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I Won't Do It

The Order of Phoenix sat around the dinning room table discussing the new law that had been passed. A Marriage Law. Minister Fudge thought it was the best way to repopulate the wizarding race.

Hermione looked around the room at her friends and fellow Order members. She didn't like the idea of anyone choosing when and whom she was to marry. She was only twenty years old. She wasn't ready for marriage. She wanted to go to a Wizarding University and get her Masters in potions. It was stupid and uncalled for to force people into marriage.

"Now they want everyone that is single to fill out these forms." said Dumbledore breaking Hermione out of her thoughts.

"I won't do it." said Hermione pushing her form from her. "I won't have someone to tell me how to live."

Harry looked at Hermione in shock. She was refusing to do something. She would have to leave the Wizarding World if she didn't marry. She slid back her chair and rose from the table.

"It's stupid and uncalled for." she told all of them.

"I agree with you that the law is stupid Mione. But we can't break the law." said Harry.

"I will not marry because some idiot passed a damned law." snapped Hermione and she walked to door. "I'll leave before I marry when I want to. No one is going to force me to do anything. Got it! No one!" Hermione stormed from the dinning room.

Severus stood in the shadows with a smirk on his face. Hermione had made a stand for herself. She wasn't going to let some fool run her life. He quietly left the room. He was going to leave for the same reason. He didn't want to marry.

Hermione came back down stairs with her trunk and Crookshanks in her left arm. "We'll I guess this is goodbye."

"Mione you can't just leave." said Ginny, who didn't truly take her seriously.

"Watch me. I wish you all the happiness guys. I'll miss you all," and Hermione left Grimmauld Place and the Wizarding World.


Two Year Later


Hermione laid on the beach in Miami Florida. She had moved to the States nearly two years ago. She missed her friends but she was happy. She had received her Potions Master within that one year. She had worked hard to get it. She ran her own lab at Miami Wizard Hospital. She had found a cure for Lycanthropy with the help of Severus Snape.

They had ran into each other on the beach one afternoon and started talking and getting to know one and other. They found out they had a great deal in common. Hermione quickly realized that Severus Snape wasn't the man she remembered when she was in school. He was laid back, smiled and laughed. He had dry sense of humor and was a gentleman. They had started up a relationship three months later and were now happy married for a year.

"Hello love." said Severus to Hermione and gave her quick kiss on the lips. He joined his wife.

Severus gently rubbed her three month swollen belly. They were expecting their first child in the beginning of February. He took Hermione's hand into his and gently kissed it.

Hermione smiled at the man next her. She missed her friends, but she knew if she hadn't had left Wizarding Britain she would have never been happy. She lived her life own her own terms no one else's.

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