So, my first story… Great. Don't know why I'm doing this since I probably won't finish it, but hey, you never know. I love writing but hate typing, and I have more plots running around in my head than I have atoms, so bear with me if you will.

…I'll stop rambling now. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, starts in the first episode while Yusuke is watching his wake… I think that's the word.

I Don't own Yu Yu Hakusho or Naruto.

Yusuke watched the woman as she hugged her son. Maybe coming back to life wasn't such a bad idea.

A flash of red and white got Yusuke's attention. He watched as his friend and classmate Sasuke walk into his apartment. Yusuke frowned and floated back into the room with his coffin as Sasuke sat down.

Sasuke just stared at the picture, his face as emotionless as usual. His eyes, however, had a mix of emotions, sadness, anger, regret. Yusuke was honestly surprised. It wasn't often that his usually stoic friend showed emotion in public.

After a few minutes of silence, Sasuke finally spoke, "…You're an idiot."

Yusuke face faulted in mid air, that was more like the Ice Prince he knew.

"You're supposed to be the toughest punk at Sarayashiki Jr. High, and you get killed by a car."

Yusuke growled, "You try surviving a collision with a speeding car then asshole!"

Sasuke lowered his head so his bangs hid his eyes, "How're you supposed to keep your promise now?"

The ghost cringed. He had forgotten about that.

Sasuke lifted his head and sighed, "Well, I'll be waiting," he stood back up and shoved his hands into his dark blue school uniform, the Uchiha crest on the front pocket, "Come back soon so I can kick your ass for dying."

"The hell..?" Yusuke stared at the black eyed boy as he walked away. He shook his head, the smartass was too much of a mystery to bother with before, so why start now? Yusuke floated back up out of the house into the sky.

Botan appeared Just behind him, "Well, have you decided?"

"… Botan? Hey," Yusuke started.

"Yes dear?"

"Have you ever not known about something that seemed obvious to everybody else?"

The ferry-girl smiled, "That happens to us all I think," She turned to him, "So are you ready now?"

Yusuke lowered his head, "Yeah, I am."

"Good to hear!" Botan started cheerfully. She turned started flying, catching him as she flew past, "Now let's not waste any time and get this date started!"

She laughed as he yelled at the sudden movement, "Hey! Where're you gonna take us?!"

She smiled back at him, "To the Reikai!"

"To the what!?"

"To the Reikai! We're going to see someone who'll explain the ordeal to you and give you what you need!"

"What! What do I need!?"

She giggled, "You'll see!"


Neither noticed the pair of black eyes following them from the roof of a building behind them. The teen smirked. It looked like things were finally starting.

So, what did you think? This is a prologue I guess. Constructive criticism is welcomed and flames – ones in which the writer actually explains why they are flaming – will be used to heat my icy room. Others will be used to support my theory that the world is still inhabited somewhat by Neanderthals.

Hope you enjoyed!