Naruto: Konoha's Arrancar Shinobi

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Chapter 4: Graduation: Part 2

Last time:

"Next up, Team 7 will comprise of…"

"…Uzumaki Naruto, Aburame Shino, and Inuzuka Kiba, your new sensei will be… Hatake Kakashi." Iruka listed off, slight hesitance and disbelief filling his voice as he read off their sensei's name, as he looked at the three aforementioned ex-students of his with pity. 'You poor, poor fools.' Iruka thought in pity, his head bowed as if honoring the dead, before he shook off his empathy and continued reading from the team assignments…at least he would have if not for a certain Inuzuka.

"Dammit, my team is a sausage fest. Iruka-sensei please put me on another team." Kiba yelled out in frustration, his head banging on the table in front of him, after moving Akamaru out of the way of course, before his head snapped up as he pleaded with his teacher. 'Dammit, this is so unfair why am I stuck on a team with nothing but dudes? Why couldn't have been Sasuke? I hear he plays for the other team, he'd love this crap.' Kiba thought in despair, already knowing Iruka's answer to his request, as he hung his head low whilst trails of tears poured down his face, Akamaru rubbing against his hand in support while whining softly.

"Sorry Kiba, these are the team assignments and I don't have the power or authority to alter them. If you want to trade teams you'll have to talk to both your sensei and Hokage-sama about it." Iruka replied with a hint of remorse, as he eyed his now incredibly depressed student, before continuing along with the team assignments.

"Team 8 will comprise of Sakura Haruno, Hyuuga Hinata, and Uchiha Sasuke, your new sensei will be Yūhi Kurenai. Team 9 is currently still in circulation so we'll skip them." Iruka continued, ignoring Kiba's outraged cry of "Oh come on!" before covering his ears as Sakura released an glass shattering squeal of joy.

"YES! Take that Ino-Pig, true love conquers all and I'm with Sasuke-kun." Sakura yelled happily, her tone getting higher and higher to the point that any nearby glass started to crack. 'Thank you Kami-Sama. Yes, now all we have to do is get know Sasuke-kun a little bit better and BOOM, he'll love us forever and ask to marry us. True, and thankfully Hinata is in love with Naruto-baka so she shouldn't be a problem. Though we still need to keep an eye on her, incase she decides to make a move on our Sasuke-kun.' Sakura and her other personality thought back and forth, their eyes constantly shifting from starring lovingly as Sasuke to glaring suspiciously at Hinata.

"Next up we have Team 10, who will be made up of Nara Shikamaru, Akamichi Choji, and Yamanaka Ino. Your new sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma. Alright Team 11 is…" Iruka stated before he was interrupted by a loud frustrated groan from Ino, who loudly banged her head against the desk in front of her.

"No fair! Why do I have to get suck with those two lazy bums, while Forehead gets to be on a team with Sasuke-kun? " Ino whined out as trails of tears streamed down her face, causing everyone in the room to sweat drop at her melodramatics.

"Anyway as I was saying, Team 11 will be…" Iruka announced once more before Naruto blocked him out, as he closed his eyes and struck up a conversation with white clad tenants.

"So what are your thoughts regarding your new team Naruto-san?" Harribel inquired, her eyebrow raised in curiosity as waited for her host's response.

'Shino seems to be a reasonable person, he has a good head on his shoulders, but since I know very little about him I need to keep and eye on him. Kiba on the other hand, is brash, slightly arrogant, loud, but, like the rest of his clan, are loyal to a fault ,and he can hold his own relatively well from what I can remember. Hatake…is a different matter all together; I had next to no contact with him during my brief stint in ANBU so in the mean time his reputation will have to speak for itself. For now, I must simply observe them and see if they fall in line like the rest of the ignorant sheep of this village.' Naruto replied in a dull monotone, his mind constantly reviewing what little knowledge he had of his new team mates and sensei.

"Very well Naruto-san, I'll trust your judgment in this matter. But remember if you need any advice we're here for you…with the exception Grimmjow." Harribel replied in her normal aloof manner with a small nod, completely disregarding Grimmjow flipping her off.

"…Thank you." Naruto mentally muttered out, an uncomfortable feeling washing over him at Harribel's declaration of apparent trust in him. Shaking off the unknown feeling that washed over him, Naruto managed to catch the tail end of Iruka's speech.

"…and with that I welcome you to active service to Konoha. I warn you though this lifestyle is not for the faint of heart, in this profession you will face death, despair, and the worst humanity has to offer. But if you stand strong with your comrades and believe in the Will of Fire, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. It has been my honor to be your teacher these last few years but you are no longer my students but my fellow shinobi." Iruka declared with a solemn tone near the beginning and slowly shifting it towards a warmer, more upbeat one at the end. Having said his peace, Iruka turned his back to the class and calmly limped to his desk before taking a "well deserved rest".

After a moment to digest the information dropped on them, a good portion of the class applauded for at their former sensei's words, his words all but washing away the dread that had engulfed them mere seconds before. Within moments of Iruka finishing his speech, a new wave of chatter swept over the class as students left and right began discussing there new teams, sensei's, and future adventures they were to have.

Mere moments after Iruka finished his grand speech; the influx of new, and potential, senseis began to arrive. With every sensei that arrived, and every trio of students that left, the levels of excitement and anxiety rose exponentially.

"I am Yuhi Kurenai, I'm here to collect Team 8." a calm voice said from the doorway, causing the majority of the room to look towards the door and then blush profusely. Standing with one arm resting on her hip, was a fairly sized light skinned woman standing about 5'5". She had wild, black hair that rested near her shoulders that obscured most of the Haiti-ate wrapped around her forehead. Her deep red eyes captivated all of those who gazed into them, their unique color, and the additional ring inside, made a few students question as to whether or not she had a kekkei genkai. As of the way of make up, she had on deep purple eye-shadow and red lipstick.

Those not captivated by her eyes were instead drawn in by the...unique outfit she wore instead of the regular jonin uniform. She wore a red mesh armor blouse that for some odd reason was missing the left sleeve altogether. On top of that she wore what appeared to be a mini dress consisting of nothing but large, thorn pattern, bandages. Lastly, she had crisp white bandages wrapped around her left forearm and upper thighs, making them look like a pair or short shorts. And last but not least, she wore standard blue shinobi sandals.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted out angrily, as he used all of his hard earned resolve not yell in anger at the shrieking 'harpies' that were currently surrounding him and, worse, being his supposed teammates. 'At least the Hyuuga is quiet.' Sasuke thought to himself bitterly, thanking whatever gods were listening for small miracles, as a least one of his teammates wasn't a loud, shrieking harpy. With an annoyed grunt, Sasuke roughly shoved his hands in his pockets as he reluctantly stood from his seat and made his way towards his would be sensei.

"Wait for me Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled, causing the surrounding people next to her to clutch their now aching ears, as she jogged slightly to meet up with her 'true love'. 'Damn it all, why did our sensei have to be sexier than ME? Cha, we have to REALLY keep an eye on her I mean look at those tits, they're unreal. If this bitch ends up being some kind of cougar, we're screwed.'Sakura and her other self thought in outright depression, as they traced over every curve of their sensei's body with envy. Subconsciously, Sakura cupped her breasts for the briefest of seconds before throwing them down in anger and humiliation as she compared her, practically nonexistent, breasts to that of her new sensei.

'I di-didn't get to b-be on the same team as N-Naruto-kun.' Hinata thought in disappointment, her eyes drifting over towards her, now, white clad crush with longing before closing them with a sigh escaping her lips. Reluctantly, Hinata rose form her seat and made her way towards her new team, as much as she didn't really want to, sparring one last glace at her crush before leaving the room.

"The name's Sarutobi Asuma, Team 10 you're with me."