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This is Yaoi. Boys Love. Don't like, don't read. Teito and Ayanami. Enjoy!

Teito tried to turn his head away,but he couldn't. He just stared into those pitiless, violent eyes and he felt chills ran up his spine. He felt too many things at the same time to form a real meaning out of his utter emotions…he felt used, vulnerable, and yet he blamed himself for feeling lust and want, but above all, he felt dirty to his bone as Ayanami's tongue continued to caress his ear.

'Are you thankful to me, Teito Klein?'

The Chief's deep voice snapped him out of his lamentations.

'Why on earth should I be thankful to you?' Teito spat, and Ayanami slowly let go of his hands, sitting up into a kneeling position, with his hand swiftly touching the boy's manhood for a second. The boy moaned subconsciously, and Ayanami brought his finger to his mouth, licking Teito's precum off with a smirk.

'Although you are a mere sklave and my prisoner, I was so generous with you, giving you pleasure you've never experienced before…yes, I do think you ought to be thankful to me.'

Teito tried to sit up, pushing his body closer to the man who was sitting leisurely on top of him. When would this stupid, violent and brainwashing game end between them?

'So Teito Klein…thank me.'

With that, Ayanami grabbed the boy's head with his long, spiderlike fingers, and he pushed his already erected member into Teito's mouth. For a second, the heir couldn't move from the shock, but then he immediately tried to get away- it was futile, though, Ayanami's grip was way too strong.

'Not this time, Teito. There is no escaping now- there is no way I will show mercy, again. Thank me.'

While he said it, he moved, in and out of Teito's mouth, harshly, vigorously, without any consideration whatsoever. The worst thing was not the pain, not even the humiliation- no, the most shocking thing was that the brown haired prisoner couldn't help wanting to swirl his tongue around Ayanami, and he could feel his own neglected member yearning for the touch of the older man.

'Yes, sklave…that's how… you thank your owner.'

The Chief's voice was far from his usual, composed one: he was huffing, grasping for air as he rode himself faster and faster inside Teito's mouth, who devoured the man with his tongue. He already gave up resisting: his hand grabbed his own manhood, touching himself while pleasuring Ayanami, feeling hot drops of sweat forming on his forehead, when the man yanked on his hair so hard that it hurt, thrusting himself so deep that Teito almost choked, coming vehemently into the boy's mouth.

He wanted to vomit, to spit it out, but Ayanami immediately leant over him, pushing his mouth against the boy's, thrusting his tongue deep inside him just like he did with his member, not letting the boy waste any from his spilled joy. The kiss was long and deep, and Ayanami didn't let go until he made sure that Teito devoured every drip.

'My, my, Teito, you 're sweating…your skin is hot…and you were touching yourself…You're arousing me more and more.'

Ayanami stood up, scooping the naked Teito into his arms and he put him on the boy felt terrible: he was sitting there, exposed, humiliated and used, while his manhood was so hard that it hurt so much…he wanted to touch himself more than anything, but wouldn't that mean letting Ayanami win, yet again?

The man walked leisurely to the corner of the room, where a huge, old box stood. He opened it, and took some things out- soon Teito realized what they were.

'I hope you didn't forget this.' Ayanami smiled viciously, as he carefully tied a black ribbon on Teito's penis. The boy gulped, he was at his limits, in every possible meaning. The man tied his hands back as well, and he didn't even try to object - he was breathing heavily as Ayanami took something else into his hands, it was a long, finger shaped object.

Ayanami stared deeply into the boy's eyes, as he slowly started licking the black plaything. Teito gulped- it was way too much for his sad state. The man opened his lips, and pushed the dildo inside his own mouth, while his tongue was dancing around it, moaning as he sucked on the plaything, making Teito wish he would die right there, making him bit into his own lips so much that it drew blood- he was on the edge…he wanted to beg…he wanted to do anything, just to be able to come….

The man took the dildo out of his mouth, it was dripping from his saliva, and now Ayanami stepped to Teito, grabbing his tighs, opening them wide.

'What a nice hole you are, sklave.' With that, Ayanami started to caress his entrance, and Teito couldn't help trying to push his pulsating penis closer to the man. A dry laughter was his reward.

'Oya,oya, what a disrespectful thing you are doing, Teito. Behave…or I will make you behave.'

As he said the last words, he thrusted a finger inside Teito- the boy squirmed, trying to position himself closer to Ayanami. The man pushed the digit deep into him, hitting Teito's prostate, making him moan so hard that he thought he came- but it was, thanks to the little ribbon, impossible. He could only come if the Chief let him- and that was not the case.

The man pulled his finger out, and Teito gasped. His mouth was wide open, breathing heavily, not thinking much about anything but the lust of the moment.

Ayanami enjoyed this miserable sight more than anything- his lips curved into a wicked grin as he placed the tip of the dildo to Teito's entrance, pushing in just a little bit, playing, making the boy go crazy with anticipation.

'What is that, boy? I didn't hear it clearly.'

Teito gave up. He needed release, right now.

' P…please.' He muttered, closing his eyes, feeling ashamed but he couldn't care less anymore.

Ayanami immediately pushed the plaything deep into Teito, who screamed from the pain, but mostly from the pleasure. The man pulled it out, pushed it in, playing with it, while he leant over Teito's penis, touching it with his long tongue, just like he did it with the dildo not long before.

Teito already reached his limit: he wanted to come, right now, and yes, he could come, so easily…

' Please…take it…off…' Teito managed to huff it out, but he was beyond shock to see Ayanami's smiling face, while he continued to penetrate him everywhere.

'Who am I to you, Teito?' He asked between two mouthfuls.

'…Ayanami…' Teito muttered, not knowing what the desired answer was.

'Call me Master.' The man instructed, and for once more, the hatred and disgust rose inside the boy's chest, but as Ayanami pushed the plaything in again, while embracing his whole thing with his wet mouth, he let go.

'M..master…please, master.'

'That's better.' Ayanami said, and took the ribbon off, and just like that, Teito came hard, like he has never come before…it was incredible, it was magnificent in it's own terrible way…he blacked out.

Teito slowly opened his eyes. He had no idea how long he had slept - maybe hours, maybe days. Cold shame crept over him as he suddenly remembered what happened, but he didn't have much time to elaborate on what happened, the present was much more important.

He was on a bed, dressed in a black leather dress that was showing way too much flesh, like some terribly tailored sexslave outfit, but the worst was, that he had a collar on.

A collar and a leash.

The other end of the leash was in someone's hand… a tall, picture perfect man was sitting in an armchair next to his bed, wearing his usual uniform, resting his chin on his hand, looking at the troubled boy with a slight smile.

'You finally woke up, Teito Klein. Greet your master.'

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