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Chapter 1: The Betrayal

It was a sunny afternoon when Harry Potter headed home. He had left early in order to surprise his girlfriend of 4 years and was anxiously running his hand over a velvet box in his pocket. Harry was glad he was able to convince his partner in the Auror department to take over the paperwork for the day. Blaise Zabini had become a close friend of Harry's once they became partners 3 years back but that didn't stop the Slytherin from getting a favour owed. Thinking back Harry was glad that Ron had lost his badge a few months into the job. It was hard to see his former friend lose his badge but this way Ron's temper would not get him killed in the field. Blaise was coolheaded and Harry soon learned to think like him when in dangerous situations. Countless times Harry recognized moments where Ron and he would have gone in with wands blazing where as Harry and Blaise were able to think quickly on their feet and have several back up plans ready. It was unfortunate that Ron never seem to grow out of his jealousy but after several years Harry learned to ignore it if it meant staying close to his true friend Hermione Weasley.

Harry had appeared on his driveway in order to think of the best way to surprise his girlfriend. As he reached his door he decided to sneak up on her as joke and quickly put his invisibility cloak on. Harry had taken to carrying the cloak with him everywhere along with many of George's seemly harmless pranks. In more than one occasion the distractions they provided has helped him get out of some sticky situations. Unfortunately George never got passed his twin's death and would only continue with the shop because it was the best way to keep his brother's memory with him. It was a surprise when Harry learned the newer inventions were not products made from George but from Percy. If George could never get over not having Fred with him, Percy could not get over the survivor's guilt of having Fred die instead of himself. It took Hermione and him the first two years of talking with him before he started helping George in the store. Hermione and Harry had tricked them into believing they were helping each other. George believed he was helping Percy with his survivor's guilt and Percy believed he was helping George fill up the missing space of Fred. In reality they were functioning and alive but they no longer lived.

As Harry entered his house he thought again about the ridicules house he bought two years back. It was not really a house more than a small castle but he was determined to treat his girlfriend like a princess. It was funny, now that he thought about it; He had never been one to be extravagant. Even when he was in Hogwarts he never thought about buying muggle clothes for himself for the summer and if he was perfectly honest with himself he always wanted to live in a cottage surrounded by nature isolated by the rest of the world. This mini castle had a lawn but similar to his old yard at the Dursleys. There were no trees, grass was even and it was close to a very popular street that many wizardly tourists came to visit to see the great Harry Potter. But Harry's greatest flaw was his selflessness. He would move the moon and stars for the love of his life … Ginny Weasley.

After 10 minutes of searching he realized it could take hours if he kept looking room by room so he took out his wand and silently almost without thinking cast the point me spell to locate Ginny. His eyebrows raised in surprise as he started nearing the dungeons. The dungeons were a bit of overkill he had thought when he first purchased the mini castle. He had believed they were unused for he could not think of what in the world they could be used for. But he heard his Princess voice and then his mother-in-law a second later. Deciding to give them a little scare he silently made his way downward.

The Darkness seemed to surround him completely. He felt rather than saw himself sinking into the abyss in slow motion. He heard their voices and the longer he listened the hotter the rage within him grew

"He still hasn't proposed!" wailed a Ginny.

"How much did you give him?" said Molly in a hushed tone.

"The whole bottle" the Ginny answered meekly.

"WHAT? That could kill him! It's probably doing that now. How can you be so stupid!" scolded Molly.

"He was resisting! He should have proposed a year ago but lately he has been spending more time with her. Why can't Ron keep her in line?" Complained Ginny

"Let me see the bottle…. Ginny this bottle is a year old. It's already stronger that the freshly brewed potions you've been using. I'm surprise he was still able to function enough to go to work. It plausible that he it would take a stronger concentration of the potion to work for him. He is after all The Boy Who Lived. From what your brother told me he was able to throw off that imperious curse quite easily."

"Still why couldn't I use the obedience Potion that Ron gave Granger?" Questioned Ginny

"The Goblins have ways of learning if one of the heirs have been put under an Obedience Potion and would consider all wills invalid especially because once that is given to him it will never wear off. If you do what I did with your father you can start easing off the potion after a few kids and then have full heritance to his fortune. Anyways they don't have to even be his if you wish to continue with that Terry Boot. He has black hair and same structure as Harry so if you get pregnant with him it won't matter. Harry will do the honourable thing and stay with you." Molly said

"If it doesn't wear off why is she still doing around Harry?" complained Ginny

"Because your brother is an idiot and gave her the wrong amount but I will have a talk with him to double the potion. Either way there is no going back to her back talking self. I'll finally have an obedient daughter in law, and none of this nonsense."

"Can't we get George or Percy to help since they're great with potions? I'm sure if anyone can make it untraceable it would be those two." Ginny asked

"Don't you think I already tried!" the distain in Molly's voice was clear "I had to Obliviate them as soon as I asked they were going to tell Harry! What kind of family loyalty is that? All of your brother besides Ron stopped listening and moved away from me. We won't be getting any help from them."

Harry stopped listening as his rage seemed to consume him. Ignoring his gut feeling to forgive his darling girlfriend he quickly got images of his time with Hermione. In these past 4 years she had not done anything with all her OWLS and NEWTS. He remembered her plans she had shared when they were in hiding and Ron had abandon them. She was suppose to return to Hogwarts for her 7th year but stayed with Ron. Harry had ended up going back because of Ginny and if he remembered correctly he had become an Auror by his name alone which Ron had no qualms in using to enter the academy. It was clear now why most Aurors had despised him before he proved himself in the field. Ron was still greatly disliked but that was no surprise with him pushing his work to others.

"Well at least Hermione is already broken in" He heard Ginny say with glee and that's when Harry's control snapped still hidden in the darkness he heard screams probably from Ginny and Molly. He refused to bend to anyone's will, he didn't to Voldemort and he won't for Ginny effing Weasley he will make them pay. If he could see himself he would see his body releasing high quantities of magic as the houses started burning trapping the female Weasleys.

"I can't apparate! Something is blocking me!" screamed a hysterical Molly

Ginny tried to use her wand to rid of the fire but as soon as she touched her wand it burned in her hand. Both women tried to leave but it was impossible. Harry knew this last betrayal was the worst he has experience. He now recalled Hermione's lifeless eyes as he visited; he tried to make her laugh but it was impossible when she seemed to know the man that she loves was cheating on her constantly. Drowning out the screams now he thought 'I need to change this, she deserves better, and she should have never been put into that position.' As much as it pained him for this to happen to him it was thousand times worst that this had happened to Hermione. She was his constant friend, never turning her back to him and he failed to protect her from her husband. 'I will change it' was his thought before he pushed his magic. With that last push the house collapsed. Then he knew no more.