It had just stopped raining and the sun was coming out to dry the water logged streets of Washington D.C. The usual hustle and bustle of the city hadn't ceased even when the rain had thundered down on the streets sending people scrambling. The best crime fighting duo had been separated during the rain and were secretly missing each other. Brennen would never admit it, not even to her best friend Angela that she was in fact in love with her partner, Seely Booth. She had a feeling in her "gut" as Booth would say (even though she knew that the gut couldn't possibly feel something) that Angela and the others could tell.

Booth hadn't been himself since his operation when he thought he and Brennen were married and since then he had been hesitant to bring up the topics: Marriage, dating, love, sex and most importantly Brennen dating someone. No one was good enough for Bones, his Bones.

Bones was sitting in the break area in the Jeffersonian staring out as the rain drops softly fell down the windows. She loved watching the rain fall but seeing the sun come out from its previous hiding spot behind the clouds seemed to make the whole day feel better. The only that could make her day better was being with Booth. Yes, Temperance Brennen the highly esteemed forensic anthropologist and renowned author was in fact in love with her partner, Seely Booth. When he had first told her that he loved her she had felt her heart jump in her chest she wanted to quickly respond that she felt the same way, but then he had added in an "atta girl kinda way."

Booth was sitting at his desk staring out the window, letting thoughts drift in and out, most of the thoughts were centered around one person. Bones. If there was one thing he absolutely hated doing was lying to her, especially when it was matters of the heart. He wished he hadn't added in an "atta girl kinda way" after he told her he loved her. He really did love her, he just didn't have the guts to admit it. He often found himself staring at her when she was working or doing anything for that matter. He couldn't help it, she was just so beautiful. He would love to tell her that, but if he did she would probably hurt him. It only took a moment for him to be snapped out of his little dream world, his phone starting ringing and when Cullen said they had a case Booth jumped at the chance to see his Bones.

Booth was in the SUV when he called Bones.


"Hey Bones we gotta case!"

"Booth, you realize someone had to die for us to have a case, its odd when you sound excited about it."

Booth grimaced, he wasn't excited about the case he was excited about seeing the lovely forensic anthropologist. "Ya, Bones...just meet me out in front of the Jeffersonian." He snapped his phone shut and slid it back into his pocket, ready to struggle against his strengthening feelings for his partner.

It was about ten thirty in the morning when Booth pulled in to the front parking lot of the Jeffersonian. Brennen climbed into the passenger side and gave Booth a warm smile that warmed his very soul. They had small conversations on the ride to the crime scene. Bones asked about Parker, Booth responded with no Earth shattering comments from either side of the conversation.

The ground was heavily saturated from the rains from the week before and Booth and Brennen made there way over to where the FBI techs had set up base. The body was in a heavily wooded area near what appeared to be a fort. Like the type of fort a child would make in their backyard with friends. Brennen squatted down and looked at the body with an intensity that Booth often found himself looking at her with. "Early teens..." Brennen's voice tore Booth away from his daydream.

"Huh, what Bones?" Booth felt his cheeks redden.

"I said early teens and approximately five foot five, caucasian male." Brennen started to get up when she felt herself slipping on a patch of mud. Booth immediately lounged and grabbed her by her forearms. His inattention was to catch her and then help her regain her footing but he inadvertently grabbed too close to her shoulders and when he went to help her stand he ended up with her face merely centimeters from his. They stood there silently staring into each others eyes, both unsure what to say. All of a sudden they heard a snapping branch that was too big to be a bird or any animal that lived in the D.C area. Booth pushed Brennen so that she was standing behind him. He pulled his gun out of his holster and spoke in his clear, strict Federal Agent voice.

"Federal Agents, Come out of the tree." They heard some more scrambling then heard another crack that made them both jump. They then saw a pair of worn out nike shox followed by a girl. She swung down from the branches and stood at the base of the tree uncertain of what to do next. The girl was dressed in a pair of navy blue jeans with tears in the knees and an red sweatshirt. She had blonde hair and bright blue eyes that showed fear, part of which was due to the fact that Booth still had his gun trained on her. The other part was probably because she had landed just a few feet from the body. She looked down at he body will sad eyes, she then glanced back up at Booth and Brennen awaiting further directions. Booth holstered his weapon and Brennen came to stand next to him.

"Are you okay?" Booth asked the girl.

She nodded.

"Did you know the victim?" Brennen asked.

She was hesitant at first but then nodded.

"What's your name?" Booth asked.

The girl stood unmoving, and not speaking.

"Are you mute?" Brennen asked running her eyes up and down the girl making sure she was in fact healthy.

The girls made a frowning face and shook her head.

Booth sighed, "Your going to have to come with us to answer some questions, alright?" The girl nodded and stepped towards them, she stumbled toward them and clutched her right wrist to her ribs and winced in pain. Booth immediately stepped in to help her to her feet in the process he looked into her eyes and saw pain, worry, sadness all things he saw in Brennen's eyes when she talked about her family. "Your going to be fine, just come with us." Booth saw the worry fade from her eyes as he helped her to her feet.