Team Rocket was a notorious group, fairly respected by other villainous organizations. Team Rocket had many groups skilled in the art of pokemon capture and other thieving acts.

One group in particular however was in no way notorious, respected or skilled in any way. In fact they were so renowned for their failures it was a wonder they were even still part of Team Rocket. The group in question was of course the team of Jessie, James and Meowth (but they just called themselves Team Rocket, though they weren't exactly good representatives for the entire organization).

Normally they would be about as good as any team starting out, but they always seemed to be down on their luck (and their funds). Somehow, in some way, it always seemed to lead back to the same people. The Twerps. A young pokemon trainer named Ash and his friends Brock and Misty. Kids on their own would be easy to handle, but Ash had started his journey with a surprisingly strong and determined Pikachu. This Pikachu had begun Team Rocket's problems and now, they wanted it.

Team Rocket sat kneeling atop a ledge, binoculars out, watching the road for the Twerps. Jessie hogged the binoculars as usual, letting James have the occasional glimpse. Meowth didn't get to look at all, apparently he left hairs stuck to the inner rings that were supposed to fit round your eyes. Suddenly Jessie called out, leaning forwards and pointing.

'There! I see them!'

James shuffled forwards and peered carefully at the horizon.

'You sure? I don't see them. Here, let me look.'

James reached forwards for the binoculars only to have them pulled out of reach by Jessie.

'Nuh-uh, I'm looking.'

A scuffle broke out between the three fighting over who should look through the binoculars. No proper punching, just a lot of kicking, shoving and holding the binoculars too far out of reach for them to be of use to anybody. Shouts between the three began to travel down the drop at the side of the ledge.

'Come on Jessie, you always have the binoculars.'

'That's cos I'm the only one who knows how to use them!'

'That was one time!'

'What about me, I can't see a ting!'

It didn't take much. The ground beneath their legs began to crumble and too late Team Rocket realised the ledge under them wouldn't hold them any longer. All three made a desperate scrabble for the sides but failed and plunged down the sheer drop.

They landed on the ground with a thud in front of a gaping hole in the Cliffside, Jessie on her backside, James on his face and Meowth on his back. Jessie jumped up, having suffered much worse, and roughly kicked James in the ribs.

'Great, now we've lost the binoculars. This is all your fault!'

James groaned and clutched his side, yelling back in a whining voice.

'Ow! Come on that was harsh. How is this my fault?'

Meowth sat up, ignoring the other two, this was them on a good day. His ears pricked, picking up something.

'Would you numbskulls shut up for a second.'

Jessie spun round and yelled at Meowth.

'This is your fault too! Don't tell me to shut up!'

Meowth stared into the cave and shushed Jessie. Jessie blinked confused and forgot her terrifying wrath for a moment, trying to see whatever it was Meowth could see. Suddenly two bright eyes glinted from inside the cave and the trio jumped to their feet, a petrified look in their eyes and slowly began to back away. They backed right across the small patch of grass in front of the cave until they're backed up against the tight knot of forest trees behind them.

Out of the cave mouth came a light grumble, then the sounds of movement, something big. The corner of Meowth's mouth twitched in fear, Jessie groped round in her pockets for her Arbok's pokeball while James stood completely frozen. The bright glaring eyes moved forwards out of the cave to reveal a huge Rhydon, irritated at having been woken up. James let out a whimper while Jessie fumbled with the pokeball and threw it in a very unprofessional manner at the angry Rhydon.

'Arbok, go!'

Arbok appeared, trying to look very confident and scary as it expected to face the Twerps and Pikachu. It was very shocked to see the maddened Rhydon and very nearly retreated. Jessie elbowed James in the side, not for a second taking her eyes off the beast before them.

'What are you waiting for?'

James snivelled and almost dropped his pokeball on the ground, not even bothering to command his pokemon out with words. Wheezing appeared, staring terrified up at the giant mass. Like it's master it froze. Jessie panicked and motioned Arbok to attack.

'Arbok, Poison sting!'

Arbok did as it was told and fired a series of poisoned missiles from it's mouth. The small pins shattered when they came in contact with the Rhydon's stone-like hide. The Rhydon let out a roar and in a sweeping motion, flicked it's huge tail around and into both Arbok and Wheezing. The two pokemon were knocked out cold and lay on the ground a short distance from the Team Rocket members before being recalled into their balls. Jessie and James shuffled back slightly as the Rhydon turned it's attention back to them. It growled and took a step forward, the ground beneath their feet feeling the impact. It reared it's head to charge at the terrified members. Jessie muttered to James out of the corner of her mouth.

'Don't suppose you have any secret pokemon up your sleeves?'

James shook his head.

'Guess this is it, nice knowing you.'

Meowth shook his head and replaced his scared face with a determined one.

'No way are we going like dis!'

He ran forwards and leapt at Rhydon, claws extended bravely.

'Fury swipes!'

Meowth scratched ferociously at the Rhydon's eyes. It fell back a step, annoyed, then with one movement used a forepaw to flip Meowth away from it's face, then struck Meowth with the back of it's paw with a mighty force. Meowth catapulted through the air and hit a thick tree with a loud, dull thud and a quiet crack where the bark split, then slowly fell from the trunk, face first onto the earth. Jessie and James hadn't taken their eyes from the now furious Rhydon, afraid to look away to where Meowth was just in case it attacked. The Rhydon turned to them with a growl but stopped in it's tracks suddenly and stared at the end of it's nose. Jessie and James took a brief moment to glance at each other confused, when the Rhydon jumped slightly and looked at it's nose again, eyes almost crossed. It stared up into the sky and that was when Jessie and James noticed it had started raining. The rock type pokemon seemed to be paying a lot more attention to getting wet than destroying what had woken it. Another drop landed on it's shoulder and with a quick shake, the Rhydon retreated back into the cave until it couldn't be heard anymore.

Jessie and James slowly relaxed and both breathed a sigh of relief, not really caring that the rain was coming down in heavy droplets now. Jessie quickly went back to pretending she'd never been scared.

'Well, that was close.'

James tapped Jessie on the shoulder.

'Um, Jess…'

Jessie turned round to look where James was pointing and saw Meowth, laying on the ground, unmoving. The two crept closer and James knelt down next to the cat pokemon. He reached out a hand slowly and touched the pokemon's shoulder.

'Meowth? Come on, don't play around.'

Meowth still didn't move. James slowly lifted Meowth's body and stood up. He turned to Jessie, looking very worried. Jessie looked down and saw Meowth's chest moving slowly, at least he was still breathing.

'We'll he's alive, I guess we'll just have to wait for him to wake up.'

James shook his head slowly.

'I think it's worse than that, look.'

He cradled their partner in crime in one arm and pulled out the other to show Jessie. On the white uniform were patches of dirt and dots of rain appearing but what startled Jessie was a blotted pattern of blood up the sleeve. Jessie put her hand against Meowth's shoulder and across his back. She could feel the wounds and the mix of rain, mud and small amounts of blood matted in with the fur. This wasn't something Meowth could just sleep off, and if they didn't get help quick… James looked at Jessie. Jessie knew exactly what he was thinking and shook her head hurriedly.

'No, we can't! Any pokemon centre could easily recognise us as criminals, we'd be in jail faster than Pikachu could shock us!'

James looked sadly between Jessie and Meowth.

'But, Jessie, Meowth needs help…'

Jessie's face softened. They couldn't just leave him like this and hope it would go away, he might never wake up again with wounds like these. If only they could get him to a pokemon centre without having to go themselves. Then it struck her. They might not have to go. Jessie began to walk towards the main road, motioning James to follow.

'It's risky, but I think I have an idea that might just work.'

James followed, wrapping both arms round Meowth, trying to keep his little body warm.

'I just hope it does.'

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