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Spy leaned back in his chair. He was in his room, on the desk in front of him was form letter that he had received the previous morning:

Dear Sir,

We thank you as a R.E.D. employee for your interest in the corporate side of your company. However, we would like to reiterate your request for the retrieval for the body of SPY #122 has been denied. Your inquiry into the 'Female Test Class' experiment is appreciated, but unnecessary. As you are already aware, five (5) of the six (6) females placed on the field have perished, thus deeming the experiment a failure. The last female has been sent home as of last week with her pay check and a recommendation letter. We are also aware you have contacted us about the matters of your fellow teammates and you have been requested to cease and desist. We recommend you comply, as we can do much worse than simply fire you. You are a good Spy but please stop sticking your nose in other people's business.


Ms. Pauling, Assistant to the Administrator

He sneered as he read it over for the fiftieth time. The nerve of these women, being so bossy and secretive. They quite reminded him of a certain Spy he used to know. His lips pulled into a small grin as he lit a cigarette. She was gone however, a casualty he would not simply brush off. She was a test, it wasn't fair that her life was taken and the test failed. She had put so much into her time here and the thought that all her effort would go to waste made Spy sick. He brushed the form letter off his desk onto the floor and picked up a red colored file sitting underneath it. He was going to find her family and make it up to them. He was going to deliver the news of her death and tell them how brave, how clever and brilliant she was. He would tell them she died as a warrior in the face of battle, how she confronted her enemies and how much she meant to him. It was the least he could do.

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