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Chapter 2 Standing in the Way

Harry was in the Gryffindor common room when Ron entered the portrait hole after eating breakfast, but neither of them said anything or even looked at each other. Harry decided that when Ron came back form their dormitory, he'd try talking to him.

As Ron reached the bottom of the stairs, Harry turned in his seat and said, "Ron…"

Ron stopped and looked at him. For a moment, Harry thought Ron might actually listen to him. However, it was just wishful thinking.

Still looking at Harry, Ron then had a flashback of the night Hermione died. He saw Harry raise his wand and yell something, but he couldn't hear it. However, Ron knew what Harry had yelled.

Coming back to reality, Ron shook his head at Harry and walked away. Harry sighed and ran a hand through his untidy black hair and began to wonder if he and Ron would ever be friends again.

More memories came back to Ron as he walked down to the Great Hall to eat breakfast finally. He wouldn't want to upset Hermione by not doing what she had told him to do even she couldn't do anything to him if he didn't. Though Ron thought Hermione, even dead, would fine a way.

Ron remembered comforting Hermione after Sirius was murdered and trying to save her form Grump. He smiled at these memories, because these were two of the very few time since he'd known Hermione that he actually felt like he deserved to be in her company. She seemed to be like anyone else during these times that Ron didn't feel like he had to try hard to impress her or comfort her in any way.

Walking into the Great Hall, Ron remembered how he felt seeing Hermione at the end of their second year after being Petrified. She had been such an immense help to him and Harry in trying to find out about the Chamber of Secrets, even when she had been Petrified and confined to a bed in the hospital wing, unable to move or say anything.

Ron sat at the end of the Gryffindor table, not wanting to see or talk to anyone, even though he had been eyed by Neville, Dean, and Seamus. He couldn't help but smile, however, when he turned and saw Hermione sitting next to him. He took a fork full of eggs and shoved it in his mouth, making Hermione smile. After watching as Ron ate for a couple of minutes, Hermione finally disappeared.

After eating, Ron went back to the common room. He went upstairs to his dormitory and lay down in his be.

Ron had spotted Harry in the Great Hall during breakfast, so he knew he'd have some peace in the dormitory for a while, which he really wanted. He was getting tired of all the sad faces and questions if he was all right.

About twenty minutes later, Harry got back to the common room. His eyes fell on a copy of the Daily Prophet that was laying on one of the empty tables. On the front page was a photograph of Hermione. The heading read "Teenage Tragedy". Harry threw the paper into the fire and stormed back out of the Gryffindor common room.

Harry found himself in the courtyard ten minutes later, thinking about the time Hermione had been Petrified. It had been a rough time for him and Ron both.

Harry didn't know how long it had been since he had been in the Courtyard, but his stomach told him he had missed lunch. As Harry was heading back inside the castle, he came face to face with Ron.

They had been so taken aback at seeing each other that all Harry could say was, "Ron…"

As the shock wore off on Ron, his face went as red as his hair and his eyes got darker. Ron knew deep down that he didn't blame Harry for what happened, but something in him snapped when he saw him.

"It's your fault," Ron snapped at Harry.

Harry took a step back, never seeing Ron like this before, and began to say, "I didn't…"

But Ron had cut him off before he could say anything else and yelled, "You're the reason Hermione's dead!"

With out saying a word, Harry ran past Ron in fright. Harry stopped and slid down a wall in the entrance hall. He remembered the rest of the memory of when Hermione died very clearly know.

Ron had been pleading with him to fight Voldemort from controlling him. Hermione looked absolutely heartbroken. And there he had been, laughing coldly at hurt expressions like he didn't care.

"Harry, you got to fight it," Ron begged.

Harry laughed and turned his back to them. Ron quickly took out his wand at started at Harry.

"Ron, no! Get back here," Hermione yelled.

It all happened so fast. Hermione was running after Ron as Harry turned and said, "You asked for it, Weasley… Avada Kedavra!"

Harry woke up then, still surprisingly in the entrance hall. He got up and walked into the Great Hall.

The four House tables were gone. There were now rows and rows of chairs that now faced the staff table. He sat down in the first empty seat he saw. A couple of minutes later, he was surprised when Ron sat next to him.

"It was my fault, not yours," Ron said.

Harry turned to Ron in shock. His head was down, his fringe covering most of his eyes now.

"Sorry?" Harry asked.

Ron sighed and finally looked at him as he said in a low voice, "You were trying to kill me that night."

It all came back to Harry then, because right after the killing, Voldemort finally left his body.

Hermione had gotten in the way of the killing curse, though. When Ron opened his eyes, her limp body was on the ground.

Ron ran to her body and dropped down to it as he yelled, "Hermione!"

Harry went limp then as Ron ran his hand through Hermione's hair, desperately trying to wake her up. When Harry came to, he looked on in horror as Ron cradled the unmoving Hermione in his arms.

Harry began to panic as he got up and gasped, "What… no, Hermione! Ron…"

Ron looked at him, eyes full of hatred as he yelled at Harry, "You did this!"

"But I…" Harry began, and then everything went dark.

Harry came back to reality as Dumbledore began to speak.

"Hermione Jean Granger was the brightest witch in her year…" Dumbledore started.

Harry and Ron fell into a short of numbness and weren't able to hear Dumbledore until the end.

Their eyes grew as Dumbledore looked straight at them and said, "We must all be careful now that Voldemort has made his presence known. The bonds we have now must not be broken. We need each other. Now more than ever."

Seamus rounded on Harry as everyone made their way back to the Gryffindor common room so time later.

"You should be in Azkaban. You're the one that killed her," he said.

Harry wanted to just walk away, but something inside him slipped. But before he could say anything, someone started yelling at Seamus first.

"Voldemort was controlling him, you git! He did the same to me my second year," Ginny said.

Harry looked over at Ron sister and nodded to her in thanks. She nodded back with a small smile. If anyone knew what he was going through, it was her.

Ron followed Harry up the stairs to the fifth year boys' dormitory.

"Let me be alone," Harry said.

A pleading could be heard in his voice.

Harry turned back quickly as he heard Ron say, "Fine."

"Ron… I didn't know it was you," He told him.

Ron looked down and said, "I know it wasn't your fault."

Harry walked up at Ron a placed a hand on his shoulder.

"It wasn't yours either," Harry said.

They spent the rest of the day sitting on their beds, talking about all the good times they had with Hermione Granger.



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