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This is Yaoi. Boys Love. Don't like, don't read. Teito and Ayanami. It takes place after the end of the anime..(and although I have no idea how old Teito really is, lets say he is not underage, just to be on the safe side^-^) Teito faces Ayanami again. Enjoy!

'I hate YOU!' Teito was screaming at the top of his lungs, casting Zeiphon for the thousands of times, feeling hot sweat lurking under his clothes.

'You do?' Came back the chilled the response,and Teito slowly directed his gaze into those two merciless eyes: to the eyes of Ayanami. The man was leisurely standing in front of him, one hand on his hips, other slowly caressing his own chin. Teito felt anger burning inside him: why does Ayanami look so amused?

Teito has been fighting for the past hour…or was it two, maybe three? Couldn't tell. All he knew, that he was running out of his strength and stamina: all that left was his willpower and his hatred.

'Yes, I do.' Teito gritted his teeth as he came at Ayanami, but the older man efficiently blocked his attack, and sent the boy to the floor.

Teito was huffing on the cold floor, whilst he could hear the loud steps of the military boots, coming closer…one more step, and now Ayanami was standing just in front of him. Teito gathered all his strength, trying to stand up, but all he could do was to get on all fours.

'I don't think you do. ' Teito could suddenly hear the man's voice, and he was horrified to realize that Ayanami leaned down to him, his face right next to his, whispering those malicious words right into his ear. Chill ran down on Teito's spine, feeling his enemies' hot breath on his cheek.

Then the words rushed into his brain. What? WHAT?

'WHAT? DO YOU NEED MORE PROOF JUST HOW MUCH I HATE YOU?' Teito burst into loud cries, shouting at the still calm man. 'I DESPISE YOU!' Teito cried, managing to cast a weak Zaiphon in front of him, huffing, grasping for air.

'Hmm.' Ayanami's warm voice filled Teito's ears, as the older man slowly bent down and read the Zaiphon's caused words out loud. ' "I hate you".Wow, I'm fascinated that you could write it down, considering that it's such a lie.'

'Quit playing with me!' Teito grabbed Ayanami's collar and pulled the hated man closer.

It happened so fast: Ayanami's face coming so close that he could count all the hidden freckles on the man's picture-perfect skin: Ayanami's hot breath tickling his lips, Ayanami's gaze caressing his face as a predator would enclose on its prey…Teito had no idea how it happened, and although he was bloody sure that he would never be able to forgive his stupid body for this, but he couldn't help letting out a small moan.

He immediately pushed the man away, although, thanks to his weak state, he didn't succeed.

Ayanami smirked, smiling playfully, slowly placing his long fingers on Teito's cheek, eventually cupping the boy's blushed face, forcing him to look at Ayanami.

'You see…I told you that you don't hate me, didn't I?'

Teito snapped the man's hand away, who ignored the boy's action and suddenly stood up, scooped the boy up and started walking.

'WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?' Teito tried his best to fight the man, but he was too weak. He felt so ashamed, being carried by this disgusting moron,being so weak…but what even more shameful was, that it actually felt, in an incredibly irritating way, good to be in the strong man's arms…he must be dreaming, or having a fever or something, but in a weird way it reminded him of being carried by his Father…Teito felt losing consciousness…Father? The boy unconsciously nuzzled himself in the warm embrace, holding on to Ayanami's arms tightly.

Teito slowly opened his eyes. Where is he? What happened to his dream…He dreamt of being carried by his father…and…

'So you woke up.'

Teito froze as he heard a cold voice. He was lying on the floor in a dark cell, his head aching terribly, his hands are cuffed together. On the other side of the bars he could see a tall man, who grinned at him.

'Ayanami-sama will be delighted to hear that you finally woke up. He can't wait to begin your interrogation!'

Teito blinked and took a deep breath as hands grabbed him and took him through dark corridors, his mind racing to find a way out of the trap of Ayanami's hands.

He was cuffed to a rather uncomfortable chair in a small room with dim light for an hour or so, and still, nobody came. Not as if he would mind it: still, he was trying to make up some sort of plan…anything, to escape. He wondered if Frau and the others knew where he is being kept…

The door opened…and a tall man with silver-like locks and a perfect uniform stepped into the room.

' Teito Klein. ' Whispered the cold voice and Teito couldn't help but trembled.

' Ayanami…moron.' Teito waited for a punch, a slap, or something for that comment, but Ayanami simply smiled. The man suddenly stepped in front of him, grabbing the chair's arms, pushing his face to Teito's, but this time, he did something else too.

Something unbelievable, disgraceful, disgusting, and…freaking good.

Ayanami's mouth conquered Teito's lips, with aggressive and rapid movements, mercilessly claiming, wanting and possessing everything inside Teito's mouth, and the boy felt like suffocating, like screaming and hating, trying to pull away, trying to stop Ayanami, but it was impossible.

He felt as if the only way to revenge him was to fight back with the weapon Ayanami chose: so Teito, with all his effort, kissed the man back. Their tongues started a fight, no, it was more than a fight: they claimed war against each other. Ayanami pushed his tongue further and further down Teito's throat, who moaned and bit down hard on the older man's tongue, who, in response grabbed Teito's head, his finger brushing into his hair, forcing the boy to continue, and to enjoy their war.

After a while- a minute, two, or maybe several hours- Ayanami slowly broke away from the kiss and watched delightfully as the boy was grasping for air.

'YOU MORON! How DARE you!' Teito snapped immediately, but his voice was trembling, his shoulders were shaking from the unknown lust. Ayanami licked his own lips with pleasure as he sighed at the blushed boy.

'You see? I told you.' The man let go of the boy's head, and walked a few metres away, then turned back, whispering slowly. 'You don't hate me at all.'

Okay, I haven't written fanfiction for a long time, but I had watched this anime in like 2 days and I fell in love with it. Today, as I was reading 07 Ghost fanfictions, I was like, why are there so few Ayanami/Teito ones? So I was like, let's write one quickly:) Sorry if it was kinda rushed, I wrote it in one swing.

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