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Well I finally got around to posting my story of Evangelion. So here is the first chapter. One of the things that made NGE so interesting was the relationships between the characters. Though it was also because of the psychological aspects which made in interesting to me. I try to stick close to the core of what made it interesting by having the characters question themselves in their own minds and of course developing the love-hate relationship of Shinji and Asuka. And without further ado I give you Spawn of Adam.

Update: 12/26/14.

So I've long known that Spawn of Adam has its fair share of problems, from its many grammatical errors, to the early interactions between Shinji and Asuka being somewhat out of place compared to how things started to take shape. With that said, I'm gonna begin re-uploading each chapter, fixing mistakes, and overall rewriting some stuff. In this chapter in particular I've completely changed the first interaction between them so that Asuka's been toned way down compared to how she initially acted.

Shinji Ikari looked out the window from where he sat in his homeroom class. It had been raining for close to a week now, and the rain depicted what his mood felt like right now: miserable. Shinji had never cared much for a social life and shunned people away when they got to close to him. He preferred to sit in class and listen to his SDAT while the teacher ran through the normal, boring routine of lecturing without pause. His teacher had gotten tired of having to put up with Shinji's constant absences, and him not paying attention in class and just acted like his seat was empty. Shinji didn't care anymore whether he wanted him there or not. He just came to school and slept whenever his roommate at home became too much of a pain in the ass to deal with.

Shinji sighed and continued to look out the window. He had received an envelope this morning from his father stating that he would be moving the next day. That was one reason why Shinji never had a social life. His father who worked at the Nerv facilities somewhere in Tokyo-3, constantly kept his son moving from apartment to apartment not letting him stay in the same place very long. Shinji hated his father for this, and the fact that he hadn't even seen him for over a year. His father had abandoned him to go work on his stupid Nerv projects, 'Whatever those were,' thought Shinji.

He continued to look out the window when he heard the bell ring, signaling the start of lunch. 'God damn this day,' he thought. 'I wish it would just hurry up and be over with so I can go to my next home. I can just hope that it'll be better than what I'm stuck with now.'

He was the last one to get up from his chair and walked swiftly past the teacher as he shot Shinji a scowl. 'Don't even think he bothered to write my name down on the register. Though it doesn't matter now. I'm leaving so I won't be seeing him any more.'

Leaving the school grounds, he suddenly wished he would have just stayed put. Within minutes of exiting the school, he was soaked to the bone and his clothes felt like they were weighing him down a few extra pounds.

Shinji however didn't want to go home, or what he called a home right now. Later, he would get back, pack up, and simply wait for tomorrow to come. He didn't feel like facing his roommate right now. This morning they had gotten into a shouting match over last nights party that had been held. Shinji had come back from strolling the streets of Tokyo-3 to find his room a mess, empty bear bottles littering the floor, and the smell of vomit lingering. Worst of all, he was stuck disinfecting the whole place, and now just this morning he found out he was leaving.

'Should have left the idiot to clean the mess up himself,' he thought bitterly.

Most of his time spent in Tokyo-3, he had taken long walks through the streets and alleyways and he knew the place so well that he could close his eyes and walk by memory. It was one way that he used to escape the reality that he was facing. With his SDAT in hand, he would walk aimlessly through Tokyo until he found a suitable spot to fall asleep. He almost wished that his father would just let him sleep outside. At least he was more content this way.

He walked aimlessly for hours until he arrive at a spot that he visited often. He had arrived at the Bay of Tokyo and looked towards the sun which was just starting to set. It was stuff like this that brought him into his own world. Watching the sun, he could forget about everything and just watch until it set. Then, though he would be forced back to the sharp reality that was his life and plunged into his own misery again. 'Its not like its my fault that I'm miserable. All my father ever does is shun me from place to place.'

'Ah, but its your decision not to connect with people,' said a small voice in his head.

'I never get a chance though. I rarely stay at the same school for three months. How the hell am I supposed to connect with people and then stay in contact with them if I move around so much?'

The voice didn't respond as though admitting defeat.

Shinji now laid back against the grassy shore and looked up into the sky, or what he could see of it. Many building towered over him and their tall peaks made it difficult for him to see much of the sky. He felt like they were pressing down around him. 'Damn this city,' he thought. 'There is nothing to do except get drunk, according to my roommate.' Even Shinji had to smile at that thought. 'Probably bending over the toilet right now and feeling his dinner coming up.'

Shinji would have liked to continue laying their until the sun finally set but willed himself to get up. Even though he hated his roommate he thought it appropriate to tell him that he would be leaving tomorrow. Pushing himself up into a sitting position he gave one final look at the sun before he turned to go, but then did a double take.

He wasn't sure how long they had been there, but someone was down by the water looking out across the ocean. Shinji squinted his eyes trying to make out who could be down there. Standing up he looked again and saw that it was a girl and she must have been close to his age. She had long red hair that came down to the middle of her back, and her hair was separating into three parts thanks to the hair clips that she wore. She was wearing a simple yellow dress that was blowing against the wind. The contrast between herself and the setting sun in front of her was almost blinding. It was almost as though that fiery red hair and sun dress magnified herself and the sun so that she gave off an eerie orange glow. Shinji wasn't sure what made him do it but he stood there for sometime watching the back of her. He had a sudden urge to go down there and find out who she was, but then shook his head.

"No point," he said softly. "Tomorrow I'll be gone again so theres no point in finding out who she is."

Giving her back one last look he turned and walked back towards his soon to be old apartment. Though the thought of the setting sun and her was constantly on his mind for the rest of the night.

Shinji woke up the next morning and waited outside his roommates door. When he had come home last night he had found him sleeping on the couch passed out. Deciding that he would just wait till the next morning, he had packed what little things he owned, and went to sleep.

Now he was leaning against his roommates door with his bag in his hand waiting for him to get up. Shinji sighed and looked down at his watch. He was supposed to meet this Misato Katsuragi in the next few hours. Shinji frowned at the name of this unidentified person. From the sound of it she was a women, and Shinji hadn't had a woman as a roommate, yet.

'Well, anything is probably better than what I'm stuck with right now,' he thought.

Sighing again he slumped down into a sitting position and leaned his head against the door.

'Ah hurry the hell up, he thought. 'I wanna get this over with.'

Shinji wasn't sure how long he sat there waiting for his roommate to wake up, but it must have been at least half an hour. Feeling that he was starting to get drowsy from sitting there for so long, he stood up and turned to face the door. 'Enough. I'm getting his ass up.'

He swung the door open about to tell his roommate to get the hell up. He was shocked to see that the bed was empty and seemed to have been for several hours.

"What the hell. This is the first time I've known him to get up early."

Shinji looked at his watch again and knew that he wouldn't be able to tell him in person.

"I guess I'll just leave him a note telling him I've left. I'm sure he wont care. He's been talking about having his girlfriend start sleeping over."

Shinji looked around and realized how weird it was that he was talking about this out loud to himself and suddenly felt lonely. At least he had had someone to talk to, but now...

"It'll work out," he said. Then shook his head and thought, 'I've got to stop talking out loud, its weird."

Walking over to the table he tore off a piece of paper on the notepad that was sitting there and rummaged in his bag to find a pen that would work. Finding one that was suitable he hastily scribbled a quick message about where he was going.

Hey, I see you woke up early, odd. Anyway I'm leaving finally and thought that I should at least tell you about it. I think I told you that I might get moved again by my father, but you might not have been sober at the time. Well, I'm finally leaving now so you don't have to worry about me upsetting your girlfriend when she's over.

Shinji paused here and remembered when he had walked in on the two of them making love. The thought of that still brought stomach acid up his esophagus. Not sure how to finish it now he simply signed his name at the end of it and carried it into his room and placed it on his futon.

Walking back into what was considered the living room, he gave everything one last look before he turned his back on his old home and walked out the door.

Shinji walked the quickest way to get to his destination. He had a little under forty-five minutes to get to this cafe where he was supposed to me Misato. Taking many short cuts down alleyways and old gravel roads, he paused for a minute against a street sign catching his breath. His SDAT had repeated itself several times over now and he pulled the earphones out of his ear getting bored with the music.

Stuffing it back in his bag he straightened up and swung his bag over his shoulder and continued on to the cafe.

When Shinji arrived his first impression of it was one of disgust. It was tucked away in a corner of the street and looked as though it was reserved for only the poor. Now though that Shinji looked around he saw that he was in one of the old slums of Tokyo-3. It looked like a shack more than anything. The sign which hung over the front of the cafe was slightly lopsided and the nails that held it to the wood where rusted and obviously strained from the weight on the metal sign. The roof looked as though it had suffered many a battering from past storms and some of the shingles were missing. Shinji figured that it smelled like rot and mold inside and decided to wait outside. Or he felt that he would be mimicking his old roommate and vomiting.

Sitting himself down on the edge of the sidewalk he waited there for Misato to pick him up and take him away to whatever place she came from. Shinji started feeling drowsy again and tried to keep himself awake, but to no avail.

It was sometime later when Shinji awoke to the sound of a car engine. It sounded like it was in agony and if it had voice Shinji knew it would be screaming. Pushing himself up into a sitting position he looked to his left where he thought he heard the sound coming from. Suddenly he saw a blue spec speeding towards him.

'Shit,' he thought. 'That drivers crazy. If I don't move out of the way I'm gonna have my feet flattened into pancake.'

Rolling over so that he was several feet away from the curb he was suddenly glad that he had done so. The car hadn't slowed at all and only stopped when its two wheels on its right side struck the curb and ran up along it. If Shinji hadn't backed away as far as he had, he would have been pulled under the car.

Shinji felt something trickling down his arm now and looked down to see that in his haste to get out of the way he had skinned his elbow. 'Wonderful,' he thought. 'Thanks to this crazy driver I'm bleeding now.'

Standing up slowly, he brushed the dust off his pants and shirt and now looked at his elbow. His elbow was tinged with gravel and dirt and was starting to sting a little bit. Kneeling down he reached for his bag to take a cloth out when someone grabbed his hand. He turned around slowly to see the driver of the blue car looking at him with a worried look in her eyes.

"Your not bleeding are you?"

Shinji thought it would have been rude to state the obvious and make her feel ashamed and simply shrugged it off as though it was no big deal.

"You are bleeding aren't you? Oh God I'm so sorry. I was just so late that I was forced to speed most of the way here, and I didn't see you and wasn't able to stop in time."

She walked back to her car and opened the glove compartment and pulled out a simple first aid kit. Shinji thought this was going a bit far and opened his mouth to say so but she simply shook her head.

"Its my fault that you're injured so let me do this."

Shinji simply shrugged again and let her tend to his elbow. Then he felt the stinging grow stronger and had a sudden urge to yell out. He looked down and saw that she was rubbing his elbow with a small cloth that he suspected had alcohol on it. Looking away quickly so she wouldn't see the painful expression on his face. It was an odd feeling that he wasn't able to express. It almost felt like something a mother would do. Though he wasn't sure what a mother was like, since his had died when he had been young. Thoughts of his mother led to his father and he felt boiling hatred surge through him.

This stranger must have seen this and asked if he was all right. Shinji nodded and thought that he should at least thank her for what she was trying to make up for what she had done.

"Hey...um...thanks for well...helping..."

"No problem," she smiled. "Its all my fault anyway so I feel responsible for cleaning it."

"Thanks," Shinji mumbled again.

The female stranger responded by putting a bandage over Shinji's scrape. Shinji now raised his elbow looked at it. It still stung a little, but at least it was clean. He could see that some blood was trying to seep through the bandage and knew he'd have to change it later.

Looking over at the female driver he finally got a good look at her face. She seemed to be in her mid to late twenties. She had long purple hair that was tied back in a pony tail and on top of her head she had a pair of sun glasses. 'Way to young to be my mother,' thought Shinji. Then he looked at her chest and was surprised to see a Nerv I.D. badge pinned to her jacket which he now saw had the Nerv emblem of a leaf embedded on the shoulder.

"Look I'm really sorry about what happened just now. I just..."

"Don't worry so much about it. You've more than made up for what just happened." Shinji now gave her a small smile that she returned somewhat forcefully.

Shinji surprised himself at the bluntness of his next question. "You don't happen to work at Nerv do you?"

The female driver frowned at him. "I didn't know many people knew about the existence of Nerv."

"Well, the badge is in full few and you've got the emblem on your jacket. So it was a little bit obvious."

"How do you know so much? Do you know someone who works there?"

"Err yeah. My father does, at least, last time I talked to him he did. Though that was about a year ago."

"Your father," said the female driver now with a shocked look on her face.

"I think so. Why you don't know him do you?"

"Wait," she paused. "Your last name doesn't happen to be Ikari does it?"

"Yeah it does," said Shinji just as surprised.

Suddenly the female driver sat down on the curb next to him and laughed out. This shocked Shinji more than anything that had happened so far that day. Her mood immediately changed from concerned to one of complete laxness. She suddenly hit him rather hard on the back, looked at him again, and laughed.

"So I take it you know my dad?"

"Know him. Everyone in Nerv knows who your father is. I work for him. He's the man thats in charge of Nerv. Gendo Ikari is well known for his experiments with-"

She cut herself off and Shinji looked back at her rather blankly.

"Well," she said. "This makes my job a lot easier. Though I never would have thought that I'd almost run you over. I was a bit worried that you would have gotten tired of waiting for me."

Shinji frowned at her, "You act as though you were planning to meet with...wait," and here Shinji turned to her and his eyes widened slightly. "You don't happen to be Misato Katsuragi."

She simply winked at him and said, "Bingo Shinji."

Shinji was surprised but also felt happy with the change of circumstances. "So I take it that I'll be living with you for a while," he asked.

"That appears to be so."

Shinji suddenly felt happier than he could last remember. She didn't seem all that much like an adult now that she knew who he was but he didn't seem to care. He was just happy that he seemed to be able to talk with her easily.

"Well," she said standing up. "Now that I found you I suggest that we head back to my apartment and get you settled in." She looked at the bag that was sitting next to him. "I take it thats all the stuff you own."

Shinji looked down and nodded. It wasn't a whole lot of stuff. Most of it he had had for several years and he needed to get some new clothes. His old ones were starting to get too small.

"Well, I think that I'll have to take you shopping sometime so you can get whatever you like. I take it you haven't had many choices to choose what you want."

Shinji continued to look down and mumbled a barely audible 'no.'

Misato looked at him and felt a small smile appear on her face. Tapping him slightly on the shoulder she gestured for him to put his stuff in the back, which he did.

"OK," she said. "Next stop my apartment. And I'll try not to drive too sporadically so you don't feel sick."

At this point Shinji was just happy to have found somebody that seemed to care about him.

Whatever Misato Katsuragi was, she was not clean. Navigating through the mess that was her apartment was almost impossible. Shinji took a small room adjacent to another room that was currently empty. He had thought about asking why he wasn't using that one, but decided it was best not to be rude. She was giving him a place to sleep after all.

One thing that he hadn't been expecting about her was the fact that she drank a lot of beer. Upon opening the fridge to get something to drink, he saw more six packs of beer than what had been at his old roommates place. Shinji wasn't sure whether to laugh, or feel annoyed and simply closed it and got water out of the tap.

Misato had to go back to work almost immediately when they had gotten back and said that she wouldn't be back until later in the afternoon. She said that she would tell his father that she had picked him up, and that now he was now living in her apartment. Shinji was guessing that his father didn't care. As long as he wasn't bothering him at all.

Shinji had gotten tired of the bottles of beer and bags of junk food littering the floor and decided to do clean the apartment. From what he saw, she mainly ate take out or instant meals.

'Well, good thing I taught myself how to cook these past years,' thought Shinji.

Finished with the cleaning, he proceeded to take a shower but opened the wrong door and found himself face to face with a penguin. Shinji let out a loud yell that could be heard several floors down as he backed up to the fridge reaching for a blunt object. The penguin simply looked back at him blinking at him sleepily. Yawning widely the penguin grasped a hold of the sliding door and closed it once again, but not before giving a loud squawk in Shinji's direction

Shinji's heart was beating faster than he could last remember. 'What the hell is that woman thinking. Keeping a penguin in an environment like this.' Now though he wondered if the penguin had some bit of intelligence in it and decided to ask her later.

Sighing slightly he walked to the correct bathroom this time, stripped quickly, and was pleased to feel the hot water hitting his skin. For no apparent reason, his thoughts strayed to last night when he had seen that girl down by the shore against the setting sun. If he knew that things would have happened like this and he would be staying in Tokyo-3, then he would have asked her name at least. Though now it seemed that he wouldn't see her again. "Wonder what she's like..." He wondered out loud.

Suddenly he hit his head against the wall of the shower. Certain thoughts had just crossed his mind and he didn't quite appreciate them. He didn't even know who she was. Hadn't even seen her face for that matter. 'Stop thinking like that you idiot. The chances of seeing her again are almost nil.'

Turning off the hot water before anything else crossed his mind, he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked to his bedroom to change.

Misato didn't come home until late at night. Shinji had fallen asleep in his new room with his SDAT waiting for her to come home. He awoke when he heard her stumbling around the kitchen and slid his door open a little to see her looking in the fridge for something.

"Misato-san, you're home later than you said you would be."

"Oh sorry Shinji. I had some things I had to take care of. Thanks for cleaning up around her. I've been meaning to, but I just don't have enough time."

Shinji highly doubted that she would have cleaned, even if she had a week of nothing to do, but he didn't care. It kept him occupied at least when he had nothing to do.

Sitting down in a chair next to her, he frowned when he saw that she had a can of beer in her hand. Even though Shinji was only fifteen he knew that drinking before bed wasn't the smartest thing to do, and opened his mouth to say something when she cut across him.

"I talked to your father and he wanted me to tell you something."

Shinji wasn't it the mood to listen to anything that his father felt worthwhile but simply nodded.

"He wants you to continue going to the school your currently attending."

Shinji was surprised at this. "Does he want to keep me here for a while or something?"

"Can't say," said Misato taking a huge gulp of beer.

"I met that penguin of yours but the way," said Shinji.

Misato raised an eyebrow at him and put her beer down. "Forgot that I hadn't shown Pen-Pen to you yet. He didn't attack you or anything did he?"

"No. Seemed like I woke him up though, but he just went back to sleep."

"Just like him." She finished her beer and belched rather unladylike. She was a lot different than what he had expected.

"I'm going to bed now. I expect you to go to school like a good boy tomorrow. Make sure you do go, or you'll have to answer to me."

Shinji chuckled, "You sound like a mother."

"I'm now your guardian so its only natural that I look after you."

Shinji blinked and felt tears forming in his eyes and hastily wiped them away with the back of his hand.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow Shinji, good night."

"Yeah, good night Misato."

When Shinji arrived at school the next day whispers followed him wherever he went. Apparently most of the kids had thought he had finally dropped out. They were therefore surprised to see him there the next day. True to his word Shinji, didn't even bring his SDAT so that it wouldn't distract him. Now that he had a place that he could happily call home he felt like putting more of an effort into his school work, even if the other kids didn't believe him.

His teacher still didn't think that he was trying seriously though, and ignored him for most of the day. The morning passed without much of a difference in what Shinji was normally used to, and he was just thinking of going home when there teacher addressed them.

"We have a new student that will be joining us today. She is an exchange student from Germany and she can speak Japanese fluently. She has also graduated from a German university at the age of fourteen and is extremely brilliant."

He looked up from the piece of paper that he was reading from and looking towards the door. "Is that it then?" he asked with a slight annoyed tone in his voice?

"Yeah, thats enough," said an energetic voice from the other side of the door leading out into the hallway.

Shinji was starring out the window and was only picking up about half of this. 'Just another annoying girl like the rest of them,' he thought.

Again there teacher starting talking but the girl had cut across him now. "I can introduce myself," she said.

Even though Shinji wasn't paying attention to what was going on he could tell that a change in the room had happened. All the guys around him had started whispering all at once and Shinji could only assume that it had something to do with the new girl.

The girl had started talking again either oblivious to the muttering of the guys or simply enjoying it.

Shinji heard the light tapping of chalk against the board and now heard her start talking again though this time he was paying attention enough to at least get her name.

"My name is Asuka Langely Soryu. Pleasure to meet all of you."

All at once their was a massive babbling from all the guys except Shinji who was once again ignoring the whole thing. Asuka had questions launched at her from all over the place and she couldn't help but smirk as all the guys fawned over her.

It took sometime for there teacher to get everyone quieted down. When he had yelled at several guys who had tried to get her phone number and threatened several others to send them to the principles office, he told Asuka to take the empty seat in front of Shinji.

Shinji only caught this last part and sighed slightly. From the sound of this girl, she thought that she was superior to everyone else. He would have preferred to just continue looking out the window, but saw that somebody was standing over him.

Looking away from the window he came face to face with Asuka, who was starring back at him. The entire classroom had gone quiet and Shinji felt his heart stop as soon as he looked into her face.

'No way,' he thought. 'She can't be, but...no its gotta be her.'

He was looking up into the face of the girl he had seen on the beach. Her hair was the correct color and Shinji confirmed that it was her when he saw the hair clips that she had in her hair. His eyes strayed to her face and saw that she had blue eyes which seemed to be rather stern. He couldn't believe that he was looking into the face of her, and that he also knew her name now. What's more she was looking at him rather intently and curiously. 'This is awkward,' thought Shinji as beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

Suddenly she put her hand out and flicked her forefinger against his forehead making him flinch slightly. Shinji wasn't sure what to make of this behavior. Was she teasing him, or what?

Suddenly their teacher cleared his throat slightly and Asuka turned around to frown at him. Shinji's eyes strayed over her again taking her in. Shinji felt that if he continued to stare at her, he would start having strange thoughts again, and quickly turned his gaze back to the window. Asuka saw this and now there was a very annoyed look on her face. She turned her back on him and sat down in front of him.

Shinji could hear the muttering of the fellow males in his classroom all discussing what had just happened between the two. "Why does he get to sit behind her?"

"And why did she flick his forehead? Do they know each other from somewhere?"

Shinji was getting annoyed at this, and saw that in front of him Asuka was steadily turning red.

However the teacher started to call out roll and brought the class back order.

Asuka meanwhile was thinking about what had just happened. When she had walked into the class every single guy was drooling over her, though that one behind her hadn't even flinched when she walked in. Either he was gay, retarded, or had no emotions of which she thought the last one was mostly true. She had attempted to get a reaction out of him by flirting with him a little, just to tease him, but he didn't even respond. 'How pathetic,' she thought. She couldn't stand weak guys.

Meanwhile the teacher had continued to call out names and Asuka answered when she heard hers called. When the teacher asked if Ayanami Rei was still absent Asuka smirked, 'So the precious First Child goes to this school as well. What a fun experience that will be, trying to have a conversation with the doll. She's even more lifeless than the guy behind me.'

The teacher went through the list of names and Shinji was starting to wonder if his name was even still on their when the teacher called out his name rather reluctantly.

"And Shinji Ikari. You're still here aren't you?" It was as if the teacher wished he wasn't.

"Yeah," replied Shinji. 'Though I sure as hell don't want to be,' he thought.

Asuka however had spun around in her chair when she heard Shinji's last name, and frowned at him.

Shinji noticed this but continued to stare out the window. 'God what is wrong with her? As far as I know she has no reason to hate me at all. Or is she just normally annoyed at everyone?'

Asuka had heard that Shinji's last name was Ikari but was still surprised to hear it. 'So your the son of Gendo Ikari who's in charge of Nerv, huh. I guess going to this school wasn't a complete waste of my time.'

Turning around, Asuka faced the front of the room, ignoring Shinji for the rest of the class period.

Shinji however couldn't help but have his eyes stray towards her occasionally. She was really quite beautiful, even if her attitude was a little rough. Shinji was really starting to wish that he had just asked her name yesterday. If he had, maybe things wouldn't have gotten off to such a rough start.

After school Shinji slowly walked back towards Misato's apartment. He figured that she would be wanting to hear about what he did in school today. 'She can be a bit annoying at times,' he thought. But then she was the best roommate that he had, so he wasn't complaining.

As Shinji walked he couldn't help but notice that Asuka was walking on the sidewalk opposite of where he was. It seemed that the two of them where heading in the same direction and Shinji felt slightly nervous, remembering that their paths would cross at the next intersection.

As she crossed the sidewalk to get on his side, he hurriedly sped up so that he could be in front of her. He was nervous now about talking to her, considering she seemed to dislike him. Shinji really didn't want to talk with her right now, and constantly looked over his shoulder to check that she was still a good distance away. Call him a coward if you will, but the last thing he wanted was to get on this girls bad side. Surprisingly though, he heard her calling out to him.

"Oi, you, from this morning. Slow down a minute, I want to talk to you."

Shinji did his best to ignore her, and kept walking forward, but his pace quickened slightly. He heard hurried footsteps behind him however, and soon, Asuka was matching her pace with his, several feet behind him. Ignoring her he continued to walk at a steady pace.

'My god,' she thought in German. 'What does it take to get a reaction from this idiot?'

She continued walking directly behind him, but changed pace again, so that she was walking at the same pace next to him. Shinji couldn't help it, and glanced over at her. Asuka was looking over at him. Her lips were smiling, but there was something malicious in her eyes that Shinji didn't care for.

'Does she expect me to say something? Or should I be acting like all the other guys in my classroom did?'

Asuka didn't try say anything to him though, and after walking alongside him for a while in silence, Shinji heard her mumble something inaudible under her breath, and then she sped up past him, throwing him a rather vicious glance as she did.

Shinji slowed down, and then stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, looking up at the sky. 'Wonderful,' he thought. 'I get a cool roommate who acts like my guardian, but now I've met the strangest girl ever. Great way to start my new life out.'

Sighing slightly, he returned his eyes to the sidewalk, and continued walking. He was rather eager to get back to Misato's apartment, his new home, but he wished that Asuka would just go back to Germany.

"Misato I'm back," Shinji called as he took off his shoes and stepped into the apartment.

"Ah good I was just getting worried. You took longer than I expected."

"Well, some things happened," said Shinji as he walked into the kitchen and stopped dead when he saw that Misato was drinking tea with someone.

Asuka was sitting at the kitchen table with Misato holding a tea cup in her hand which immediately fell to the floor, shattering, sending tea in all directions.

Shinji blinked blankly back and suddenly realized what she was wearing. She was dressed in a loose tang-top which fell loosely around her chest revealing a little more then Shinji cared to comment on. She had apparently abandoned the need to even bother with pants and was in nothing more than her underwear, which were also white. What's more she had removed the hair clips and now her hair was meshed together in one long wave.

Asuka stared blankly back at him for several seconds before shouting, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?"

She ran at him and grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him ferociously. Thankfully Misato stepped in between them before she was able to cause him any more bodily harm.

"Asuka calm down," said Misato as she dragged her away from Shinji.

"Why is he here!?"

Misato simply laughed. "I see that the two of you know each other from somewhere."

Shinji now spoke up and said, "Unfortunately yes."

"What was?" yelled Asuka.

"Now come on you two," said Misato. "You guys are both going to be living here, so I expect you to be able to get along."

They both stared blankly back at her.

"Come again?" asked Asuka. "I don't think I heard you correctly?"

"You. Two. Will. Be. Living. Together. Here," repeated Misato.

Asuka looked blankly back at her and then turned around and walked out of the kitchen.

"Asuka where are you going?" asked Misato as Asuka gathered up her things.

"I'm leaving. No way in hell can I live in the same apartment with this moron."

With that she slammed the door and left the apartment.

Shinji was left standing alone in the kitchen as the whole thing hit him. 'Oh God. Me and Asuka living together? I wouldn't survive a day.' However when Misato came back in, she told him that Asuka had left without any intention of coming back.

"What the hell happened between the two of you?" asked Misato.

"...I'm not even sure," was all Shinji said, before he launched into the school day and what happened afterwards.

By the time he had finished several hours had gone by and she could hear the steady plop plop as it started to rain outside.

Misato looked out the window. She was starting to get worried about Asuka. She had left in nothing but that tang-top and underwear and was worried that she would be getting cold by now.

Walking into the living room she saw that Shinji was contently sitting on the couch listening to his SDAT and reading a book. 'Does he really not care about here? Its not like she's the most unattractive girl out there.' Then she suddenly winced at the prospect of someone taking advantage of her with it raining like this.

"Shinji get up," she said pushing against his arm rather forcibly.

"Huh...Oh Misato, what do you want?"

"What I want is for you to go out and find Asuka."

Shinji frowned, "Why? You heard her, she doesn't want to be in the same room with me."

"So are you saying you aren't worried about her at all?"

"I..." he hesitated. "She can taking of herself," he said finally.

"Look its raining out and she's left in clothes that aren't even suitable for the summer."

"Thats her problem not mine."

This earned him a slap. Putting his hand up to his face, he felt the spot that stung slightly from where Misato's hand had struck him. Looking up, he saw that she was glaring at him with something close to hatred.

"Are you that insensitive, Shinji? Do you seriously not care what could happen to her? She's out there in the freezing rain, possibly being picked up by some guy in a truck with who knows what happening to her. And you say that it's her problem not yours. She's right you don't have emotions. You're a coward."

He looked back at her and suddenly felt ashamed of himself for thinking like that. She was right he was emotionless and a coward.

Sitting bolt upright now he flung himself off the couch and ran to his room tossing on a pair of jeans a long sleeve shirt and a jacket. He was about to leave the room when he decided that he better bring a spare for Asuka.

He ran out of his room and found himself face to face with Misato.

"I...I-I'm sorry for being such an insensitive jerk. I'll be sure to find her and bring her back."

With that he ran out the door into the downpour.

Misato smiled slightly at him now, "Hmph he just doesn't want to let on to his emotions."

Shinji ran through Tokyo-3, thinking of all the possibilities where Asuka could have gone. It had been at least three hours since she left and forty-five minutes since this downpour had started. 'She must have found shelter somewhere,' he thought and decided to check around some of the slums that littered Tokyo-3. Though he hoped that she had stayed out of those. Even though he had only known her for a short while, and he couldn't say he liked her, he was feeling worried for her sake.

Soon Shinji found himself going door to door to peoples houses asking if they had seen a girl around age fifteen or sixteen with long red hair and blue eyes. He didn't feel like mentioning what she was wearing. None of them where able to provide any answer and Shinji eventually decided that she wasn't in this part of Tokyo-3.

His mind was starting to scream out at him for letting things escalate to this point. 'AH IF ONLY I HAD JUST ASKED HER NAME YESTERDAY THIS MIGHT NOT HAVE HAPPENED.' Suddenly he remembered the beach yesterday.

'Yes,' he told himself. 'Thats got to be where she is.'

Running faster than he could remember, with the spare jacket flopping along his shoulders, he managed to get to the beach within the span of minutes. Looking down he couldn't see much, owing to the fact that a mist had settled on the beach. He quickly ran down the steps leading to the beach, and started calling out her name frantically.

'Damn it, she better be here,' he thought.

This mist was so hard to see, that several times had tripped over wooden logs that had been washed up onto the beach. Suddenly, he tripped over something that was rather large and heavy. Falling to the ground he reached over and felt that it was a bag of some sort. 'Asuka's bag?'

Suddenly he yelled out, "Asuka where are you!?"

At first, all he could hear was his own voice returning to him on the wind, but then he thought he heard a reply from somewhere off to his right. Scooping up her bag, he ran in the direction of the voice only to trip over something much more squishy and heard a small yelp of surprise. He realized that he had fallen on top of her but didn't care about the position when he heard her voice.

"Idiot, what are you doing out here in the freezing cold."

The mist cleared and he saw that he was a few inches away from her face.

"...Asuka," he said weakly.

She frowned up at him, and sighed. "How long do you plan on lying on top of me."

"Ah, no...this is," muttered Shinji.

He pushed himself off of her, and saw that she had gotten up also. His face opened up into his first blush as he saw that the rain had made her tang-top see through. It clung to her body like a fly clung to fly paper and Shinji had to tear his gaze away from her.

"So what do you want?" she asked with a scowl.

Shinji looked back at her rather surprised. "Why do you think I'm out here in the freezing rain? It certainly isn't to go for a jog."

"Real witty," she smirked.

"I was worried about you."

Asuka had to let that flow through her mind before it registered.

"You where worried about me?" she whispered.

"Of course. You just left without a word. Then this storm started up, and you...well weren't wearing much so...and also I well...I mean...your not the most err unattractive girl so...I was a bit well...worried about your well being. What with how you looked and...some guys might have wanted to take advantage of that."

Asuka was amazed at what he was referring to.

"You were scared that I might have been raped?" she whispered.

"Yeah," he mumbled.

She was touched by his chivalrousness but didn't want to admit it.

"Idiot, I can take care of myself." Frowning at him, she continued with, "Thanks though, I guess...or...well...yeah"

It was a little awkward for the two of them. Barely three hours ago they had been looking daggers at each other. Shinji took this moment to hand her her bag and also give her the spare coat.

She looked at him, surprised at the thoughtfulness of this and took it without question. Though when she put it on she started shivering worse than ever.

"Is something wrong," he asked?

"Of course idiot, this thing is soaking wet. I felt better without it."

"Well, then take mine. It's warmer."

"With your body touching it, not a chance."

"Oh just deal with it Asuka. Your freezing cold."

"Fine," she snapped at him.

They both looked at the ground for a while before Shinji said, "Come on lets go back. Misato's worried sick about you."

"No, I still don't want to live in the same house as you."

"What, you have another place to go, or where you planning to sleep outside?"

Asuka flushed angrily at what he said about her not having a place to sleep. "Anythings better than having to share an apartment with you, idiot."

"Fine then," sighed Shinji. "Have fun spending the night under a cardboard box."

He turned to leave but felt her grab onto his wrist. He smiled slightly, 'Hmph figures.'

She spun him around with surprising force and gave him something reminiscent of a smile. "Fine, you win, idiot. I'll stay at Misato's place until I find a proper place to stay. However," and here her tone turned deathly cold. "If I ever catch you sneaking into my room in the middle of the night, or peeking at me in the shower, I'll be sure to kick you so hard in the balls you'll have to have them surgically removed out of your ass."

She walked past him, but not before giving him a light jab on his shoulder. 'What did I just do,' asked Shinji to himself? 'I actually convinced her to stay. I must be loosing my mind. I won't last till sunrise.'

Asuka arrived back at Misato's apartment a little ahead of Shinji. Shinji hadn't wanted to give her an excuse to start physically abusing him again and walked several paces behind her.

When Asuka walked back into Misato's apartment Misato threw her arms around Asuka and gave her a big hug. Shinji arrived back in time to see this and had to suppress a grin. 'Maybe it wont be so bad. Having her stay here.'

Misato let go of Asuka and now walked over to Shinji and gave him the same big hug. Shinji felt that his back was about ready to split in two. He looked over Misato's shoulder and saw that Asuka was laughing at him silently. The difference it brought to her features was astounding. Where before their had been moody, angry German girl, their now stood someone who seemed rather friendly, Shinji smirked at her slightly. Seeing this Asuka stopped laughing and gave him a scowl before she walked past them, to her room and slammed the sliding door to a close only to have it bounce back open.


Shinji just laughed at her outburst and walked to his own room feeling suddenly tired. Flopping down on his own futon he couldn't help but feel slightly happy that he would be living together with Asuka. Rolling over onto his side he turned of his SDAT and fell asleep.