A great love, is a lot like a good memory.

When its there, and you know its there, but its just out of your reach, it can be all that you think about.

-Burnie Burns

Red waves sloshed against the shore of Tokyo-3. The entire sky was a bright red color that reflected off the oceans surface, completely dissimilar to moon light. Destroyed buildings littered the landscape, some of which seemed to have been picked up and flung in some random direction.

Within this empty vastness of destruction, a single person lay on the sand.

Shinji Ikari, winced as bright light pierced through his eyelids, forcing them open. It took him several seconds for his vision to adjust to the light. When he did so, he saw that he was looking up at a bright red sky.

He was confused.

His limbs ached immensely, but slowly, he managed to push himself up.

He looked around at the wasteland. He had no idea where he was.

Forcing his legs to stand, he pushed himself upward, and dug his feet into the soil. He was shoeless, and was only wearing a pair of jeans and a white shirt. He walked to the shoreline, and looked out across the water. What looked like a destroyed naval fleet littered the water. Battleships were capsized with there noses stick straight up in the air. Had a battle of some sorts happened here?

Shinji looked up and down the shoreline, but didn't see any other humans. It seemed that he was all alone in the emptiness.

Bending down, he placed his hands in the water and lifted them. What he had at first thought was just red water turned out to be a different substance. It almost felt like sand, but trickled through his fingers as if it was water. And it also had a certain smell to it, almost like that of blood.

Shinji stood back up, and looked up and down the shoreline again. He couldn't see very far off in the distance, but he couldn't just accept the fact that he was the only human here. The world after all had several billions humans on it. Thinking that he was the only one here was plain stupid.

As his feet started to regain there feel, Shinji found that he was able to run quite easily, something which he was a little shocked at. He had never been very athletic, but the sea breeze the whipped against his hair felt too good.

After a time, Shinji slowly to a walked and looked out across the water. He was almost certain that some sort of war had happened, but why couldn't he remember anything?

As Shinji turned his head back to the shoreline however, he saw a shape lying down on the sand. Squinting his eyes, Shinji was able to notice the human like characteristics of the body. Breaking into a run, he skidded across the sand as he neared the body of the person. Where they alive? Would they be able to tell Shinji about what had happened.

But as Shinji neared the person, he slowed down, before stopping altogether.

"A...girl?" Shinji mumbled. It was the first time he had said anything, and he was a little surprised at the sound of his own voice. But the important thing right now was this though.

Shinji kneeled down next to the girl and looked at her. She seemed...strange. She was wearing a weird sort of fabric that almost seemed elastic. In her hair, were things that seemed liked hair clips at first, but Shinji had never seen anything like it before. Her hair itself was a fiery red color, almost exactly the same and the outfit she was wearing.

Leaning a little closer, Shinji placed his face closer to hers. He could hear her slowly breathing, so that was good; at least she was alive. But where had she come from exactly?

He wanted to wake her, but thought that such a thing might not be the best option. Sitting down beside her, Shinji placed his hands beside her, and rested there, staring at her face. She seemed to be no older than he was; around fifteen he would have to guess. He even noticed that she was rather cute.

'Who are you?' wondered Shinji.

Never once would he have guessed that beside him was the girl he had once loved.

Well, that is now truly the end of Spawn of Adam. I'm sure some of you despise that ending, but don't worry, because the Prologue for Two of Us will be coming out tomorrow in all likelihood. This is by far the longest thing I've ever written (I think its even the longest ShinjiXAsuka fic on the site). But as I said before, I'm very happy with how this has turned out, and just want to thank all you readers again. Thank You *Bows Deeply*

Quick clarification, yes Two of Us is the sequel to Spawn of Adam and the Prologue will be coming out tomorrow. Set in After Impact scenario and will have lemon in it.