"Alice since you had to fuss over you having children, I bought the things for you. But I must see them seven times a year" said her mom

"Alright mother! But we really must get going. I'll be back in a few,' said Alice as she walked out to the bathroom, 'hmm, that's strange I feel like I have to go but, I cant." A few seconds later water came from here. She knew what that meant.

"Hatterrrrrrr!!!!!" Alice screamed running down the stairs trying not to fall.

"Alice, my dear, what is it?" he asked in a worried tone.

"it's theā€¦. The babies, their coming," Alice said barley while she caught her breath.

"WE must get to the hospital at once." her mother said grabbing her coat and walking out the door, "well just don't stand there you to, we aren't going to have the little ones here."

They both walked out the door slowly. Tarrant holding Alice's arm taking his time, like he knew what to do. They hopped in to the carriage, Hatter helping her up into it. The horse rushed at full speed, when ever they hit a bump they would jump up. They got to the hospital. The doctor led them in to the delivery room. She had the two babies. The boy was named Stephen, and the girl was named Renee'. They grew up a wonderful life. They helped with the rebirth of the Hightopp clan. They then got married and had children of their own.

The End!

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