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Big Time Gay One

Gustavo was not happy. Not that he was normally happy or anything like that, but at this moment he was really not happy. He had just gotten yet another call from Griffin about, yet another thing to change about Big Time Rush. He was getting sick of it. They were his dogs. He was the one who was going to train them into greatness not Griffin.

"Attention Dogs." Gustavo said, as they arrived for dance practice early that Saturday morning. "Apparently Griffin thinks the band is missing something. Guess what it is this time."

"A Monkey?" Carlos asked


"Sexy Backup dancers?" James replied.


"A leading role in a hit medical drama?" Logan looked hopeful.


"A girl, who is a relative of you, whose not only extremely attractive but is extremely talented at singing and dancing, that all of us will fall in love with and help us with our wild and crazy antics, but she secretly has a dark past that we won't find out about until later?" Kendall asked.

"Where did you come up with that?" Gustavo asked.

Kendall shrugged.

"Well you're all wrong. Griffin has decided that the band needs a gay guy. He said that we need to keep up with the times. Apparently teen girls love this thing call Yay-Oh-Ey [[A/N Yaoi]]. So guess who I've decided is going to be gay."

All four boys opened their mouths to speak.

"Wait! I'll just tell you. James." He pointed to James

"What me?" James asked franticly. "Why me?"

"Well, Kendall's the leader, Logan's the smart one, and Carlos is the childish one, so you needed something as well." Gustavo said.

"I was hoping I could be the one with the great abs." James lifted up his shirt.

"No, besides, you spend more time fussing with your hair then any other person I've ever met in my life."

James looked to his friends for help.

"Sorry dude, but he's right." Kendall said. The other two shook their heads in agreement.

"I hate all of you. You will be hearing from my attorney!" He shouted.

"James, you don't have an attorney." Logan said.

"Then you will be hearing from Camille dressed up like my attorney!" And with that James walked angrily out of the room slamming the door behind him.

"I think he took that surprisingly well." Carlos said.

"Whatever, he's gonna have to deal. Get him back here in 5 minutes for practice."

"I'll go," Kendall offered. He jogged out of the room to find James.

"I'm not gay." James mumbled stubbornly to Kendall as he saw him walk up. James was sitting on a bench outside, the cool breeze every so often blowing gently. "I like having nice hair, but I'm not gay."

"I know," Kendall sat down beside him.

"I mean, so what if I comment on another guys shoes, or think a guy looks mildly attractive in a particular shirt, or kissed Bobby Jones on a dare. That doesn't make me gay." James huffed out before realizing that all of those things probably made him sound really gay.

"Of course not. Now let's get to practice." Kendall through an arm around James's shoulder.

James couldn't help but notice how muscular his friend's arms were. James blushed and thought, "Maybe I am."

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