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After a nice long bath in the ocean at Santa Monica beach Poseidon felt better though still strangely restless and it didn´t help that when he emerged from the water he found Athena sitting on the beach, her long hair rippling in the warm californian breeze.

She was wearing a blue dress and no shoes and was absentmindedly tracing patterns in the loose sand.


She looked up, a strange expression in her grey eyes.

"Hello Poseidon."

He wondered if he should simply sit down next to her, then it occurred to him that she might be there on pure coincidence and not because she had known he would come to his favorite beach after all.

"So- is there anything I can help you with?"

"I thought you might be here."

"Good guess- so I suppose you want me to apologize now."

"Actually that would be nice- but that´s not why I´m here."

"It isn´t?"

"No- I wanted to know something, about Percy´s mother."


"Yes, Sally- did you love her?"

"Why do you want to know?"

Athena shrugged.

"You seem to care so much about the boy- you never did care that much about any of your children and I was wondering if it might be because of your relationship with his mother."

"I´m married, Athena."

"Interesting moment to remember it- but that´s not the point, it´s not as though you usually care, is it."

"Well- I suppose not."

"I know that you don´t love your wife- I´d still like to know if you loved Percy´s mother- or perhaps you still love her."

"Did you love Annabeth´s father?"


"And why is it over?"

"Well- you know how it is- he is a mortal, we can´t get too involved with mortals or we´d despair."

"Exactly- I suppose that answers your question- I did love Sally and I love Percy because he´s special and compassionate and brave unlike any other child I ever had. Just like you love Annabeth because she might turn out to be more like you than all your children before her."

Athena nodded slowly.

"Wisely said- for your usual standards."

Poseidon couldn´t help but smile.

"So now we are back to insulting each other?"

"I can´t get too friendly with you, I have a reputation to uphold."

"Naturally- you could make an exception though- I´m not in the mood to fight anymore today- do you have plans for tonight?"

Athena´s eyes widened in surprise.

"Are you asking me to spend it with you?"

"That was going to be my suggestion- so are you interested? I know a really nice restaurant at Malibu Beach."

She hesitated and Poseidon waited with baited breath for her decision, though he really had no idea why on earth he wanted to spend anymore time with her than was strictly necessary, it must have something to do with with the way her dress was clinging to her figure.

"Fine, I´ll come with you- even though I´m not sure it´s a good idea, we might end up setting the whole place on fire."

"Or flood it" Poseidon added, smiling when Athena laughed.

"Or that- let´s go then."