the Beelzemon, Alexander, shouted. "You have to come quickly. We received the call from your friend Izzy about what went wrong with the portal machine so we decided to fetch you in person, but I don't know how long we can keep the portal open. You have to come quickly or you could be stranded there for much longer."

"The Digital World is in dire straits," Lucemon said. "You guys will be needed very badly… like, now! Come on, come on, let's get moving."

"Wow, she's really grown bigger, hasn't she?" Lilithmon said. "And I still remember the day you were running around our mansion with no clothes on."

"Seriously, not now Lilithmon," Daemon muttered. "Come on, quick! I made cookies!"

"Eh?" Terriermon said, slowly going brain-dead.

"Come on, child. Time is money!" Barbamon declared. "And money is precious."

"Seriously, shut up, Barbamon," said the giant Leviamon in a voice that clearly demonstrated that…

"LEVIAMON'S A GIRL!" Terriermon screeched.

His shout woke up the teddy bear, which transformed into a huge, raging, bear-like monster with sweeping horns that yelled, "RRRAAAAAGGGHHH! WHERE'S THE BATTLE?"

"There isn't one, Belphemon," Lucemon said patiently.

"Oh. Okay," said Belphemon. "Hey is that Lily?"

"Excuse me while I go and bang my head against a wall," Terriermon muttered.

"Momentai," Lily said.

"Pardon?" Barbamon asked, though Terriermon was too gone to care.

"Oh, it means 'take it easy,'" said Lily.

"I like it," Lucemon grinned. "Short and slightly amusing. I might use that."

"Oh dear Yggdrasil," Lily muttered. "Well," she said, turning to the others. "Seriously, thank you for everything. For finding me and helping us out against those Death Watch guys. And for the laser sword for me to use," she nodded to the Jedi. "I wish I could say more, but we gotta go. Now."

"Um… we understand," Henry muttered, still staring in disbelief at the Demon Lords in the portal.

"Go," said Anakin. "We won't delay you anymore. Get moving."

"And no offence, but let's hope we don't meet again," Ahsoka chuckled. "We've already had all the madness we can stand."

"Amen," said Lily's Renamon as she, Tai, Lily, Gatomon and Agumon all leapt into the portal, Lily being caught in Alexander's arms and Tai landing in front of Lucemon, who eyeballed him.

"So," he said. "You're the one who's caught the attention of our Lily, huh?"

"Oh, he looks cute," Lilithmon gushed. Tai gulped.

"Oh Lord," Daemon sighed. "Why do I get the feeling this isn't going to turn out well?"

"Should I step on him?" offered Belphemon.

"I can't see him. Let me through," the female Leviamon protested.

"Um… help?" Tai asked, but then the portal closed, sealing the offworlders away for the last time.

"Seriously," Terriermon asked. "Did that just happen?"

"Yes," said Renamon. "Yes it did."

"Ah," Terriermon said. "Can somebody help me find my sanity?"

Well, that's that. There won't be any more oneshots after this for at least another one-hundred chapters from both stories and I, right now, am DRAINED. Oneshots are always harder for me to write than the official story, which is why they take up more time than a regular chapter as well. Sorry about that everyone. Hopefully I can get back on the saddle and write lots more soon, though I do have an exam on the 7th I must revise for so updates will still be slow until then.

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