*I would like to say right now that before you even read this: you don't have had to read either the Alex Rider books or the Gallagher books because I've explained everything.*

Okay, this is one of the sequels to Trustworthy? which is a crossover between the Alex Rider books and NCIS the T.V. show.

This story is the sequel to the Alex Rider part of the story.

Tony's Gift is the sequel to the NCIS part of Trustworthy?

There will be some cross over between all three things (Alex Rider, Gallagher, and NCIS) eventually.

I haven't ever read the Gallagher books, that was another one of my sisters (no matter how hard she begged I've refused so far to read the series.) Therefore I'm joint writing this story with her because I loved the plot line, so if some of the writing doesn't sound like me who wrote it (to anyone whose read any of my other stuff) it's because I sharing the story with my sister, aka, she's writing some and I'm writing some more.

Here's a summery of both series of books and a summery of what's happened in the prequel with Alex Rider:

Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women: is a school on the very age of the town Roseville, Virginia. Most of the town's folk think that Gallagher Academy is a snooty boarding school for spoiled heiresses, when it's actually a school for spies. Teenage girl spies, to be exact. Cammie's mother is Rachel Morgan and just so happens to be the headmistress of Gallagher Academy. Cammie has several close friends, Bex: a British transfer student, Liz: a southern wiz kid, and Macey: who actually is a rich heiresses being a senator's daughter and all.

This story is set during Cammie's senior year in high school and what's happened so far is that she's dated a town kid, dated a fellow high school spy from an all boys spy school (Blackthorne Institute). It is second semester and her school is about to get a new teacher who is specifically there to put final touches to the seniors training so that they don't die immediately after heading out into the real world...

That's where Alex comes in.

Alex Rider: is a boy who was orphaned when he was two months old and adopted by his father's brother. When Alex was about seven an American woman named Jack became his housekeeper/friend. Alex's uncle, Ian, died when Alex was fourteen and Jack became his legal guardian. Only problem was that Jack's visa was up so MI6 -British agency both Alex's father and uncle worked for- swooped in and more or less, and blackmailed Alex into working for them.

Where this story starts is when Alex is sixteen and has just proved himself up to the task of teaching teenage girls by spending a little over a month with NCIS agents, Gibbs, Tony, McGee, and Ziva. Alex did prove himself trustworthy and now has authorization to go in and teach the senior Gallagher girls.

This story is more or less Alex teaching Cammie and her friends with some personal relations between the characters.

Here's the prologue.

It takes place a few days before Trustworthy?


Why He Came

Cammie's POV

Okay, you know how there are certain things inside your head that feel like they just don't belong? Well I've got one of those, um, things, and let me tell you it is really not all that pleasant.

All I remembered from that dreadful October night was screaming and falling and an inky blackness that invaded my mind from every direction. From what my memory recalls my fall was an awful, horrible, and completely painful event. The worst part was that I didn't even remember meeting him. That is, not until it was far to late...

Alex's POV

As I stared down at her limp body I realized that I'd never even know what the girl looked like... and that I'd just saved her life by nearly ending it. How's that for irony?

"She shouldn't have been here anyway." I grumbled sadly as I watched her chest rise and fall and the visor of her helmet cloud from her hot breath.

Seven hours later, after no shower, no food, and no sleep, I found myself seated in front of both Blunt and Jones. "Well?" Blunt asked, well, bluntly.

"You can't blame this on me. There is no possible way you could ever find anything to make this my fault!" I exclaimed loudly but with little passion since I already knew that they had blamed me for the near death of the girl I didn't know anything about. Or rather, they'd convinced the CIA I was to blame.

"On the contrary, Mister Rider," Blunt started and I held up a hand to stop him from further infuriating me.

"Look, I don't really care. It's not like you have anything to use against me. Regardless of whether or not you can find a way to blame me." My cocky, self assured smirk found away to plaster its self to my face.

"Really?" Blunt asked, referring to my statement about him not having any leverage over me. "What do you think your guardian would say... about not having anything to use against you?" He too was smirking and I was going to take great pleasure in wiping it from his face.

"Well, considering I had her deported I'm not sure there's much you have to hold me on. You can't use the whole, 'you're a minor' think anymore either, because I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself with or without your help." My voice was calm as Blunt's face fell and his eyes narrowed. "And you know it." I couldn't help but add.

"Alex," Jones started and I stilled; this was when things always went from me being in the top to MI6 having the upper hand. "The CIA wants you to teach. No missions. No danger. Just teaching a bunch of CIA agents who need someone of your experience to show them the way." She paused and I felt my heart sink. "They are willing to pay you... and they are not willing to take no for an answer." She stopped and Blunt took back over.

"You may have deported Miss Starbright from our lovely country, but you sent her straight to where the CIA has all the power and is not unwilling to use it."

I started up at the ceiling for a long moment before sighing and glancing back at Blunt. "You already knew what the turn out would be of this meeting." It was not a question, just a resigned statement I knew I had to make or I'd regret it later.

"Yes, and so did you." Jones answered and popped her sixth peppermint of the meeting into her mouth. "We hope to see you back before the beginning of summer... but it's all up in the air."


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