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Naruto: Konoha's Arrancar Shinobi

Chapter 1: Prologue and Rebirth

(Hueco Mundo: Ruins of Las Noches)

The atmosphere in Hueco Mundo was even tenser than usual, the suffocating feeling of dread that every hollow felt daily was snuffed out by…something new. This feeling, the hollows with enough cognitive thought couldn't describe it in mere words; even the more beastial hollows felt it. Regardless, they all felt the same thing; today something monumental was going to happen. An event of such importance, that the very fabric of the world will change; for better of worse, no one could tell. They had no idea how right they were. For at this very moment former captain of the fifth division turned rogue shinigami by the name of Sosuke Aizen was in the middle of enacting his revenge against all those who stood between him and his impending godhood previously.

Aizen stood proudly in the ruins of his old throne room as he observed the labors of his hard work over the past few months. He had barely managed to escape from being imprisoned by the fool Urahara; luckily he used what remained of the Hōgyoku to escape the sealing process. He regretfully hid Hueco Mundo, waiting for the heat to die down before starting his master plan. He knew eventually those idiots would discover he was gone but by that time it would be too late. The materials needed for his revenge took time and effort to collect but through patience and careful planning he obtained everything he needed.

'Yes, everything is going smoothly' Aizen thought before he recited the kido spell that would ensure his victory. What, my dear viewer, is Aizen's plan you may ask? Well it is really quite simple. With the kido spell he just enacted he plans to revive his fallen Espada more powerful than ever. After all what would be the point of reviving warriors to battle his enemies if he knew they wouldn't stand a chance against captain-level shinigami.

As the bodies of Riyalgo Yammy, Starrk Coyote and his other half Gingerback Lilynette, Luisenbarn Baraggan, Harribel Tia, Cifer Ulquiorra, Jiruga Nnoitra, Jaegerjaquez Grimmjow, Leroux Zommari, Aporro Granz Szayel, and Arruruerie Aaroniero.at an astounding rate, the wall to the right of Aizen exploded inwards showing the chamber with debris. To his credit Aizen didn't even bat an eye but merely starred at the, now, gaping hole in the wall. As the smoke cleared, Aizen now had a clear view of the, soon to be dead, intruder that dared disturb him.

The intruder in question turned out to be a tall full figured woman that was roughly 5'9" in height. She had long greenish blue hair that flowed down like a waterfall down to her back. With a soft and delicate face her, at the moment, cold hazel eyes looked out of place as she glared at Aizen. A long crimson band stretched across her face, and a large scar jutting down from her forehead to her nose seemed to be the only flaw. She had…well, let's just say she was gifted in the breast department and that only accented her hourglass figure. Her only clothing at the moment seemed to be a green shirt that was torn below her breasts, which barely seemed to hold them in, and a short green skirt. If this image alone wasn't odd enough, on the top of her head was a large horned ram-like skull that was missing some of its teeth. Standing in all of her glory Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, former third Espada, with her sword Gamyusa clutched tightly in her hand; she shifted into a ready stance and locked eyes with Aizen.

"I won't let you continue with this Aizen, you've caused enough pain and suffering" Nelliel declared as she slowly shifted Gamyusa in front of her, ready to strike.

"Ah Nelliel how nice of you to stop by but I'm afraid it's too late to stop me, not that you had a chance to begin with. My Espada have almost fully regenerated, now I offer you a chance to join to me. Stand by my side once more or try and stop me and die like those fools in Soul Society" Aizen replied as he stared at her without even a trace of fear in his eyes before shifting them over to where his forces were being reconstituted.

Nelliel carefully followed his gaze, not fully taking her eyes off of Aizen, and to her horror the sight she saw cemented the fact he wasn't bluffing. What was the sight that put fear into our dear Nelliel? That's easy, the fully generated forms of Tia Harribel, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, Ulquiorra Cifer, and Coyote Starrk. All of whom I might add were looking confused as hell, as they to figure out what the fuck was going on. Nelliel mentally cursed upon seeing their regenerated forms, mentally calculating her now diminished chance of survival, and let alone victory.

Before Nelliel could even think about trying to strike down her former comrades, something…odd happened. A giant rip in time and space suddenly formed behind the now regenerated Espada and began to draw them in. Yelling out in surprise the Espada were quickly sucked in before they had a chance to even yell out. As the vortex continued to suck everything in around it Nelliel finally discovered that she too was being pulled towards the vortex. But as the saying goes 'too little, too late' and before she was sucked into the portal but not before one last thought crossed her mind.

'Goodbye Dondochakka…Pesche…Bawabawa'

And with that the portal closed behind her, with the collapse of the vortex a giant energy wave detonated from the former epicenter of the vortex. This thankfully destroyed the remains of the Esapda who had not fully regenerated in time, effectively screwing over Aizen's plan. Aizen stood there for a couple of moments, staring at the even now more destroyed ruins of Las Noches. Within a few moments everything clicked in Aizen's brain and surprising out of character he yelled to the heavens with a mighty "FUCK"

(Other side of the vortex: Konohagakure no Sato)

Unknown to the people down below, a giant portal opened in the skies above and Nelliel and the resurrected Espada came rocketing out of it towards the unforgiving ground below. While they careened towards the ground, they were finally able to catch a glimpse of their surroundings. To their utter confusion and disbelief they saw giant reddish brown toad fight a giant fox with nine tails…that's right nine freaking tails. If this image wasn't odd enough for them, a lone figure stood atop of the giant toad wearing a blue vest and a large tanto by its side, with what appeared to be a bundle in his arms. Before they could question this odd sight the figure did some weird handsigns and yelled out "Shiki Fujin". And before you could blink a giant ghostly figure appeared behind the fox. From what they could of the colossal phantasm it had long spiky white hair and a long grayish yakuta which covered most of its body.

Without warning the massive creature lashed out with one arm and seemingly phased threw the fox's chest as well as the unknown figure's chest. A blinding light temporarily robbed them of their vision, distracting them from the fact that they were sucked into a small blond baby. The last thing they heard before they were completely sealed were a man's sad and regretful voice say "Goodbye…Naruto". And with that, all they would know for the next thirteen year would be darkness and silence. Not knowing that when they woke they help a boy who would change everything forever.


Deep in the woods surrounding Konohagakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Leaves), or simply called Konoha, one could find an interesting sight. Sitting near a ramshackle hut sat a young boy about thirteen with bright blonde hair and deep cerulean eyes, and a set of three whisker marks adorning each check. He wore an incredibly hideous orange and blue jumpsuit complete with blue sandal-boots and a pair of green goggles on his forehead. Said boy was sitting in front of a gigantic scroll which currently was rolled out and being read. This was Uzumaki Naruto, aka dobe, aka the village pariah, and unknown to him, jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. For as long as he could remember he was considered to be the most hated individual in the entire village. He had been overcharged in stores or just violently thrown out, they glared at him, told their children to avoid him and the most common torture them put him through were the beatings. But all of that paled in comparison, at least to him, no the worst thing they did to him was ignored his very existence.

Putting that aside for the moment, so far he had already learnt the Kage Bushin no Jutsu and now was just skimming the scroll for something cool, when he saw a technique that caught his eye. The Seal Breaker Jutsu, normally he would just pass this off as lame and move on, but something inside his head was pleading, no demanding, that he learn it. Not one to ignore his instincts that had saved his ass more times than he could count, he sat down and started practicing the hand seals over and over again.

Just as Naruto was about to practice the jutsu with chakra this time, a shadowy figure burst from the bushes and landed right near Naruto. Said figure turned out to be a man about 5'10" wearing standard Konoha shinobi attire: a dark blue long sleeved shirt which were rolled up about a 1/4th of the way, matching pants, a dark green flak jacket and finally blue shinobi sandals. He had tan skin with dark brown hair which was styled in a pony tail, held back by a hitai-ate, and brown eyes. The distinguishing feature about him was a long scar across the bridge of his nose. This man was none other than Umino Iruka, Naruto's sensei from the academy and one of the few people who actually give a damn about our blond protagonist.

"Naruto, what the hell do you thing you're doing? Stealing the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing! Do you have any idea of just how much Trouble you're in? You'll be lucky if they only throw you in jail for the rest of your life. What possessed you to do something this stupid?" Iruka yelled at his favorite student, trying to comprehend what would cause him to steal Konoha's most valued possession.

Naruto simply tilted his head in confusion before answering him "What do you mean Iruka-sensei? I'm learning a jutsu from the scroll here to pass the make up exam and finally become a gennin".

Iruka stared at him long and hard like he grew a second head "Naruto there is no, or has ever been, a gennin make up exam. "Who told you about this supposed exam?" he inquired of our favorite blond.

Naruto gapped at him in shock for a moment before he scrunched his face in thought 'What…what the fucking is going on here? Mizuki-sensei wouldn't lie to me would he? Is this part of the exam? Or…is there really no exam at all?' he pondered mentally. Shaking his head to clear in jumbled and disinheriting thoughts he raised his head answered his equally confused sensei "Mizuki-Sensei was the one who told me about the make-up exam. After I failed he told me there was another way to become a gennin and only special cases are offered the chance. He told me all I had to do was break in Jiji's tower without being detected and steal this scroll then meet here so he could test me, so I could finally start on my path to becoming Hokage."

Iruka compiled his thoughts and unknown to him said them aloud for all to hear "Why would Mizuki-san lie to Naruto about stealing the scroll. Unless…Naruto MOVE NOW!" Iruka quickly pushed Naruto down, and just in time as numerous kunai and shuriken pierced Iruka's body and clothes, pinning him to the shack behind him.

"Well, looks like I'm late, you already found my secret hideaway eh Iruka" said a condescending voice Iruka and Naruto knew too well. Appearing from the shadows turned out to be none other than Iruka's childhood friend and Naruto's other sensei Mizuki. He was wearing standard Konoha shinobi attire, though if you looked closely you could see he had two giant shurikens attached to the back of this vest. He was wearing a blue bandana which doubled as his headband, which cover part of his whitish-blue hair. His green eyes glanced down at Naruto and Iruka as they themselves starred back at him, one with confusion and the other with suspicion and anger. With a sneer on his face he turned his attention to Naruto "Naruto, quickly give me the scroll before Iruka gets it. He's a traitor who's trying to steal the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing for himself and leave the village. Hurry hand it over and I'll make sure it gets back to Hokage-sama safely."

"Don't listen to him Naruto he's the traitor here, now take the scroll and run as fast as you can. I'll stay here and hold him off, that scroll is filled with forbidden jutsu that could topple entire villages, don not let him take that scroll NOW RUN" Iruka yelled as he tried pry the sharp implements of death currently lodged in his clothes and flesh out. Iruka tried to turn to fight his childhood friend turned traitor, but was hampered by the few remaining shuriken. Naruto whipped his head back and forth between Mizuki to Iruka, trying to decide who to believe only to get a headache for his troubles.

"Naruto, I'm your friend here don't listen to Iruka it's his fault you didn't pass before and now that your so close he's trying to sabotage you. Give me the scroll and we can take this traitor down together as Konoha shinobi in arms." Mizuki lied threw his teeth trying to get the demon brat to just hand over the goddamn scroll. Then he could kill them both, grab the scroll, and get to ravenous point before the ANBU catches him.

"Stop lying to him Mizuki" Iruka yelled as he finally pulled the last shuriken out of his body a shifted into a combat stance. Mizuki only stared at him for a moment before he broke out into an evil grin as he shifted his attention to Naruto once again.

"Oh I'm not lying to him Iruka you are…hell everyone has been lying to him, Naruto you've been lied to all your life" Mizuki exclaimed as our protagonist's eyes widened in shock at this revelation.

"No Mizuki, it's forbidden" Iruka called out in panic, trying to prevent his favorite student from learning the horrible truth.

"Naruto would you like to know why everyone in the village hates you. Why they beat you, ignore you, and why they want you dead?" Mizuki said, with each word drawing Naruto further and further making him forget his surroundings, his focus only on Mizuki; hoping to finally get some answers. "Everyone you know has been lying you to your face for years, including the Hokage, ever since the decree was issued thirteen years ago" Mizuki continued as he slowly reached for one of the giant shuriken attached to his back, preparing to chuck it at Naruto at a moments notice.

"What…what decree?" Naruto asked hesitantly as the answer he had been looking for was almost in his grasp. He observed Mizuki with rapt attention, watching every little movement hoping for a clue for the answers he wanted…no NEEDED to know.

Mizuki looked down at him, a large sneer appearing on his face before a demented smile took its place. "Thirteen years ago after the Kyuubi attack, the Hokage issued a decree to all the villagers at the time. He told everyone that our beloved Yondaime-sama didn't kill the Kyuubi as we were led to believe. Oh no, as it turns out no body can truly kill a Bijou, they can only seal it. And guess where they sealed the beast that murdered entire clans that night. That's right; the Yondaime sealed that monster inside you. YOU are the beast that nearly destroyed us thirteen years are YOU ARE THE KYUUBI NO KITSUNE" Mizuki yelled at the blond.

Naruto stood there as his brain stopped it higher functions out of shock at the soul crushing news that had just been given to him. His brain for all intensive purposes had just shut down; as every bit of his memory replayed in his head the pieces slowly came together. As he looked back on his entire life he saw every sneer, every hate filled look, and every look of disgust people had ever given him. He saw children's parents pull them away when he got close. It all made since to him now, he finally realized that everyone hated him or lied to him. He was truly alone; he had no one he could truly trust to say cared about him. Mizuki had done what the people of Konoha had been trying to do for years…he crushed Naruto's spirit and willingness to go on.

"Do me a favor Demon Brat, and DIE. When I kill you I'll be considered a hero around the world for being the first person to kill a demon" Mizuki cackled out as he spun the giant shuriken, before chucking it at our hero. While Naruto heard every word Mizuki said to him, he made no movement to dodge or block the giant implement of death spiraling towards him.

'Why bother no one gives a damn about me…hell I'm probably doing everybody a favor by dying. At least they'll be happy and I will pay for my crimes' (AN: to clarify at this moment he believes that he really is the Kyuubi). With his head bowed and his eyes closed he awaited the cold embrace of death, a fraction of a second later the distinct sound of metal piercing flesh was heard and yet he felt no pain. 'Am…am I dead?' he asked himself, opening his to see if he was in Yomi no Kuni(Land of the Dead) instead of the empty blackness that was supposed to encompass the realm he was greeted to a more terrifying sight. Huddled protectively over him was none other than Iruka, who now had a giant shuriken lodged in his back.

"W…why?" Naruto asked tearfully as he tried to comprehend as to why Iruka would try to save the life of his parent's killer.

"Because Naruto, you and I are more alike than you know, like you after the Kyuubi's attack I became an orphan. I had no one who really cared about me, no one to look out for me; everyone was too busy grieving themselves to look after me. So I took to pranks to garner attention but it didn't fill the void. I should have been there for you Naruto, I know how terrible being alone truly is and I should have tried to help you more than I did. I should have reached out soon, so you wouldn't have to go what I went threw only worse. I can't change the past Naruto but I can help you now, I will be there for you when you need me" Iruka declared sorrowfully with tears streaming down his face as Naruto looked at him with a mix of sadness and hope.

"Don't make me laugh! Iruka had always hated you and he still does, he will never forgive you seeing as you are the beast that killed his parents. He'd do anything to get that scroll from you." Mizuki taunted down at the prone form of Iruka. Naruto still confused and doubtful of who to trust broke out into a sprint, leaving Mizuki and Iruka behind with Iruka calling out for him.

"Well that was expected, after all once he makes up his mind there is no changing it. He's going to use the scroll to enact his revenge on the village who scorned him. You saw the look in that monster's eyes didn't you, that was a look of a demon" Mizuki taunted as he landed on the ground a few feet from the struggling Iruka.

"No…Naruto's not like that" Iruka yelled as he pulled the shuriken from his back and with a might throw chucked it at the smirking Mizuki, who dodged it effortlessly.

"Hm, pitiful, stay right here Iruka once I kill the demon brat and take the scroll I'll be back for you. I suggest you make peace with yourself now" Mizuki replied before taking off in hot pursuit of Naruto.

'Not on my watch' Iruka thought as he slowly got up from his kneeling position, pausing to catch his breath. With determination in his eyes he jumped up into the trees as well, hoping to get to Naruto before Mizuki did.

(Hokage Office)

While this entire ordeal went on in the woods surrounding Konoha, an old man roughly 68 years old sat watching it threw a crystal ball. The old man was about 5'6" in height with short spiky gray hair and matching goatee. His age was very prominent on his face seeing as how he a huge crease on his forehead, numerous wrinkles around his eyes, pronounced cheekbones, a few liver spots and a small wart on his nose. He wore red kimono with a white haori complete with a long white sash. Tied around his neck was a triangular red and white hat with the kanji for fire in the middle in a dark red. This ladies and gentlemen was Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage and surrogate grandfather to our hero. As he watched the events unfold threw his crystal ball, he couldn't help but worry if this got any worse Naruto might accidentally tap in to the Kyuubi's accursed chakra.

(Woods surrounding Konoha: A.K.A The Plot)

As Naruto ran threw the forest as fast as his legs would carry him, he leapt over gaps, swerved around branches, or just avoided anything in his path. Without warning Iruka appeared out of no where running with him just a few meters from his current position.

"Naruto thank Kami-sama I found you, listen to me…the things Mizuki told you were all lies. Quickly give me the scroll, Mizuki is close by and if he gets the scroll he'll kill us" Iruka pleaded to our protagonist who in turn leapt at him with an uppercut to the stomach that flung him out of the canopy and into a tree below.

"It can't be… how did you know? How did you know it was me?" 'Iruka' asked before being enveloped in a cloud of smoke, which dissipated revealing Mizuki indicating that he was using the Transformation Jutsu. "And not Iruka?" Mizuki finished as he glared at Naruto, who was leaning on a tree, the scroll held tightly in his hands.

"Because I'm Iruka" 'Naruto' said before he too was enveloped in a cloud of smoke showing the smirking, but still injured, form of Iruka; who instead of having the actual scroll instead had a large log by his side.

"Iruka you FOOL, why the hell are you protecting that thing? Don't forget it's because of that demon that your parents are dead" Mizuki sneered while getting to his feet, his eyes never leaving Iruka as he glared hatefully at him.

"I don't care what you say Mizuki, you're not getting that scroll" Iruka replied with absolute confidence in his voice.

"As if you can stop me now, look at yourself you're have dead. Besides it doesn't matter, don't you see it Naruto is just like me. He'll use the scroll to further his own power and take revenge on all those who wronged him. That's what monsters do anyway, he'll pour every ounce of hatred into that scroll and destroy the village" Mizuki said with an frustrated expression on his face, seeing as how with every moment he wasted on these fools the greater chance he has of being caught by the ANBU

"You're right…" Iruka replied in an even tone.

Unbeknownst to the two of them, Naruto was not too far away; he was simply hiding behind one of the nearby trees and listened to their conversation as he caught his breath. Despair filled his very being with every hate filled word that spewed from Mizuki's mouth. However nothing that he said compared to the feeling of having Iruka say that he was a demon. 'So…it's all true. Iruka-sensei does hate me. He…he never believed in me. To him I'm nothing more than a monster…a freak' Naruto thought despairingly reflecting on Iruka's words, as they repeated in his head, it felt like someone was repeatedly stabbing him in the stomach with a kunai.

"That is how demons are…but that's not how Naruto is. He's not like you in anyway you pompous jackass…he's one of a kind you see. Sure he's a slacker but he puts everything he has into what he does, he never quits even for a moment. When he makes a mistake the other students rip him a new one but you know what…his suffering only made him stronger. That's what separates him from a demon or you…so if you still think he's anything like the Kyuubi no Kitsune than you're a dumb ass. He is not a demon…He is Uzumaki Naruto of Konohagakure no Sato and my student" Iruka finished with a smile on his face.

As this revelation on Iruka's part was going on, our protagonist listened on with tears of happiness streaming down his face. 'He does care' Naruto thought with utter joy filling his entire being.

Mizuki gaped at Iruka for a few moments before regaining his composure and shaking his head in disbelief at Iruka's 'stupidity'. With a sigh he reached behind him and grabbed his last remaining giant shuriken. "Baka. Do you really believe that bullshit Iruka? You know I was going to kill you later but I change my mind. Now DIE!" Mizuki said as he started spinning the shurikens while lunging at the helpless Iruka.

'So this is it huh?' Iruka thought as he awaited death.

Just as Mizuki was about to carve up Iruka like a turkey, Naruto burst out of nowhere and kneed Mizuki right in the kisser. Mizuki was sent flying back, reeling at the force of the blow while the giant shuriken flew off into parts unknown. As Naruto slid on the ground to finally stop himself, Mizuki crashed into the ground kicking up a cloud of dust.

'Naruto?' Iruka thought in amazement as the supposed 'Dobe' of the class just sent a Chunin level ninja flying with one blow.

"Huh…not bad for a little brat" Mizuki muttered, rubbing his sore jaw as he struggled to stand up.

"If you ever lay a hand on Iruka-sensei again…I'll kill you" Naruto declared darkly with his head lowered, shadowing his face, making his expression all the more intimidating.

"How hilarious you think you can beat me. Grow up gaki; I can destroy you with a single move. Do you really think you stand a chance in hell against me?" Mizuki said as he stared Naruto down unflinchingly with his fist held high as if to illustrate his 'power'.

"Bring it on you bastard…I'll return it back a thousand-fold" Naruto replied with his index and middle fingers on both of his hands crossed in some odd hand sign.

"Show me what you can do Kyuubi-Gaki" Mizuki yelled in retaliation, pissed off that this little brat thought he could beat him. Ridiculous.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu)" Naruto yelled out, surprising both Mizuki and Iruka, before the entire clearing they were in was enveloped in white smoke. When the smoke cleared the sight before the two chunins left them speechless. Surrounding the clearing at all possible angles were hundreds if not a thousand clones of our favorite blond.

'Naruto…you're not using illusions are you. No those clones are solid, only you could master a jutsu this advanced by accident' Iruka thought in awe while gawking at the number of clones before his face adorned a look of pride.

Mizuki could only gape at the sheer number of clones, his brain shutting down of a few seconds before rebooting. Shaking his head to get rid of the negative thoughts running around in his head. Taking a deep breath, he calmed down and assessed the situation he was in. 'Alright the gaki has been outnumbered a thousand to one, I don't have enough supplies to take them all out. Think what can I do…I got I'll use the power Orochimaru-Sama gave me just in case' Mizuki though evilly as he grabbed a flask filled with a dark purple liquid from his pocket. "Alright demon, lets even the playing field a little. With this power my master gave me I'll be unstoppable…behold my power. ANIMAL CURSED SEAL" Mizuki raved on before grabbing the lid off the flask a downing it in one go. Throwing the flask on the ground, Mizuki then grabbed his sides and began laughing insanely as a dark purple aura began to envelop his body.

Naruto, as well as his clones, and Iruka watched on in horror as Mizuki's form began to radically change. The sound of cloth ripping echoed in the clearing as Mizuki's shirt and pants started tearing as his muscles spontaneously tripled in size. His flack jacket's zipper all but exploded as Mizuki's chest tore open the front of his shirt, showing his newly acquired muscles, his flack jacket now resembling a vest. Finally the aura subsided revealing a kneeling Mizuki who was catching his breath. With a final bout of insane laughter he threw his head up revealing his new form. His eyes no long had pupils but instead long slits like a cats. Along his face and body he had distinct tiger like markings, but the thing that scared our hero's was the manic grin that adorned Mizuki's face now complete with fangs.

"This power is…incredible. Come meet your death DEMON" Mizuki challenged, throwing his arms out to the sides leaving himself wide open.

With a mighty yell the clone army threw themselves at the hulking behemoth that was Mizuki. Said behemoth then produced to tear thru them like a hot knife thru butter. No matter what angle they attacked they couldn't land a punch on their opponent who tore thru them with ease. For every clone Mizuki destroyed Naruto made two clones to replace it, unfortunately it didn't do shit.

'Damn it, this isn't working, my clones can't even scratch him' Naruto thought as he made more and more clones, that all ended up slaughtered like lambs.

"There you are Gaki" Mizuki yelled as he finished killing the last of the clones before turning his sights on the original Naruto. Disappearing from sight for a brief second, Mizuki appeared in front of a terrified Naruto and with a mighty uppercut sent him flying to the air. However Mizuki was far from over beating up our hero, he leapt up into the air and grabbed one of Naruto's ankles. He then proceeded to play Whack A' Mole with Naruto being the mallet and the cold unforgiving ground being the moles.

"Let him go you bastard" Iruka yelled in rage as he charged the uber charged Mizuki, who just bitch slapped Iruka into a tree.

"Don't interfere Iruka, I'll kill you in just a moment. Now sit there and wait your turn" Mizuki taunted while he continuously punched Naruto in the stomach.

'Damn' Iruka thought, clutching his now broken ribs in pain as he watched his favorite student get his ass kicked by Mizuki.

As for our hero, well let's just say he felt like someone dropped the Hokage Mountain on him over ten times. 'What the hell does it take to beat this guy? Nothing seems to faze him at all, not even the Kage Bushin works on him. I…I can't beat him, NO I have to beat him or else he will kill Iruka-sensei. Okay think how did he get so strong all the sudden…wait a minute. He said it was sort of Cursed Seal, that's it I can use the Seal Breaker Jutsu and then he'll be defenseless. Alright you bastard he I come' Naruto thought as he forced his body out of the ground, shocking Mizuki who thought he had broken every bone in his body. Little did he know that this decision would change the course of the entire world.

"Alright you bastard lets finish this once and for all" Naruto yelled before crossing his fingers and creating a few clones to distract Mizuki while he did the necessary hand signs. With in a few seconds of the clones being slaughtered Mizuki and Naruto charged towards each other for one final clash.

"TAKE THIS DEMON" Mizuki yelled as he clocked his fist back, ready to take Naruto's head off with a final punch.

"SEAL BREAKER JUTSU" Naruto yelled as well, his hands covered in dark blue chakra.

Just as Mizuki's fist was about to connect with Naruto's face a wave of chakra pushed him back a few feet, before dissipating entirely. Naruto watched Mizuki intensely, waiting to the jutsu to take effect so he could beat Mizuki half to death. After a few moments of waiting, Naruto's shoulders slumped and a million thoughts ran through his head but he only voice one of them. "What the hell? What went wrong…I did everything ri…" Naruto frustratingly yelled before he paused, his eyes went wide and his mouth agape. Suddenly he let out a blood curtailing scream that echoed through out the forest, as numerous glowing seals appeared over a good portion of his body. Pain filled every cell of Naruto's body, the only way he could describe it as if each cell in his body was being dipped in acid. He screamed and he screamed until he felt himself being pulled into blissful darkness.

'Naruto, what the hell is happening to you' Iruka mentally asked himself, before he and Mizuki were blinded by an enormous pillar of energy that engulfed Naruto's body and continued into the sky.

(Naruto's Mindscape)

"Ugh…where…where am I?" Naruto muttered, rubbing his head as he stood up, his clothes dripping water. A moment or two later he finally snapped out of his daze and took note of his surroundings. It appeared to be a gigantic sewer, complete with large pipes diecorating the wall which seemed to pulse blue and red every couple of seconds. The walls were dirty and cracked from age, and the worst part he was standing knee deep in dark brown water. Despite this place being a dark, damp and generally unpleasant looking place for any sane man…Naruto some how felt safe here. Deciding that standing there like an idiot wasn't going to help him find his way out of there and save Iruka.

After what felt like hours of searching threw corridors, Naruto arrived at what seemed to be the center of the entire sewer. Unlike the other corridors he had gone threw this one had something at the end of it. A large steel gate block his path, with long bars going up about sixty feet, but the odd thing was the object holding the gate shut. A tiny piece of paper with the kanji for 'seal' held the entire thing together.

"Um…Hello? Anybody there?" Naruto asked aloud, his voice echoing throughout the entirety of the sewer.

Unknown to him, the moment he finished his sentence five pairs of eyes groggily opened to find their new surroundings. Now waking up after a good nap was bad enough…now imagine being woken up by an obnoxiously loud voice yelling every five minutes. Yeah that would piss you off too, and that's exactly how one Jaegerjaquez Grimmjow felt at this very moment. Of course add on the confusion of being in an unknown environment with about three people you generally can't stand and you have a very unhappy Espada.

"Where the hell am I?" Grimmjow roared out in anger as he glared distrustfully at his fellow Espada, whom were just as confused as he was. " Alright what did you bastards do to me huh?" Grimmjow accused with his hand firmly grasping his sword, Pantera, ready to unsheathe it in an instant.

"Can you keep it down, I'm still freaking tired" Starrk yawned out, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. This only seemed to piss off Grimmjow even more seeing as how his eye started twitching, while Harribel could only sigh at her fellow Espada's behavior.

Before this situation could escalate into a full out brawl, the loud boisterous voice that awoke them in the first place once again echoed in their ears only this time a lot closer. Soon enough the sound of someone walking through water caught their attention as it seemingly got closer and closer.

"Hello…is someone there?" Naruto called out, hoping to get a reply from someone. He was about to give up hope until he picked up on the sound of voices originating from a corridor on his left. 'Finally someone who can help me' Naruto thought, now running as fast as he could through the murky water towards the voices. Turing the corner he found himself face to face with five oddly dressed individuals, all of which were staring back at him with curiosity, indifference or irritation. One by one Naruto carefully studied them, trying to get a feel on the people he was dealing with.

The first person was a dark skinned woman, standing at about 5'9" with short blond hair with three braided locks. Her cold green eyes drifted over Naruto's appearance as did his to her. Her attire was unique to say the least. She wore a while long sleeved jacket with a very high collar, which cover most of her face. The jacket also just barely restrained her massive breast, to which he quickly averted his eyes from; it also seemed to have a zipper right down the middle. The sleeves of her ran down the entirety of her arms, all the way to her hands which had gloves on with black fingers being the only thing to differentiate it from the sleeves. She wore very revealing pants, seeing as how they totally exposed her hips and seemed only to be held on by a black sash around her waist. She wore black socks and odd sandals that every single of the people there, with the exception of the green haired lady, wore. She had a large sword strapped across her lower back, with a purple handle and weird holes on the guard.

The second person was a tall buff man, standing at about 6'1", with short spiky blue hair and light blue eyes with some girly green eye liner under them. He wore a long white torn up jacket with black inner lining, with the collar upturned. The sleeves of the coat were rolled up to about his elbows. He wore white hakama, which he tied to his waist with a black sash, along with wearing black tabi socks and sandals. The man left the coat open, showing off his muscular physique as well as a large scar on his chest. The odd things about this man were two major things. One: along the right side of his face, it looked like someone glued part of a jaw to his face. Two: and this was the big one…he had a freaking hole in his chest and it didn't seem to bother him. Strapped to his waist was an average length katana with a light blue handle and a weird shaped guard.

The third person was semi-short man about 5'6 ½" tall, with pale white skin. He had short messy black hair with some of his bangs falling right in the middle of his face his emotionless green cat- like eyes. He had notably thick eyes brows and for some reason a black upper lip. He had two teal markings running down from the bottom of his eyes, resembling tears running down his face. The look of utter emo on his face put Sasuke's to shame. He wore a white jacket like all the others although his seemed to be longer near the back than the others. He wore white hakama, as with the others, and black tabi socks and wooden sandals. The weird thing with him, like the previous man, was that it looked like he had part of a skeleton glue to his body. This time it looked like part of a broken horned helmet glue to the left side of his head. At his waist was a katana with a green handle and sheathe.

The fourth person there was a tall full figured woman, also standing about 5'9" with long flowing blue-green hair. She had hazel eyes, with were full of curiosity at that moment. She a long red band go across her face, right under her eyes and a large scar run down from her forehead to her nose. Naruto had to duck his head to hide his blush at looking at her state of dress. She wore a tore green shirt that barely held back her massive breasts and exposed her entire mid drift to him. Her skirt was ridiculously short skirt that showed off her mile long lovely legs to him. Clutched tightly in her hand was a katana as well, hers had a light green hilt and the guard looked like two crescent moons back to back. She appeared to have a large ram skull sitting atop of her head, deciding not to bother trying to explain it; Naruto ignored it and moved on.

The final person was a tall tanned man, standing about 6'1 ½" with neck length messy brown hair that was parted down the middle. He had bluish-grey eyes and small faded goatee on his chin. Around is neck, looked to be a lower jaw of some kind of animal, and underneath that he had a hole, just like the one the blue haired man had. He wore a white jacket with a black folded out collar, white hakama tied with a black sash that was styled in an unusual way. To top it all off he wore white gloves on his hands. Around his waist was a katana with a yellow handle and a rectangular pewter guard. Also he had just about the laziest expression he had ever seen, rivaling that of his friend Shikamaru.

"Who the fuck are you?" Naruto and Grimmjow yelled simultaneously, the former pointing at the later. As they glared at one another for a moment, Grimmjow finally had enough. He used a quick sonido and appeared right in front on Naruto, with his hands balled up in Naruto's jacket he lifted him up the ground and held hi eye to eye.

"Alright I've had enough of this shit. Someone better tell me what the fuck is going on here. Or I'm gonna show a cero right up your ass" Grimmjow bellowed out, his hands tightly holding on the now struggling, and violently cursing, Naruto. Before Nelliel could intervene and free Naruto from Grimmjow's grasp, deep, heavy breathing echoed right behind them.

"I believe I can answer that" the voice bellowed out, startling everyone. Before anyone could even blink there environment seemed to melt away leaving them in front of a giant cage. Without warning two giant blood red eyes open from behind the darkness of the cage as well a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, curled up into a grin. Finally the entire creature came into view. It was massive; easily 3/4th's the size of a Menos Grande with organish-red fur that covered its entire body. It turned out to be a gigantic fox, only with large bunny like ears and nine flowing tails, swaying lazily back and forth behind it. Weirdly enough it also seemed to have human like hands, complete with opposable thumbs. Sitting in all of its glory sat the bijou that nearly destroyed Konoha thirteen years ago, in front of them sat the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Within a fraction of a second every single member of the Espada had there swords out and ready to fight.

"Put those toothpicks you call swords away and listen for a moment. Or do you want to die here?" Kyuubi growled out threateningly, releasing a potent amount of KI to get the point across. Begrudgingly they lowered there weapons, deciding to hear the giant creature out. The Kyuubi nodded in approval, before turning its attention to the partially quivering Naruto, who starred fearfully and angrily at it.

"Hm…so you're my jailor. You're shorter than I imagined, but I suppose that's not really important now. We have important matters to discuss and little time to do so. You already wasted a lot of time wandering this place" Kyuubi said as it rose to its full height, staring them down.

"What to you mean little time to discuss? What is going?" Harribel calmly asked voicing the concerns of the others, crossing her arms underneath her already substantial breasts, making them look ever bigger.

"To answer the blue haired one's question earlier. Currently we are in the ningen's mindscape, while also being inside my seal. As to how you got in here I do not know, or care for that matter. All I know is that, like me, you are now sealed inside his body and bound to his soul. Now if you have experienced what I have during my duration in this damn seal, than you should have had specific dreams did you not?" Kyuubi inquired to the Espada, who reflected on what they could remember ever since they were engulfed in darkness. It wasn't long before images of a small blond boy, crying to himself appeared in all of there minds. They saw him get mocked; stabbed, beaten, shunned and just about every other horrible thing you could do to a person. It didn't take long for them to figure out that the child in there dreams, was in fact the same gaki before them now.

"You mean that those horrible nightmares were…real" Nelliel sputtered out, tears threatening to pour out her eyes. With a sad nod by the Kyuubi, Nelliel launched herself at Naruto and grabbed him in a hug. Naruto struggled to hold back tears as he recounted his past torture at the hands of his tormentors. After managing to calm down Nelliel, they turned back to the Kyuubi who looked annoyed at having its time wasted.

"You done? Now I'm going to be blunt here…ningen you're dying" Kyuubi blurted out, the paused waiting for the inevitable freak out…it didn't have to wait long.

"WHAT?" Naruto screamed at the top of his lungs, before freaking out and running around like a headless chicken. This didn't last very long, before Harribel punched him on top of his skull and knocked him to the ground.

"Why's the Gaki dying?" Grimmjow asked, smirking when he saw the brat clutch the bump on his head.

"Simple, when this baka tried to use the Seal Breaker jutsu he neglected to perform it properly. Before you ask ningen, you have to actually TOUCH the seal you want to break. Otherwise you just either waste a bunch of chakra or in your case, break every single seal on you're body" Kyuubi explained to the horribly confused Naruto.

"Wait a minute, what seals?" Naruto asked, looking at the Kyuubi inquisitively.

"The seals that old fool you call a Kage ordered to be placed on you to prevent you from remembering who you really are. You see Gaki, when you were born it was decided that you were to be trained as a weapon for this pitiful village. You took to being a shinobi like a fish to water; hell some people called you a prodigy. However the village's 'honorable elders' felt that you were growing too strong to be controlled any longer. So they convinced your 'Jjij' to have your memories and skill sealed away…" Kyuubi replied to the shell shocked Naruto who tried to convince himself that jiji wouldn't betray him like that. The Espada could only stare at him with pity, or Ulquiorra's version of pity. Without warning one of Kyuubi's tails shot out of the cage and pressed the tip of said tail to the middle of his forehead.

Suddenly Naruto was bombarded with flashes of his old life. He saw himself training with his sensei, going on missions, studying scrolls. As this went on, Naruto was screaming his throat raw before collapsing and gasping for breath. Slowly, he pushed himself off the ground and leaned on a nearby wall for support. Seeing this, Kyuubi decided to go on with its explanation.

"When you broke the seals on your body, it caused a malfunction in the seal your damn Yondaime used on me. The seal was designed to siphon off my chakra and convert it into yours. However when the seals broke it damaged the transferring matrix, so you've been absorbing much more of my chakra than your body can handle. As a result if this continues, you're going to explode" Kyuubi continued on, getting wide eyed expressions of horror from everybody there.

"Is there anyway to reverse the damage done without reapplying the seals?" Ulquiorra asked in his usual monotone voice, staring impassively at the Kyuubi as if they all weren't about to die in a horrible explosion.

"There is one possible way to reverse the damage but it's very risky. The only way I could save the ningen is if we all partially merge with him. That would mean he would absorb some of our powers, personality, knowledge etc. Basically this means we are literally destroying part of the Gaki and rebuilding him" Kyuubi replied, getting the worst reaction yet out of Naruto.

"What? You're going to destroy me. No way, there's got to be another way right?" Naruto said hoping to Kami that there was another alternative.

"There isn't another way you pitiful hairless ape. This is the only way, or do you want to die? Funny, seeing as how I thought you wanted to save your sensei from the overgrown hairball called Mizuki. Did I forget to mention that the blast radius of the explosion will destroy have the village" Kyuubi yelled at the panicked Naruto.

Naruto pondered this new information, before coming to this conclusion: if he didn't do anything than Iruka would die one way or another. There was no way in hell he was going to let Iruka die, so with determination evident in his eyes he stood up tall and made his choice. "I'm not just going to roll over and die, possibly taking out the only man to really give a damn about me. I'm going to save Iruka-sensei no matter what!" Naruto said firmly and with absolute conviction in his voice, staring Kyuubi dead in the eyes.

"Alright ningen…are the rest of you willing to sacrifice some of your power" Kyuubi asked to the remaining Espada, who watched with some awe at the conviction Naruto had.

"Lets just get this over with" Starrk said with a sigh, putting his hand on Naruto's back, with his fellow Espada doing the same. Naruto turned his head, and gave Starrk an appreciative smile which got a small one in return.

"I should warn you all now. This is going to be incredibly painful for you all" Kyuubi warned, getting looks of determination from Naruto and the Arrancar crew. Placing one of its claws on top of Naruto's head, it let out a steady flow of youki, which enveloped Naruto completely. Taking the hint, the Espada started pumping there reiatsu into our hero, creating a multi colored aura around his form. The two powers wrestled for dominance for a moment before merging to make a brilliant white light that blinded them all. The moment the energy hit Naruto, he was thrown out of his mindscape and into a world of incredible pain.

(Real World: Forest Outside Konoha)

It had been a minute since Naruto attempted to defeat Mizuki with the Seal Breaker Jutsu, before being consumed by a torrent of up flowing energy.

"Naruto can you here in there? Naruto answer me" Iruka yelled, pleading for a sign from Kami-sama indicating that Naruto was alright. As if Kami herself was listening, the torrent of energy suddenly started dying down before extinguishing completely. As smoke billowed out of the crater left by the energy phenomenon, the silhouette of a figure could be seen. A strong wind swept threw the clearing, dissipating the smoke and revealing the figure in all his glory to be none other than…Naruto. Only instead of the lovable goofball Iruka had come to know over the years, this one was new and improved.

He stood about 5ft 4in, with a well toned and muscular body, not overly huge but not scrawny, perfect for being a shinobi his age. His hair went down past his shoulders and rested between shoulder blades, now tied up in a pony tail. His face lost all trace of baby fat, the whisker marks on his cheeks darkened and looked like tattoos. His eyes pretty much stayed the same except they were not the bright blue they once were, but now a dark blue with a slitted pupil. (Think Naruto's eyes in Shippuden)

Instead of his normal 'kill me' orange and blue jumpsuit he now wore a white trench coat with the collar up that was torn at the bottom and at the sleeves with a black flame design lining them also with black fabric lining the inside. The sleeves of the coat were tied down from the elbow on tot the wrists with bandages. He wore a pair of white hakama that cover up two long black socks with a pair of traditional samurai sandals covering them. Since he kept his jacket opened and apparently didn't wear anything underneath except a red obi, you could see his well toned chest and right above his four pack abs was a large tattoo of the number nine. Their eyes were drawn to the sword on his right hip. It had a beautiful black sheathe with kanji running up and down the sides. The guard of the sword was fairly simple as it looked like a black shuriken, the handle however was unique. It was made up of what looked to be three skeletal arms wrapped around each other and holding a skull at the end with a ruby in its mouth.

Iruka swallowing lump in his throat, cleared his throat to get the figure's attention. "Naruto?" he asked hesitantly, praying that this person was still the Naruto he knew.

The figure turned to him and smiled revealing his incredibly sharp looking canine teeth. "You bet sensei… I'm back and better than ever…believe it" Naruto said with a smirk with light chuckle at the end, his hands shoved in his jacket's pockets. Turning his attention to Mizuki, narrowing his eyes and cracking his neck before hoping out of the crater, landing right in front of Iruka. "Now where were we?