The grief had been easy enough to handle. The vengeance of her sensei had given her a sense of closure even though she would miss him dearly, she figured, with time, the pain would diminish.

That was until she had gone to sleep.

She was dreaming but in truth they were memories of Asuma-sensei and their time together. They were flashes and increased into nonsense before halting with the announcement of his death.

Kakazu had to die.

But isn't he already...?

But then his Akatsuki cloak flashed in her mind and she knew he wasn't- at least in her dream he wasn't.

But Naruto isn't here...

She wasn't completely aware of the extent but she had been inspired by Naruto's determination to help them- put his life on line like that. And while she was normally a confident Konoichi, in the recesses of her mind, her true fears and insecurities took hold much easier without conscious effort to terminate them before they could actually take hold and hinder her.

Coupled with the recent death of her sensei and the deliriousness of the dream... her body responded.

It wasn't until the next morning that Ino would realize that when one was a ninja, certain... 'episodes' tended to be far more drastic than for civilians.

Developing Somnambulism, otherwise known as 'sleepwalking' – well as her team mate would pu it, was going to be very 'troublesome'.

Especially when one woke up in the arms of one Uzumaki Naruto.

Yes, very 'troublesome' indeed.

This is to help get over my writer's block with Interference – another Naruto/Ino of mine.

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