The grass on the hill-their hill- was dying. The snow was coming, and the cold as well. Everything was going away for the winter…Everything.

'Doctor? Where are you?' Rose whispered as quietly as she could, but it still wasn't quiet enough. They heard her, and she knew it right away. The sound of the leather boots running, and slamming against the linoleum floor was terrifying. The young girl, with her last breathe, yelled as loud as she could, 'Doctor!' And then she was gone. One shot to the heart, that's all it took; and then she was gone.

The humans- of the "Mighty and bountiful" fourth empire- stood waiting for the hero to arrive. They knew that once they killed the blonde, the Doctor would show himself. So they waited. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. 30 minutes.

'He's not going to come, retreat soldiers. Repeat, retreat.' Was voiced into all the soldiers' ear pieces. One by one, all 300 men and women went through the doors, and out the building that was a resting place for so many creatures. The halls and rooms left completely as they were, bodies and blood left undisturbed by any. Except one.

The Doctor, crashing through the iron double doors, ran straight to the middle of the room. 'Come out and show yourselves you bastards!' He screamed as he raised his sonic screwdriver and waved it in all directions. As he looked for the enemy, he found something else. The screwdriver falling to the ground made such a loud noise in that room.

'Rose…?' He chocked out as he knelt to the ground and rolled over the all too familiar body. Her eyes were closed and her body was limp. She's just sleeping he thought to himself. He traced the outline of her face with his fingers, and planted a sloppy kiss on her forehead. 'Rose wake up, we can go and visit Jackie.' He smiled lightly as he said it, but the smile had all but vanished when her body remained lifeless in his arms.

He placed one of his arms under her knees and the other on her back. With effort, he lifted her and, slowly, made his way back to the TARDIS. Once he placed her safely on the floor he crashed down into tears beside her.

She was gone. His blonde, perky, loveable, sarcastic and adventurous love was gone; and it was all his fault. If only I had gotten there quicker maybe she would still be alive! The thought races through his mind a dozen times, and each time it got harder to accept.

After three painful hours of crying the Doctor wiped his eyes and sighed. He stood up and walked up two flights of stairs and into Rose's room. He grabbed her purple suitcase and flipped open the lock. It took him an hour to pack all of her things, each item bringing out another memory that they had shared.

He left, and made his way back into the TARDIS control room. Her body was still laying positioned exactly as she was before. 'Well Rose, I'm sure your mother deserves a visit. Don't you think?' She didn't respond, but the Doctor knew she wouldn't.