Hey guys! This is a new story I just came up with, and if you can give me ideas for any of my stories that'd be great!
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Sora:can you get on with the story!

Me: FINE!!!!!!!! GOSH!!!!!! you can flame if you want. I don' mind!
ON With the Story!

Darkness surrounds me. There is nothing beneath me. What's happened? Where am I? I can't remember anything. I can't feel anything. It's like I'm floating but there's nothing there to float on. Nothing below and nothing above. I want to get out of here. I'm trapped. I can't move. Everything's numb.

Wait. Something's there. Something's happened.


Pain is what happened. It flashed through my heart and through my body. Like an electric shock rammed into me.

I slipped and fell. I waited for the impact that never came.

The darkness crawled closer to me. It followed me on my journey into nothingness. I squirmed and shook, trying to get away from it. I shouted but no sound came out. I started to loose hope when suddenly a bright light came out from no where.

The darkness ran, trying desperately to get away from the bright light. Out of that light a young kid, older than me, walked out. He had a gaint key-like thing held loosely in his hands. He noticed me and I felt a spark of recognition go through his eyes. I had stopped falling but was now being pulled back to the black thing. He yelled something, but I didn't hear him. I couldn't hear him.

I went numb and ended up curled into a ball. The black monster just wouldn't leave me alone. Small water droplets ran down my face, as darkness covered my eyes. Leaving me with my last thought. 'Who was he, and what am I?' With that I passed out.

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