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Jake's POV

My world stopped. I couldn't move for a minute as I saw the end of Bella's fight with the red head. She collapsed to the ground and everything around me became a blur except for her as I saw the large gashes in her side and the dark read blood that covered her white fur. She hadn't phased back to human when she passed out, she probably didn't have the strength, even in unconsciousness. As the ringing in my ears stopped and the world came back into view I briefly registered Jasper and Emmet finishing off the last of the newborns and everyone else clearing up the field of any remaining body parts, then I was running to Bella, my thoughts consumed with one word, "NO!"

When I reached her side, I realized that she was still alive, only just. Her breathing was so shallow that even in wolf form I had to work to hear it. The doctor vamp came over and started checking on her. "We've got to get her back to our house. Now." He said urgently.

Jared, Sam, Leah and I phased back and carried her giant wolf form as quickly and as carefully as possible back to the Cullen's house. Paul would have come, but his leg had gotten torn up pretty bad in the fight with the blonde male vamp we had been fighting and the others carried him back to the reservation where he could heal.

Everything moved so quickly, yet slowly at the same time when we got the doc's house. He had us lay her down on the kitchen table while he ran upstairs to get his medical supplies. I vaguely registered him returning and pushing us out of the room so he could work. I didn't hear a word he or anyone else said, there was a thrumming in my ears, a beating, like a heart beat and all my attention was focused on Bella. Once we were out of the kitchen and I couldn't see Bella anymore, the noise stopped and everything around me came back into view again. I could hear her heart beating faintly from the other side of the doors and I began to pace, knowing that I needed to stay out of the doctor's way. Leah was on one of the couches, crying. Her best friend and her imprint had both been injured in the battle. I had never seen her look so defeated, not even when she had found out about Paul and Bella.

About five minutes passed before I heard Bella's heart stop.

My control flew out the window and I rushed for the door.

"Keep him out of here!" I heard the doc yell before Sam and Jared were both holding me back from the door. I fought them the whole time, listening to the movements in the kitchen, a few seconds later, her heart started again and I relaxed marginally.

It took about twenty minutes before he came out of the kitchen, hands covered in blood, but looking hopeful. My expression must have asked all the questions in my head because he said "I think she'll be okay. She needs to rest and hopefully the wolf genes will work to repair her injuries. He heart beat is getting stronger, less spluttering. I've done everything I can. It's up to her now."

I thanked him before walking quickly into the kitchen. She was still in wolf form on the table, I briefly wondered how the table was supporting her weight as a wolf. She was hooked up to some IV's. I honestly don't know how he got them into her veins, but that wasn't important. It was probably morphine or something like that to keep her asleep and keep her from phasing to human too early. The doc said she shouldn't shift with all her injuries because it could cause more issues.

She stayed asleep for the rest of the day and into the night. Finally, about mid-afternoon the next day her heart beat was back to normal, strong and sure. He breathing had evened out sometime during the night and she seemed to be healing up nicely. I stayed with her the whole time. Leah left for the night to stay with Paul but came back this morning with him, his injuries almost completely healed. They let me know that everyone else was fine and everyone on our side, including all the Cullen's made it out okay. There were minor injuries on some of the others, but Bella and Paul were the only ones really hurt.

Around dinner time Bella phased back to human, I rushed into the living room to grab a blanket to throw over her body and about fifteen minutes later she woke up. Carlisle had removed the IV's from her a few hours ago saying that she would be fine and should wake up sometime tonight. Apparently the doc knew his stuff.

Her eyes blinked open and she found me immediately. "Hey." I smiled at her. "How do you feel?"

"I'm okay." She answered, her voice a little hoarse. I got her a glass of water and she drank it down quickly, holding it out to me obviously asking for another one.

After her third glass of water she sat up a little bit, holding the blanket around her. Her hand went to her head for a minute, apparently the motion made her a little dizzy. "Are you okay?" she asked me suddenly, checking me over for any injuries. Her voice was still quiet, but she sounded a little better.

"I'm fine." I answered her. "Just a few scrapes and bruises, but they've healed by now. Do you need anything?"

She looked down at the blanket around her and moved to swing her legs off the table. "Some clothes would be nice." She replied, a small smile gracing her lips.

Esme must have heard her up, because she appeared in the room a moment later. "Can you walk, Bella?" she asked her. "I've got some clothes in the bathroom and you may want to take a shower to wash the blood off."

Bella nodded and slid off the table, but she wobbled and began to fall when he feet hit the floor. I caught her easily and passed her off to Esme who helped her to the bathroom. I worried that she might not be able to stand in the shower and might hurt herself, but I didn't voice my thoughts because I knew Bella would hate the idea of not being able to do basic things without help.

While she was in the bathroom Leah, Paul and I sat around, mostly silently while we waited for her. We were all relieved to have her awake and okay. Carlisle came down after a little while to let us know that she needed to not phase for a few days while her body finished healing itself. The damage to her ribs especially had been extensive enough that even would healing apparently would take a few days at least.

Bella's POV

I had to hang onto the shower curtain rail to keep from falling over while I washed my body clean. The clothes that Esme had for me were mine, I noticed. Leah must have brought them over for me, I had seen her in the living room on the way to the bathroom. Slowly the strength in my legs began to return to me, but the pain in my shoulder and ribs remained. It wasn't unbearable, but I could tell it might take a while for my body to completely heal itself. Knowing that it would, though, was what mattered. I wasn't beyond repair.

After getting dressed I stayed in the bathroom for a while, practicing standing so that I could walk on my own. I hated the idea of needing assistance for such menial tasks. After I was convinced I could at least make it to a couch in the living room I did just that. Jake came to me the moment he saw me and offered his aid, but I was determined to make it on my own, although I took his hand in mine, smiling up at him. I hugged Esme and Carlisle, thanking them both for taking care of me, but I wanted to go home. Jake called Charlie and ten minutes later he was helping me into the front seat of the cruiser and climbing into the back himself. I had to laugh at the sigh of Jake in the back of a police car which made him grimace, but I could see the smile in his eyes at my laughter.

As Charlie drove us back to the reservation I knew that everything was going to be okay. I had Jake and the whole pack to help me recover. I smiled happily as we entered La Push and went to Sam and Emily's house, where there was food. I don't think I had ever been so hungry in my life.

That night, Jake made love to me before we fell asleep in each others' arms. He was my imprint, my mate, and the man that I would be with forever. I loved him with all my heart and soul, and I knew he loved me just as much. Everything was going to be just fine.

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