Author's notes: I know I said that my first fan fiction story would be about SeaQuest but I am kind of having writer's block with that one yet and the other night I had a dream that inspired this story. It is about the show Promised Land which for those of you who don't remember was a spinoff of Touched By An Angel.

Disclaimer: I do not own Promised Land or any of it's characters. I am not making any money off this it is just for fun.


He could hear laughter and children teasing one another as he approached the red and tan subbrubean. He glanced at it and noticied that there were three people standing outside an older woman who looked to be in her late thirties possibly early forties, a young boy of about nine or ten with bright red hair and a young teenage girl.

"Momma where's Daddy and Josh?" the girl asked

"There inside the store honey. Josh is getting some snacks and your Daddy's paying for the gas."

"Ugh! Josh is getting the snacks? He always picks what he wants and never picks anything I like. I am going in there."

"No Dinah you aren't it's your brother's turn to pick the snacks and you'll just have to make due with whatever he picks."

"Yes mame."

"Aunt Claire, why do Josh and Dinah fight so much?" the red haired boy asked.

"Well Nathaniel I suppose it's because they are siblings and that just comes with the terrority. Your daddy and your Uncle Russell used to argue a lot when they were younger but that doesn't mean that they don't love each other."

The man had been watching and listening to the conversation that the Greene family was having. So he's inside the store, he thought, I guess I'll have to wait until he comes out.

"Alright everyone load up we gotta get back on the road if we're gonna make it to Chickory Creek before this weekend," an older man shouted across the parking lot.

He was wearing an old green jacket and was followed by a teenage boy. The boy was tall with blonde hair and the man crouched behind the building knew immeaditely who he was. The pair had their backs to him and he knew if he didn't do this now he wouldn't get another chance. Slowly he crept from his hiding place behind the building and approached the family.

"Excuse me sir, did I just hear you say that you're headed to Chickory Creek?"

"Yes sir you did. My name's Russell Greene and this is my son, Josh." Russell answered extending his hand to greet the man.

"I'm Alex Moore and I am headed that way myself, I was wondering if I could hitch a ride. You see my cousins live there and I haven't seen them in years and well I was supposed to catch a ride with a friend but his mother got sick and he couldn't take me after all."

"Well I don't know. My wife gets really nervous about us picking up hitchhikers."

" I understand Mr. Greene but it is really important that I get there. You see my second cousin joined the army and I really would like to see him before he leaves for boot camp."

"Oh come on Daddy," Josh said, "He seems nice enough and we are going to Chickory Creek anyways. I bet Erasmus probally knows him or his cousins. So it wouldn't exactly be picking up a stranger."

Russell thought for a moment knowing that Josh was probally right before agreeing to take the man along with him.

"Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kindness. I just need to grab my stuff it's behind the building over there. I'll be right back."

"I'll help you," Josh volunteered handing the grocery sacks he'd been holding to his father and running behind Alex.

"What was that all about and where's Josh going?" Claire asked approaching her husband.

"That guy needs a ride to Chickory Creek and I told him we'd give him one. Josh is going to help him get his things."

"Russell, you don't know anything about the man. I really don't feel comfortable with us."

"His name is Alex Moore and his cousins live in Chickory Creek and he wants to see one of them who's fixing to leave for boot camp."

"Ok I get it."

"Get what?"

"Anytime someone in need mentions that they were in the military or they have relatives in the military you hop right to it."

"Oh Claire I do not."

"Yes you do honey."

"I don't either, I just thought that since we were headed that way it would be a nice thing to do for a fellow traveler. Besides, I'm sure Erasmus knows him and his family and you can even call him when we stop to eat later on down the road. Is that fair?"

Claire held her hands up in surrender and walked to the passenger side door and climbed in. She had every intention of calling Erasmus at their next stop but for now she would be polite and found out as much as she could from this Alex Moore. A few moments later Josh and Alex emerged and after loading Alex's bags they were back on the road.