AN: So, this is my first story on here so I'm a little nervous about posting this. This is unbeta'd so all mistakes are mine. I re-read through it twice but I probably missed something. I hope you like it!

Damsel In Disgrace.

Ted was jealous.

Plain and simple.

Cody got all of Randy's attention. Cody this. Cody that. Cody can never do any wrong while it seems Ted can only screw up. That Randy only noticed him to yell at him. Insult him. Abuse him.

He watched as Randy and Cody sat huddled in a corner, talking. He was never invited to join their conversations. Ted always felt like a third wheel.

Shaking his head, Ted sighed.

All he wanted was someone to notice him.

To love him.

Turning around, he collided with a thick wall of muscle. He looked up to see John Cena smiling softly at him.

Ted blushed.

He had always had a crush on the former WWE Champion. Ever since he debuted on RAW, Cena captured his eye.

Those dimples. That smile. The beautiful blue eyes.


The young man gulped, whirling around to see Randy and Cody standing there. Cody wore a smirk on his face while Randy looked furious.

Ted was confused; what had he done wrong?

"Uh. What is it Randy?"

"Did I give you permission to talk to him? " The Viper crossed his tattooed arms across his chest.

"No, but-"

"No buts!" Randy grabbed the younger boy's arm and started to drag him away.

"Wait!" John spoke up, grabbing Ted's other arm and pulling him to his side. Ted let out an 'oomph' from colliding unexpectedly with muscles. "I think Ted can make his own decisions."

"No, he can't. I tell him what he can and cannot do and he knows better than to not listen to me."

The look in Randy's eyes made Ted gulp. He knew that look. He knew that look too well.

John stepped in front of Ted, effectively blocking him from The Viper. "And what will you do to him? Beat him again like you did the last time he 'disobeyed' you?"

Randy looked taken back. "What?"

"Yeah. I know. I know what you do to him. I've seen it and I'm not gonna let it happen again."

Ted risked a peek from behind Cena and gasped at the look of pure rage on Randy's face.

"He's mine," growled Randy as he got in the other man's face.

"He's not your property! He can do as he damn well pleases!"

Randy panted in anger. How dare Cena try to take what is his? Ted and Cody were his boys and he'll be damned if John Cena is going to steal one of his boys. Especially Ted.

The Viper shoved John in the chest, almost pushing him into Ted. "Give him back!"

John shoved Randy back. "Let him decide if he wants to come back or not!"


The man in question stepped from behind John and stared Randy in the eye. He saw no love, no care, no tenderness. Just cold possessiveness.

And that scared him.

He quickly moved his eyes to Cody who had an evil smirk on his face. He knew what Randy would do to him if he came back and he was enjoying every second of this. Ted scoffed, and to think this guy was his best friend.

Finally, his eyes landed on John whose eyes held everything Randy's lacked.

He knew in that moment who he was choosing.

Randy's cold eyes calculated him as if he knew what Ted was thinking. Trying to intimidate the younger man, but he wasn't intimidated. Not this time.

"Well?" That deep gravelly voice was the last straw in Ted's resolve.

"You know what, Randy? You don't own me or control me! I can make my own decisions and I decide I'm through you!"

John threw an arm around Ted's shoulder, leading him out of the locker room. "Well I think Ted has spoken."

Randy was livid. "Ted DiBiase! You think you can do this to me! You get back here this instant! You can't just walk away from me, Ted!"

But that's just what Ted did; he walked away.