Anrold nd Tom Nook went to a cornfield wher da muchkinds sed they saw mr burger kind land after he got shot down. Dey went up to his body. Then, they pulled off his mask nd saw tht it was (c did is whar da twist comes in).................. JAY LENO!!!!!

Every1 gasped.

But, they had to wake him up so they culd find out wher da birfday cake wuz. So they poured urine on him.

He woke up.

"WHERE HAVE YOU HIDDEN THE CAKE, YOU MEDIOCRE DUNCE!" Shrieked Arnold, slapping him rly hard.

"OUCH! YOU MEANIE MCGuIRE! I'll never tell you!"

Then he threw a Pokeball and charasaur came out breathing fire. Everyone gasped. Tom Nook used bulbaweed, since he knew that grass was a fire Pokemon's one wekness.

Dey fought 4 a while nd Tom Nook's pokeone one.

"K! ill tell u. lol!" said jay leno. "its in lord mr dr professor dirty toenails yellow submarine in da atlantic ocean!"

"thnx." Tom nook said.

So Harold Hill nd Tom Nook flew off and went to da atlantic ocean and fought big octopuses and stuff as dey went to da yellow submarine.

Den (c, dis is another twist) dey saw the yellow submarine. But it wasnt yellow... it was ..................... ORANGE!

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