Dragon Warrior


An elven woman raced through the streets, her cloak billowing out behind her in scarlet waves. The darkness was alarmingly close as she stepped into the light of a village home's window. She banged against the door with her pale fist. An old man opened the door, his hair was white with age.

"Please! Help me!" she begged, breathless.

The man looked at her shadowed face, then glanced behind her. His eyes widened in fear and he slammed the door in the woman's face. The elf raced on, trying to evade the darkness behind her. The next house came into veiw and she rushed to the door. The elf pounded on the door furiously, hoping for an answer. The wooden door swung open and a young man in his middle twenties appeared. His eyes were dark, almost black. His hair was a dull brown and already receding.

"Please sir," the elf begged, her breathing ragged from running, "Help me."

He stared for a moment at the shadow covered face of the young elven woman then spoke, "What is it that you need?"

"My daughter, Lukara. She needs a place to live. I.....cannot care for her. Please, kind sir, take care of her until I can return."

Moments passed in silence and the woman could hear the darkness coming closer.

"Please..." her voice was small and pleading.

"Yes, I believe we can care for her for a time. I think my wife would agree. Please, come in," he said.

"I am sorry, but I cannot," the elf spoke quickly, glancing behind her, " Thank you for your kindness."

She kissed the head of the girl and shoved her into the man's arms. Her hood slid back onto her shoulders revealing a beautiful elf. Her skin was pale with a golden tinge and her eyes were pale green. Caramel coloured hair surrounded her face. The man was stunned by her beauty and was silent as she pulled up the scarlet hood and dashed away into the night.

Slowly he closed the heavy oak door and walked into the kitchen, where his wife sat sewing.

"Velda," he paused and his wife glanced up," We have just been given a child."

"What!? Tyst, why did you take it!? Do we not have enough problems already!?" the woman stood and stalked towards her husband.

Velda pulled back the blanket wrapping the child. Caramel curls fell around the girl's cheeks and she smiled with pale green eyes. Pointed ears peeked out from under her curls.

"An elf child!" the woman gasped.

"Yes, dear, an elf child."

A glance passed between them and the wife replied quietly.

"Well, I guess that changes things."

While the family whispered over their new found treasure the elven woman ran. She ran far from the village and vaulted over the wall that served as a border. The darkness leapt after her and gave chase.