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The RED Spy strode toward the mess hall. Staring around the empty hallway, thinking of the little time spent in the more public areas of the base. A sigh.

'Only here a month. At least I haven't gotten lost yet.' Oh well. There were more pressing matters at hand. The latest intelligence, for example.

She had work to do.

No one looked around as the female Spy entered the crowded mess hall. She was used to it now. She had learned early on that no one trusted Spies, even the other Spies. She didn't blame them. Her class was about nothing but mystery and deceit. No, the worst part of it all was being female.

She wasn't the only Female Class, or Fem-Class, as they were called. The understanding was that around a month ago one of the RED Scouts reported seeing a female Medic trailing one of the BLU Heavies. More out of spite then anything RED had requested female compatriots and the higher ups had surprisingly complied. There were a grand total of three females on RED at the moment, all on a four month contract.

First the Spy, fresh out of her training with minimal field experience.

Next was the Fem-Scout, heeding from New York. She was as much of a boy as the rest of the Scouts, which was probably for the best. She would run into battle screaming curses and waving her bat with a little too much enthusiasm. You wouldn't be able to tell she was a girl unless you looked hard enough.

Lastly was the Fem-Demo. After meeting her on the train ride to the base Fem-Spy didn't know how she would be received. She was very much black and Scottish, with a giddy attitude and hair draped over her right eye. She said it was because she had been blind in that eye since birth.

"And it sure ain't a pretty sight to look at!" She had laughed. Fem-Spy didn't question it.

As it turned out the men loved the female arrivals. Fem-Scout was taunted mercilessly by the boys, but was always ready to beat the crap out of anyone who went too far. This earned the respect of the other Scouts quickly, especially the one who made a crack about her father. He was later seen dashing to the infirmary, clutching a broken nose. Fem-Demo proved on the first night that she could drink as much as anyone, except maybe the Heavies. She quickly fell into the routine of drinking and laughing with the others in the mess hall and watching her new brothers' backs on the battlefield.

That left Fem-Spy. She was coldly accepted into the ring of the RED Spies and never shown any extra compassion or kindness. She didn't want it anyway. She was an outcast by class and gender and didn't expect any less. Getting to this position by herself, as a woman, taught her the harsh reality of the sexist workforce.

She sat down by herself at a table in the corner of the hall with a cup of herbal tea and the latest stolen Intel. She brought the tea to her lips and inhaled the sweet aroma. She took a sip, and was rudely interrupted.

"Wazzup Spy girl?" It was Fem-Scout. Fem-Spy nearly choked on her steaming beverage.

"'Allo Scout," She said, wiping her lips, "How are you doing zis evening?" She kept her tone even. She hated people interrupting her tea time.

"Nothin' much. Jus' wanted to see how you were holdin' up is all." Fem-Scout scratched her head. She wasn't an ugly girl, but not beautiful either. Her close cut red hair danced above her eyebrows playfully. Her pants (which were more shorts really) were covered in dirt and what looked like this nights dinner.

"'Ow I was 'olding up? I am fine mon ami, you should worry about yourself." Said Fem-Spy, glancing meaningfully toward the table where the majority of the rambunctious Scouts sat.

"Aw they're not half bad! You just need to be like them, ya know? Get inside their minds." Fem-Scout giggled manically.

As a Spy, getting inside someone's mind was easy. Fem-Spy sometimes wondered if the Scouts even had anything in their heads.

"Anyway, just checkin' to make sure you weren't thinkin' about quittin' or anything. Then it'd jus' be me an' Demo, and she's as nuts as any of these other guys." Fem-Scout waved a goodbye and dashed out into the hallway.

Fem-Spy sighed as she watched the girl leave. Her tea was cooling now and she wanted to drink it before anyone else interrupted her. She pored over the documents for the next few hours. New weapons upgrades, heavy artillery, vehicles, someplace called the 'Aperture Science Enrichment Center'. . . This was what Fem-Spy lived for. She loved dissecting information and infiltrating secrets. It was what she had focused on throughout her training.

Not to say she wasn't a fighter. Oh no, Fem-Spy could fight if she had to. She did have to, as she found out during her hellish training experience. The final assignment was a practical application of all the knowledge the Spy recruits had learned, including killing methods. Needless to say not everyone passed. She got by, but didn't want to say she enjoyed it. She just preferred not to think about it.

After many hours, the mess hall was clear and the lights were dim. Fem-Spy was the only one left in the room. She yawned and began to pack up. It would be a long day of fighting tomorrow, and she wanted to be well rested.

She packed the last of the papers into her folder when she heard a sound. Not a familiar sound in an empty mess hall, however. The click of a lighter. She adjusted her posture and turned around. Standing there was another RED Spy, taking a drag on a freshly lit cigarette. This Spy was the veteran in the group. In other words, he had stayed alive the longest.

"Bonjour Spy. Fancy meeting you 'ere." She tried to keep her voice steady. The truth was this Spy made her nervous. His icy glare seemed to penetrate into her mind, demanding she share whatever secrets she had with the world.

"Shouldn't you be getting to bed?" He said. There was no emotion in his voice.

"I was on my way." Fem-Spy stated as she began to stride past him. He grabbed her arm. She resisted the automatic impulse to pull out her revolver.

"What are zhose?" The Spy asked, motioning toward the folder.

"Zhose are the documents you obtained today, Monseiur." Fem-Spy stood tall and did her best to meet his gaze. "Now, eef you would be so kind, I must go. Eet iz getting late." She tore her arm away from him. The area he had grabbed felt sore.

"Pardon, Mademoiselle. One can never be too careful zhese days." He let out a puff on his cig and turned to walk away. "And considering your position I would be very, very careful."

Fem-Spy watched the enigma of a man leave the room. She stood still for an entire minute before silently cursing herself and making her way toward her bedroom.

As if she was going to get any sleep now.

There's the chapter. Like I said this was originally meant to be a one-shot, but I would like to possibly continue it.

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