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Gecko Moria - Houdini's Slimy Cousin

The largest twin points of the spiky hairdo poked into the hall like antennae, waving this way then that way. Sensing no creature intelligent enough to suspect him of anything while dressed in this form, they were shortly followed by a body that still had no chance of possibly fitting into the crack that it had, in fact, emerged from.

Sure he wasn't quite the size that he had been before -he could see his feet for crying out loud- but it still should not have been physically possible. That, as well as the fact that he had managed to survive his own death? If he didn't know any better, he would have called himself God and been done with it.

But then, God never got his ass kicked, let alone by a freak in pink*.

"Damn this bony piece of crap," he hissed as the legs bent awkwardly; normally for the body, but not so much for the mind running it. "Really, how did a guy with two-jointed legs make it this far in the Line? Better than that, what were they doing with him here... wherever here is?"

It wasn't like he really cared beyond the fact that these strange movements and the slight malnutrition (compared to his own diet, extreme malnutrition), seeing as they could now hold him back from his quick escape. Nevertheless, he was worried.

He truly hadn't expected that damned flamingo to turn around and just kick his ass like that. Really, it had hurt. But the fact remained that they were both pirates, and when a pirate has something to gain by destroying another, said pirate will do it.

In this case, Doflamingo still proved 'above average', instead having been following the orders of a higher power if that baby snail transponder meant anything. But Moria didn't care about that.

"What the hell was that power, anyway? I thought there were supposed to be only three types of akuma no mi? That... there's no way that was a Paramecia. Not a Zoan, not a Logia type either." He wanted that power. But he didn't even know what it was. You see his problem, yes? "And how long is this freaking hallway anyway?"

Back then, he had been beaten to a pulp by that pink bastard. Thankfully, he had managed to body-jump to an unconscious Marine on the battlefield before he had struck the 'final' blow (it was actually an accident, more a reflex than anything, not that he would admit that), and that bastard's shades seemed to have covered his escape unnoticed (although later he would swear that even that was part of his plan).

But then that freak Akainu had gotten pissed, mistaken this Marin for dead, and melted him to a slag heap to let off some stress (and that had been painful) and so he had been forced into yet another body... when he had awakened, about three weeks ago, he was in the familiar darkness of a dungeon, in the unfamiliar situation of being chained to a wall, and after escaping those with a little shadow-shaping, he was home free...

Or not. It turned out that this bloody palace was just a confusing as Thriller Bark had been once upon a time, except this place didn't even have a map! Which now sucked for him. Oh, wait, is that daylight in the distance?

"And the next time I see that pedobear lookin' son of a bastard I'm gonna-" SHIT. Leave it to him to find an exit that ended in a sharp cliff drop. Joy. Now how was he going to- wait, is that a Marine ship down there?

Later on, Moria would realize that it should have been impossible for him to escape the one place he would never have entered willingly. This would happen as he made a 'tactical retreat' from the palace gates with an army of loyal, if not zombified, followers, fully prepared to take on the New World again.

Even later he would realize that, not only had he escaped the Holy Land, Mariejoa, but it was only possible because of the body he had hijacked. Which happened to belong to the Ex-Supernova, Jonn Jones, the human bomb.

Until then he would curse every all he ran through, unknowing that his fellow ex-warlords were being 'escorted' into the building just below.

*- Much later, Moria would find that 'God' had gotten his ass handed to him, and would get his ass kicked again, this time by a freak in pink.

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