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Jack lay on her bed under the engineering deck. She was deep in bitter thoughts, twirling her pistol absent mindedly.

Fuck... Shepard leaves me and that robot dude behind while their off killing some stupid bastards. Why the fuck couldn't I go along? Babysitting a damn ship isn't what I had in mind. I feel like crushing something.. this sucks.

Jack stopped twirling the gun and sat up, looking down at her boots.

The people on this ship are pathetic. The only reason i haven't blown everyone to little pieces is because Shepard helped me.. I respect that. Few people ever do help. He sure prefers helping that Quarian more than anyone, though.

She stood up and began pacing back and forth across the deck.

They better come back soon... I want to squash some more of those fucking insects we fought back on Horizon. That was fun.

Jack stopped, turned and sat back down on her bed.

Maybe I should-

Suddenly, There was a loud, yet muffled sound that echoed through the deck.

What the hell was that? It came from the hangar.

Jack stood up again, holding her pistol.

She listened carefully. This time she could make out the treading of feet on the deck above.

"Who the fuck is making all that racket up there?", Jack called up loudly.

There was no reply. The patter of feet stopped. Then became louder, closer. They were approaching the staircase down to Jack's room.

On the deck above, Jack heard what sounded like a pistol firing, followed by a woman screaming on the engineering deck, and other muffled shouts. She snapped into focus and raised her weapon at the staircase.

"What the fuck is going on here?".

Legion stood upright, in it's usual spot on the far side of the AI core, listening to yeoman Kelly Chambers recount a portion of human history.

"You see, we would have become far too overpopulated, had we not discovered the Prothean ruins on Mars", She told It. "After that, we discovered the mass relays and began to use them".

Legion nodded it's large elongated head foreword.

"We have found that Organics tend to overpopulate and take up much more space then we synthetics do", Legion commented in it's usual monotonous voice. "We take up no physical space, apart from the platforms we possess".

Kelly uncrossed her slender arms.

"Yes", Kelly replied. "If we had only learned to keep our race from overpopulating and polluting the Earth, we wouldn't have so many people who just want to leave our home planet when they get older".

"The Creators, on the other hand, wish to have Rannoch, our mutual home world, back. We have found it interesting how some organic species treat the planets they originate from. The Drell, for example, overpopulated their planet. They surely would have become extinct, had the Hanar not found them. Or the Krogan, who damaged their own world in a self induced nuclear war", Legion responded. "They put unnecessary violence above all else. It seems likely this will change, with a new clan in the leadership role. In addition, the clan leader is a close friend of the Shepard Commander's".

Kelly nodded in agreement.

"I certainly hope Krogan saved the galaxy from the Rachni. It would be a shame for them to all die off. I love all species, the universe demands diversity", she replied.

"We concur. We also believe that all life must evolve along it's own path, rather then having other races achieve this for them", said Legion. "The process of social and technological evolution is as important as the ending result."

Kelly smiled at It.

"I'm positive that you're right about that Legion. You know, I also think-

Something impacted against the side of the ship, cutting her off in mid sentence. Legion's single optical scanner shot up to the door. It activated it's Omni-Tool in an instant, getting a ship read out.

"Something unknown has struck the Normandy's port side hull", Legion informed her.

Kelly's eyes widened fearfully.

"You don't think that it's the.. I have to get up to the command deck, we can talk later Legion", She told him quickly, turning and jogging across the room and out the automatically opening door.

Legion reached for the Geth pulse rifle strapped to it's back and removed it quickly.

"We shall go with you Kelly,Yeoman", It replied behind her. "Our firepower may prove necessary if the Collectors have boarded the ship".

"Alright, come on!", She replied, not slowing down to wait for it.

Legion followed after her, still somewhat behind.

Kelly jogged through the med bay and suddenly stopped as the door open.

She uttered a frightened scream as she caught sight of a group of tall humanoid shaped insect beings standing before her, each holding their strange rifles. Their multiple soulless, bright orange eyes staring at her.

Kelly turned on her heel to run back towards Legion, whom was now half way through the med bay, when she felt a hand grab onto the back of her uniform, pulling her backwards off her feet.

One of the Collector drones began dragging her across the cafeteria and towards the elevator.

"LEGION!", She screamed, struggling against it, slowing the creature down.

Legion raised It's pulse rifle to kill the Collector holding on to her, when three others moved in front, raising their own rifles and blocking the way.

Legion took cover beside the med bay door as they opened fire on the lab, rounds shredding equipment, the med bay window and several of the doctors monitors to pieces.

Legion could still detect Kelly's screams on it's audio channels.

We have little time to reach her. We must hurry, Geth program 537 stated to the others.

We concur, Geth program 752 stated, as rounds tore into the corner beside the Geth platform.

A consensus was built among them at the speed of light.

Legion aimed it's pulse rifle around the corner, targeting the nearest Collector.

Several bolts of white searing hot plasma tore out of the rifle and struck the Collectors chest.

The bolts melted right through the creatures armored mid section, leaving several searing holes.

It flopped onto the deck, dropping it's rifle and convulsed slightly before dying.

Legion activated It's shield strength boost and a white glow covered it's entire frame. It rounded the corner, and the other two opened fire on it.

Rounds were absorbed by the powerfully boosted Kinetic Barriers, and Legion fired several more plasma bolts into each of them.

One bolt struck a Collector in the eyes, melting them instantly and burning a hole in it's head, killing it instantly

Legion targeted the other in the stomach and squeezed the trigger again.

The Collector's barriers took several more bolts, finally they collapsed.

Legion watched as it seemed to flash a brilliant light and rise off the floor and into the air in suspension. Bright orange light shot up all over it's entire body.

"ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!", a loud menacing voice issued from the Collector.

It dropped back to the ground again, glowing all over it's body.

Legion aimed the pulse rifle at it, and let loose a hail of bolts.

The Collector simply walked closer towards Legion, seemingly as robotic as the Geth platform was, ignoring it's injuries and continuing to shoot at it.

"A GETH...MERE TOOLS OF OUR WILL! UNWORTHY!, The voice stated savagely.

Legion moved foreword as it's barriers depleted, swept a large three fingered hand at the glowing Collector and knocked the gun out of it's arms.

The Collector rifle sailed across the cafeteria, sliding across a table and falling to the ground.

Next, Legion grabbed it's arm and pushed it roughly into the table. It's applied force would have broken any other being's arm instantly.

The Collector attempted to swing it's other glowing powerful arm back furiously, but Legion was quicker and ducked to the side.

Legion raised the butt of it's rifle and struck the creature in the front of the head.

It's head reeled backwards from the incredible force. Legion repeated the brutal hits several more times before it stuck the pulse rifles barrel into it's hard stomach.

Legion squeezed the trigger and held it down.

Bolts tore into the creature, shredding it open. It couldn't withstand the constant damage, and Legion watched as it disintegrated into a cloud of black ashes.

The ashes fell down, settling on the deck and Legion's mass effect barriers recharged back to full strength.

Legion popped out the rifles empty heat sink and replaced it in a flash. It turned back towards the elevator and ran forewords. Kelly's screaming was still detected.

It ran around the corner, just as a crewman was thrown into a wall, knocked unconscious and dragged quickly into the open elevator by a Collector.

Five Collector drones stood inside the elevator, holding their rifles high. One was gripping onto a squirming Kelly, one holding the unconscious man, while another keyed the elevator control panel.

"LEGION! HELP!", Kelly screamed, noticing it's platform.

The two Collectors not doing anything leveled their weapons at Legion and fired

The elevator door began to close, but not before Legion snapped up the barrel of it's pulse rifle and targeted the Collector now typing quickly at the console with it's Omni-Tool.

A stream of accurate plasma bolts shot out of the weapon and struck the Collector in the back. The stench of scorched flesh was thick in the air, but Legion couldn't smell it.

A massive hole was burned through the Collector, and it dropped to the ground of the elevator. Legion targeted one of the Collectors firing at it and fired several shots into it just as the door closed.

The elevator began a slow descent downwards, with Kelly still screaming fearfully inside.

Legion moved in front of an elevator panel on right of the elevator door and knelt.

It activated it's own Omni-Tool and attempted to override the elevators descent to the engineering deck.

It typed rapidly, but whatever the Collector had been doing with it's Omni-tool, had been effective.

We calculate insufficient time to stop the elevator. We should take the air ducts down to the engineering deck, Geth program 117 stated.

A consensus was reached immediately, and the platform stood, preparing to double back to the AI core.

Before it could move, a man's voice spoke up behind it.

"Hey, Legion? Uh.. is that you 'Mr. Roboto'?"

Legion spun around quickly to see a bearded man wearing a cap, limping slowly towards the elevator.

Legion scanned the man with it's Omni tool.

"You are the Normandy's pilot, Jeffery 'Joker' Moreau", It stated.

"Yeah, no duh, obviously, standing right here", He muttered back. "I saw what happened to Chambers and Hawthorn, man."

"Affirmative. What is the current status of the crew on the Command deck?" Legion asked him.

Joker shook his head.

"The Collectors took them all.. it was a fucking Praetorian", He said bitterly.

"We assume you took the vents to get down here?", Legion inquired.

"Yeah, EDI wants me to head to the AI core and release Cerberus's shackles on her".

Legion nodded it's elongated head.

"Logical. She may take control of the ship from the Collectors", It told him. "Her restrictions have always been unfortunate".

"Could you help me to the Core?", Joker asked it. "I'm way too slow for this shit".

Legion moved to his side and placed an arm around his shoulders to support him.

"Ow! Watch the grip man!", Joker hissed painfully. "It's not like I'm a metal Terminator like you or something".

"Of course", Legion amended, loosening its hold slightly.

"There, thanks, don't need you breaking my arm. you lamp head", Joker muttered rubbing his shoulder. "Shepard will want to do that."

Legion helped him move around the corner and through the Cafeteria. They stepped into the med bay and kept going on towards the Core.

"The Collectors have taken control of engineering", they heard EDI's voice state.

"What the shit!", Joker exclaimed in shock.

When they reached the AI core, EDI shut and locked the automatic door behind them as Legion let go of Joker.

"Greattt. I'm going to end up getting all the blame for this", Joker muttered limping over to EDI's main console and began typing.

Legion remained beside the door, it's pulse rifle in both hands.

"Oh Joker forgot to turn of the overload, now I have to spend all my time computing Pi", Joker mimed sarcastically. "Miranda is going to be pissed off".

EDI's familiar hologram sprang up suddenly on the console.

"Thank you mister Moreau, I have access to most of the ship. Do not worry about operative Lawson. She will understand what has happened", EDI informed him.

Joker rolled his eyes sarcastically and scratched his beard.

"Yeah, sure", He muttered. "And I'm going to get a medal for saving the Normandy..-

"I need you to connect me into the engineering systems now", EDI interrupted calmly. "Once this is complete, then we can remove the Collectors from the ship".

Joker groaned in annoyance and rubbed his neck.

"You want me to go crawling in those damn vents again?", He asked bitterly.

"I enjoy the sight of humans on their knee's Mr. Moreau", EDI stated casually. "You should know that".

Joker's eyes widened in surprise as he stared at her hologram.

There was a long pause, and EDI spoke up again.

"That was a joke", She replied.

Joker nodded quickly, his eyes taking on a relieved look.

"Oh..right", He said dumbly, turning back to Legion, who turned it's head to face him.

"Legion can assist you greatly, Mr. Moreau. You needn't worry", EDI informed him.

"We concur", Legion agreed.

Joker turned over to face the armed Geth platform.

"Looks like we're going crawling through the air ducts... with aliens crawling all over the place... god it sounds like an old science fiction movie I saw", Joker told Legion sarcastically, walking over to the door, beside which a ladder in the floor led down to the vents.

"Acknowledged Moreau, Pilot ", Legion replied.

"It's Joker, man!", Joker complained.

"Correcting...Joker, pilot", Legion amended.

Joker started down the steel ladder carefully, and Legion followed suit.

"Be careful climbing man", Joker's voice called up to Legion. "If you miss a step and fall on me: I'm a goner. You probably weigh a ton or something"

"We do not make such mistakes", Legion assured him.

The deck was covered in various dead Collectors, sprawled over one another.

"DIE YOU UGLY FUCKERS! I WILL DESTROY YOU!", Jack shouted in a vicious rage at the reinforcement Collectors descending down the staircase.

A pair of Collectors went sailing into the wall as a shock wave smashed through them.

They crashed to the floor, and Jack raised her pistol and fired into each of their bodies several times, spilling fresh yellow blood all over the floor.

She targeted a trio and unleashed another biotic wave. They scattered, dropping like bowling pins.

She fired into each one of them and the pistol emptied and she discharged the spent heat sink.

"Shit!", Jack muttered, reaching for a new heat sink and popping it in.

Several bodies squirmed on the floor struggling to rise, and Jack ran over to them.

She growled ferociously from the bottom of her throat, rose the heel of her large dark boot and brought it down on top of the first ones head.

There was a crunch of bone against the floor and she repeated the gesture several times laughing as blood oozes out. Next, she she hit the remaining bodies with a biotic lift, throwing them against the wall again with deadly force.

She was breathing heavily now, warm rage coursing throughout her entire body as her chest rose and fell.

"YOU WANT SOME MORE?", Jack shouted up the stairs. "COME AND GET SOME OF THIS!"

There was silence on the deck above, suddenly followed by a clanging noise echoing through the vents above her bed.

Jack ran over to the small bed and aimed her weapon high at the vent shaft.

There was a muffled noise of pain and an angry retort, followed by a faint synthesized sounding voice.


There was a moment of silence followed by a man's frightened voice.

"Easy Jack! Me and Legion are coming down!", it called to her.

Jack watched as the bearded human in a Cerberus uniform, crawled out the vent and descended carefully down the ladder to where she stood.

At the last rung, Joker jumped off the ladder, landing on one foot, nearly falling over.

"Shit!", He muttered, rubbing his leg. "That's going to leave a bruise".

There was clanking as the next figure descended the ladder and dropped.

The large metal humanoid figure stood upright, and the single light on the front of it's elongated head, spun, examining the small, barely clothed, heavily tattooed woman pointing a large pistol at it's dark frame.

"You are the human known as 'Jack' ", The Geth stated, searching the Normandy crew roster. "We haven't seen you, apart from meetings in the conference room for small amounts of time".

Jack snorted disbelievingly and lowered her pistol.

"Yeah, no shit. You must be the tin man Shepard picked up", She replied, rolling her eyes. "Haven't met you up close yet. Guess you have enough common sense not to piss me off by stopping by"

"We are Legion", Legion informed her, examining the unusual black composition on her eye lashes, the strange shaped ink covering the majority of her body. Legion extended it's long three fingered hand.

Jack's eyes widened slightly at this sudden unexpected gesture, then she shook her head.

"I don't have time for manners, scrap heap", Jack muttered. "Save it".

Legion glanced down at it's own hand for a second, and pulled it back to the pulse rifle.

Jack studied it's gray tinted, skeleton like frame for a few moments, noticing the large hole in it's chest. Her eyes stopped on the shoulder pad attached to it. 'N7' was etched on the pad in white.

What the hell is that thing doing on there?, Jack wondered. Strange to see one of these metal dudes up close too.. even stranger that it hasn't shot me yet

"We must proceed to the engineering deck", Legion informed her. "EDI shall take back the ship from the Collectors, in giving her access to the systems."

Jacks head snapped back up from examining it, eyes focusing on the light on the center of it's head.

"Fuck yeah, flashlight, sounds like a plan." Jack replied brusquely, cocking her pistol.

She turned to face Joker next who was still rubbing his leg.

"Hey, do me and the tin man here have to haul your crippled little body around or something?", She asked with a smirk. "You look like a gust of wind could knock you flat on your ass".

Joker folded his arms over his chest resentfully, looking back at them.

"Nah, if anything we should be keeping an eye on you, crazy lady", Joker replied with an amused look. "I'm surprised you haven't destroyed the ship yet. Shepard could have recruited someone less volatile".

Jack's eyes widened wildly and she stepped towards Joker, who cowered as the small woman approached, immediately regretting his words. A purple, glowing biotic field suddenly flashed around her.

"You glass boned little-

Legion, who was coming to understand the illogical actions emotional organics took, stepped up between them and held up a hand to Jack.

"This is unnecessary", It informed her. "Arguing will decrease unit efficiency. We must continue on now."

"Yes... that's a good idea, Legion", Joker's voice came gratefully from behind Legion's back.

Jack glared at Legion, and calmed herself with effort, the biotic glow slowly fading around her.

"Fine, I'll take the point", She replied bitterly, turning to face the staircase on their left. "I'd like to kill the slimy bastards up there anyways."

She raised her pistol and walked towards the stairs, followed closely by Legion, who's plasma rifle was at a ready position. Joker walked behind the armed pair.

When they got up the first staircase, Jack peaked around the corner and saw a trio of Collector drones standing beside one of the cryo pods they had brought aboard.

Rather than wait for them to leave, Jack rounded the corner, bared her sharp teeth, let out a blood lusting growl and hit the closest one with a Biotic lift.

A purple glow surrounded the creature as it hovered upside down in mid air.

Before she could make her next move, Legion stepped around the corner, stood at her side, and shot the hovering Collector with a burst of white plasma bolts.

The creature shuddered as the searing bolts struck it.

A trio of Collectors ran through the doors leading to the cargo bay, joining the remaining two beside the cryo pod. Legion raised it's rifle again, firing into their midst, careful not to hit the pod.

The Collectors returned fire upon Jack, the bullets striking her shields several times. She returned fire back with deadly precision, blasting a pair of them through the heads, their bodies crumpling to the deck.

Before she could target the remaining three, her shields began to lower. A final round struck them, breaking them with a sudden burst of noise.

Shit!, Jack thought frantically.

Before she could attempt to duck out of the way of the bullets, Legion activated it's shield boost, a white glow covering it's frame and moved in front of her, the shields absorbing the hail of fire at the same time it shot back.

Reacting quickly, the warm adrenaline seemingly slowing the world slightly around her, she took cover behind the Geth's large frame, popped out the heat sink and replaced it in one fluent motion.

She aimed her pistol around it's back and helped return fire. After a few moments, her shields glowed blue, recharged and she burst around Legions side.

She targeted the remaining trio with a biotic pull. They were lifted off the ground and moved towards the pair. Together, Legion and Jack finished them off with combined bursts of white hot plasma and pistol rounds.

The bodies stopped glowing and dropped to the floor in a pile. The yellow blood dripped down the staircase in a stream.

Jack smiled to herself in contentment at seeing the blood, glancing to Legion.

"That was fun", She commented, her heart racing thunderously. "I love mangling those fuckers into pieces".

Legion's optical lens spun quickly, staring at her. It didn't reply and moved up the stairs towards the cryo pod in the midst of replacing it's pulse rifle heat sink.

Jack merely stood watching it peer down at the pod. She was deep in interested thoughts, ignoring Joker, who stared at her confusedly as he walked past her, joining Legion up at the pod. Legion had activated it's omni-tool and was scanning it

That tin man stepped in front of me, she thought to herself. Why the hell would it do that? I could handle it on my own. So what if some of the bullets had hit me? I could have taken them.

Jack walked up the stairs slowly towards them, still in thought.

But still... if one of the bullets had hit me in the head... maybe it saved me.

Jack stopped in front of the cryo pod, next to Joker, and looked down. A familiar looking uniformed man lay inside, unconscious.

"Hey, it's Donnelly! The engineer!", Joker piped up loudly.

"The prick who was trying to chat me up awhile back", Jack muttered to herself. "Maybe we can just leave him in?"

Legion looked up from it's Omni-tool towards Joker.

"Correct, We will get him out of the pod", It replied, typing on the tool.

The long coffin shaped pod beeped. After a few moments of typing, the pod opened with a hiss of air.

Kenneth Donnelly lay unconscious, a large purplish bruise on his forehead. Legion reached down with it's long hands, grabbed him by the arms and easily pulled the limp figure upright as if he weighed nothing.

Donnelly was lifted from the pod, his boots dangling and touching the deck. Legion wrapped an arm around his shoulder to keep him upright as it supported him.

It turned quickly to face Joker.

"Joker, Pilot, are you able to hold onto the engineer while we continue through the door?", Legion's synthesized voice asked.

Joker nodded, stepped around the pod and grabbed Donnelly around the shoulder.

"Sure", He replied with a smirk. "At least I can brag to him that a brittle boned guy helped save his life, plus he owes me 125 credits for that last bet we made about the ship gossip.. think I'll up the price".

Legion turned back to the engineering door and held up the pulse rifle in it's hands.

"Be ready Jack, squad member", Legion told her. "We detect Collectors in Engineering".

Jack spit on the deck, stepped up beside Legion, who reactivated it's white glowing shield boost and raised the pistol again in both hands, a purple biotic field now emitting from around her.

Joker weakly supported the unconscious Donnelly and stepped back down the stairs, out of the line of fire.

"Alright, go ahead", Joker called up to them.

"Let's kick some ass", Jack told Legion simply.

Legion stepped towards the engineering door and it beeped, opening fully.

A dozen drones stood on the engineering deck, several of which were typing on the consoles of Tali's station along with Ken and Gabby's. A massive Scion stood still in the middle of the deck, three separate husk heads protruding out of it's bulging frame, theirs eyes glowing inhumanly blue. A single, glowing, skeleton like husk seemed to carry the entire frame.

At the beep of the door, they spun around, spotting the tall and short figures in the doorway.

The scaly drones moved quickly, turning from their computer stations and raising their Collector rifles sharply.

Jack stepped in front of Legion and let out a fearsome growl. She released a shock wave upon the group huddled around Tali's station. The biotic field shot up the floor towards them, its noise deafening.

Bodies flew through the air in separate directions, limbs breaking. Jack targeted the Drones at the opposite terminal and opened fire with her pistol. Legion took the distraction time to target the Scion that was turning slowly to face them.

Legion unleashed a flurry of plasma bolts, striking it's large back. It's armor like skin darkened seared upon impact, but took the rounds well.

Jack sent another wave, targeted at the Drones returning fire from the opposite terminal. Several rounds struck her shields, but they held up.

Again the drones flew apart like a group of bowling pins.

The Scion charged up it's own shock wave, sending it directly at the pair in the doorway.

Legion turned and in a split second, it had tackled Jack to the ground roughly, out of the waves path.

Jack grunted in pain under the heavy metal frame, but bit back an angry comment, as there was no time.

The deadly wave of energy passed out the door, smashing into the empty cryo pod and shattering it to pieces.

Jack and Legion stood up quickly, targeting the Scion. Together they unleashed waves of scorching plasma and pistol rounds upon it, targeting the three protruding heads as it began charging it's shock wave again.

The creature burned all over it's body and screeched out in pain, the sound traveling through the deck.

As the purple pulsating glow prepared to be unleashed again, the last heavy round in Jack's heat sink tore out the end of the pistols barrel, striking the main husk through the head.

The massive misshapen hulk dropped to the floor with a thud, blue liquid oozing out of the various wounds.

In unison, Jack and Legion popped out their respective heat sink's and reloaded again.

They targeted the Collectors writhing on the floor and opened up another hail of fire. Drones rising to their feet were instantly pushed back to the floor under the sheer force. The bodies squirmed under each impact.

Slimy, thick yellow blood oozed out of each of the bodies, splattering over most of the deck.

Legion and Jack stopped firing at once, the air thick with the disgusting stench of burnt flesh. Jack wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"That pulse rifle of yours makes these bastards smell even worse", She muttered. "You should use something else"

Legion turned back to face her.

"We are best suited for this plasma rifle", It informed her logically. "And we do not 'Smell', as you do.. but we can detect the air signals"

"Yeah, no shit", Jack muttered uncaringly.

This Organic appears slightly unstable, Geth program 638 commented to the others.

She is most interesting and behaves unique from the rest of the ship personnel, Geth program 745 stated.

She turned back around to the open door and shouted to Joker.


"Ya ya ya", Jokers voice came back, the echo of feet slowly ascending the staircase audible. "I'm coming.. just being careful not to fall and break my legs."

A figure limped into the door, supporting the unconscious man.

"Here!", Joker told Legion, pushing Donnelly towards the Geth.

"Acknowledged", Legion replied, reaching for Ken.

Legion held the man upright and watched as Joker stepped over the various Collector bodies and began typing furiously on Tali's station console.

EDI's calm voice filled the deck.

"Very good, Mr. Moreau", Her calm voice stated. "Now activate the drive and I will open the airlocks as we accelerate. All hostiles will be killed."

Joker looked up quickly in surprise.

"What? What about the rest of the crew?", he demanded, then looked back down, continuing to type in commands.

"Apart from Engineer Donnelly, They are all gone, Jeff. The Collectors have taken them aboard their vessel".

Joker hung his head bitterly.

"Shit", he muttered, finishing typing. "Goddamn insects.. we'll stop them all when Shepard get's back"

Joker stopped typing and turned back to Legion and Jack.

"Alright, I'm finished. Let's get into the core chamber now", Joker informed them.

Legion easily lifted Donnelly over it's shoulder with one hand and carried the unconscious body past the terminal and paced down the deck towards the Normandy's drive core. Jack followed after it closely, fingers clenching the grip of her pistol, with Joker limping behind them.

They entered the core room and Joker glanced up to the massive black core suspended before them, large amounts of glowing energy rippling off of it.

EDI's blue hologram sprung up on the monitor and she closed the large metal door behind them.

"Sealing the engine room", She stated to them.

Joker limped over to the dark button covered control panel and finished typing in commands.

The Massive black core started to glow, and Jack and Joker were forced to cover their eyes with a single hand.

"I have taken full control of the ship", EDI stated simply, activating the accelerators of the Normandy.

The core's hum was now almost deafening, and light seemed to fill the entire room.

"We're away", EDI commented.

Jack and Joker were suddenly thrown backwards to the floor of the metal deck as the Normandy shot foreword and jumped away from the massive Collector vessel. Legion stumbled slightly, but remained standing upright.

The brightness of the core slowly dissipated, and the hum returned to its steady pace.

"Purge is completed. I detect no other signs of life on the Normandy. Securing airlocks and cargo bay doors", EDI informed them.

Jack shook her head in annoyance at the abrupt fall, then standing upright next to Legion. Joker merely sat up slowly and put his face in his hands.

"Send a message to Shepard's shuttle, EDI. Tell him about what happened here", Joker muttered.

With that, Joker rose painfully from the deck, and sighed, shaking his head miserably.

"The message away", EDI replied, her calm voice now becoming concerned. "Are you ok, Jeff?"

Joker lowered his head and stared at the cold metal floor. After a few moments, he turned away from the control panel and began limping off the deck.

"No. I'm not. But thanks for asking.", He replied quietly, and, not looking back, added. "I'll be on the bridge Legion, Jack".

Jack and Legion watched him walk down the blood stained deck, disappear around the corner and heard the beep of the engineering doors as it opened and shut a few seconds later.

"Shepard will want you both up in the briefing room when he returns with the others, along with engineer Donnelly if he is up for it", EDI informed them quietly, her hologram dissipating back into the console.

Jack turned over to the Geth platform supporting the unconscious crewman and cocked her head slightly.

"Shepard will probably be pissed, what do you think about all this shit, Iron Man?", She asked quizzically.

The little bright optical lense on it's head spun a couple times, surveying her facial expression and stopped abruptly.

"We conclude based on what we know of him, that Shepard, Commander won't be angry with the Joker, pilot", It replied". "No one is to blame for this Collector attack".

Jack let out a sarcastic laugh and crossed her arms.

"Yeah, sure, I bet a hundred credits you're wrong", She replied.

Legion's optical lense spun again. "We do not partake in gambling", It responded simply. "We do not require credits".

An annoyed look crossed Jack's face and she unfolded her arms.

"I know that, shit, lighten up a bit man, you act more stiff then that metal you're made of", Jack informed it.

Legion paused for a moment, considering this and reaching a consensus.

"We will attempt to..'Lighten up', to use your phrase, and converse better with Organics. We have been learning to converse, but require more practice", Legion's monotonous voice replied. Then, it hefted Donnelly over it's shoulder again and began pacing slowly down the deck. "If you will excuse us, we must take the Donnelly, engineer, to the medical bay."

Jack watched as it paced down the deck, and just before it was out of sight, Jack had a thought and went for it.

Oh what the fuck, Jack. May as well.

"Hey! Tin man, hold up a second!", Jack called down the deck at it, taking a single step foreword.

Legion stopped at the far end of the deck and turned back around to face her.

"You did alright back there, with that weapon, you know", Jack commented brusquely. "Not as good as me of course, but I think you'll do around here".

Legion stared at her and inclined it's head.

"We thank you, Jack", It replied in it's lifeless voice, motioning back to her with a hand. "Your biotic ability's are more skilled then any organic we've encountered thus far, and we find you to be an interesting being".

Jack's face remained neutral at the compliment as shook her head slowly and she waved a small hand for it to leave.

"Whatever, just take that wimp to sick bay, scrap heap", She muttered back to it. "I'll be up at the briefing room in a bit.


Legion turned on it's heel and continued down the deck. When Jack heard the solid door beep open and close, she turned back and stared up at the drive core.

If anyone were present with her, they would be able to see a faint interested, unusual smile pass over her bright red lips, ever so briefly and then vanish.

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