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Ch 2

McGee glanced out the window. Tony was right, it was nice day. He shook his head and turned back to face his computer screen. But, just a few seconds later, he glanced out the window again. People always thought that he didn't care about Spring, because he was into technology. But McGee was a person, wether others acknowledged it or not.

He got up and looked out the window. There's something about the sun shining, the leaves turning in the wind. It reminded him of when he was a kid. Even if he had gotten a new game, or computer, if it was a sunny spring day, he would run outside to enjoy it. Now, he wished he could still do the same. But he was an adult, with adult responsibilities, and a job that now seemed to tie him down.

Finally, winter had ended. Spring had begun! And yet, here he was, trapped in his chair, typing away, wanting desperately not to be inside. It was a itch, this Spring Fever. At first, it was just a little, under the collar, a feeling of being a little stuffed inside. As time progressed, it became worse. He couldn't control it, now, he was looking out the window so fast that he was surprised that his head didn't fly off. No-one was in the bullpen, and, seeing and opportunity, he seized it. "I'm taking my lunch break now!" He shouted to no one in particular, and quickly got on the elevator.

He took a walk once outside, and sat beneath a tree. "Who needs technology when we've got this? He thought. He smiled, and leaned against the tree with his hands behind his head. "Now this is the life." He thought.

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