PAIRING: Randy/Cody
SUMMARY: Randy is very angry indeed! Cody is scared he's about to break something... Straight boys are straight.
RATING: NC17, total slash
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, it's all in my head...
Oneshot, 3,272 words

Cody's eyes flicked up in the general direction of the hotel room door as it slammed open, nearly sent flying from its hinges as his room mate burst through, throwing his bag with a growl into the furthest corner before stomping into the bathroom and slamming the door.

He regarded him over the top of his new comic with an arched brow from where he was lounging across the armchair, but wisely refrained from rising to the bait and bit back the retort readily forming on his lips. Immersing himself back into his fictional world instead, he whistled along to the tune pumping through his headphones, turning the volume up to drown out the angry conversation coming from the other room.

It wasn't long before Randy re-emerged, literally flinging his phone across the room with a guttural roar, watching it smash into a thousand pieces against the plaster before he dropped onto the other couch, head in his hands, whole body sinking into the soft leather almost as though in total defeat.

Cody watched the whole thing from the corner of his eye, leg still swinging over the arm of his chair in the pretence of not being fascinated with the display, debating whether or not to risk his life by opening his mouth. Eventually, as Randy dragged himself up and over to the mini bar, grabbing every single miniature he could get his hands on and furiously sweeping everything off the mantelpiece with a violent backhander in a fit of rage, Cody finally thought it was time to voice some concern as he looked down at the mess of scattered flowers and broken crockery spread across the carpet, wiping drops of water from the cover of his precious reading material.

"Hey! Watch it! Fucking hell Randy!"

Randy just stared straight ahead, saying nothing and downing tiny bottle after bottle.

"I'm not cleaning that up!" Cody's voice rose indignantly as he stared at the twitching vein in Randy's temple as he lifted another bottle to his lips, jaw clenching and unclenching as he slammed it back down.

"Hey if any of that water got on my console you're so fucking buying me a new one!" Cody jumped up, shouting as he suddenly noticed the strewn flowers draped across the top of the glass door of the TV cabinet and bent down to inspect the damage to his beloved stack of games. Rescuing them from the firing line, he wiped them on his jeans and moved them away from the wet carpet before straightening up, staring at Randy with his arms folded across his chest.

"You okay?"



"Fuck off Cody I'm not in the mood."

"Screw you then." He flopped back down dramatically onto his chair, crossing his feet at the ankles as he hung them off the edge of the overstuffed arm and maybe, or maybe not, murmuring something that sounded suspiciously like 'moody motherfucker' as he picked up his comic, flipping back to his place with a petulant scowl.

"Excuse me?" Grey eyes met blue in the reflection in the mirror as Cody stared back defiantly.

"You heard." Cody hmph'd and put his headphones back on, cranking the volume up and glaring at Randy over the top of his comic before going back to pretending to read.

The shaved head turned slowly towards him, bottle in hand paused midway to his mouth as the steely grey eyes regarded the sulking figure in disbelief, brow furrowed in almost admiration that anyone actually had the guts to talk to him like that. But Cody always did, he had no qualms whatsoever about smack talking right back at him, and Randy, despite appearances, actually liked it, kid had guts.

Or a death wish.

Because one of these days Randy feared he would snap. But that's exactly the reason he kept him around. It kept him grounded, kept him sane, the cheeky fucker having a calming effect on him like no one else. Not that he'd ever admit it of course, especially not to him, but that was one of the many reasons why he roomed with him. Why Cody put up with him in return however, he had no idea.

"So rude." he huffed, returning to the couch and sighing dramatically as he threw himself down, closing his eyes and knocking back the last of the whiskey, reaching in his pockets for his phone before remembering with a groan that it still lay where it fell, in tatters on the floor, meeting it's fate the same way as so many before it.

He ran his hands over his shorn skull, fingers pressing into the contours of his head in a vain attempt to relieve some of the pressure, the events of the past few hours replaying themselves over and over in his mind. The arguing… so much arguing…

He could feel Cody's eyes boring into the back of his head and jumped up again, pacing the length of the room a few times before pointlessly looking in the minibar again just in case any more booze had materialized out of thin air.

The next half hour continued in much the same vein, Randy unable to sit still for even a minute as he stalked back and forth in a rage. When he opened the minibar for the hundredth time Cody rolled his eyes, pulling off his head phones.

"Okay, spill."

Randy turned and fixed him with a sneer, "What?"

"What the fuck is eating you man?"

"Mind your own damn business!" Randy slammed the fridge door shut with a bang and kicked at the broken fragments of his phone still lying by his feet, stomping the pieces into the carpet.

"Hey watch it!" Cody yelled, Randy's foot perilously close to his beloved Xbox lying mere centimetres away, "You break that and I'll break you!" He was down on the floor in an instant moving all the games back into the cabinet out of harms way, "You stomped on Zelda! Look!" He held it up accusingly as Randy just growled in frustration, kicking a stray flower at him before stomping back to the bathroom.

"Well if you didn't leave them lying around…" he shouted, "What the fuck were they doing all over the floor?!"

"Cos you fucking covered the whole shelf in water you fucking prick! I was drying them!" Cody was livid now, he flopped back down in his chair and glared at the bathroom door as Randy came back out, "Fuck man, what's your fucking problem today? Damn Randy, you not getting none? You gotta get yourself laid before you fucking break something!"

"What the fuck??! Fuck off."

"I'm serious! You need to get your rocks off or you're gonna blow a fucking gasket man!"

Randy raked his hands over his head, trying to calm down, he knew he was acting like a total jerk, he knew he was being irrational, but he couldn't seem to snap out of it. Maybe Cody was right, it had been a while…

"I'm not joking Randy, you had better calm down before we get in the ring tonight, if you break my face with this DDT…"

"Heh, so you offering?!"

"What?" Cody's eyes narrowed alarmingly, not sure what he was getting at,

Randy snorted derisively, "You gonna be the one who calms me down then?"

He knew Randy was joking, but he decided to play along and freak him out a little more, so shrugging, he averted his eyes nonchalantly, before looking back up at him with hooded lids over the top of his book, he knew those eyes got him what he wanted on a regular basis, so he was pretty sure they worked just as well to get him out of all kinds of trouble,

"Sure, why not...." He cast his eyes not so subtly downwards, lingering purposely on Randy's groin, before looking back up through his lashes to meet his gaze with a coy smile. He tried to keep from bursting out laughing as Randy stopped dead in his tracks, and he couldn't read the expression on his face as he stared at him incredulously,

"What the fuck?"


"Since when do you get on your knees for a dude?"

Cody stretched himself out lazily with a yawn before turning his sapphire pools on him once more, "Since never. But I'm willing to make an exception…"

Randy just stared at him in open mouthed shock, and it took everything Cody had not to bust a gut laughing.

"What?" he shrugged nonchalantly again, noticing the way Randy's voice had dropped an octave and his breath seemed to hitch, lodging firmly somewhere in the back of his throat, "If it means I keep my face intact…"

He swivelled his body round and dropped casually to his knees on the carpet, closing the distance between them purposefully, deliberately, with his focus never wavering from Randy's groin until he reached the jean clad thighs. Looking slowly up the frozen statuesque body, he took his bottom lip between his teeth as his hands ran up the coarse fabric, splaying out over his hips and stopping at the leatherbound waistband. Briefly wondering when would be considered going too far, he licked his lips, locking eyes with the grey depths staring down at him in shock, "…so what do you say? Worth a shot?"

Randy had no words, he was literally incapable of anything bar the unmistakable growl that seemed to make it's way from somewhere in the very depths of his being.

Cody had no hesitation in deciding to take that in the affirmative and made short work of the belt buckle, sliding Randy's jeans down over his hips and hooking his fingers over the elastic of his suddenly very tight boxers. He paused, looking up to meet Randy's eye with a mischievous glint in his own as he clocked the more than apparent, ever increasing bulge. Filing it away as perfect material for future teasing and bribery fodder, he wondering for the tiniest second why he hadn't stopped yet, but as their eyes stayed firmly locked, he found himself licking his lips enticingly, and Randy in turn felt his balls tighten and his cock twitch with unbridled anticipation.

What the fuck was going on? How did this even happen? Who was this undeniably sexual being in front of him in Cody's body? But he didn't have time to procrastinate, let alone come to any decisions or conclusions, before he realised he was still staring into those big blue eyes, like he was locked in, trapped, ensnared, and his cock was suddenly springing out from his body into the freedom of the cool air.

He almost sprung back in shock, about to protest, ready to push him away, what was he doing, oh my god, but he could feel Cody's warm breath tingling over every pore, the sensation feeling like fire and ice to him all at the same time as he twitched against his stomach. He stood stock still, he didn't move a muscle, all thoughts of protest out the window along with every single other thought, coherent or otherwise. He held his breath as he felt the velvet tongue trail a lazy path along the prominent vein from the base to the tip, before swirling around the swollen purple head, already slick and leaking, pulsing against the delicate touch.

Before he was even aware of what he was doing, his hands had made their way to the back of Cody's neck, fingers running through the raven locks as he felt his lungs refilling desperately for air, gasping at the feeling of the hot tongue dipping into the leaking slit before the succulent lips closed around his width.

Suddenly, before he even had time to catch his breath, his full length was enveloped in the warm mouth, he could feel himself prodding the back of Cody's talented throat before his cheeks hollowed and he suctioned his way back up and down, slurping greedily around the head each time before plunging it fully back inside.

"Oh my god," Randy breathed incoherently, the words barely reaching the air as he gasped, choking at the sensations running through his body. His head was spinning, his legs felt like jelly and his hands trembling, clutching handfuls of ebony hair between his fingers, gently holding the back of the head as it firmly and methodically bobbed up and down his shaft. Deft fingers were rolling his balls around a warm palm, thumb prodding in an insistent rhythm at the smooth patch of skin covering the hidden cluster of exquisitely sensitive nerve endings, so close to his quivering puckered entrance yet making no attempt to go anywhere near. He let out an involuntary gasp at the feel of the wet, consistent pressure of the tongue lapping up the length of the veiny underside and lips suctioning hard at the base of his cock every time the head hit the back of his throat, the feeling of literally being swallowed down every time Cody's throat constricted around him... he must have done this before, surely, it was heaven…

He couldn't draw his eyes away from the sight, his throbbing hardness disappearing completely time and time again in through the swollen, succulent lips, lips he'd never be able to look at the same way again, lips he'd be dreaming about for days, weeks, months to come. He imagined them pouting up at him, begging him to let them taste him, saying dirty, filthy things to him, smiling at him…

He threw his head back with a wanton groan, hips bucking forward of their own accord at just the mere thought, how would he ever look Cody in the eye ever again? But he didn't have time to let such thoughts occupy his brain for even a second as he suddenly spasmed in ecstasy, his legs almost giving way beneath him as Cody ran a finger gently over his quivering hole, not stopping to give Randy any time to think about how he felt about it, just letting him feel, letting him experience the exquisite sensations, his mind exploding as he quickly did it again, lingering this time to draw his fingertip enticingly around the circumference before trailing its way back over and along his delicate centre.

His whole body felt alive, he was experiencing something he'd never even imagined, never considered, and the fact that it was happening was blowing his mind and destroying all his carefully determined preconceptions about what was acceptable behaviour amongst friends. Mere minutes ago he had been stressed beyond belief, to the point of losing control, now here he was, coming undone in an entirely different, entirely unexpected way, putty in the hands of his friend.

He could feel the overwhelming sensations start to fully infiltrate his brain, taking over his entire body, the familiar coil deep in his belly beginning to unwind, his breathing coming in short sharp bursts as he lost all semblance of control over his hips, bucking wildly as he tried to bury himself further, deeper into the confines of the hot, wet throat, eyelashes fluttering closed against his prominent cheekbone as his mouth fell open in a silent plea, the steady rhythm growing more and more erratic as they thrust together, Cody fisting himself to his own completion below, losing control as their eyes met.

'Oh my god oh my god oh my god…'

Gasping at the sight, their eyes locked together, Randy was unable to tear his gaze away as he looked down at him, thrusting into his mouth once, twice, three times, hard fast and deep before spilling himself into the dark recesses of the rapidly swallowing throat. His fingers were frantically clutching handfuls of short dark hair as he drove himself forward, legs almost giving way beneath him as Cody held him firm by the hip, his own fingers digging hard into the tanned flesh as his body convulsed at the sight of the perfect specimen coming undone above him.

'Fuck… oh fuck…'

Panting, gasping, trembling, Randy finally collapsed, jeans round his ankles, sinking into the soft cushions of the couch as Cody lay spent at his feet on the floor, tongue darting out to capture the final white remnants from his swollen, abused lips. They slowly unravelled their fingers from each other, their hands suddenly feeling too brazen, uninvited, and this time neither of them knew where to look, eyes darting around guiltily as they struggled to regain their composure and catch their breath.

Neither had a clue what to do next, what to say, how to act, so they just sat there, fidgeting and fretting that everything between them was ruined forever, until Cody finally mumbled that he was sorry, eyes cast to the floor and Randy shook his head, insisting it was okay.

"You were right," he murmured, closing his eyes, feeling Cody's searching his face, "It worked, I feel much better…"

Cody nodded, colouring profusely in disbelief at what he'd just done, looking back down at his hands as Randy got up suddenly, hesitating for a second, "I uh… I need a shower…" he explained hastily, still not meeting Cody's eye as he stood towering over him, lingering a moment as if wanting to say something else.

Cody swallowed nervously at the words that instantly threatened to escape his mouth, 'Can I come?' but he bit his tongue, "Sure… of course…" he said instead, trying his best to sound casual. He nodded again, hauling himself back up into the armchair he'd been occupying before, instantly picking up his comic again and hiding his face behind it, not seeing Randy watching him as he nodded in return before making his way towards the bathroom. Cody's eyes followed him over the top of his book, taking in the sight of the still flushed cheeks, the half mast fly, swallowing the words again as they threatened to escape once more, sighing to himself as he picked up his headphones, forcing his eyes to find his place within the brightly coloured pages in front of him. But if he'd watched just a fraction of a second longer, he'd have seen Randy stop, seen him turn at the door, seen the words he whispered as he hesitated outside, just as Cody hit play on his ipod…

"Wanna come?"