"Move your—Ah!—bangs! I want to see your eyes!"

"Nng—Shut up!"

This was the fourth night in a row that Squalo had asked to see his eyes during sex. The first night he had even tried to move his bangs by force, which earned him a knife in the hand. He stuck to asking from then on, but it was still getting annoying.

"Vooiii… Come on, Bel!"

"Why do you care so much—Ah!—C-commoner?!"

"Because it's more—haa—fucking romantic—Nnn!—That way!"

"Romance is f-for commoners—A-ah!"

Squalo stopped moving, "Damn it, Belphegor! I love you, what the hell do I have to do to prove it!?"

"Don't stop in the middle, for starters!!" Belphegor shouted.

Squalo was taken aback. Closing his downcast eyes, he resumed his previous motion in silence, refusing to look at the blonde beneath him.

A pang of guilt shot through the prince at the sight of Squalo's stoic face. Sighing/moaning in resignation/ecstasy, he brushed his hand over his forehead, holding his bangs back, "Squalo."




"Look at—Nng!—me, d-damn it!"

"What do you wa—" Squalo was cut short by the sight before him: Two piercing ice blue eyes staring into his own, accented by flushed cheeks and parted, bruised, panting lips.

Said eyes widened in surprise, "Squalo? Did you just…?"

"Don't. Say. Anything. " Squalo grumbled, limp body falling on to Belphegor's, burying his face in the younger boy's chest.

"U shi shi shi! Of course not," The prince smiled, wrapping his arms around his lover and letting his bangs fall back in front of his eyes. The prince has found a new secret weapon!