A/N: I will update Physical Evidence soon, have a couple chapters almost done for it. I really should be working but I am a spoiler junkie and I looked and this just came to mind. MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE END OF THE SEASON!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy.

Cam sat down next to a dejected looking Booth; before she even had a chance to ask what was wrong he spoke,

"Bones is leaving for a year." His voice was strangled and hoarse and it was obvious to his long time friend that he was trying to hold back a strong wave of emotions.

"She told me she was thinking about it." Cam replied.

"We got split up." Booth let out a shaky breath.

"Why?" Booth shrugged.

"Honestly? I'm gonna guess unprofessional behavior on my part…Caroline said she's pretty sure this was our last case together; she said that the way we're running from each other, this was our last case together." Cam sat silently, not knowing what to say. It seemed like everything was falling apart. Hodgins and Angela were planning on taking a six month honeymoon around Europe and Dr. Brennan was planning on going away for a year.

"Did you tell Dr. Brennan that you're in love with her?" Cam asked finally. Booth lowered his head.

"Not in so many words but she knows."

"Did you ask her to stay?"

"No. Bones lives for stuff like this Cam. I can't ask her to sacrifice it for me. Ancient remains are the reason she became a forensic anthropologist." Again Cam didn't know how to respond. Placing a hand on his arm she sat with him in silence.


"Hey Sweetie." Angela said walking into her best friend's office where she was packing up her stuff.

"Hey Ange." Brennan responded as she put a few more things into a box.

"So you're really leaving for a year huh."

"Yes. This is an excellent opportunity and I will be able to work with ancient remains again. It's been a long time since I've been able to get back to my real passion." She paused for a moment before continuing.

"Plus the FBI split Booth and I up, which is why I have the time to pursue this amazing experience."

"Why did they split you up?" Angela asked sitting down on Brennan's couch.

"Obviously they felt that our partnership was no longer valuable and had a problem with the way we were conducting our investigations." Brennan responded coldly.

"Ya, that's what it was" Angela muttered under her breath.

"How'd Booth take it when you told him you were leaving?" Angela asked tentatively a few minutes later.

"He took it…like Booth" Brennan said distractedly as her heart clenched.

"He didn't ask you to stay?"

"No. He agreed that it would be a great opportunity for me to get back to my real passion." Angela shook her head in disappointment.

"Sweetie, did you tell him that you love him?"

"No…well not with those words but he knows." Brennan replied. Angela didn't know what to say. She couldn't tell Brennan not to go – Brennan loved ancient remains, plus she wasn't even going to be here for six months. Angela could hear Booth's voice in her head when she and Hodgins announced their honeymoon plans you're splitting up the team?

"We're Booth's people" Hodgins mumbled to himself as he sat at the diner with Sweets.

"What?" Sweets asked, he had been moping for days.

"We're Booth's people." Hodgins repeated a little louder. "Me, Angela, Cam, You, the interns, Dr. B. We're his people. And we're leaving."

"I'm not leaving." Sweets said defensively. "You and Angela and Dr. Brennan are leaving. Cam and I are staying here!"

"Sweets do you have daddy issues or something cause you're acting like a just insulted your father." Sweets clenched his teeth and took a deep breath.

"Oh…sorry." Hodgins said quietly.

"I'm just saying that Dr. Saroyan and I are staying here. The interns are not working during the summer and Dr. Brennan is running away. Booth promised her he would never leave her and she's running away. Mind you, Booth isn't running in the right direction either. But they both have such fear of abandonment and of getting hurt that they can't allow themselves to be happy. Instead they just decide its better to be totally miserable apart. How stupid is that? It all just totally sucks." Sweets sat looking at the table while Hodgins watched him.

"It'll work out Sweets."

"You don't know that." Sweets replied, thinking he sounded a lot like Brennan. "You and Angela could decide to extend your honeymoon. You could decide to move to some other place. Dr. Brennan could decide not to come back after a year. What are the rest of us supposed to do here?"

"Cam will get temporary replacements for all of us. Clark probably for Dr. B and the FBI will give Booth a new partner."

"It just sounds wrong." Sweets commented.

"Things change Sweets. That's life."

"Ya I know. Doesn't mean I have to like it though."

"I have to go pick up Angela. See you later Sweets." Hodgins left some bills on the table before leaving.


"So...all ready to go?" Booth asked Brennan as he leaned against the doorframe of her apartment. Brennan nodded.


"Good…that's good" Booth said lamely. They couldn't meet each other's eyes. Booth helped her bring her bags down and for once Brennan didn't admonish his Alpha Male behaviour, even if he wished she had.

"You'll call right. When you land?" Booth said trying to prolong the moment he would have to let her leave. They were standing at the security entrance; passengers only beyond that point.

"It will most likely be an inconvenient time for you because of the time difference." Brennan explained weakly.

"Please call me." Booth said, trying but failing to keep the emotions out of his voice.

"It's only a year Booth."

"Only a year." Booth swallowed. They stood looking at each other.

"I should go Booth."

"Ya…ya…the line's getting kinda long." Their hug was quick and awkward, nothing like the 'guy hugs' they had shared in the past and that they both missed.

"Bye Booth."

"Bye Bones." He watched as she walked towards the long line of people waiting to go through security.

"Bones!" He called. He walked quickly over to her.

"If I had asked you to stay, would you have stayed?" The words came tumbling out because he could stop himself. Brennan observed him for a moment.

"I think I probably would have. But you know me and you know how much I love ancient remains. It's why you didn't ask me to stay?" She framed it as a question and he nodded, reassuring her that he did indeed know her very well. Booth pulled her into a tight hug, making it very clear that he never wanted to let go; Brennan returned the hug with just as much enthusiasm.

"Please be safe Bones." He whispered into her ear.

"I will." Brennan blinked back the tear that was threatening to fall before she pulled away.

"I'll be back in a year." She reassured him; she kissed his cheek and then passed through the door to the security area. Booth was left standing in the middle of the busy airport.

"A year."

As Booth walked out of the airport distracted by thoughts of his partner he failed to notice the man in a dark suit tracking him.