A/N: This poem was done in English class. Everyone had to write two poems, one titled "Here But Not Really Here," and another based on where poetry comes from inside of you. Mine was "Soul." Afterward, we wrote phrases and bits we liked from all of our poems onto one massive paper, and then selected half of some phrases and a word from another until we individually came up with another poem entitled "Poem Fusion." This was mine:

Hiding in the unknown darkness,

The control of my emotions...explodes!

Pounding as eyes turn wild,

Sparked with an ache that can't be healed.

I scream in a dark room,

Ready to come out,

Alone in this space,

Baring the deepest eagerness to be set free...

Transforming into an animal.

The hands of the anticipated light,

Hiding in the depths,

The unknown crevices,

As these questions and thoughts become distant,

Make my troubles disappear.

My wandering mind expresses the desire to escape,

From this unknown darkness.

This bleeding wound,

This darkness,

It aches...

It screams.