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You're Not The Only One With Secrets
Chapter 14


8 months later.

"I can't believe she's one already" Addison said as she sat with Meredith on the sofa of the Sloan house watching Maddie play with her toys on the floor.

"I know" Meredith breathed "Me either, I feel old"

"How old does that make me?" Addison said with a laugh.

"Really old" Meredith smirked.

"Shut up" Addison said hitting her on the arm "Ooh, he's kicking" she said bringing her hand to her 6 month pregnancy bump.

"Let me feel" Meredith said reaching her hand out "Wow Addie, he's got a strong kick on him"

"I know" Addison mumbled "Y'know, sometimes it's really amazing, but then sometimes when I'm exhausted and want to sleep he just won't stop, it's like he knows it's annoying me"

"He's a Karev" Meredith smirked.

"True" Addison said with a laugh.

"Baba" Maddie said reaching out to Addison, she crawled over to them and pulled herself up so she was standing, Meredith lifted her and sat her on her lap, Maddie reached out and put her hands on Addison's bump "Baba" she giggled.

"That's right sweetie, there's a baby in there" Addison smiled "Did you feel that Maddie?" she said with a laugh as Maddie's eyes widened, feeling a kick under her hand.

"Baba" Maddie laughed "Mama baba?" she said looking to Meredith's stomach.

"No honey, not me" Meredith laughed, kissing the top of her head "You are my baby, my little princess" she said tickling her a little, Maddie giggled and squirmed in her arms, she climbed back down to the floor and started playing again.

"Do you think you and Mark will ever have another?" Addison asked "You're a great Mom y'know"

"Thanks" Meredith smiled "I don't know if we'll have another, we've never really talked about it, but I guess it'd be nice for Maddie to have a little brother or sister"

"Well we can use this one as a test for her" Addison laughed, rubbing her bump gently.

"We bring cake ingredients" Alex announced as he walked into the house holding a cake box, Mark walking in behind him with grocery bags, he moved to the sofa and kissed Addison gently.

"Hey" Meredith smiled as she stood and kissed Mark, following him into the kitchen "Did you get everything?"

"Yeah, all the things on Izzie's very precise list" he smirked "She'll be here in 10 minutes to start the cake"

"Good" Meredith smiled "Thatcher and Susan should be here soon"

"And then we can get this party started" Mark grinned, Meredith rolled her eyes "Our baby's one Mer"

"I know" she sighed "It's insane"

"It's amazing" he whispered, kissing her gently.


"Mr Grey, Mrs Grey, come on in" Addison smiled as she opened the front door to Meredith's house.

"We've told you before dear, it's Thatcher and Susan" Susan smiled "And look at you, you look glowing, how far along are you now?"

"6 months, a boy" Addison smiled, rubbing her hand over her stomach.

"A boy" Susan smiled softly "Well, we certainly need one of those around"

"I guess we do huh?" Addison said with a laugh "Come on through" she led them through to the living room and Maddie instantly let out a squeal, reaching up to Thatcher.

"Papa!" she laughed.

"Hi Maddie girl" he smiled, scooping her up and kissing her face gently "Happy Birthday"

"Happy Birthday sweetheart" Susan cooed "I have presents for you"

"Presents, I think you brought the whole store with you" Mark laughed as he kissed her cheek, taking the gift bags Susan passed to him.

"So I got a little carried away" she said sheepishly "She's my granddaughter Mark I couldn't help it"

"Thank you Susan" he laughed softly "Meredith's in the kitchen with Izzie, they decorating the cake or something"

"Ok dear" she smiled, she kissed his cheek and walked into the kitchen.

"Susan, hey" Meredith smiled "Look, look I helped decorate a cake and didn't destroy it" she said turning the cake around so Susan could see the lettering on the top "I think my surgical dexterity helps"

"It looks wonderful dear, now is there anything I can do?" Susan asked.

"No, we're almost finished up here" Izzie smiled.

"Meredith, I can't get this stupid dining table to stay up" Alex said loudly from the next room, Meredith rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Duty calls" she smirked before leaving.


"Addison asked me something today" Meredith said quietly as she lay with her head on Mark's chest.

"Yeah? What?"

"She asked if we'd ever have another baby"

"What did you say?"

"I said I didn't know" she shrugged "That we hadn't talked about it"

"Well, do you want to talk about it?" Mark asked.

"Yeah" she whispered, he lifted her up a little so they could look at each other "I know I technically have sisters now, and you grew up with the Shepherds but, I think it would be nice for Maddie to not grow up as an only child and even if we started trying now it could take a couple of months for me to get pregnant and even if I got pregnant right away she'd be almost 2 when the baby was born and..."

Mark cut her off with a kiss "Babe" he laughed softly "Do you want to throw your pills away or should I?"

Meredith laughed and let him kiss her again.

The End.