Sunlight, a Twilight fanfic by French_Shark

1. introductions

[Edward's POV]

"Remind me again why I'm being dragged along for this?" I asked my mother, my obvious I'd-rather-be-anywhere-but-here mood covering my tone.

"Well, sweetie, it's because we're new in town, and Chief Swan and his wife were kind enough to invite us over as a sign of welcome." Seeing no lift in my mood, she continued on. "Besides, you won't even have to stay with us adults there. Chief Swan mentioned that his daughter, who's your age, will be there to keep you company. Then, you'll even have a new friend before you go to school tomorrow."

What did she want me to say? 'Oh, well in that case, what are we waiting for?' No, this girl was probably just another one of those girls like back in Chicago, who were completely self-absorbed and seemed totally oblivious to the real world around them.

But, I was never one to really go against my parents (which is how I probably got roped into this unnecessary event in the first place, by the way), so I simply replied with one of the most basic answers in The Book.

"Fine." I sighed.

Fortunately, my father decided to finally come down the stairs, finishing his tie, at this moment. I personally didn't see the point behind wearing a tie to a supposedly "friendly/welcoming dinner", but over the years I'd lived with Carlisle and Esme, I'd pretty much gotten used to the fact that Carlisle always wore a tie when he left the house.

Not that I didn't necessarily dress nicely myself, but I just thought that ties were reserved for more formal affairs.

As it was, I myself was dressed in one of my nice black dress shirts and matching black slacks. My father was dressed similarly, except the added tie and his shirt being a bright white color. My mother was wearing a nice, deep purple dress tonight.

The moment my father finished with his tie, he clapped his hands together, saying "Ready to go?"

"Pretty much." I said, no expression in my voice this time.

"Alright, then," my father replied, unfazed. "Let's go."

Throughout the trip across town, my parents discussed various things, which I let pass through one ear and out the other.

I was broken out of my semi-stupor when I felt the car pull into a foreign driveway and park quietly beside a rather rusty and old Chevy truck that looked as though it may easily be older than Carlisle.

My parents wasted no time getting out of the car, whilst I took my time by slowly climbing out, as though to admit final defeat. Chief Swan and his family must have been waiting around for our arrival, as I noticed their front porch light turn on before we got halfway to the door.

My father raised his fist to knock on the door, only to have it open before he had the chance. In the doorway stood a small woman of about thirty-five years old, an excited grin on her face.

"Welcome!" she crowed, waving us forward with a flourish.

Oh, gosh. Anyone got a reality pill for this lady? Seriously, though, she could turn down her cheerfulness by just a notch…or ten.

"You must be Doctor Cullen!" she went on, as we entered the foyer.

"In the flesh," Carlisle replied. "But, please, call me Carlisle. And this lovely woman beside me is my beautiful wife, Esme, and our adoptive son, Edward Masen."

"Ah, yes, of course, I heard that your son would be coming. Well, Bella will be glad to have some non-adult company tonight, I'm sure. She's currently upstairs still getting ready, but she should be down momentarily." Mrs. Swan said.

"Did I hear talking out there?" a deep, but friendly voice called from the room around the corner.

"Yes, Charlie, the Cullens have arrived!" Mrs. Swan called back.

"You don't say?" Charlie Swan entered the room. "Welcome, Cullen family! I see you've me my wife, Renee, already."

"Oh, yes," Esme replied, "she's been quite cordial towards us."

"I'm sure." Charlie said, "Where's Bella gone off to? I would've thought she'd be down by now."

"She's just upstairs, finishing up." Renee told him. "Perhaps someone should go check on her?"

"I agree. Hey, Edward, would you mind? I'm sure you'd like a chance to skip out on us adults, right?" Charlie turned towards me.

"O-Okay, um, sure." was my fantastic response.

"Great. Well, Bella's room is right upstairs, second door on the left. Just be sure to knock." Renee instructed in her ever-cheerful tone.

I nodded and made my way up the stairs. I was very slow in my pacing at first, as if to make sure they were sure I should go, but they almost immediately struck up a new conversation with my parents and left around the corner.

Once I reached the door the their daughter's room, I quietly knocked on the door, causing it to swing open ever so slightly.

I froze in place in the doorway, arm still raised, staring at the most beautiful girl I'd ever laid eyes on. Bella Swan was lying across her bed, reading a copy of Wuthering Heights, the cover of which was very worn from repeated readings.

This girl wasn't anything like what I'd expected, that's for sure. Sella was pale skinned, with beautiful, waving brown hair was strewn over her shoulder, to stay out of her eyes, which now turned to glance in the direction of the knock on the door. Deep, chocolate brown eyes that were turned towards where I now stood, glued to my spot.

Now, what was I here for again?